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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

Why should I believe in UFOs?

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby dondi97 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:44 pm

I've spent days on the internet researching the topic. My conclusion: There is enough evidence to convince me that ufo's do exist and have been monitoring the earth for many centuries! I think, however that the small greys are actually robots.
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Postby soulvictoria » Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:42 pm


The Lost Book of Enki (Zecharia Sitchin)
The Bible

Good Luck.
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Postby soulvictoria » Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:23 pm

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Postby w_runner » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:55 am

dondi97 wrote:I have no personal proof of their existance. I never even met anyone who has either seen one or has any proof. I do believe there must be some kind of life in other galaxies just because of the size of the universe, but I can't understand why aliens would be so secretive about visiting here and not make their presence more widely known.

Hmm, I can definately understand where you are coming from because there are so many people who feel the same as you. However, it seems to me you are being very close minded. I have spent years researching this topic. There is so much information on it that spans across the globe. The easy thing to do is to dismiss all that information. However, that is what "they" want us to do. "they" don't want us to believe. I bet you would believe if all the news and media came forth and said that UFOs exist. If you think about it, all the news/media is being very carefully controled. Why do we always hear only one side of a story?
IT's interesting that I found this thread because I was having this very discussion just the other day with my significant other. The topic came up about whether someone should believe in UFO's just because they have never seen one. Here's a very oversimplified answer. I'm sure there are alot of things you have never seen but that doesn't mean you don't believe in them does it or that they don't exist does it???
You asked why the aliens/ufos are being secretive? It's all part of a massive agenda to hide the truth from the public. Lets just say there are good aliens and bad aliens. The bad aliens are the so called reptilians (they are shapeshifters) and they occupy high ranking positions in our government and military. They are closely associated with the illuminati and wish to control everyting including the media and overall flow of information. There are also "good aliens" which I belive are the greys. They are peaceful and wish to help humanity. All of the above is based off of years of research into this topic so please don't callously dismiss. I could keep going on and on but I don't want to write a book here.
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Postby gabriel » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:29 pm

have seen enough and in different states to question whats up?
meditate for hours on end, chant, and do chi gong, and at the spacious place know we know little or nothing. Highly psi, space time is very malleble.
I've studied Reiki, chi gong, wing chun, remote viewing, NLP, juggling, and comedy...all related.
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Postby vulcan6gun » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:23 pm

And suddenly, I felt that I'd read all this before. Smacking my forehead and repeating the now-infamous word 'Doh!', as it was apparent that the names of some posters have changed to protect the guilty... :lol:

Carry on, remember to watch for those alien probes. Got Vaseline? :mrgreen:

"Would you like your scientific research grilled, or roasted?"--Unknown Japanese whaler
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Postby Tairaa » Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:35 pm

there are too many people throughout the world seeing these things.

Stop right there!

A whole lot of people thought the world was flat too.

Hmm, I can definately understand where you are coming from because there are so many people who feel the same as you. However, it seems to me you are being very close minded.

And no, not believing something for lack of evidence (note the difference between evidence and proof) is not close minded at all.

Close minded would be believing in a god for which there is no proof and saying to non-believers that they are going to hell because they don't believe in god. That's close minded.

Not believing for lack of evidence is the opposite of close mindedness, called critical thinking.
"George Bush says he speaks to god every day, and christians love him for it. If George Bush said he spoke to god through his hair dryer, they would think he was mad. I fail to see how the addition of a hair dryer makes it any more absurd."
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Postby MonarchSmile » Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:42 pm

maybe the aliens(gods) are back...

to apologize for teaching enslavement

you ever get tired of digging for "Their" Gold

stupid humans?
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