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Egyptians NEVER built the Pyramids

Here, you can discuss the Mayans, Atlantis, the Aztecs and other ancient and lost civilizations.

Postby Aquatank » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:45 pm

The temple at Gobekli Tepe was built 10,000 years ago the pyramids were built 4,600 years ago thats 5400 years of technological advancements between the two. If you actually take time to look at the late paleolithic and the copper ages art, technology and building you will find everything at the pyramids is entirely possible. It was not a matter of technology that was daunting it was an organization of a labor force. Much like today, it isn't that we cannot solve our technical problems with our technologies, its getting enough people to agree to do it. Invoking aliens or deities to explain a great building/structure is insulting humans. Humans for all their flaws are quite adept at creating things as well as destroying them, they don't need help, they like doing it. Finding True North is EASY and the Human mind was just as smart back then as it is today. What is the difference? A frame of reference for technology is that it is evolutionary each sucess and mistake is taught to the next generation most sucess are rememebered and sometimes mistakes are forgotten. The Pyramids are not really sophisticated either. After all if Aliens, helped why the bloody heck do the pyramids feature simple FALSE ARCHES (weight counter balanced) instead of the TRUE ARCH (Key stone locked), aren't these alleged interlopers allegedly from other times/dimensions/star systems/realities, you'd think teaching the simplicity of True Arch would be childs play to them? The reason the True Arch is not there is because no one in Egypt had come up with it yet or met anyone who had. Never underestimate Humans, even the least brainy of them has valuable insights into the universe that others have not thought of.
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Postby Aquatank » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:56 pm

BTW For those of you who forgot how to find True North in the Northern Hemisphere like Egypt is in. You just watch the stars in the night sky and look for the one that does not move every night. Aligning after that is just sticks and thread. Back before television watching the night sky was entertainment.
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Postby LouCyphre » Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:41 pm

The rulers from Atlantis built the pyramids, circa 10,400 BC where they fled from their disaster. They fled west also.
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Postby wobjr83055 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:31 pm


I agree whole heartedly that the Egyptians never built the Pyramids. I realize that there are many valid theories of how and who built the pyramids. There is one theory that has not been discussed. I believe the Pyramids housed biologicals used in the genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens.

1. In considering EBE's we must consider that EBE's have a much longer lifespan than humans maybe 3 times or more. When dealing with aliens we humans must stop viewing events through our short lives.

2. Rememeber in high school geometry one of the first things taught is that the triangle is the strongest geometrical structure.

3. It would make sense that EBE's would build pyramids (out of stone) considering their long life spans. They needed a structure that would last an extraordinary long time against the different kinds of extreme weather.

4. Foklore has it that in the past when tombs from the pyramids would be opened that the participants would mysteriously die. Could these deaths be the result of some sort of deadly biological virus that the workers were unexpectantly exposed to?

5. I would imagine that Pyramid blocks provided a cool enough environment to keep the biologicals inactive.

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