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The Al-Rashedeen Army in Iraq an Israel sponsored false flag

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Postby MartinTimothy » Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:44 am

Video: The Al-Rashedeen Army presents.. The Lie That Destroyed a Country

Friends there are very great problems with this video, it purports to be a true record of Iraqi resistance to the US led invasion of that country, following the 911 attacks on America.

It has a long musical intro, the signature of numerous false flag 911 videos..

Image Image

As well the hooded men around the table in the screenshot from the vid, surely resemble the false Hamas operators that caused such dreadful terror in Gaza January 2009, one of whom has a Star of David tattoo..

Image Image

Who fired rockets from just inside the fence that separates occupied Palestine proper from the Gaza strip.


This next screenshot shows arch traitors Dick Cheney, GW Bush, Tony Blair. Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld.. it does not show any Jews, if the video was genuine the freedom guerrillas would have had pictures of the Jews that orchestrated the attacks.


Micharl Chertoff head of the Office of Emergency Management at the time of the attacks, released as many as two hundred plus Jews taken into custody, following the interrogation of the celebrating Jews!


Arch conspirator Jerome Haeur was at Kroll Associates, the first plane struck Krolls office space in the North Tower, where it thought precision guiding equipment was located!


Dov Zackheim stole trillion$ from the Pentagon, worked for the company that designed the remote control system that allowed the planes to be flown into the buildings!


Paul Wolfowitz US Government official and 911 plotter extraordinaire!


Larry Silverstein acquired the WTC lease just weeks before the attacks, received seven billion dollar$ insurance!
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