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Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby katsung47 » Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:41 pm

551. Big drug case plotted in May (6/9/08)

Burma was famous for its drug business. The opium production area is in Golden Triangle. It connects to south-west China. The drug lord is Khun Sa.

Burma's regime - Juntas - once benefited from the opium business, I believe. But recently less and less news relates drugs to Burma. Burma is quitting from that notorious business. Even when US media in their negative propaganda against Burma, the charge were: dictatorship; persecuting monks; jailing democratic activists; neglecting cyclone refugees. There is no word mentioning about drug business. (or they deliberately neglect it.)

Why did Burma quit from its drug business? I think its regime is afraid of an attack from the US. Juntas abandoned Rangoon as its capital and moved inside. Especially when US invaded Iraq for some fake reason - WMD. Several months ago, I learned from news paper that Khun Sa died in Burma's capital. The drug lord's death may indicate that the Junta finally cut its relationship with the drug group. Then it comes the cyclone.

Why US pressured Burma that much? Because they want Burma to cooperate in the coming framed drug case. To play a role of the heroine supplier and a witness. The role China tried to be avoid of. Though Chinese secret police helped US to frame a case by planting the drugs in commercial shipment in my brother in law's normal trading. Here is the secret deal of that original case plotted in April 2001.

Quote, "A top official of DEA, as a signatory and guarantor, assures they will use their best efforts and most merited personnel to prevent any publicity in the mass media news outlets, of any problems to be publicly discussed, as to "China White", the high-purity dope from Southwest China funneling into the U.S.. And the censorship is to continue at least until one year after the expected Red China hosting of the International Olympics. The DEA official agrees that his agency will restrict their public comments on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and not mention Southwest China, or the term "China White". A top official of FBI Counter-Intelligence Division, is a guarantor and signatory to these embargo provisions."

The Southwest China is where China connects to Gold Triangle of Burma. The framed case went soured one after another. And one after another the Feds revived a new one. The planned May case this year is the biggest ever I saw. It came with the rice price jumping; cyclone in Burma and big earthquake in Sichuan China.

(Once again I was blocked to internet. I was blocked the whole day on 6/6 and hours in other days. I fear there will be a raid if I wear the shoe out (my brother's gift) or pay the cash for food shopping. (though my relatives changed the big bill into small notes for me.) I also fear there may be a violence plotted on me as Feds are so eager to finish the case.

Kat Sung 6/9/08)

552. Setting off an earthquake is a mature technique (6/14/08)

In February, Chinese New Year, when I united with my family, my relatives gave me some cash. I think Feds planted drug money in them to justify an arrest. Feds were so sure that they would be success to frame the case this time that they even censored me from the internet the following months until May 11. (They opened internet for me on May 12) To push me spending the money, they even pushed up the rice price in April.(rice is my main food) Within days, rice price doubled. However, I managed not to spend that money.

Now it is clear that Feds made May the month for big action. On May 3, there was a cyclone in Burma - a pressure on Burma regime to force it play a role of witness for coming drug case. May 11 was the action day. It was Mother's day when family members got together to have a dinner. My relatives rode me for a shopping trip. It used to be a big shopping day for me since I can't drive. (no drive license) Feds must have expected I spend the "drug money" in the shopping spree.
Everything was in proceeding except I didn't spend the money. I gave it back to them after the shopping and expressed my fear. But I made a mistake to take gift shoes from my brother that night. I am under tight surveillance that Feds won't let go any chance to plant.

China was in proceeding too. Next day - May 12 - there was a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Sichuan China. The event became a big issue which attracts Chinese attention from domestic to abroad the following weeks. If I spent the "drug money" on May 11, there would be a slaughter on my relatives in China. The earthquake, was planned to distract public's attention from these cases.

Setting off an earthquake is a mature technique. Last August Feds had one in Peru on purpose to justify a trip accident for my family members. Reference:

1. On 8/13/07, I wrote in #502, worried about accident: quote: "Next day on 8/9, my wife said she would have a trip to Peru between 8/16 to 8/22. My brother and one of my sister will go with her..... One of murder tactic of Feds is travel accident. Each big plot always came with this program. So they prepare again the death for part of my family members. As for me,....."

2. One day later, there was a magnitude 7.5 quake in Peru (8/15). Here is what I wrote On 8/18. "503. Earthquake in Peru (8/18/07)
Then there was an earthquake in Peru on 8/15. Of course I view it as part of the August plot. It would be used to justify a tour accident.
That night, I asked my wife what time tomorrow would she leave home for Peru. She happily said, "No, we won't go. Don't you know there is just a 7.5 earthquake in Peru?" Her happy expression revealed it was not a trip she likes to go. I was puzzled. Was it a big coincidence that an earthquake taken place the day before the trip? To my opinion, the quake was created to justify a tour accident, not to cancel that planned trip. Did I make a mistake?
I didn't make mistake. Later that night, after several call, my wife said she still would go. She said the tour guider from Lima confirmed nothing serious happened there. Everything was OK. She left next morning."

Feds act aggressively these days. I worry they will apply violence on me. It can be road accident, bombing in shopping center, fire on gas station, robbery accident......

553. Sichuan quake used as a diversion (6/19/08)

People may doubt how can China set off a big earthquake to kill its own citizens and made a big loss in economy. There is other side they didn't know.

1. Government never care the lives of its own citizen when they consider other interest is more important than people's lives. Such story like: In World War II, British government let City Coventry be destroyed by air bombing of German, though they knew the raid information in advance. In 911, 3000 people killed in a false flag attack. So was this earthquake in Sichuan, China. (There is still a big difference from Coventry bombing to the 911 and Sichuan earthquake. The latter two were done by its own government.)

2. I think the practice of earthquake may indicate Pentagon has transferred the quake technique to the Chinese military. That is a big payment. From TV and newspaper, I heard from both the news that the military industry factories in earthquake area have got quake warning in advance and are able to avoid from a loss. There is still no scientific way to forecast a quake except it's an artificial one.

3. The biggest advantage for China is obvious and was reported by US media.

Quote, " Quake mutes protests over Beijing Olympics
China reaps goodwill in wake of tragedy

By Stephen Wade, Associated Press

Beijing - China's deadly earthquake may have saved the Beijing Olympics.

Just a few weeks ago, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge described the games as "in crisis." They were being battered by pro-Tibet protests, health concerns about Beijing's noxious pollution and calls for boycotts tied to China's support for Sudan.

The May 12 earthquake changed everything. ......

After the tragedy in Sichuan province, the Games are now riding a wave of goodwill - a feeling that the government's propaganda machine had failed for months to generate. "
(Mercury News May 24, 2008)

4. Quick response may indicate it's a pre-prepared event. There is a quick military response. Troops were moved in to rescue the suffering people. There is also a quick media response.

Quote, "Activist groups grudgingly acknowledge that China's state-controlled media - by allowing uncharacteristic openness in 24-hour earthquake coverage - have shaped the news agenda and gained sympathy for the catastrophe. ....

Know for this secrecy, the government has let earthquake coverage flow more freely, with less censorship in an era of quick-moving text messages and the Internet. ..." (Mercury News 5/24/08)

China was once a close up country, just like Burma's juntas. Does the sudden change mean a more open government? Or as I say, it is used as a diversion to another case.

