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rfid chip

Come in to discuss your experience and troubles with the FOIA. Let everyone know what you are researching, and how you are doing!

Postby michael » Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:28 am

heres an entry made by me on aug,27 2008.The Mondex group.A u,s entity ha s or is still trying to attack this rfid implant using a type of reverse engineering to disrupt its output.I have contacted a certain prof.@Cambridge U in ontario and in our driveway as i was about to go out he called my cell sounding alittle shaken,he asked are you with the media.csis,mondex.? i said no i,m curiously trying to find out why this trail is being done with people that really have no clue as to what is about to take place in the monetary system as we know it.All he replied was :quit digging for info.on this issue ,i have been sent a letter by level 8 securities commision in NSW and was WARNED not to disclose any scientific details on the microchip...but shortly i will meet with him and up date this site for interested members.I have the specs on this "grain of rice"it is cleared of defects and is 0.8 microns in size.TNO attacks was to bridge the links of two microphobes.There was a weak point in the product#3109 cryptographic flaw(s)Motorola is still presently perfecting this chips ability to be able to track a person under 10-15ft, of water and 30 ft, is the addr. of the link to other relevant on the verichip. pub. rel.dept.declined to to meet/ respond to an interview???So i have not heard back from the prof.but i believe he has/knows more about the mandatory implimentation or close to it.
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Postby sheye » Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:33 am

does anyone know what this chip looks like?
if you were to describe it ,the best way you know ,visually through text,
I would be very appreciative, of that description

I wondered about this post often , posted here by micheal
haven't seen any replys yet

but I think its along the same thread of things,

I would appreciate an honest answer from someone who honestly believes they know

Even a link to a picture would be good.

thanks :)

I've seen one pic inline,and it does look like rice,but what does it look like up closer,under microsopes,and what does it do
how does it do it?
theres probably a thread on that somewhere on one of the forums, but its hard digging through stuff at times,getting to the raight page where the question is answered
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