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Government and Political Conspiracies

Strieber's MK Ultra: mass media *quickest death logos*

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby tigger » Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:11 pm

25 years in recovery, most of it sober

Borat is a perjuring child kidnapping pathological liar

la fee vert harm reduction for the cowudder's death worm's costa nostra's attempted murder,

Harm reduction where Prince Uranus is retarded, and there is no firewater colonization.

Oh go count Modest proposal blessings, feral cowudder turnpike, forensic frenzy

otherwise might lead by example, not prozac.

Fighting until the figs are withered on the trees.

Choswald is joining the IDL, they have formed a defense league

against Acid Face Mutaween

Death worm costa nostra

biting Eurydice's Venus

Flurry of doctarded PhD C'avlov

how does he sleep at night, driving his jaguars?

"Anethiculling" Borat's only fiscal fear, birth bond,

Insults to Mercury's patronage

on missing allen's torture train ride

MK Ultra Ch'otwat Iraq

Jihad Epsilon with "retarded" intelligentsia

"the best scientific minds, following mass murder"

an abuse addiction, apotheosis

a climatic pinnacle of power and control

bankruptcy and petty megalomanic


Some not only survived, but thrived,

the successful kapos.

Spartacus, was crucified.

Aztec says WS killed John Mack

Perhaps, mass media stealth psy ops has killed thousands

"A slow genocide" of compelling tards to torture.

That is the number fortwynt threw out.

Monkey Garbage heap extinction

will overcome creation and crown Png King

of Ceausescu's rape nation.

Could afford a noisy wagon

acted as a fiscal invitation for contempt

from richer neighbors.

Tax burden epithets

for Missing Allen's witch burning.

whore lived like Santa's Elf"!

St Ch'atty is collecting tithes for Elf troll'cho.

Don't Taze Me , Bro wrote:the sad poet is here, waiting for the "crazy chola".
yep ;)
HAVE A MERRY XMAS!!! ... 576727/pg7

out for X'mas?!?!

beacon for Santa's elves.

jrzygrl wrote:You look like an elf

Abominable snowman is eating Flurry of cowudderice's *vicious idiotic elf sycophants*

broken LP's *homicidal dyke elf, bearing retarded graffiti elf vandals*

and volk entitled, corporate peacock's *retarded elf whores.* Bebe Glazer's

"non retarded" retarded elves. The dogpiling alpha elves.

I was falsely accused of being a cult leader. In fact, the groups were operating as an alternative to a very nasty little cult run by people so startlingly ignorant, of what they are doing that they do not even understand that they are brainwashing their victims.Whitley Strieber ... 10713.html

Slum landlord, the pot dealing millionaire who doesn't pay taxes and only dates eating disorders, to save on McDonalds', "retarded" elf swindler. Only thing more degraded sexually, than he, are his urinal.

Someone tried to cheat slummie out of his disfigued, settle for less, psychotic, falling down drunk elf helot urinal.

An elf comfort at Png's secret Securitate Sunday service. Ten years ago, stayed with Png.

Patricia Davis wrote: {lilypat}
Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - 2:40 pm:
Da'an, Mordor is indeed now in the Shire--excellent way to put it :D ... POST389767

Catherine the Great's Elf vagina.

Mutilate slummie's elf ragdoll for disposal. Png's Securitate detach is elf birth bond purifying Ceausescu's Uranus district

with Sierra Leone's elf eating Idi. Securitate's "dangerous stalker elf" Cowudder's "homicidal suicidal" violently perverted, Pandora's box elf.

Pandora's Box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale all leading to the top of government. With massive media control,

this scheme becomes invisible to the rational minds of most Americans,

though they are aware of its violation to them at the subconscious level. ... shing.html

Monarch are Png's "retarded whored elves." Dangerous Manchurian elf bezerkers.

"missing allen's" canon conexxxed elf serial killers.

"The goal of the New World Order: "Normalize" Massive Santa Elf Trafficking through Psychological Warfare making it invisible" ... chive.html

The elf chameleon of insults. The Elf Chimera chalk on the png pawn tabula.

Lepine at the Irish nigga's sol elf invictus injun glorified brothel's bad lieutenant's "retarded" elf party favor,

by virtue of meeting his Barbie doll's ex sponsee at the slaughter house, 25 years ago. Smothered her at the elf group home.

Scattin Tom's "retarded" disfigured elf guinea png in a trough! Elf rubbish bin!