554. Payment Taiwan and cross deal (6/24/08)

Another payment for China's cooperation in framed case is Taiwan. Taiwan was ruled by Democratic Progressive Party - a party advocates to separate from Mainland China - for eight years until this May. D.P.P. couldn't get the control of Taiwan without the support of the US. An independent Taiwan is obviously an US interest. But it is a headache for China. China threatens to start a war if Taiwan dares to claim a formal independence.

So in the secret deal between US and China, Taiwan always is a chip. The former president of Taiwan - Chen Shuibian, became a murder target several times. (see #358, 367, 382. The life of the President of Taiwan as a payment (2/2/06), 383. The cross murder deal (2/7/06)).

Early this year, the deal to change Taiwan regime was reached. D.P.P. was humiliated by continuous scandal. It lost March election to the National Party - a party has never formally renounced a desire for eventual unification with China. New Taiwan president inaugurated on May 20. It coincident with the May plot.

On Jan 26, a news in Chinese Newspaper caught my eye. It said Senator of Hongkong - Mr. Wang Yihong failed in election to be the Representative of Hongkong to attend the People's Delegate Congress of China. It also hinted that Wang Yihong would lose his senator seat too in the coming legislative election. Wang Yihong is a cousin of my wife. He has been a chip in the secret deal before. (see 392. 12/2 plot to murder Mr. Wang Yi Hong (3/15/06)) So I realize another secret deal was done between China and US. What was the exchange? I got it two weeks later.

House Representative Tom Lantos died on Feb.11. Tom Lantos was the Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Know for his strong advocacy for human rights. Mercury News said, "After being diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in late December, Lantos announced he would not seek re-election in his district."

Lantos, as a senior politician, must know the principle of the game. He knew he became a chip in the game and announced the retirement. He wished to save his life by retreating from the game. But deal was the deal. From diagnosed with cancer (late December) to his death (Feb 11), it took only six weeks - a rapid death - or a very efficient murder by Feds.

Lantos was referred as "anti-China Congressman" or "China black" by Chinese media. He was a stronghold of pro-Taiwan independence power. His death was a warning to that power and a procedure to the coming regime change of Taiwan government in May.

555. Olympic deal (6/29/08)

The secret deal between the secret police of the China and the US to frame a case was signed in April 2001 in the name to release the crew of a US spy-plane. For the first time I sensed Feds was framing a drug case against me. The negotiation to release the spy plane crew should be the business of Pentagon. How could the signatory and guarantor be agents of DEA and FBI? They guaranteed that media wouldn't report about a drug (likely heroin) smuggling from southwest China. (the source likely was from Burma) The payment was huge. The information said it was 40 billion. Later I realized it was a value equivalence - China was granted to be host of 2008 Olympic and the membership of WTO. Now we can see how big that payment is. After China becomes a member of WTO, its economy develops rapidly and today China is the third economic power of the world. The benefit is much more than 40 billion. Since that was a bad deal to US - it helps its rival country, China growing strong, both the directors of DEA and FBI announced resignation that month. (April 2001)

The action date of that first plot was 6/11/2001. Feds arranged it the execution day of McVeigh who was accused of OKC bombing. That was the first time I learned the tactic of Feds - they used to create a big event to distract the framed case. Since then from my story you can find how Feds follows this model. The latest one was the magnitude 8 earthquake in Sichuan China.

Hosting Olympic game is no doubt a big deal. Japan rose to be a big economic power in the world after it hosted the Olympic Game in 1960s. China wishes to be benefit in same way. In April, China started its Olympic torch parade abroad, hoped to be honored by world power glory. But it is too innocent. Instead of reputation, China was humiliated severely. The Olympic torch parade was protested everywhere in the world by human right group and pro-Tibet independence people, especially in Britain and France. At last, China had to shrink the parade and end it in a low profile.

Olympic chip is big. US won't let it go without some kickback. Now it is clear US want to have some payback at that deal: the influence on Sudan (important for its oil production), the independence of Tibet, the independence of Taiwan. Chen Shuibian - former Taiwan president who advocates Taiwan independence, had said that 2008 was the only big chance for Taiwan independence because China would host Olympic Games at that year. US has prepared everything to extort the Olympic deal. Only because China put Taiwan as its first priority and made a demand in later deals, Taiwan's independence was sacrificed. But China didn't expect there were other tricks. Thus we saw a big humiliation in Olympic torch parade. Olympic is in crisis. Celebrities refuse to attend the ceremony because China violates the humane rights. Athletes may boycott because of air pollution. To save the Game, there came the May 12 Sichuan earthquake. The date was well timed. Feds got a distract for its May 11 plot.

Feds tried to finish the case in May because thus there will be two months left for them to extort more from Olympic game. I think one is to demand China's support of Iran war.

556. Petro-dollar, the cause of Iran war (7/4/08)

People think the nuclear ambition of Iran is the reason for Iran war. That is only right on Israel's part. For US part, it is petro-dollar.

US dollar is appointed currency in oil trading. Because the oil trade is a huge business, a large amount of dollar is locked up in that trade. That money is called petro-dollar. Why it is so important to US? Because it acts as a long term none interest loan The prosperous US economy partly was based on the petro-dollar - a long term loan without interest. Let me depict it in this way:

US bought a house from Japan (whom represents the oil customers of Iran) for one million dollars. US also bought another house from France (whom represents other oil customers of OPEC) for one million dollars. Japan and France use these two million dollars as fund to buy oil. The money was used in oil trading circle and never back to US. US enjoys the two houses almost free. He doesn't have to pay monthly mortgage payment. Not a penny for interest, nor for principle. All the cost was the printing of a green back paper. However, that green back paper - petro dollar, is still a debit note. How long is it? So far it's more than forty years - since dollar became the appointed oil trade currency.

But suddenly, Iran refuses to accept dollar. Japan has to ask US to exchange that one million dollar into Euro or yen. What US can do is: 1. to get the dollar back by export more merchandise. But he is not able to. He has a trade deficit already. 2. To get the dollar back with gold or foreign currency reserve. But he hasn't that much reserve. 3. To lock up that extra one million dollar in US Bond by raising the interest rate to attract the buyer. But he unwilling to do it. There is a sub-prime crisis in real estate market. Any interest increase will further devalue the house. Feds holds a large amount of real estates in my case, they don't allow such thing to happen. So to solve the problem, they go to the fourth option. 4. By pushing up the oil price.

France (other oil consumption countries) keeps one million dollar as oil trading fund. How much does he need if the oil price doubled? Two million. Thus the one million dollar Japan abandoned is absorbed by France. That's why the oil price jumped like crazy in recent days - a tricky way to keep US dollar from collapsing.

US has to pay for high oil price too. Ordinary people bear the cost. But the high oil price will hurt the economy. The condition won't last long. So war on Iran is unavoidable.

Of course, US is a "democratic" country. It can't start a war because others refusing to use its currency. Then beware of another 911 style false flag attack.

We know there was an incident of live nuclear head weapons being carried over the continental US by a B-52 last August. There is attempt of dirty bomb attack in Houston this year.
Quote, "State of Emergency: The US in the Final Six Months of the George W. Bush Administration
by Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg
June 13, 2008 by
Former National Security Agency analyst and naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has been in Houston investigating the Carnaby case at great personal risk. Madsen believes Carnaby was involved both in heading off a potential war with Iran (by leaking Mossad plans to assassinate Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah just days before Carnaby himself was killed) and in trying to forestall a potential terrorist attack on the port.
According to Madsen, “federal agents in Houston fear that ‘another 9/11-type part false flag’ attack is imminent, perhaps as early as July 4.”.......

