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Postby sandra » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:05 am

This could have fit in a couple forums, however it will work alright in here.
I'd like to add anything to this thread about manitou stones, or spirit stones.
Stones that are thought to be totem like, not necessarily physically resembling any animal (although some do), but pretty much stones that can be carried and have a spirit associated with them, like lively polly pockets. :mrgreen:

First though, I am seriously looking for some scientific terms of stones that I have aquired. On the Bad River Reservation in Wisconsin off the shore of Lake Superior, every so often stones come up from beneath the sand surface. Many of which are perfectly round- Like perfectly round. I know in that area the basalt lava flows are about 1.5 billion years old and there are alot of glacial deposits, along with sandstone, but I have found no explanation for why these stones come up ever so often and have perfect round shape (perfectly round). I've not been able to find any pictures online, maybe I'll have to take some of the ones I have although I'd prefer not to. They are redish in color and range from tiny to about as large as a hand from what I have seen.

The Natives in the area of the bad river reservation use them in ceremonies (they adorn the drums with them) etc, infact I know an old cheif was known to have sold them at one time. :?

My best guess is that it has something to do with the water flow? Or what type of rock is this to begin with?

If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it, I've tried looking up all kinds of things, like that of trap rocks, balsaltic stones etc,, just I'm not figuring it out.

And below is a link to a little bit of History into the manitou stones in wisconsin.
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Postby Guest » Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:50 pm

I'm not sure if these are the same types of stones but here in the south they show up all the time in areas that have been eroded. Pretty much everywhere like my driveway, for instance, where the years of driving through the yard has caused potholes several inches deep. These rocks or stones, if you prefer, are perfectly round and are a a burnt sienna in color. I'll have to take some photos for you to see if they match what you are describing.

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