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Museum Remove's Killler Christ Icon ?

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Postby Medusa » Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:57 pm

Well this is another piece of art at its best then, killing people with its energy? ok Im only saying what Ive just read, and dont really believe that the "energy field" around the icon is killing people, but you make your own mind!

Museum Removes Killer Christ Icon

Piece of art's "energy field" allegedly causing death of staff.

A museum in St Petersburg, Russia has removed an ancient icon depicting Jesus Christ from display because the piece of art's "energy field" reportedly has killed several staff members.


A professor at the Hermitage Museum says he had complained about the effects of the icon for years, reported the London Telegraph. He claims it has led to the death of several supervisors in the facility.

Its an inexplicable phenomenon and it started long ago. Boris Sapunov told the paper. Three or four people died of diseases, and the coincidence began to make me wonder. When the supervisors seats were moved away, all the trouble stopped. It wont be exhibited any more.

The icon was created by several artists, but it is the meddle section, painted by an apprentice, that has a negative bio-field. ... E_ID=34413

Im still in two minds with this one, maybe there's something in it, maybe there's not?
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Postby sandra » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:18 pm

Hi Medusa,

I read the article and its interesting that this picture was examined by some type of Doctor. That they even took it that far. The doctor claims the vibrational frequencies of this picture can create a reaction, just like any other icon, but this one along with others, has a higher frequency. Really I can't see a picture being a sole response for death, but I can see them having an effect on our vibrational frequencies, just like with other senses. If the one woman that died had cancer, you would think her vibrational frequencies to be lower from being physically so ill, I know if I had cancer, I wouldn't mind the sight of such a picture, but it might have me wanting to move on from this world sooner. Never know.
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