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name is steve

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Postby vampire1981 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:30 am

hi my name is steven john goff and I am origionally from dighton massachusetts I now live in north attleboro massachusetts I am out here to research the tricks that the government is pulling on us I also have documents in pdf form on the skull and bones society the bilderbergs free masons and many other I have documents on the various religions and if asked i can dig up anything my website is and my email address is also feel free to call me for information at 508-431-7697 i am also here to meet people that think of the same things i do get back to me and I cannot wait to browse this site
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Postby mael » Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:45 am

Welcome vampire1981.

I'll guess the 1981 is your birth date, so you'd be in your mid-twenties.

I have been aware of something terribly awry with the way the world was run since I first started remembering my thoughts. But I didn't take any serious steps to educate myself on who or what was really controlling things until I was in my mid-thirties. Since then I've tried to find out everything, and .......... the more I find out, the less chance I see of a world-wide awakening which has a chance of freeing us of the Yoke of the self-elected elite who think they own us and this planet.

And have you decided which part of the battle you are able to take-on? Everyone who can will feel a calling to do what they are able to win against the Godless elite. Small victories and sometimes even the strangle-hold the 'elite' have on the media can be infiltrated and each time the actions of the NWO are exposed, more will see what the fight is all about.

When did you wake up to the reality concealed by the NWO's veil? When I was in my twenties I was pretty messed-up and useless to myself and others. - But I sorted myself out - with the help of my girlfriend (who became my wife).

Most of my time over the past decade has been spent bearing in mind the probable 'slave-plantation-planet' which is on the cards. The Black Vault has many members who are aware of some - or a lot of the NWO. And of course there are many here who completely dismiss it as paranoia and ridicule those who have discovered some of the truth as 'Conspiracy nutters.'
Naturally there are doubtless government agents at least monitoring this board - and likely posting as well - with the aim of preventing debate and obfuscating the issues.

It's an uphill battle to learn and disseminate the truth. It is hard work intellectually and emotionally. But it comes with the territory and once you've had your eyes opened there is no going back unless you can live lying to yourself. (I can't).

At this stage in the drama, those who have not woken up are unlikely to be stirred now, nevertheless I an others like me still try.

At least I am now pretty confident I can prevent the Banksters from poisoning the minds and bodies of me and those closest to me. - Learning about 'alternative' medicine was a by-product of delving into the petro-pharmaceuticacl corporations' activities. Shocking stuff! Most of the food really isn't fit to eat anymore, the water is full of pharmaceuticals and the air is laden with pathogens - All this and more is by design, of course.

I L.O.V.E. my immune system! And when it boils down to it, that's all we've got against this. Good luck. See you around I hope.
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Postby sheye » Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:48 am

Welcome steve,and welcome back mael. I've only been here a week,but haven't found too much info concerning the above topics. I look forward to seeing these topics discussed , as well as recieving some guidance on how best to fight what is going on.

I've only been researching these topics within last 5 or 6 months,although I always felt that 911 had more to the story then what we were given , I now see that there is more to most stories behind why wars have been waged . I know I'm far behind others in my realization that something much bigger is secretly guiding and controlling the actions of governments ,but its never to late for truth.
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