Ceausescu's *Munchausen's stricken, pathologically lying, amoral slave trading, psychopathic baby elf molesting, kidnappers, retarded elf dispensing, child elf abandoning,

"Zionist Elf bankers", who are elf idiots in Israel, spawned the bastardized epidemics of orphaned psychotic doctarded PhD elf doctards.*

elf is missing

Santa's elf helpers also lost Pocahantas elf. Necromancers dug up Geronimo Elf and used his skull for a drunktard chalice.


Pinnacles of biological cannibalization.

Santa's happy elf. JK Rawling's house elf.

Kleptocrat's quickest death logos, birth bond epsilon elf. ... 8_kbr.html

Allen Elf is missing?!?!

80% of Santa's elves have been kidnapped by Borat's bro and Idi, after they got to know them.

One of *Yeti's* "casual betrayals."

Is there no one among Ottawa's Santa sycophants, at all?

Interested in Ceausescu's perjuring baby kidnappers and their fake retardation contagions?

No wants to risk their life with Idi? He is flattered to be profiled as gladiator liberty with a nod to

who dug up those diamonds with slave traded indignity.

The show at Carnegie Science Center uses flayed, dissected and posed bodies from China without consent from the deceased or their relatives. Premier Exhibitions of Atlanta, the show's promoter, says the corpses were unclaimed and legally obtained in China, and that the people died of natural causes. But a recent ABC report alleged that some of Premier's cadavers came from executed prisoners and linked the shows to a global market of body trafficking.

The Elf Price of Liberty

Ceausescu's runaway "retarded" intelligentsia, has plasticized Nadia Comaneci.


Putting elves in Willie Wonka's house won't help, they'll war with the oompaloompa.

for cowudder death worm Mutaween!

Sgro bro's Securitate is plucking elves out of Norway House and selling their livers

for poutine.
"He's queer, he's crazy, he put a hit on me, he took his clothes off." Ron Paul, leaving Bruno's hotel room. Reciting a spin doctard's mantra.

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Postby bfreeman42 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:59 am

Whew! That's a lot of scatter brained material to go over. Maybe you could put it together in a coherent manner and it would be better understood?
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Postby tigger » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:37 am

Well it is actually coherent

it is the compartmentalized but not fully dissociated

sound bite blurb

If and when I get a little distance from the shock of being murdered by doctards of Ch'otwat

for Ceausescu, his slave trading bro, a fake heart miracle

and Hilter's psy ops

it will be more manageable. Utah's dilemma of cho's and urinals. Ceausescu's new "blood diamond" family.

Self mutilating shark at sea feeding frenzy sound bites

The ultimate suicide

I once put my head in an enormous mound of fire ants, and proceeded to let

them eat it. They crawled up my nose, into my mouth, and down my throat.

Someone saw me and pulled me out before they could do me in. Healing took months. l

could not talk, could hardly breathe, and was force fed through a pump, much

like a vegetable. ... eaders.htm

of shock and awe trauma tunnel vision.

People simply don't understand

the literary allusions.

Star people do, they love poetry.

It is the organized hysteria of dogpiled hyperbole

in martin's canon of

broken LP.

Those genius doctards smelt doctarded dramatizations in Ceausescu's epidemic of "retarded" psychopathic sewers.

Two years ago, family all deceased, empty nest, tortured by Png pawn pile and grasping at psychotic hyperbole.

In fact, almost fifty years in one place, doing the same thing - Cowudder is the one with a trail of victim at the haberdashery - not Choswald and her fleas.

Sgro's already apologized for Bro, and that judge who ruled a 12 yrs old who was raped as a 5 yrs old, can't be raped by grown men

because she is seductive like a public urinal,

has embraced doctarded PhD C'avlov's absentee Israeli retardation contagion.

Ch'Otwatawan's don't need an excuse to reinforce the bars on filial scapegoated psychotic urinal C'avlovian caging

El libra models it on snorting pinnacles.

There is only one thing Broken LP wants in her closet.

Send Ch'Otwat Ceausescu's "retarded" Romanian Intelligentsia

wants to climax killing something.

Cowudder's cottage malepractice costa nostra industry. Exterminating, Sgro bro's uppity slaves.

As opposed to top secret's underage, currently being invited to post script that graffiti.

