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Have Your Say - Will Obama's healthcare Reform work?

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Postby rath » Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:33 am

BloodStone wrote:
Have just a single health care system that treats everybody =

We already do, It's called the emergency room. No one can be denied treatment? not even illegals. so why do we need the Government to screw up everyones health just to make brownie points?


if you say so.
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Postby evutch » Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:29 am

i worked in three different hospitals in western Pennsylvania.
two of them were owned by the Gotti family..

they also owned the "county nursing home, and tow other "private " nursing homes in the area, ( more i'm sure if one looked hard.) was great.

Gotti visited the hospitals and nursing homes every few years.

he would go to Indiana hospital for heart treatment.
the administration staff would pee all over themselves to give him the best care...
best food, personal care, including drinks with his meals, and nursing students for his entertainment.

great health system.

hey, i guess it's a free market.

i see goverment health care works very well for congress, the senate, and the big wigs in DC..

i guess it's a trickle down thing..

and the ONLY thing that makes them simular, is that WE the working class, PAY for this! and we get administered, carefully doled out care,

it's a very interesting and not to well kept secret, that foreign countries, do VERY well, with either health care system..and are some are making money.and delivering BETTER care for the buck..

Costa Rica, whos nationalised gov subsidises health care costs the average person $35 a month is one of the best systems in the western hemisphere..and will hopefully be strong and viable when i can retire there..

CUBA has one of the best dental systems, and is renown..and ALOT pf people go there, and PAY for that care, in a vacation package, that includes a beach bungalo, and drinks..and costs a fraction of what is paid here..and more than buffers the systems so that the locals have pretty much free care.
the system works..

and americans are the ONLY ones who aren't allowed to go..
by america.
but they still do, through the back door, and i wish i had done that ten years ago.

India and Thailand both have a system of PRIVATE health care, that caters to the foreign, that costs about a fifth, to a TENTH of care here, AND you get a PRIVATE full time NURSE, ( not an aid) for the entire visit, and again, a beach side room, and the BEST food.
and no body from a private company in an insurance scam office telling them they aren't covered.

a Swedish friend of mine complains of taxes in sweden.. and he hasn't paid for eye exams, or dental work, or broken bones.. or whatever for years.. ( along with a special voucher for rent or mortgage payments when he's sick, and a three year unemployment insurance, and paid transportation, etc.)
he complains about taxes..
he says he pays close to HALF of his income in taxes..

we pay 55% here..
after federal, state, local, and sales..

and what do we get?

oh, lessee, afganistan, and iraq..
i feel better.

NIXON tried to get a national healthcare system passed..
his was one of the most comprehensive, inclusive, and self sustaining ever devised..
and the most LIBERAL, compared to all that have come before the house since.
his azz was out before it could hit.

IF a country want a strong social system, to suport it's gerenral welfare, and keep viable it's existance, it had better, by goverment, OR private means, have a good system for health care.

BUT, the corruption in this system as it exists, private and public, will keep us from far as i can tell, forever.

anyone here who thinks we have the BEST health care system in the world, believes a lot of propaganda, or hasn't had to use this system..
and probably believes we have the best education in the world..
and has probably been subjected to it.

americas problems are because for some strange reason, we are kept happy and stupid, and satisfied, if not greedy, by saying, while being told we are the BEST. instead, we should be trying to make it better.

we can do better.
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Postby rath » Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:36 pm

we can do better.

so true Evutch.
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