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Modern Relationships and Social Issues

the objectification of women...

Let's face it - we all have them. Come on in to offer advice, or maybe get some advice.

Postby orangetom1999 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:45 am

OK..OK...been busy here of late and not much time for posting of late.

I keep seeing this type of thing come up in posts like this with predictable can see it coming nauseum.

I call this the "Burka dictum." Closely related to a very popular dogma used on daytime television...called the "Victim Dictum." I'm a victim..I'm a victim...I'm a victim.

Now I will grant you that the average American Male is so stupid and ignorant that he will let this burka nonsense play through in guilt because he thinks if he protests or declares to much that he will be cut off..suffer an "oil shortage."

What a dumb ass. The very definition of the backside of a donkey.

I was with a woman friend in Target and the new J. C. Penny's the other day. What I noticed was all the women in there wearing burkas. Didn't you the last time you were in a department store??

Spring is breaking soon. Notice all the women going there with their men pushing the carts and loading all the heavy stuff the women want for yard work and improvement onto the carts. Lowes and Home Depot et al. Notice that the women will all be wearing burkas?? I do. How can someone possibly miss it?? All American women wear burkas.

Ever watch Home and Garden Television. Flip this house...or Trading spaces or whatever drivel they come up with next. Notice how all the women on these programs wear burkas...are downtrodden and brow beaten...these women have absolutely no input in what goes into these houses being bought. They are for all purposes voiceless....Victims!!!

The Burka Dictum. LOL LOL LOL!! I'm a Victim...I',m a Victim. Do I need to take a lie detector test or a DNA test on this one??

Some of the posts on here and the premise to play through unquestioned and unchallenged are astonishing. They are prey to peoples insecurities and fears. I have little to no time for a woman's fears and insecurities to be transferred to me with the concept that I change huge blocks of my life and thinking to accommodate while taking RISKS to come in second third or last place to the "Victim Dictum." Not interested in it at all.

The Burka dictum is a falsehood here in America. Yet it is so touted as it it will be happening everywhere.
You have to go to school and suffer public education standards to get this stupid. Yet we have people here implying that it is just around the corner.

A public education..a movie/television education majoring mostly in fear and insecurity....with the beief system reinforced that someone else is responsible for making up the difference...and making others secure...up to their beliefs and expectations.

The worst thing in stupid is that males fall for this nonsense....while worshiping at the altars of the gods of sports. No thinking going on. What a bunch of male dummies we have out here.
They are so dumb they cannot even see female dummies. Now that is really dumb.
Talk about dumbing down people..male and female both.

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