Another time factor for Iran war is the Olympic Game in August. China has interest in Iran. He is an oil customer of Iran. Olympic Game could be an extortion chip for China's support in Iran war.

557. The development of Iran affair (7/9/08)

On 6/30 and 7/1, State Secretary Condoleezza Rice had a lightening visit to China. So I knew there was a new secret deal signed by China and US secret police. There was a quick result of that deal: On 7/3, White House announced that Bush would attend the opening ceremony of Olympic in Beijing. Other world leaders, such like Merkel of Germany and Gordon Brown of Britain, are skipping the opening ceremony to protest China's violation on human rights in Tibet and Sudan.

The main purpose of the secret deal is to continue to frame a drug case. Does it include that China will support Iran war?

Quietly, US is preparing for another Mid-east war.

Quote, "Iran War Resolution May Be Passed Next Week
June 23, 2008 by Eric Garris
Introduced less than a month ago, Resolution 362 <>, also known as the Iran War Resolution, could be passed by the House as early as next week.
The bill is the chief legislative priority of AIPAC. On its Web site, AIPAC endorses the resolutions as a way to ”Stop Iran’s Nuclear Program” <> and tells readers to lobby Congress to pass the bill. In the Senate, a sister resolution, Resolution 580 <>, has gained co-sponsors with similar speed. The Senate measure was introduced by Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh on June 2. It has since gained 19 co-sponsors.
The bill’s key section “demands that the president initiate an international effort to immediately and dramatically increase the economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on Iran to verifiably suspend its nuclear enrichment activities by, inter alia, prohibiting the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products; imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran; and prohibiting the international movement of all Iranian officials not involved in negotiating the suspension of Iran’s nuclear program.” ... ent-155998

Iran surely has felt the approaching danger and made a response on July 4th.

Quote, "Iran responds to nuclear package
Friday, July 04, 2008
Iran has responded to a packages of incentives offered by six world powers aimed at resolving a standoff over its disputed nuclear ambitions, according to the official IRNA news agency. ... 51551.html

Iran's constructive preliminary response is positive. But it's a dismay to warmonger. They lose an important excuse to start a war. It disturbs their war schedule. So US media treat the news with a low key and drop the news in the corner. However, the market reaction is inspiring. From 7/5 to 7/8, the oil price dropped for four days from $145 to $136 a barrel. .

558. D.A.'s discipline case and hiding evidence (7/9/08)

On 5/11, I returned the hundred notes to my relatives when they visited me. They later changed them into small notes for me. I posted "547. Plant "drug money" (5/17)" on 5/17. Two days later, there was a news in "San Jose Mercury" that caught my eye. Topic "Field/ Prosecutor faces rare hearing". It was a rare story to discipline a D.A..

Field is a D.A. of Santa Clara County. He is accused of disobeying court orders, hiding the location of an exculpatory witness and abusing his authority in three other cases. Field was alleged that "he intentionally withheld Smith's whereabouts from the rape defendant's lawyer because he feared it would hurt his own case. When Smith was eventually located, he provided information that helped lead to dismissal of the rape charge." (San Jose Mercury, 5/24/08)

In another word, he hid evidence to frame a case. Then I think of the "drug money". I allege Feds has planted the "drug money" on me through the hands of my relatives. They knew it is a framed case, the "drug money" was not from the "drug trading". But they hide the truth at the purpose to eliminate a witness whom will endanger their criminal kingdom. They don't care to disciple a D.A. as a scapegoat in the wrong doing so long as to eliminate a target of their most wanted.

Was Field the one who gave Feds the legal advice to the framed case on me? If the case broke off, they can add another offence under the Field's name, that is convenient. What Field may get is disciplined from practicing of attorney. Or his case is just used as a cover up story to influence the public's mind that such kind of wrong doing is popular practice? What I realized is that Feds now let local D.A. office and D.E.A. do the "drug money" planting case.

On 6/12, there was another news about Field. "Prosecutor's legal woes worsen in new finding". It says "Field acted in a "deceptive and reprehensible manner" by revealing information to the jury in violation of the trial judge's order in that case." (San Jose Mercury, by Leslie Griffy, 6/12/08) New finding will drag on the disciplinary case. What I realized is that Feds will still use "drug money" to frame the case. That means they don't limit "drug money" on hundred note. They extend it to small notes.

Really, two days later, on 6/15, (it was father's day), my relatives came again and took me for another big shopping spree. Anyhow, I don't want to add another offence on Field's discipline case.
I don't touch the money my relatives gave me, even they are small notes. I believe they were from Feds. And in super markets, I found I was heavily surrounded by agents, they disguised as clients and store employees. They made that shopping day a big action day.

Not only the Field's discipline case and heavy surveillance alarmed me, also there is another news reminding me Feds is continuing to frame a case on "drug money".

559. Plan to murder in the name of "Bank robbery" (7/19/08)

On 5/11, Feds arranged a big shopping spree day for me at the purpose that I would spend the "drug money". I didn't. On the contrary, I returned the 100 dollar bill to my relatives, they later change the big bill into small notes for me.

On 5/17, I wrote, "547. Plant "drug money" (5/17) ".

On 5/20, the Mercury News reported a D.A.'s discipline case. It was about a D.A. who deliberately hid the evidence to frame a case. I think it was used to justify the framed case on me. I am under 24/7 surveillance. Feds must have reported that I have no job and no income. It is truth. But they must have hid the fact I was aided by my relatives. As a matter of fact, the money must be from the Feds and given to me through the hands of my relatives. Eager to eliminate a witness of their crime, Feds will do anything in their desperation.

Then on 5/23, a man was shot in the head after banking. He died 10 days later. The shooting robbery, I think, was organized by Feds at the purpose to justify a coming murder in the name of bank robbery. When I refuse to use the money from the Feds but go to withdraw the cash from my bank account, they will shoot me in a planned "bank robbery".

The news repeated 10 days later. "The man shot in the head in May robbery dies". And on next day: "A bank is offering a $10,000 reward for information on the death of a customer who was shot and killed outside a San Jose branch office." (Mercury News, 6/6/08) I allege the murder was done by Feds. Killing is unnecessary in bank robbery, let alone to shoot in the head. It was a deliberate "shoot to kill". Feds need a death to cover up another coming "shoot to kill" death.

To create similar incidents to cover up the main plot is a tactic Feds often used. So the main plot would not be so prominent. It is a kind of pre-distraction. Here are two cases I've talked about.
1. In the first secret deal of 2001, the action date was 6/11/01, (marked by the execution of McVeigh.) Feds also planned to murder my nephew - a student of Stanford University.(In the name of racial shooting death.) The pre-distraction operation was to create a random shooting death of another Asian student. She was shot in the head outside Stanford University on 6/10/01. See detail at "63. A well planed frame case".
2. In the January plot of 2007, in which my daughter was a target too. Feds created "May Zhou's suicide". A pre-distraction to a planned murder on my daughter.(In the name of "suicide", I allege.) See detail in "467. Attempt to murder my daughter (2/15/07)".

