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Olympic Gays

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Postby Guest » Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:38 am

BBC and Co. with their precious gays has become a pain in my neck during those Winter Olympics. I'm from Texas. They do not consider LGBT a norm of life there. So when I see such same-sex pairs smooching in the Sochi seafront right in the sight of Moms with kiddies I become disgusted and feel and pity for children. This nasty campaign against a single Russian sensible law is the greatest discrimination LGBT community ever committed. Even IOC members have been shocked by gays' obsceneness: ... z2tHL8aUTx
But here you are. The Winter Games have begun. Everything's great. During these Olympics not a single gay is discriminated. On contrary imho they've got too much freedom in Sochi. So please sirs loud-mouths for LGBT, SHUT UP! In ancient Greece they suspended all wars and conflicts during the Games. And you are just blowing up all sh*t you've accumulated without response for no one wants to descend to your level and to bicker with you.
Also Obama has discredited himself when not a single member of his family participated in our delegation. It turns out that even Russians admitted that the Games are for EVERYONE. And our Mr. President didn't.
Who's most biased after that?

Postby greeney2 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:38 am

First, in all the Olympics I watched, and I have missed quite a bit being out of town several days, but I have not seen anything at all, like you mentioned. The LA times link was expired, and didn't work. Secondly, if you really are from Texas, you may think you talk for your entire state, but I doubt it. I wonder if you were as outspoken during the China Olympics, on the subject of Human rights violations, or were you just happy to see the Olympics and ignore what was a real issue hidden away? I do not think that any of the Athletes are worried about sexual preferences of others, they are together for the experience of their lives, so who cares what someone from a narrow minded place in Texas thinks? Go to a rodeo someplace, and turn off the Olympics.

I'm no Obama fan, but I think you would find that given the extreme threat of terrorism in Sochi, the Secret Service probably has told them not to go. Russia refused the USA offer to assist with security, and its obvious, The President or his family would be #1 target for a real terrorist threat.
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Postby Omni » Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:51 pm

Deal with it.
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