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Back From Vacation With Pics!

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Postby Lightwolf » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:25 am

Thanks for your comments everyone! Sorry it's taken so long to respond, but I'm still having alot of problems with my DSL connection...up for 3 minutes then down for a day...frustrating as hell...anyway..

Hey Dark-Samus! :lol: Smokey is right! Clouds were so thick nearing the top that we literally could not see 10 feet in front of us. I DAMN sure my time driving that road :shock: :D There were ALOT of Kiss Your Ass turns...that's a turn so tight, you can kiss yer own arse :lol: I'm posting a few more special pics for you all...

Thanks Cole! The BV is my second family and one MUST share with family :D that, if for no other reason, everyone else knows what NOT to do ;) It were mighty damn cold in them thar hills :lol:

Hey SRO! With your new nick, think I'll shorten it to Tai, if you're amenable ;) still gettin' use to the new one...A.D.D. dontcha know...we don't like change :lol: I lived near both the mountains AND the beach when I lived in VA so I know what you're saying when ya want to go hikeing, no one wants to go, but the beach!...different story...everyone I knew would rather walk a mile in sand then a mile too come to think of it ;) :lol:

Hey Bloodstone!
I have been so inspired by what we encountered in those mountains, that I'm actually trying to paint, with real paints and brushes no less :o ;) , a few pictures...probably take a couple years, it's that A.D.D. thingy again :lol: but I'll let you know how it's going..

How ya been chis! Been awhile...missed ya brother...and truth to tell...there are few places I'd like to visit more, before I croak, than Australia. You know how beautiful your country is, it would take me a year to soak all that beauty in...and loving every second of it. How about stepping into your backyard and taking a couple more pics to share with us my friend :D

Thanks Headshot!
Glad you enjoyed them! You're right...we were lucky...even cloudy days in the mountains can be truly stunning...

Hi Nes! Glad you got to keep your nick, :) hard enough gettin' use to SRO's new nick :P When you do get the chance to go hiking, you will take lots of pics won't you? Washington has mountains that rival what I've seen here, so then you won't be jealous anymore 8-)

Hey Jaack!
It is truly an awesome sight to see high clouds that just seem to pour over the tops of the mountains, and then to be IN those clouds climbing to the top...there's nothing else like it Jaack...I hope you get the chance to visit the Smokies sometime. It really is worth the trip..

Tai...if you don't know any mountaineers...become one 8-)

Thanks again for your input everyone! Here are a few more pics to whet your appetites..







One of the few things blooming...still pretty cold up there


When I die...I want to go peacefully in my my Grandfather did...not screaming like the passengers in his car.
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Postby Nesaie » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:19 pm

Lightwolf, I've gotten a bit spoiled. I've been hanging out with my boyfriend at his place. On a clear morning you can see a couple peaks from the Cascades. This winter, I wish I took a picture, one morning all the trees were snow covered and at the end of the line of trees was these peaks off in the distance.

Yesterday, we went for a ride on his bike. All around the mountains were clear and camera. The hard part about this area is the overcast sky most of the time.

Maybe I'll try to get some pictures of my boyfriend's place. Walked down the gravel road to a little lookout over the valley.
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Postby Dark-Samus » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:40 pm

Nature such a wonderful place...Too bad we are destroying what´s left of it...
I still don´t understand really how humans can be like this...
So stupid...
I always enjoy nature everytime I go out there. :mrgreen:
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