On 6/15, Feds arranged another big shopping spree day for me. Two days before 6/15, they repeated their tactic by pre-distract mind influence:
1. Re-fresh D.A. Field's discipline case. Quote, "Prosecutor's legal woes worsen in new finding". (Mercury News, 6/12/08)
2. Quote, "(Milpitas) Serial bank robber strikes for 12th time". "FBI officials say a serial bank robber who has hit banks in Fremont, Union City, Milpitas and Livermore held up the Commercial Bank on South Park Victoria Drive in Milpitas on Tuesday. (One of my two bank accounts happened to be on that Drive too)......Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call the FBI at (415)553-7400". (Mercury News, 6/13/08)

The tactic of Feds is very clear. Force me to use the "drug money" they planted and make an arrest. If I don't do in their way and withdraw money from the bank, then they planned a "shoot to death" for me. Of course people are asked to call FBI if they have information. What people don't know is the crime may have been planned by the hand works in same office they are requested to call in. That's why the serial robber could strike on and on. Just like Osama Bin Laden could issue terror warning from time to time and never been captured. Because they work for the interest of the Feds.

560. Distraction - wildfire (7/24/08)

Feds used to arrange a big event - a war, a disaster such like hurricane Katrina; big earthquake like Sichuan 8 magnitude quake; a pandemic such like SARS or bird flu; or a killing such like Virginia Tech shooting - to divert public notice. In recent "drug money" frame case, the distraction is wildfire.

On 5/23, Mercury News warned, "Preparation paying off for Cal Fire". "Fire / Unreasonably early wildfire" which said ""This is way early," said Saratoga Fire Capt. Bil Morrison. "Usually we expect this in September or October."". The unreasonably fire start off first in area nearby San Jose. It used to be contained within days. Then new wildfire was found somewhere else. It continued for two months.

At first, suspicion came with these fires. On 5/31, in Mercury News, there was an article, "Permits to burn: Are they too risky". The largest fire in Santa Cruz county in a century was alleged caused by deliberately debris burning. On 6/15, "Officials seek man in Bo*** Do** Blaze" which said, "California Department of Forestry and Fire protection officials released a sketch of a clean-cut man with a nearly shaved head. Investigators believe the man may know something about how the fire started.". On 6/21, "Blaze destroys 15 buildings, may have been set intentionally" said, "callers notified emergency dispatchers about 2 p.m. of a motorist setting spot fires at four or five areas along the highway."

This news may well explained the cause of the wildfire. What callers might not see was there were probably more spot fires set by the motorist(s). One month later, the news became, "Since a huge lightening storm on June 21, about 2,010 separate fires have ignited across California."("Bush visits California to survey wildfires", Mercury News, 7/18/08)

Briefing news on 7/18 and 7/19 said that 98% of state's fires extinguished. Only at this time, I knew how big this distraction was. News said 25,000 firefighters from other 41 states, and from Canada, Greece, Australia, New Zeland and Mexico have been working to combat the fires. Schwarzenegger said 80% of the US fire resources for fire fighting are deployed in California. I dare to say this was the biggest operation of fire fighting ever have happened in the world. Yet, have you noticed it a bit? The government, the media covered it up so tightly that only at the last moment, we got it by a few words in briefing news. They finished it in a very low profile. Because a framed "drug money" case didn't happen to their plan.

I think if I spent the "drug money", there would be a series of arrest and deaths in detain. At same time, a biggest than ever fire would developed. Thousands of families would lose their home. Hundred of thousands of people would be mandatary evacuated. People in the world would watch the blame and smoke and heroic firefighters in TV news. Nobody would notice a few drug arrest and mystical death. Or it simply is left alone by media. Several weeks later, nobody notice some murder had happened. On 6/29, in first page of the Mercury News, there was a big color map of San Jose. The city is surrounded by orange and red color suburban area. (the color represents fire hazards is high and very high) The big topic is: "Is your home in danger?". That is typical pre-mind occupation intimidation. A preparation for the coming big fire on San Jose.

In Mother's day, (5/11) Feds arranged a big shopping spree for me and prepared a big earthquake (Sichuan quake) next day (5/12) to distract. It failed. Feds expected I would spent the small notes they planted through my relatives anytime later. What distract they prepared this time? An unreasonable early wild fire caused by deliberately debris burning, to arson which finally was replaced by "natural cause"(lightening), it continued for two months. On 7/9, I posted "558. D.A.'s discipline case and hiding evidence (7/9/08)" revealed the small drug notes plot. The case went soured. Until then I learned Feds had prepared a biggest then ever wild fire and an unprecedented troops of 25,000 firefighters. The great plan ends like a mouse' tail. What a sorrow. Or how fortunate are those people who would otherwise lose their homes or even their lives.
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Postby katsung47 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:48 pm

561. San Francisco bank robbery (3) (7/29/08) (continue to #404)

The bank robbery I talked about in #559 is the third attempt on me. Twice Feds had planned a shooting death plot on me in the name of bank robbery. One was on 4/13/2006. see "400. Bank robbery created for "mis-shooting" (4/20/06)". The other one was earlier on 1/15/1999. See "402. Bank robbery in San Francisco (1) (4/25/06) " and "404. Bank robbery in San Francisco (2) (5/5/06)" The description hasn't finished. Here I refer the last part of #404: "It was about 5 o'clock when I arrived at San Francisco. As usual, I went to the subway station in Montgomery St. where I would take an underground tram to my parents' house.

It was not far away from the train terminal to the subway station. I still took a bus. The bus stopped at its first station. It couldn't move any further. The street was crowded with people. It was dark already. The buildings along the street coated with red color because there were so many police cars with their emergency lamps on.

All passengers left the bus. I went into the crowd and learned that minutes ago there was a bank robbery in Montgomery St.. Some people died in gun battle. I felt chill in my back. Was that gun battle prepared for me after they failed a plot to kill by car accident? Later the news report strengthened my opinion."

Continuation: Later, from media I learned the following story.

Buford White, the bank robber, "walks into the Bank of America branch at New Montgomery and Market streets shortly after 5 p.m. waves a big gun around and orders everybody to hit the ground. A good Samaritan jumps him and tries to wrestle the gun away. The hero gets shot twice in the face. The robber then had a gun fighting with the responding police... and spilled out into the street, where dozens of shots were exchanged." It ends with White's death and two policemen's wounding. the Good Samaritan, had been shot in the head and remains in serious condition.

1. Buford White had committed a series of bank robbery, but never been arrested even FBI had tips.

Quote, " Ex-con killed in robbery tied to other bank heists
Jim Herron Zamora, Examiner, 01/18/99

Investigators suspect that an ex-convict killed in a gunfight with police after a botched bank robbery in San Francisco on Friday may have led a ring responsible for a series of up to 10 similar heists in various Bay Area cities. "Buford White is a suspect..."

Quote, "FBI Had Tip Before Fatal Shootout
Agency was probing suspect in series of bank robberies
Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, February 4, 1999
FBI spokesman George Grotz said the tip alone was not enough to arrest White before the holdup at a Bank of America at Market and New Montgomery streets."

2. The hero was discredited as a bad guy in later media description.

Quote, "Bank hero faced with rebuilding life - again
Seth Rosenfeld and Elizabeth Fernandez, OF THE EXAMINER STAFF
Thursday, January 28, 1999

Castillo, shot in robbery, has tried to overcome problems with violence, alcohol, reckless driving
When he tackled an armed robber in a crowded downtown San Francisco bank and was shot in the head, they say, he'd come a long way in fighting his own problems with violence and alcohol, as well as reckless driving that had caused another motorist's death. ......