The *walk every where retardo* isn't glamorous enough for Png's tunnel vision rape club

slummie's got dibs on reinforcing the C'avlovian 5 yrs old public urinal bars on that disfigured png snort troll,

Flurry thinks it is funny when Milton Friedman retraumatizes el libra's sister, while projecting broken LP's graffiti

if Ceausescu's bastardized gimps met one of Lepine's glorified brothel's bad lieutenants party favors

at the Irish nigga slaugher house

Lepine gets a Clinton handshake, for Png's big pharma

forever after - if only they were good enough

too bad they were slummie's urinal,

ten years ago.

In fact, that man who assaulted me ten years ago, had met him at Lepine's Irish Nigga's Calcutta outsource.

He had a habit of such things and had found someone vulnerable.

The *walk every where retardo* couldn't handle beer, much less librium laced over the counter date rape cocktails.

A new alcoholic bottom, for which Sarah Palin must plume her empty pockets.

Now Frankl kitty never gets laid, without a pimp, outside the door.

Safer that way, applies to medical services in C'avlov's Afghanistan


Sierra Leone's child soldiers get blankies

Ch'otwats adult abuse survivors, have pious child bride slavery

take over Ceausescu's reign of terror for him.

Broken LP knew as soon as arduous favored scapegoating clubfoot's ragdoll,

who was next up for *Irish Nigga* Sol *Injun* Invictus, And it wasn't yet another in a long line of *replacement daughters.*

Golden Cows of the Aquarian Age, leading them all astray with martinette canons of MK Utlra graffiti.

Ottawa's mercurial genius are mutilating the adult C'avlovian caging to a chorus of jeers

from the rapists who raped them in childhood.

Sgro bro's got slave traders hired especially for the purpose of justifying keeping his bro's inheritance.

Besides, war criminals, just get off, on strumming puppets, and inducing horrific suicides.

Garnished Wage Epitaph for the psychotic paranoid schizophrenic, magna cum laude "conspiracy ch'o" being fed into to broken LP's

graffiti blow hole.

One of the most commonly reported differences in male and female suicide behavior is which of the suicide methods they select. Men tend to choose more violent -- and thus more likely to be lethal -- suicide methods, such as hanging, breathing vehicle exhaust gas, asphyxiation and firearms. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to choose self-poisoning.

because they want women to choose more violent suicide methods

like men do

and make all those Monarch refrigerators, practically Jihadist threats to Png the Controller.

Png secretly wants to blow everything up, because he is lonely at the pinnacle of strummed puppetry,

the kleptocrazy's dieback execution genocide really has nothing to do with economics

it's because the monkey is "homicidal/suicidal". The material disparity has a metaphysical corollary.

Monkey's wonder, "where is God", when they are naughty snorting, on png's pinnacles.

Ocean can't justify entropy, where is He? ... 00001.html ... 4N20090505


Researchers are not really "at a loss to explain" the turnpike cowudder self mutilating psychotic suicides.

Scattin Tom kapo dance. Feral lizzard's ferocious frenzy turned forensic.

God is giving something away, to keep it.

Pooor poooor Prince Uranus is in fear for his life from the comatose snowbank he peed on, 25 yrs ago.

The walk into every turnpike *Retardo*

Some kind of "stew pot town idiot." Full of MK Ultra vineyard hollow halo.

Leery hippiecrites of the socially engineered Aquarian Age

also have their scapegoats.

El libra is clubfoot's composite, broken LP is the arduous denial of clubfoot's dysfunction.

Well who is slave trading then? Ceausescu and his kidnapping perjuring "retaded" bro?

The hostile hostage taker at divorce and parental?

Or the walk everywhere retardo? Never owned a car, must be an amorphous blob of disposal.

Have a drink, twit, so we can go on slave trading and making up invisible heart miracles.

La fee wasn't vert after all, or rose,

it was the color of MK Ultra's other scapegoat,


Where Ceausescu's Princes are *retarded* poor souls, didn't want to support

Martinette's canon of zionist banker prehistoric knuckle dragging

pedantry's poisoning of vaccine wells.

Return the twin towers to their rapists for re mutilating.

That is correct, lurking soliloquy to the depth

Sgro bro's securitate detach has spammed my letters

return to sender,

like the psy ops agents

not interested in Ceausescu's slave trading

but in inducing

dogpiled suicidal impoverished, isolated oat eating tax burden epithets

to psychotic suicide
"He's queer, he's crazy, he put a hit on me, he took his clothes off." Ron Paul, leaving Bruno's hotel room. Reciting a spin doctard's mantra.

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