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Postby chrisv25 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:12 am

For anyone interested we are already or conducting experiments to create graviton field in a lab. I might be wrong but i believe this is the Australian space agency.

Measurement of Gravitomagnetic and Acceleration Fields Around Rotating Superconductors (2006)

good theory...someone has just already put it in a lab.
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Postby CodeBlackv2 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:55 am

CodeBlack wrote:We can't find the Higgs using normal techniques because they are only able to see the 3 spacial dimensions we all know and love.

Correction: this was wrong. I should have known that. You don't have to see the entire picture to see the brush strokes. CERN claims they found evidence of the Higgs boson, but its still early.

Still no graviton. "What's my name?"

On the Gravitomagnetic London Moment, sounds interesting. I always thought the discovery would require rotating magnets (in this case superconducting magnets). The reason is that if we compare gravitation to electro-magnetism we see the need for movement in space. Your computer works because the electricity it needs is generated by an electric generator. To convert mechanical energy into electrical energy you need a rotating magnetic field. And I think that in order to convert mechanical or electrical energy into gravitational energy you will need the same thing. Especially when you consider the nature of gravity and that it is field based, just like E-M, you have to move in space to have any control. Sounds like Vimana's.

But I think the theory they are trying to prove is an intermediate theory, not the final answer. They understand it up to a point. They still haven't began the discussion of altering apparent mass, which you will need for it to work as propulsion. If you can decrease your apparent mass to zero, you can move without using time. You take off and instantly you appear in a new location. We don't need no stinkin' quantum teleportation.
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Postby Kybasser » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:01 pm

Wow, just happened upon this thread. Like most of you, I'm no physicist, heck I can barely spell it.

That said, I do have some ideas that if the Higgs-Boson is confirmed, and the Higgs field is found, and it does what it is theorized to do, could be relative.

So, if the Higgs field gives everything mass, and something must since atoms are 99.9% air, and all things are made of atoms, so essentially everything is 99.9% air, then something is keeping my fingers from passing right through these keys on my laptop.

Also, mass is what supposedly generates gravity, that is everything that has mass produces a gravitational affect, and the more mass, the more gravity, so the earth has more gravity than a rock, and the sun more gravity than the earth, etc...

So, if we learn to manipulate the Higgs field, what can we do? Let's assume then we can begin to change the mass of any object that we choose by manipulating the Higgs field around that object. So if we reduce the mass of an object, then the affects of gravity on that object will be lessened. So if we reduce the mass enough, there would be no mass, so it would take very little effort to make it appear to be using anti-gravity technology, and then also FTL would be possible as you would not have to worry about the infinite mass problem.

So now let's move our manipulation along further as we have learned more and have more control over the Higgs field. Let's reduce the mass of a total ship, let's call it a space or star ship. So the mass is reduced, then we can accelerate at will with very little propulsion. Further, let's affect the Higgs field within the hollow ship in a way to add mass to the decks of the ship, and suddenly we have artificial gravity.

Physics has also shown space can be warped by very massive objects, so let's really ramp up the Higgs field and we can then warp space, to what end is the question? Do we try to fold space to make worm holes? Or do we just dent the space a little, and could this also be the way we "squeeze" space as mentioned previously in other posts in this thread, and then let it expand behind us to make it seem to propel the ship forward while actually moving space, not the ship?

How then does this affect time? We are coming to understand space and time are the same things, or at least very intricately intertwined. Do we really become time travelers, or will the perception of time on a non moving ship, while space is moving around it, seem the same as say on earth?

Then what about communication? Einstein's spooky theories, or quantum entanglement could essentially be converted to a medium for communication. It is my understanding that work on this is being done already. If so, why? Obviously someone knows we will need near instantaneous communications abilities over extremely long distances.

Right now to me, these are just what seem to be logical thoughts and ideas based upon what I've read about the Higgs-Boson and quantum entanglement theory.

I don't begin to pretend I am educated extensively in this subject area, just that I am curious, that's all.

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Postby magonia17 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:24 am

It has a lot to do with electro magnetics and gravity. The problem is with conventional propulsion systems is that they are design with finite chemical or liquid fuels, and they are trying to go up. This is all very well in the atmosphere, but out in space, it isn't valid. Speed and vectors are not that valid in space. Have you ever noticed the lack of information concerning EM systems, when government need power it is always finite and controllable resources, like nuclear, gas, electric etc. We travel to the stars or at least out of the atmosphere is done with brut force, this method isn't going to work to travel vast distances. Also some of Einstein's formulae may not be correct and have errors, Even the theory that light is the fastest in the universe and nothing is faster than light may not be correct.
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Postby rockyjames » Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:55 pm

Listen guys, the ufo's we see all the time require large amounts of electric to operate.
You see them all the time in and about storm clouds. They are always flying around storm
systems following them across the country with their extension cord showing so this should tip
You off on which way to go here. Rockyjames, rj
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