Exactly what prompted Castillo to jump the armed bandit is unclear, law-enforcement officials noted.
Castillo could not have known that the suspect, Buford White, also was a suspect in 10 other bank robberies and, aside from domestic abuse, was not known to be violent. The vast majority of bank robberies do not involve shooting, according to the FBI. .......

On July 11, 1991, he pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter, drunken driving and accidentally causing a death. .......

On Aug. 10, he pleaded guilty to a traffic infraction in that case and was released on one year's probation on the condition that he obey all laws, the records show. ......

He pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. On April 4, 1996, he was ordered to spend 32 days in Santa Rita County Jail and ......

On Aug. 11, 1997, Fremont police spotted Castillo tailgating another car in heavy traffic and pulled him over. They saw symptoms indicating that he was high on methamphetamine. ....."

3. Police captain died hours after his squad killed the robber.

Quote, "Cop died after shootout - is recalled as hero
Mackenzie Warren and Erin McCormick, OF THE EXAMINER STAFF Julian Guthrie of The Examiner staff contributed to this report.
Sunday, January 17, 1999
Capt. Stasko may have fallen asleep at wheel before crash
SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco Capt. George "Jake" Stasko, one of The City's top cops, was killed early Saturday in a one-car crash hours after he led his squad in a dramatic shootout with a suspect in a downtown bank robbery.

After I learned all these information, I concluded this bank robbery was prepared for me. I'll put my analysis in next message.

562. San Francisco bank robbery (4) (8/3/08)

When I learned from the repair shop that the car my family depended on was in dangerous situation, I decided immediately to buy a new car. On 1/15/1999, I went to the auto dealers to buy a new car. The Feds saw the murder attempt through a car accident went soured, they activated another murder project which had been planned already - a shooting death in the name of bank robbery.

Of course, Buford White must be an asset of the FBI, so he started a bank robbery at a time and location that any bank robber would try to avoid. The bank branch he chose was at the busiest area of San Francisco. Five o'clock on Friday was a rush hour of the city. But it was a location nearest to the entrance of subway station I would go and it was the time the train (I took) arrived at.

According to FBI, Buford White, aside from domestic abuse, was not known to be violent. The vast majority of bank robberies do not involve shooting. But on that day, he "waves a big gun". What caused his unusually behavior? Because Feds needed a gun fighting that day to make a coming shooting death reasonable. White was not necessarily to be the shooter. In such case, like President Kennedy's and M.L.King's death, the shooter was not Oswald or Ray. There was a professional sniper team, along with the support teams to cover up, to witness. At last, there would be a scapegoat to bear the responsibility. If the plot had gone through, the likely result would be that I was shot by a "stray bullet".

But the plot was interrupted by Castillo. He jumped on the bank robber. White had to shoot Castillo and touched off a real gun fighting with policemen earlier then planned. Castillo destroyed Feds' plot. That's why he was later tarnished by the media. It was a revenge from the Feds. I was astonished when I first read the detailed negative past about Castillo. Was the paper talk about a bank hero or a criminal? Then as most media(include Chinese newspaper) joined the choir of that negative propaganda which turned a good Samaritan into a bad guy, I realized it was a punishment from Feds. Another man punished was the police captain Stasko.

I don't know if Stasko also works for the FBI. But I'm sure his death is a punishment from the Feds. Because his squad killed an asset of the Feds and soured a plot. Though news two weeks later said he died in crash by legally drunk, I think it was a cover up story. I believe the first report was the right cause : he died because he fell asleep - an irresistible one. I had experience of that kind of murder attempt. See "12. Mind control EM sleep wave (1) .

A witness said, " Capt. Stasko's car began slowly swerving off the left hand side of the road and plowed into a tree, according to Ackerson." A slowly swerving used to be caused by a sudden asleep on the wheel not by drunk driving. The time was at 1:20 a.m. midnight. when there was few vehicle on highway. The witness was a Sonoma County sheriff's deputy. Was he the man who controls the switch of that EM sleep wave instrument and watch the whole process?

Back to new "bank robbery" murder attempt:

1. So in this "drug money" frame case, in case I going to a bank to withdraw money, Feds created a shooting death case on 5/23/08 to justify another coming "shoot death". See #599.
2. On 6/23. "(Milpitas) Serial bank robber strikes for 12th time", FBI said. Do you get familiar with it when you learned Buford White "also was a suspect in 10 other bank robberies."?
3. That serial robber held up the Commercial Bank on South Park Victoria Drive in Milpitas on Tuesday (One of my two bank accounts happened to be on that Drive too. Is that a coincidence?

Here are two bank branches I have account. One is Washington Mutual branch on South Park Victoria Drive in Milpitas. One is Wachovia branch on Berryessa Road in San Jose.

On 7/19, I wrote ". 559. Plan to murder in the name of "Bank robbery" (7/19/08)
Two days later, there was a news which I thought was the swift response of the Feds:
Quote, "Bank Gave Counterfeit Bills, Couple Says
Different Customer Given Refund After Fake Money Claim, Report Says
July 22, 2008
Ulises Garcia said he was withdrawing cash from a Wachovia Bank and depositing it into a Bank of America so he could pay his bills online.

The fake money happened to be from a Wachovia Bank, was that another coincidence? Or if I try to avoid "drug money" trap by withdrawing from bank, they prepared a "fake money" trap?

I also allege Feds may create a "terror bombing" in the name of Indian terrorist if I go to Wachovia branch. There is India store in same shopping center. I'll talk about it next.

563. Fake money trap and bombing link to India (8/9/08)

Come with the news that Wachovia Bank gave customer fake money, on 8/1 and 8/2, World Journal reported another fake money case. It said that Mei Ling Chen, a lady came from Taiwan last month, was indicted of smuggling, illegally holding and using fake money by Federal Court in San Francisco on 7/30. The $380,000 fake money are high quality super notes.

I think this is part work to frame a fake money trap.

As for bombing in the name of Indian terrorist, I have talked about it in "422. Poison food and Indian market (7/20/06)" and "423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06)".

About same time in reporting fake money news, on 7/30/08 there was a news "India police defuse 18 bombs near markets in the city of Surat..... The announcement came as authorities probed ties to blasts over the weekend that killed 42 people and wounded 183 in Ahmadabad." Mercury News is poor in report foreign news. How could it interested at a local police case in India let alone it was an unsuccessful bomb attempt. Then came the news: "India, US closer to nuclear agreement". (8/2/08 Mercury News) I have alleged that nuclear agreement was a result of secret deal between US and India secret police. Now once again Feds put it on the table. What is the payment from India? I think India will help the Feds to create a terror bombing case in San Jose. We are familiar with that kind of deal.

China was granted to host 2008 Olympic Game in exchange of framing a drug case in 2001. Britain was granted to host 2012 Olympic Game in exchange of creating a terror attack in London - that was 7/7/2005 London tunnel bombing. So was this US, India nuclear agreement.

564. Another attempt to war on Iran (8/14/08)

In "557. The development of Iran affair (7/9/08)" I said Iran surely felt the approaching danger that US would start a war and positively responded to nuclear package offered by six world powers on July 4. Bush regime lost an important excuse to start a war. But as I have said, the point is not the nuclear program, it is only an excuse. The core is Petro- dollar. So we see new attempt for war.

