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New Pentagon 911 Missile Update: pics and spectacular video!

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby MartinTimothy » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:08 pm

Thanks Luciferhorus at for this repeat vid.


The bright spot on the building prior to impact reminds one of the bright spots on the WTC Towers before the planes struck, which could have been power lasers that were focused to ensure the jet fuel ignited upon impact,

Some ppl say there was a "pod" under the plane that hit the South Tower, I have never been so sure, however the theory that nozzles were spraying jet fuel seemed about right, it still does not explain the bright spot on the P'gon, unless maybe the cruiser had a device that homed in on the laser spot!

The remainder of this post is from
Few weapons are capable of penetrating the amount of reinforced concrete seen in the Pentagon attack, this brilliant white fireball is typical of the plasma type reaction of a depleted uranium warhead.


Rick M, “…we heard a sound like a missile”

Joel Sucherman, “...almost like a heat-seeking missile was locked onto its target.”

Micheal DiPaula, “...It sounded like a missile,”

Richard Benedetto, “...sounded like an artillery shell.”

Tom Seibert, “...sounded like a missile”

Witnesses that were inside the Pentagon at the moment of the strike, claim to have heard “whooshes”, smacks, etc.


Professor David H. Edwards, After I boarded the Orange Line [Metro Line] train, a young man and a young woman, both in their early twenties and wearing backpacks, burst into the subway car shouting and exhibiting extreme excitement and agitation.

They addressed the entire car, which was mostly empty except for me and perhaps three or four other men in suits. The young people yelled, “...We were standing at the Pentagon Station, waiting for the train to come, and we saw a missile fly into the Pentagon! We saw it, we saw it!”

One of the men sitting closer to them must have asked for clarification, because they reiterated the same information several times, saying repeatedly, “...a missile, we saw it, a missile, it flew right into the Pentagon, I can’t believe it.. now it’s on fire, there’s smoke!”
Lon Rains was “convinced a missile” hit the Pentagon by the way it sounded and how fast it flew in, he stated, "...At that moment I heard a very loud, quick whooshing sound that began behind me and stopped suddenly in front of me and to my left, in fractions of a second I heard the impact and an explosion. The next thing I saw was the fireball, I was convinced it was a missile, it came in so fast it sounded nothing like an airplane.

In a Parade Magazine interview, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, made his infamous slip of the tongue, "...Here we’re talking about plastic knives and using an American Airlines flight filed with our citizens, and the missile to damage this building and similar (inaudible) that damaged the World Trade Center.

Radiation experts have gone on record stating that the depleted uranium came from a missile.

Major Rokke, who once headed the military’s Depleted Uranium project, believes the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a commercial jetliner, insisting that high radiation readings after the strike reinforces the fact that DU may have been used.

Most of these “shaped-charged” guided weapons contain a highly secret “dense metal” — called Depleted Uranium (DU), it is twice the density of steel, they easily penetrate steel, or reinforced concrete, and then explode with intense heat inside their targets.

Radiation expert Leuren Moret, stated, “…What happened at the Pentagon is highly suspicious, leading me to believe a missile with a depleted uranium warhead may have been used.

The U.S. Military’s newer generation weapons are far more devastating than can be imagined, numerous missiles and “smart” bombs now contain DU in their warheads.

If DU, up to 60% the radioactivity of normal was used like in large, explosive “hard-target” warheads MWS there will be very high levels of radioactive contamination. Any warheads containing uranium will cause permanent Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation hazards in the target areas. Thus, the reason why there was a decontamination process at the Pentagon was to remove and hide these radioactive materials.
Blast injuries and the high explosive damage would be consistent with a missile.

Witnesses in the Pentagon!

Lt. Col. Marc Abshire, who described a shockwave, “…It shot me back in my chair. There was a huge blast. I could feel the air shock wave of it. … It was more of a direct smack.”

Peggy Mencl said, “It blew me 10 feet”.

Another blast victim observed, “...all of a sudden, the windows blew in.”

Sheila Moody, “ …heard a whoosh and a whistle and she wondered where all this air was coming from. Then a blast of fire that left as fast as it came.”

Mr. Peter Murphy, was knocked entirely across rooms, or down corridors.

Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell was knocked down, when he stood up, he realized he was on fire” it was reported that the medical teams had treated many blast injuries.


The exit hole on the inside of C Ring!

A MWS cannot explain the complete effects to the Pentagon, such as the multiple explosions, how it burned all night, the explosive collapse of the roof, and isolated destruction caused by several different explosive events, nor can controlled demolition, only both together can explain the patterns of damage seen at both the WTC and the Pentagon.
Other witnesses saw a C 130 plane flying close to the crime scene!


Aircraft labeled MU-2 is circling above the drone relaying instructions via radio remote control.

Kelly Knowles, who lived a few miles from the Pentagon saw some sort of plane following the first jet toward the Pentagon, “…it seemed to be chasing the first."

Her account agreed with what her brother saw, “ flew directly above the American Airlines jet, as if to prevent two planes from appearing on radar while at the same time guiding the jet toward the Pentagon.”

