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November 22, 1963, the day JFK died.

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Postby greeney2 » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:08 am

I posted this on my facebook, thought it was worth posting here:

Where you 50 years ago today when JFK was assassinated? I just went out for dinner this week to celebrate a 67th birthday with a group of guys that go back to junior high school, and remained friends since. We all grew up together and I met them my first day in school, in California, in 1960. 3 of us were in the same English class in the 10th grade, when at about 11am, the principal announced over the intercom, JFK had been shot and killed in Dallas. It was one of the few moments in life you can remember exactly where you were when it happened. We lost our innocence on that day, my generation was on a path to what was about to follow, and we were the generation to deal with a unusual time.

JFK was an event that altered the course of my generation, not to mention the entire country, altering history of events leading up to today. How one person can alter the course of history so profoundly, as my generation was being primed now for the eras to come, particularly the Viet Nam War now in the hands of LBJ. By the end of the decade we walked on the moon and returned a vision of JFK, but were in the height of the war, the draft, civil rights movements, the hippie movement, had seen the assassination of RFK and Martin Luther King. The country was now divided in an old post WW2 mindset, and a generation who rebelled against that way of thinking. Brewing was Nixon and Watergate into the 70's, Ford and Carter to follow. Can anyone imagine how the course of history would have been had JFK served his 2 terms, and RFK was ahead of Nixon in the 68 election, how those years, as well as the following decades would have been totally different?

This is the 50th year and we still are not sure of the circumstances to JFK, and even today new theories claim the secret service accidental discharge of an AR15 rifle from the car behind, gave the final death shot to JFK. We have lived a lifetime with the JFK Conspiracy theories a part of our lives since that day. Our lives were all profoundly changed on that day, and a new set of circumstances for my generation resulted from that day. Just think how different our lives would have been had this not happened.
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Postby greeney2 » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:33 am

Just a little followup as it related to JFK and the Blackvault. Rowell in the 40's and 50's was always the grand daddy of UFO events, and the idea of the government keeping secrets from us. But until the JFK assasination, the idea of government secrets was pretty much, UFO ideas which they debuked and made the claimants look like nuts, or top secret things we all know are a given, they will not tell us..

However, JFK changed the mindset of all that, and the rejection of the Warren Commission, and a country that was sealed from the real truth for 75 years by Congress and the Commission. The Zupruter films were discovered and the seeds of doubt were sealed in that nobody could deny a frontal shot, blew Kennedy into the next life. That spurred a total distrust now of the Government, and led to all the conspiracies we were going to experience. It was not long until the LBJ manipulation of the war was a result of "The Gulf of Tonkin" which was a fabricated incident, that resulted in his passing a bill giving Presidential power to escalate the war. We all watched Nixon dirty tricks, and the result of Watergate, and we found out the President again abused his power. Along with people like J. Edgar Hoover doing pretty unbelievable things to war protesters, or famous people sympathizing with those protests, we left that era being totally pessimistic about what lies we get told, and how we are treated. We had just sent 58,000 boys, 18 and 19 year olds off to fight an insane war, and even today one of my best friends is dealing with throat cancer from Agent Orange exposure, who was a highly decorated 101st airborne soldier. WE found out that even after that, our government would deny the results of agent orange, had done the same thing to post WW2 vets exposed to Nuclear tests, and even again in the middle east wars denying claim for desert aliments, burning oil fields, and other toxic weapons exposures. We watch out existing President lie about Benghazi and his health care plans. We have every reason to not trust anything we are told, and the is why sites like the Blackvault are here.

Again the grand daddy of events began with Roswell and the JFK cover ups,and what was uncovered from that time, spurred all the other conspiracy theories to follow, and it just keeps getting uncovered more and more.
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