Quote, " U.S. Intel: Iran Plans Nuclear Strike on U.S.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 9:00 AM

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman
Iran has carried out missile tests for what could be a plan for a nuclear strike on the United States, the head of a national security panel has warned.

In testimony before the House Armed Services Committee and in remarks to a private conference on missile defense over the weekend hosted by the Claremont Institute, Dr. William Graham warned that the U.S. intelligence community “doesn’t have a story” to explain the recent Iranian tests.

It's funny because Iran is still far from having a real atomic bomb. There is a similar tone in the news that resembles this regime has had on Saddam before Iraq war.

Quote, " Strike on Iran still possible, U.S. tells Israel
By Paul Richter and Julian E. Barnes, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
July 30, 2008
WASHINGTON -- Bush administration officials reassured Israel's defense minister this week that the United States has not abandoned all possibility of a military attack on Iran, despite widespread Israeli concern that Washington has begun softening its position toward Tehran. ... 5643.story
July/31. To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And Shoot At Them
Speaking at the Campus Progress journalism conference earlier this month, Seymour Hersh - a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist <> for The New Yorker - revealed that Bush administration officials held a meeting recently in the Vice President’s office to discuss ways to provoke a war with Iran. ... -iran-war/

Iran war ahead?

Quote, "Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran
Thursday, August 7, 2008
......The lead American ship in these war games, the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) and its Carrier Strike Group Two (CCSG-2) are now headed towards Iran along with the USS Ronald Reagon (CVN76) and its Carrier Strike Group Seven (CCSG-7) coming from Japan.

They are joining two existing USN battle groups in the Gulf area: the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN72) with its Carrier Strike Group Nine (CCSG-9); and the USS Peleliu (LHA-5) with its expeditionary strike group.

Likely also under way towards the Persian Gulf is the USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) and its ..... ... -iran.html

Will there be a big operation against Iran when China is concentrated on its Olympic Games and Russia is engaged in a sudden war?

565. Georgia war and Russia, their role in Iran war (8/19/08)

The massive naval armada heads for Iran includes UK carrier battle group and French naval assets. Which may indict there will be false flag terror attack taking place in Europe to justify the coming Iran war joined by two powers (UK and France).

But terror attack is not enough to justify a war. There must be something else. What is it? I allege it could be the permission from Russia for some forbidden nuclear equipment to be constructed in Iran. (possibly relate to production of highly enriched uranium). Russia then will be a witness to prove Iran intends to produce nuclear weapon. To strengthen that role, US and Russia played a soap opera - what we saw are the two events: The war between Russia and Georgia and the agreement between US and Poland on defense missile system. The two events gave people an expression that Russia is hostile to US. So once the Iran war breaks off, Russia's evidence will be believable even if it favors US and its ally.

It's not the first time Russia plays this role. The first attempt was to justify Iraq war. The event was the famous Padilla dirty bomb case. Attorney General Ashcroft announced Padilla's arrest in Moscow on 6/10/02. Five days later I alleged there was a secret deal. The frame attempt then went soured. Padilla's case eludes finally in this year (2008). I even don't know what is the formal charge on him. It seems dirty bomb and Iraq was never linked to his case. Anyhow, Russia, had payment in pocket, carried out their witness duty. That was what Putin said on 6/19/2004 that Russian intelligence had received information in early 2002 that Iraq was planning an attack against the United States. "This information was more than once passed on to our U.S. partners in oral and written form in the fall of 2002,"". (Washington Post, 6/19/04) Since this was a revealed plot, the news never was treated seriously. (see #68, Re 7. Padilla and OKC bombing (6/15)", "Re. 9. Ashcroft in Moscow". #77. The payment of deal(July/02)" #247. Russia and terror attack (8/14/04))

Again Russia and US play the "hostility" soap opera more actively this time. In last year's drama, Russia had its long range strategy bombers patrolled to Guam and UK coast, Bush at that time threatened World war III, and Putin said Russia wouldn't accept military action against Iran. (see #516) This time, the hostility opera upgraded. That was Georgia war and missile defense system in Poland.

Why Georgia is selected in this war? Because there is a gas pipe line in its land. The gas goes to Europe. If it had been cut, then European economy will be hurt. It will cause a free fall of Euro. You now know, Iran has turned on to Euro in its oil trading. Its foreign currency reserve are mostly Euro and yen. Who will be hurt if Euro falls?
The same tactic was used in early 2007. Read the following I wrote in #462:
"In Europe, on Jan. 1, Russia doubled the price of the natural gas it sells to Belarus. As a retaliation, Belarus imposed a transit fee on Russion oil which supplies Europe through the pipe in Belarus land. The oil for Europe was cut in early January.

Quote, "EU scolds Russia for cutting oil supply
By Peter Finn
Washington Post

When it comes to energy, the European Union, which is heavily dependent on Russian natural gas and oil, has almost no short-term alternatives. Russia supplies about 25 percent of the union's oil and 40 percent of its natural gas."
(Mercury News 1/10/07) (see "462. The collapse of Euro and worldwide economic crisis (1/20/07))

In that attempt war on Iran plot, I wrote, The collapse of WANT fund and oil shortage will cause the collapse of Euro. Iran not only will be bombed, but also suffer a huge financial loss.

The tactic repeats. Notice that in these two attempts of gas cut to Europe, (or attempt war on Iran) Russia plays the major role.

566. False arrest leads to DNA case (8/24/08)

Why I am so care at war on Iran? Because it plays the role of a distraction to the framed drug case. There were several times US prepared war on Iran. These attempts always linked to the framed drug case. When the framed drug case went soured, so did the Iran war attempt. The most evident one was the 8/31/07 plot. As I have said, in framed case, one important tactic was to close the Bay Bridge.(see #433) From June 2006 to March 2008, there were at least six cases in which Feds closed (or tried to close) the Bay Bridge. 8/31/07 plot was the biggest one of these attempts. Feds closed the Bay Bridge from 8/31 to 9/3 (labor Day holiday) in the name of repair. To justify the repair, Feds even created Minneapolis Bridge collapse early that month (8/1). For that case, Feds prepared a nuclear attack on 8/30. That was the famous incident that a B-52 carried six missiles loaded with nuclear head flying over the US continental. The nuclear attack would justify the bombing on Iran's nuclear sites.

The August 31 plot was soured under my constant revelation. So was Iran war attempt. (see 502. Warrantless surveillance and August plot (8/13/07) to 516. Iran war next stage (10/23/07)).

People may doubt: "How could your personal case is more important than a war?". That is the point of view from different angle. You should judge it from the angle of the Feds. For them, which is more important? A war or Kat Hak Sung's case?
The answer is pretty simple. Feds view my case the highest priority than anything else. If there is a war, what will they gain? Power and money. If there is no war, what will they lose? Nothing. Just no gain. But in my case, if I have been eliminated, what will they gain? Feds wiped out a witness of their crime so they can continue with their super power to rule over the people. Otherwise, they have to maintain a large army of surveillance to watch on me and have to pay interest in secret deal to foreign intelligence to frame the case. And risk the danger to be prosecuted by their committed crime. Compare no gain with being a prosecuted criminal, which is more important? Consider what I have revealed in my messages.