Others collaborated their story, Allen Cleveland stated, “ brother in law also witnessed the same plane following the jet," he said that he saw, "...a jetliner flying low, and soon afterwards a military plane was seen flying right behind it.”

The C-130 not only guided the “jet” to the Pentagon, but made a full circle above it, before making a course due west, an Arlington National Cemetery worker claimed, “...that a mysterious second plane was circling the area when the first one attacked the Pentagon.”


An EC-130 (DC variant) is fully capable of controlling an aircraft remotely Photo: USAF

A military commander identified the aircraft as an “electronic warfare aircraft” EC-130, which is a C-130 modified for radar “jamming” or drone control.

This would make sense of why the C-130 was following the other jet, which probably was a remote controlled drone. If the EC-130 was serving as the “eyes and ears” for the drone, then obviously it would want to stay close by, like following above for the best view.
The C-130 was noted to veer away about the time of the attack.200 If the C-130 veered away suddenly, does this indicates that this pilot was taking some sort of evasive action just prior to the collision and explosion?

With today’s technology it is easy to remote control an aircraft from the air, ground, or both simultaneously, many defense contractors produce remote control technology, such as Lockheed-Martin and Boeing,

All three of the 9/11 attacks had eerie similarities.. In support of the evidence for controlled demolition, missiles, and remote controlled aircraft is that these similar methods were used at the World Trade Center (WTC) attacks.



The infamous “missile flash” just prior to impacting WTC


Bright white warhead (c/w DU plasma) exiting the WTC.

Ed: The flaming wreckage described as a DU penetrator, is thought to be a brightly burning magnesium wheel rim, part of the landing gear of the plane that struck the South tower.

Many researchers postulate that KC-767 tankers filled with fuel and explosives hit the WTC towers.

One person and one company, seems to stand out!


Rabbi Dov Zakheim pictured above left with arch conspirator Paul Wolfowitz, would later would become Comptroller of the Pentagon in May 2001, headed a high tech company, called System Planning Corp (SPC) that specialized in drone electronics.

According to the company website, they specialize in many areas of defense technology, including a highly sophisticated war-game technology that allows the control of as many as eight different drones from a remote location, either on the ground or airborne, with a range of several hundred miles.

This technology can be used on many different types of aircraft, including large passenger jets, in October 1994, NASA flew a Boeing 737 on 110 flawless remote controlled missions. It would seem System Planning Corp could convert just about any aircraft that suited their purposes into a remote control variant, and have it able to follow commands from the air or ground.

An EC-130 outfitted with the “DC” drone control gear would be an excellent platform for Rabbi Zakheim’s technology. One theory has the 767’s involved in the WTC attacks, as coming from the USAF KC-767 tankers that were outfitted with remote-control electronics.

Rabbi Zakheim was directly involved in both the tanker deal, with Richard Perle pictured above, and the drone technology.
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Postby jaydeehess » Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:51 pm

Where to begin?
How about by illustrating that it could not have been a missile.

When a missile hits it makes an entry hole in the building about the same size as the missile. It then explodes inside the building in an essentially omnidirectional blast. The blast will carry some of the forward momentum of the missile thus shaping the effects slightly in the direction of the missile's track.

The supposed missile at the pentagon created a round hole in the second floor yet the major damage to the front wall was 90 to 100 feet of missing ground floor wall. If the missile exploded on the second floor then somehow it managed to blow out the first floor front wall but not the second floor's wall. Furthermore far from being omnidirectional in scope, the damage inside the Pentagon was greater at the front wall than at the back and greater on the ground floor than on the second or higher. If it were a missile with an explosive powerful enough to blast out 90 feet of concrete and limestone (and btw there was little reinforcing rebar in the Pentagon, it was built at a time when steel was in great demand for military machines) then it should have been powerful enough to do much the same to the back wall(the first two floors of the three rings are common to all three rings. Essentially the 'rings' are built upon a two storey structure spanning all three rings) as well as blowing out several,if not all, basically wooden floors above the blast. It did not do so.

Add to that the fact that if the blast occured within the structure then the 90 feet of missing front wall should have ended up on the lawn in front of the Pentagon. It did not. However the brick of the back wall did exit the structure. this illustrates a force that had a common vector for the damage to both walls and did not work outward from within the structure.

Further to this, the generator that was clipped by a wing moved towards the building illustrating that whatever force accomplished that movement was acting towards the building rather than away from it.

The total of the evidence points to a mass hitting the front wall at high speed. The shape of the destruction of the front wall matches well that of an aircraft in which the wings smash the 90 feet of ground floor wall while the fuselage enters ta the second floor.
The fuselage was a long tube and the fronmt part would be shredded as it took out the round form of the wall and interior supports it hit, as the plane broke apart it was clearing debris in front of it allowing the rearwards parts to continue farther into the building. The wings, not having the depth of the fuselage , did not penetrate as far as the fuselage, except for the more dense, engine cores.
Indeed the bodies of the pilots were found closer to the front wall than those of the passengers.
Math, science, history unraveling the mystery, that all started with a Big Bang.....BANG!!
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