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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

Alien (A-Z) Help please

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby greywolfe » Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:37 am

I've started to compile a data sheet for (All) known Alien types and would appreciate any additional info anybody may have. Thanks

Type 1
Nickname :- THE HAV
Home Star System:-EPSILON ERIDANI - 3
Light Years from Earth:- 10.5
Assumed Appearance: Blonde Humans
Actual Appearance:- Insects
Note 1: Genetically Engineered by THE EBENS
Note 2:- Hostile (Alledged)
UFO Type:- ?
Type 2
Home Star System:-DELTA PAVONIS - 4
Light Years from Earth:- 19.92
Assumed Appearance:-
Actual Appearance ?
UFO Type:- ?
Type 3
Nickname:Grey (type)
Given Name:-THE EBENS
Home Star system:-ZETA RETICULI - ?
Light years from Earth :-39
Assumed Appearance:-
Actual Appearance:- Alien Grey type
Note 1: A friendly race & part of SERPO exchange prog.
UFO Type:- ?
Type 4
Home Star System:- ?
Light Years from Earth:-
Assumed Appearance:-
Actual Appearance: Tall big nosed Grey
Note 1:- Genetically Engineered by THE EBENS
UFO Type:- ?
Type 5
Given Name:- QUADLOIDS
Home Star System:- ZETA RETICULI - ?
Light Years from Earth :- 39
Assumed Appearance:-
Actual Appearance
Note 1:- Genetically Engineered by THE EBENS
UFO Type:- ?
Type 6
Home Star System:
Light Years from Earth:
Assumed Apprearance:-
Actual Appearance:-
Note 1Genetically Engineered by THE EBENS
UFO Type:- ?
Type 7
Given Name:-
Home Star System: PLEIADES ?
Light Years from Earth:
Assumed Apprearance:-
Actual Appearance:- Tall Blonde Human
Note 1:- Current Earth visiting Nordics seem friendly
UFO Type:- ?
Type 8
Given Name:- (THE DUCAZ) ?
Home Star System: ?
Light Years from Earth: ?
Assumed Apprearance:- Human
Actual Appearance:- Reptiles
Note 1:- Hostile under cover infiltrators
UFO Type:- ?
Type 9
Nickname:- AGHARIANS
Given Name:-
Home Star System:
Light years from Earth
Assumed Appeaeranc
Actual Appearance
Note 1:-
UFO Type:- ?
Type 10
Given Name:- The ANNUNAKI
Home Star system:- ? But home planet name ZAOS
Light Years from Earth ?
Assumed Appearance
Actual Appearance
Note 1 (See Below)
UFO Type:- ?

Annunaki- (Are possibly a physical manifestation of an MDE. Multi -Dimensional Entity ) They've been around forever and have many factions throughout time and space.
Physical Faction 1 = Nordic looking Human type race hailing from as Star system they called
2= The Mardukians possibly responsible for G.E The DUCAZ (Hostile reptiles)
3= The Persires (Possibly were/ are in conflict with THE DUCAZ.
4= The Niburu Faction - connected in legend to planet X
5= The Nephalim & Elohim(The Watchers) -Earth visitors in Pre + Biblical times.
6= Annunaki/Huma Hybrids (Gods mating with daughters of the Earth)
7= Modern Humans (Possibly) decendent from Nordic Annunaki or Genetically
Engineered native Earth Humans.
Type 11
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Postby Taeko » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:49 pm

An interesting post. I can add some details, but be aware that this is from remote viewing of ET. I studied instructions provided by Courtney Brown Ph.D and Major Ed Dames to learn this.

This took along time to learn. I have not been able to view the Greys. They blocked me out. I finally made contact with a female Nordic named Y'kao and a male Reptilian named Weiss. They told me about themselves as well as some of the other ET races. I will go through greywolfe's list.

Type 1 These are the tall insect like beings sometimes called praying mantis. They originate from Epsilon Eridani system and often work with the true Greys. I was told that these beings are not our enemies.

Type 2 These are humanoid mammalians. They are very human in appearance and have the facial appearance of Chinese and Japanese. Their home system is Delta Pavonis as listed. They are not hostile.

Type 3 The EBENS are from the Zeta Reticuli system. They are not Greys, but have kind of a round face and small eyes. They have a spoken language, and eat solid food that the grow. Their planet has an atmosphere and gravity similar to earth. They communicate with and have met face to face with officials of the USA and some close allies at remote military bases. And as listed they are very friendly.

Type 4 These beings are actually the ruling cast of the EBENS.

Type 5 and 6 I have nothing on them.

Type 7 These are the Nordics the tall blonds. Y'kao is one of them. They are very human in appearance. Their natural life span is many times that of earth people. Childhood is very short and they do not age. They always look the same. They are not afflicted by disease. Their social structure is communist and matriarchal. Their home planet is Mars where they have lived for many millions of years. Y'kao insists that they do not come from the Pleiades. They have met with some contactees but never with earth government officials whom they consider corrupt.

Type 8 The Reptilians according to Weiss consider this system to be their home. However, Brown Sensei has viewed them in other systems. They are very humanoid but have a very reptile like face and skin. Weiss seems very friendly, but Y'kao tells me that some of them are our enemies. They are responsible for cattle mutilations that are reported.