This is why Feds even frame a "drug money" case on me. The "drug money" is clearly a framed case, finally will be proved not from drug trading but from my relatives or bank. What Feds needs is an excuse to search and arrest. I allege the real plot of the Feds is to frame me in some other crime case with "DNA" after the false arrest. Here is a pre-mind occupation propaganda from Feds:

DNA clears JonBenet's family, points to mystery killer
CNN) -- Recently developed "touch DNA" technology has cleared all members of JonBenet Ramsey's family of her slaying, authorities said Wednesday.

Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy said no one in the Ramsey family is considered a suspect and formally apologized in a letter to John Ramsey for the cloud of suspicion his family has lived under for nearly 12 years.

Instead, DNA tests conducted earlier this year point to an "unknown male," in the 6-year-old child beauty pageant contestant's December 1996 slaying. ... index.html

DNA is a skilled technique and Jone Benet case is an old case. It is mentioned again because Benet case is a popular one that can appeal public eyes. The point is to emphasize the importance of DNA evidence. But as I have said, DNA evidence, hair, or sperm or spit trace, is no other than other evidence such like gun or poison. It could be planted easily, especially when the investigator is the criminal. Benet case had been used in attempted framed case on me about two years ago. (see "436. Ramsey Benet case and DNA (9/15/06)) This news is just a tactic repeat.

567. Oil price, tax refund and Iran war (8/29/08)

Now it becomes clear the original Iran war plot was planed to start around August 8, when the openning ceremony of Olympic Games was performed in China; the war broke out between Georgia and Russia; and a joint naval armada consisted of US, UK and France headed for Iran. The plot should have been designed in February, when Iran inaugurated its oil Bourse. To save the dollar, US pushed up the oil price. That price, I think, had been projected to maintain in high level until Iran was attacked and going out of oil trading business. In another word, the oil price will go normal after Iran going back to petro-dollar in oil trading. The price manipulation will justify the Iran war: See, It was Iran caused high oil price, we had a war on Iran and defeated it. Now price come down. The opinion certainly will be approved by a lot of people.

But the oil price went down after July 4th, a month earlier than the planed war date. Why?

1. I posted "556. Petro-dollar, the cause of Iran war (7/4/08)" on 7/4. Pointed out US manipulated oil price to save the dollar. And Iran war is inevitable. On same day, obviously felt the approaching war threat, Iran had a positive response to the nuclear package. I at first thought Iran's response may postpone the US war plan. In #557, written on 7/9, I wrote, "Iran's constructive preliminary response is positive. But it's a dismay to warmonger. They lose an important excuse to start a war. It disturbs their war schedule. So US media treat the news with a low key and drop the news in the corner. However, the market reaction is inspiring. From 7/5 to 7/8, the oil price dropped for four days from $145 to $136 a barrel."

2. But the later development changed my view. US still send a massive naval armada to Persian Gulf. It means US doesn't care Iran's active response.

Before Iraq war, Saddam Hussain let weapon inspection team of U.N. inspect and search the WMD in Iraq. He even let them search his palace. The U.N. weapon inspection team found no evidence of WMD. Still, US invaded Iraq. Because WMD is only an excuse. So what for Iran's positive response. When a wolf wants to eat a lamb, it will do even there is no excuse.

3. Now I think the oil price start to drop is the result of my analysis posted on 7/4. Feds used to have swift response to my revelation.(see #47, 96, 113,168,337, 531.) Oil price is very sensitive to ordinary people. It affects their daily life. If people knew that the high price is caused by the manipulation of the government insiders, the response will be disastrous. So they quickly drive down the price.

4. One thing leads me to conclude that the government insiders had planed the August Iran war in February was their decision of tax refund in that month. When Iran inaugurated its oil Bourse on 2/17, the inside group chose to push up the oil price to save the dollar. At the purpose that people will become angry at the high price. The inside group will take the chance to activate a war. When Iran has been forced to return to the petro dollar in oil trading, the oil price will drop. No one will blame this war then. The higher the oil price goes, the better the Iran war will be justified. So the group blows the trumpet:

Quote, "Goldman Sachs: $5.75 Per Gallon Gas Soon
Monday, June 30, 2008 12:00 PM

Look for the price of crude oil to continue to climb - reaching upwards of $200 per barrel - and for prices at the pump to reach $5.75 per gallon in the next two years, warns Goldman Sachs’ gas guru Arjun Murti . ... 08535.html

Four days later, the bubble broke off at $147/barrel. Due to, I think, my revelation. Otherwise, the oil price would have been possible at $170/barrel in early August - the planed war time.

Someone said the government is incompetent. I don't think so. Did you see how they could start an unjust war in the name of something not existed? And how they had that notorious President to stay on the seat once again in 2004? This tax refund case, from the plan date in February to June when most people received their cheques, took only four months. It was very efficient. Why? Because the planed high oil price will hurt consumers confidence and hit the economy badly. So they gave each family $300 - $600 dollars to compensate the pain of the temporary high gas price. For June, July and August when the planed war would break out.

The oil price dropped to $110, then fluctuate between $110 and $120. It seems to be the equilibrium boundary for the dollar. Why they pushed it to $147 and intended more? Because the higher the oil price goes, the higher profit the speculator makes, and the better the war justified.

5. $110/barrel oil price is still too high, but a necessary to support the dollar. To pull it down, Iran war is inevitable.

Everything is prepared: false flag attack; secret deal with Russia and China; cooperation of allies; massive naval armada.... why they delayed again? Remember what I have said, the first priority for the Feds is to eliminate a witness of their crime who have revealed their plot so many times. So be watchful these days on hurricane, "natural disaster" and "terror attacks".

568. To punish and award through media propaganda (9/3/08)

I have said Georgia war is part of the Iran war plan in August. Now it becomes more and more evident. What did Russia lose in that war? Though there was a strong criticism from West, it was only an oral service. Russia got what it wanted: having two area split from Georgia.

Quote, "Kremlin announces that South Ossetia will join 'one united Russian state

The Kremlin moved swiftly to tighten its grip on Georgia’s breakaway regions yesterday as South Ossetia announced that it would soon become part of Russia, which will open military bases in the province under an agreement to be signed on Tuesday ... itted=true

The situation is well described in a brief news that Russia is a winner (greeted as a victory) in that war:
Quote, "Medvedev slams Georgian leader

........ The Russian president made his comments a day after the European Union issued statement strongly criticizing Russia for its military offensive in Georgia, but stopped short of imposing sanction.

Overall, Moscow greeted the European warning as a victory. The Baltic nations, Poland and Britain had pushed for concrete sanctions, but the European leaders agreed on only one measure, a threat to postpone talks on a strategic partnership with Russia, combined with the written reproach."
(San Jose Mercury News, 9/3/08)

Former Russia President Putin also was awarded with a positive news. Two days ago, you may have watched a field report from TV news about a heroic story how Putin saved a photographer from the attack of a Siberian tiger. The screen showed us that Putin helped scientist to put a locating collar on a tiger which was said to be tranquillized by him.

Quote, "Putin saves TV crew from tiger ... 351315.asp

When Russia is condemned for the aggression on a sovereign country and the violation of cease fire agreement, its strong man appears in mainstream media in a heroic profile. Is it a contradiction? There is no strange if you could view the Georgia war as part of Iran war plot and that tiger news is a reward to an asset of US intelligence.

