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building castles in the air?

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Postby sheye » Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:14 pm

ok..I would like this thread to be about "daydreams",or wishes that you might have had,over a life time that you could have made come true(though there are a lot of headaches with reality,that daydreams don't ever have to deal with),cause it all gets done with a twinkling of the imagination,,and as much as it is a dream,,its still your castle to keep ,so to speak.

This is one of my "fantasy's" of building a castle

after much decision ,and comprehension of what the castle was to be used for, the TYPES of stones were picked....(varying)

the deepest level of the castle or "tavern" was very nicely done with more than one very well equipped stage (at least 3), excellent sound systems through out this whole "tavern", and a place to show case upcoming talent, and great for quick switch of sets during breaks.
also would be some theatrical spots, with great acoustics..that could be used for more dramatic presentation of music peices.
such as a lead guitar player starting a piece of music,up above away from the stage....or the drum kits rising from beneath the stage, in visual presentation of a song.

you get my drift....a play ground for ideas and creativity, with music,and a place that it would make you feel honored if you were asked to play there, but as well as a place for young talent to learn from others.

now thats just the tavern portion, of my castle, and I'll leave the outside grounds for later..they are very special,so is the whole castle,(in my dreams eye)

feel free to share one thing you wish you could have done,or loved to think about doing, but practicality and life got in the way,and unless you got dough comin out the waaazoo, highly unlikely that it would happen,and the reality of it would never be as good as the "perfection " it is in your "fantasy"anyhow.but still find to think about how you owuld want to do it,

probably games like that on line, but i don't play em :lol: :lol:

Instead I start goofy threads,cause it fun to talk about stuff like that for me, though it might be boring to others.

Am I sinning by doing this?

buliding castles in my mind,so to speak? Its very relaxing creatively.

this castle and its grounds are beautiful,and serve a great purpose in my mind .

but I'll save some more for next time. ;)
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Postby sheye » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:45 pm

the out side of my castle would be a "grand" arena

the exists leading from the tavern to the 'terrace" emmediately outside of the caste would be fine stone,and a another place to "relax", and have drinks ,as well as mutiple 'creative" ways to show music...wehter it be to a few "string players" of classical style, or just simple acoustic.

all venues of this "castle" must be easy to fluctuate,and recreate depending, on the performance being held , drama ,with music is appreciated at this castle as well...(shakespearian plays and such)

now the grandest theatre is out into the land surrounding the castle,
which has low mountain rock beds, with great natural "acoustic" within a valley, or eye of these low mountains...

a huge out door theatre is basically carved into these mountains..all surrounding this wonderful"acoustic" valley, and that is where much creativity, is used to find many "spots" in the mountain,that can be used for stage purposes,an of course rigged up with proper equipment needed.

this outdoor"GRAND" theatre has capabilities to sit mass amounts of people,and its acoustic,and artistic capabilities are "enormous", and leave much room for creative minds to use it wisely.


theres more to the castle...but thats a bit so far,(nice to build it in a vision
its got way less hassle attached to it turning out right ;) )

I'll share more later,but only if somebody else shares a dream..a bit of a "fantasy" you might say..c'mon I know somebody out there has one

doesn't have to be grand,,just something that was fun to build in your mind.

I do see there are alot of games like this on line
that are very popular, you can get lost i them which I understand, which may not always be so wise :? I think humans need to feel creative,or the need to create, wether it be music,stories, houses, or cars, its nice to help create.
I like to think of them in my head,even when I'm out listening to tunes
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Postby sheye » Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:50 am

This castle has changed in concept, in my mind over time,as i wish to add new things i had not previously included for the purposes of this castle...

One being, a section being solely used for the purposes of recording, the many musicians, and artists who choose to record together, with profits not only for a few, and unbalanced, but for a just consideration of talent, used to generate any interest, as to legal rights and financial reward, of the final product.

but a fine studio, with great visual windows out, where art and creativity may be inspired by, sunshine, mountains, and many other good things.

this castle must have that capacity as well.
(perhaps it could be wired as to receive any signals of sound, in whatever musical performance was playing ,esp out side ..into some kind of huge recording file,that you could archive,and breeze through with your ear.for the one special day,it sounded just that "certain" way, in the memories, of all those special musical moments, you keep recorded.

I realize this is just a "pipe" dream in more ways than one...but it been fun building it,and imagining the new "musicals "played and danced many more creative stories to tell, that are beautiful ,and poignant,

we have so many genres of rich beautiful misic,it is truly a gift from god to all human hear it and enjoy it, is to know that..

anyhow ,moving on,more on some other things in the castle,,like a fine dining establishment...set like small jewel in a castle turrett, whith the grandest freshest food you could imagine, much grown locally.

by the way this is sloppy "faNTASY" , or part of it..If yee think I'm a fool for wasting me time, I would suggest you have perhaps been a fool, for reading it thus far?

but I do hope you have your own kind of castles to keep that creative part of your mind,imagination,and creativity alive. :D
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