Type 9 I have to put the true Greys someplace. These ET are widespread and work with the others very frequently. However, I cannot see them. Both Weiss and Y'kao insist that their work with humans is to help us and they are not our enemy. Not the Greys or any of the above ET are trying to infiltrate the earth or take over. Earth is for humans. The Greys have settlements on the moons of Saturn, but they originate in the Alpha Centauri system.

Type 10 These are the bad ET the Annunaki. They are very frightening and are the mortal enemies of the others. They want gold and blood and slaves. Their true appearance is as blue skinned humanoids. They once invaded and ravaged the solar system. They exploded the fifth planet and killed most of the Reptilians. However, the Greys and the Nordics devised a weapon that destroyed most of the invaders. Some now have infiltrated the earth and hold key positions in the human social structure.
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Postby GilCarlson » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:11 am

Have you checked out the Blue Planet Project Book?
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Postby BOBZILLAaliens125 » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:41 pm

GilCarlson wrote:Have you checked out the Blue Planet Project Book?

Wasn't it proven that this was a fake? I mean, I actually do believe that there is something going on in the world without our knowledge, and that many of these beings do exist, but I also think that most of the evidence we have received is very misleading and or false. Whenever I look at evidence, I always look at it from the stand point of a complete skeptic first. With that said, I did research into the "Blue Planet Project" and it seems like it was "made by the media for the gullible public" as someone put it.

Update: I edited the post- and just realized that I responded to Gil Carlson, the guy who WROTE the blue planet project!! I have so many questions on its authenticity.
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Postby burnbabyburn » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:19 am

In France, I met the aliens Type 7 between age 13 and 17.
They are biologically natural, blond, beefy. Their skin is like bronze, and their eyes are different colors.
It was in a secluded spot in the countryside (years 1975-76-77-78). Three beings measured 9,84 feet, and the other measured five feet. They have wives. I was just finishing paleontological research in a large field, when night fall. These beings came to meet me. They were fifteen. The biggest welcomed right hand. I did the same thing. These are soldiers (men and women) that use the Earth as a working basis, to fight in other worlds. Three alien species are their enemies, including a sort of "short grays." They use telepathy, and attempt to protect the Earth. Their weapons use sound and light.
I should point out that I never tell this true story. I am anti sect, very wary of new age, and books written by Adamski and other Billy Meiers. I did not know these stories, when we met by chance.
It changed my vision of the plurality of inhabited worlds.
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Postby BOBZILLAaliens125 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:05 am

1) "Paleontological"?! You're into Paleontology?!?! SWEET!!!! An honor to see a Paleontologist here.

2) Sounds like you're talking about what most people call the 'Nordics'. Your description pretty much fits them spot on. They have blond hair, can be taller and buffer than humans, they're friendly and protectors of the earth, and their main enemy are the Grays. I've read up on them before, but haven't found as much info on them.

3) I'd be wary of them too. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is (not all the time however). I remember believing in the ever so famous Travis Walton case, until I found out Travis failed the lie detector twice, and asked for money to perform all his interviews. I think the people working with him were tricked with some sort of fake ufo and Travis pretended to be abducted. He almost sent his buddies to prison!! Anyway, I believe there is truth to all of these abduction reports, just got to know the reliable sources.

Now I haven't had contact with any of these aliens, but I have seen strange lights in my area before, one more recently a stationary red light (couldn't have been a flare). I remember joking about it being a UFO, and later on realizing that it probably was! I wish I reported it to Mufon the day it happened, but seeing how I've seen a few in my lifetime maybe i'll be able to see another some day....

Also, I might be wrong on the Blue Project thing, at least partially. The author has his name up on the website- Does anyone know if there have been any interviews with him? Whether it's real or not i'll probably buy the books because i'm into that sort of stuff.
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Postby burnbabyburn » Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:26 pm

Hi Bobzilla, :D

Today, I guess lie detectors are extremely sophisticated in the USA. You could not make a hypnotic regression for the whole population! There should be serious and qualified doctors. I prefer the work of John Mack, Bud Hopkins and David Jacob on the abductions. It is, perhaps, the intrusion into the private lives of Americans, generating a mental self-defense. Visions of coercive torture by aliens seem abnormal. I feel that it is desired to design genetic slaves. There is such distrust around the world ...

In fact, it is the power of money that ends up discrediting sensitive subjects such as ufo's, abductions, and testimonies of close encounters. Seriously, what is the ideal witness? What you said about Travis Walton is interesting and smart. Although G Adamski was false picture of a flying saucer with pieces of vacuum and bottle nipples (!!!), some people continue to believe her story. In the 70s, the Venusian Venusian enticing and the androgynous faces were dreaming beatniks! There was a need to break free, in the American society.

But there is also the manipulation and mental poisoning, neuro-marketing, mass psychology, the induced false memories, etc.I'm staying with my close encounter, without trying to develop a business. I've seen physically 8 different kinds of aliens. I do not drink, do not do drugs, and I do not have psychological problems. This seems normal to encounter beings from other worlds. I tried to avoid some, but they hide in deep ecology and have invisibility cloaks very sophisticated. They mimicry with trees and plants.

The site BluePlanetProject Gil Carlson is, perhaps, interesting for people who want to dream, but ... we can exploit the credulity, because people lack reasoning and logical sense. I encourage you to continue your research. I try to practice the "Occam's razor", but it is difficult. But I try anyway. ;)

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