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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992-96)

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Postby Guest » Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:03 am

Well I'm sure we all remember this Great TV Series which ran on ABC-TV and on Cable in the 1990's which featured the character of Indiana Jones growing up and interacting with such historical figures as Teddy Roosevelt, Pancho Villa, Al Capone, Picasso, and even Sigmund Freud.....


Loved the original concept of having "Old Indy" (George Hall) relating each adventure as a lesson to various people as a Greedy Wall Street Raider, Uncaring ER Patient and two apathetic students...Hated it when the deleted Old Indy and showed them as Movies on USA....

The First Episode was shown in March of 1992 and showed Indiana trying to recover a Jackals Head from a treacherous Greek named Demetrius who took on T.E. Lawrence and then Indiana when he popped up as a nasty Gun Runner in Mexico during the Villista Attack on Columbus, NM in 1916....(Insitigated by Woodrow Wilson's "Covert Support" Of Carranza) :angry:

The Villa Episode was my favorite and has a revealing interaction between a Old Mexican Man who has his chickens stolen by Villa's man and opines that Revolutions, Presidents, and Oppressors come and go but the names of the men who rob the common people change....

The Indy episode where he witnesses the waste and carnage at Verdun was also pretty brave in its Anti War attitude in showing the wanton disregard for human life by the Military Brass during the "War To End All Wars".....

Notable guest stars include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Daniel Craig, Christopher Lee, Peter Firth, Vanessa Redgrave, Elizabeth Hurley, Timothy Spall, Anne Heche, Jeffrey Wright, Jeroen Krabbé, Jason Flemyng, Jay Underwood, Kevin McNally, Ian McDiarmid, Max von Sydow and Terry Jones.TJ

So do try to catch Young Indy in its orignal form either on DVD or Cable....Very Entertaining and well done...

Here's an outstanding example.....

Video Link

Postby shadowfx » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:31 am

Liked that show.
When I got the Indiana Jones 3 pack it came with 2 free episodes of it also.
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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:44 am

Loved the original format with Old Indy relating each tale.....

Hate the new re-edited format for YIJ though !

Postby rikerdonegal » Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:56 pm

SouthwestRanger wrote:Hate the new re-edited format for YIJ though !

Yeah, I hate the new format, too.

Luckily I have most of the episodes on VHS and I recently converted them to DVD so I'll have them forever.

Why does Lucas have to go back and mess with everything he did before?
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