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Postby Tairaa » Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:08 pm

:lol: Really, you're the first person I ever
heard say they hated the ocean, etc. wtf, at
least you're honest.

Well make me your second!

If not for the fact that a regular person like me won't be able to swim in the ocean for more then 10-15 minutes because the cold will own your muscles really bad, really fast...

Anyway, if not for that, I have a fear of things that live in the ocean...

See we humans... I weight 160 pounds, give or take, but a lot of that is bone, and fat, and water... A lot of it isn't muscles, whereas fish have a very high muscle mass to everything else ratio...

And then on top of those two logical arguments I have a phobia of water that is deeper then twice my height or so, even less if it's mirky or otherwise rendered not see through-able.

Lakes are aight, but they give me a head ache when I get out if I get my ears submerged that I don't get in a pool, or in cleanish ocean water either. Must be something about stagnant water or something.

However, all things considered I do still like the beach, and I like going out a ways before I my phobia sinks in, but if I was on a boat and it sank I would probably panic enough to substantially reduce my probability of success. Err.. Survival.
If we had beachs with enough wave action to surf around here I'd be all over it.
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Postby Island_Girl » Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:37 pm

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