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And you all thought Homeland Security and Bush was Bad!

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Postby MonarchSmile » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:57 am

Cole_Trickle wrote:
I just think about all the times people called Bush a Hitler, but this is the government of Iran, who you all say, poses no threats to the USA or Isreal. What do you think they would do to Jews and Americans inside Iran, if they will excute their own for speaking out. This should make a few people ashamed to be thinking you are oppressed in the USA. Or worried that the military helped out during a mass murder spree in Alabama.

Either you've finally lost your marbles, or you're making some sort of ill joke at the expense of literally hundreds killed and many many more wounded and damaged.

How in the hell you can justify, much less compare what happened in Alabama to what is currently going on in Iran is completely and totally beyond ANY normal reason. You're obviously obsessed. or may possessed, something for sure. WTF~~Grade school analogy served up from the usual sources, just like the MSM does to the sheep. For Christs sake, comparing the above in an attempt to justify ANYTHING within the US is truly a shameful act, disgraceful, and just ridiculous.

What's next: Gonna try to tell everyone that dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Iraq is far worse than RIOT POLICE keeping your college kids in line after the Lakers win by pepper spray, batons, and, tasers.~~WT HOLY F, How about the same for demonstrators or is it PROTESTERS~~ :shock:

Go ahead just step across this line " I dare, no,--I double dawg dare you " :lol: :lol:

Holy smokes. Here: Have a look and keep it real for once, just once.



I think he may be saying no more neocon mutherfuckers :cry:
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Postby CodeBlack » Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:07 pm

Is that your neocon or my neocon?
I think he's saying, "No more statist power mongers controlling my life!"
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Postby Cole_Trickle » Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:26 am

Thats your perception of reality Cole! Delusional, just like what a big man you would be, at that New York golf tournament. College kids being battered by roit police is what you see, and oppressive violations of federal law is all you see in Alabama. Maybe you didn't see the same college kids as we all saw, who were dressed up like gang members, all storming into a stores and taking anything the wanted to with the clerks defencless. The same ones vandalizing, looting and damaging whatever they wanted, damaging cars and property.

One question for you Greeney.

Why post such drivel? You compared what is currently going on in Iran to the Citizens of the USA and perceived ( IN YOU MIND ) feelings of oppression by the Bush administration. IT'S PHUCKING SHAMEFUL and easy to see. Why do you play this game with the members?

I see college kids looting~~~I ARREST THEM~~~~Yet it's a completely different animal as compared to Iran~~~The thing in IRAN is a Griz on a rampage while punks rioting after a freaking basketball game is a mere pissant, and your comparison to such a grave situation is PAR FOR THE COURSE for you and your blatantly ridiculously OBVIOUS politically correct agenda.

Sorry Greeney but it's very weak to use Iran as an example for anything related to something someone may feel or think while safe within the Good old US OF A. ;)

Now go ahead~~make my day and explain the difference between Iran and Bush like I'm a fifth grader so's I's can gather it all in. I'll give you a talking point so you can grasp the scope of how ridiculous your post was/is!


Can't wait for your logical response :roll: :roll:


But hey I hear ya brother: If you don't like it, you can always leave~~~RIGHT!
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