Just 30 days ago, I talked about how media turned a bank hero into a criminal by its negative propaganda. (see #561, 562. San Francisco bank robbery) Now you see another vivid positive propaganda how the Feds rewards a favorite. To expose the reward and punishment system by media manipulation, is another factor why I am the most wanted of the Feds.

p.s. I just find that Putin also was titled as No.1 in "Vanity Fair 100" last week. It's another reward for their favorite. (9/8/08)

569. Payment to China for Iran war (9/9/08)

To have a war on Iran, another important country needed to compromise is China. Besides Bush's attending to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Game. There were other payment.

1. On 8/14, a law maker in Taiwan announced a document from the Justice Department of Switzerland which said the relatives of former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian having account in their bank. Swiss government alleges money laundry was involved and requests an investigation. Several hours later, Chen Shui-bian admitted the existence of that account and said that money was from political donation from his president election campaign.

Chen Shui-bian is the prominent leader of Taiwan independence movement. I alleged Chen had been the murder target in several secret deal of soured frame case when he was still a president. (see #254,382,383) Now the scandal heavily hit his party and the independence movement.

2. News brief of 8/28: "The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, was suffering from exhaustion and has canceled two planned international trips to undergo medical tests." (San Jose Mercury News, 8/28/08)

I think if the Iran war breaks out, Dalai Lama could die on "natural disease". Which will heavily hit Tibet independence movement.

3. On 8/11, news said Iraq working on reviving oil contract with Chinese. It would be the first Saddam Hussein-era oil deal to be honored by the new Iraqi regime. Two weeks later:
"China hails three-billion-dollar oil deal with Iraq
BEIJING (AFP) - Becoming the first foreign firm to enter such an agreement since the end of Saddam Hussein's regime, state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) this week won the right to develop the Al-Ahdab oil field south of Baghdad. ... fdfXJkmqZQ

China is an oil customer of Iran. If Iran's oil trading is blocked by war, Iraq's oil will fill that hole. The timing is not a coincidence. Consider China has no special relationship with Maliki government and Maliki government is a puppet of the US. There is no doubt this deal is a US payment. Notice that this is the first oil deal of post Saddam era for Iraq. US not only paid a secret deal by Iraq's oil business, but also avoids to bear an accusation that the Iraq war is an oil looting war.

Now you know why suddenly Al Qaida mystically weakened in Iraq and disappeared. Their task is fulfilled. US needs a peaceful Iraq to replace Iran. US starts to take advantage of Iraq's oil business.

570. Distract in election (9/14/08)

What has the Republican government done in past seven years? If it was a restaurant, the menu they served you were: a false flag attack of 911, the price you paid, 3,000 lives. an unnecessary war in Iraq. Price: 4,100 loss of US soldiers; a Patriot Act, price: loss of your civil rights; low federal bench interest rate below 2% for more than two years from 2002 to 2004, price: sub-prime crisis in housing market; banned US banks from facilitating transactions with Iran’s banks in later 2006, which forced Iran to turn to Euro in oil trading, price: high oil price; war on terror, price: 858 billion so far; and a mess of financial crisis, price: to take over the bankrupt firms with tax payers dollar...... when you leave the store, without awareness, they also charged your credit card with a huge amount of money : this government creates an unprecedented national debt. Big trouble is waiting for you ahead.

Now it's time to change the management of the restaurant. To attract people the Republican makes it a circus show. The star of a circus - the clown - is too old, so they pick up a bikini woman to sale tickets. But a beauty queen doesn't mean a qualification for a VP. The experience to wear bikini doesn't mean experience to wear a uniform. She is a blank in foreign affairs, diplomacy, military, legislature..... Can you imagine Harvard University to fill the vacancy of its vice principal by a primary school teacher with the reason of "small town school value"? No respectable institution, or big firm or large cooperation will do like that. Then why Palin is selected for the VP of US?

1. She was a champion of a beauty pageant so she could attract sights by her appearance. 2. She is used to do lip service - to attack the Demo opponents. Media beat the drum on "Palin power". Says that she is a pit bull in attacking Obama. All they can find are odds and bits: something about a bridge, some scandal about her family, the style of her eye glass, or her dress.... It is said thus she turns away some white women's votes. It's cheerful like a circus. But what is in it? Nothing, media turns it into a gossip land.

Here we saw another tactic of the Feds which we are familiar with: distraction. They diverse the public attention to somewhere of nowhere. The purpose is to let you forget the 911 truth, a cheating president, the growing budget deficit, the rising unemployment rate and high gas price. They want you to forget the real purpose you go to a restaurant, and to believe it was because some white women's votes the evil management could grasp that restaurant again.

But are you fools to go the way they want you to go? Do you go to a restaurant for tasty food or only as they suggested, to see the color of a waitress' lip? If there is an honest election system, Republican will win only if moose votes.
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571. October surprise for election? (9/28/08)

The hand to manipulate the election is the Feds. The tactic they used so far were:
1. Try to split Democratic Party by a tied competition between Obama and Hillary. This tactic seemed failed. But you could see how Feds manipulated the votes to make it a tied long competition (Feds control voting office through their informants) and blow up it a fierce campaign through media.

2. To get Obama win the candidate of Demo. Because Obama is easier to be defeated than Hillary. In another word, it is easier to justify a rigged election by saying that Americans are not ready to accept a black president. (Which I have talked about seven months ago in "536. Feds and Obama (2/3/08)")

3. To manipulate VP candidate by selecting Biden not Hillary. The combination of Obama and Hillary would have certainly threatened Republican more than Obama and Biden team does. Besides, they dropped Hillary because Feds also intends to play female card for Republican.

4. To justify a rigged election by another saying that women's votes caused GOP's victory, they selected a female VP - even she is not qualified. We all saw how media pushed up a "Palin power" soap opera.

Some possible October surprise for November election:
5. High ranking Al Qaida could be eliminated, in Pakistan. (include Bin Laden, or his vice Zhawahiri) For this, they prepared the step down of Musharraf and a new Pakistan president.

6. An agreement of US troop's withdrawal between Iraq and US. The agreement is done already. Only waiting for the right time to debut.

7. An economic recovery. That is why Bush and Paulson rushed to push the 700 billion bailout plan to pass in the House. With this plan, government will have at least 350 billion cash in hand next month. There is no problem that this amount of money, can buy up the market - at least for a month.

What does the 700 billion bailout plan means?
The key point is: Now Treasury Department requires no approval from Congress - pumping billions of dollars of fresh capital into the home loan market through purchases of mortgage-backed securities.

It also means a wholesale action on bad loans possible - according to FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair. The way she suggested was to work out better terms for as many borrowers as possible, turning unaffordable, delinquent loans at current income levels. The best way to do that in a large portfolio is not on a retail, loan-by-loan basis, but rather by using a "systematic" approach where all delinquent borrowers who fit pre-set criteria could automatically qualify for a modification of payment terms.

It means if a man bought a house of 500k value, but his income level only can afford to pay a 300k value house, he would exempt from to pay that extra 200k. His speculation will get a 200k reward. It is big.

The 700 billion bailout plan helps the greedy Wall Street bankers and investors. They made good profit in sub-prime loans. Once it turns out to be bad debt, they sold it to government. It also helps those irresponsible house buyers, some of them speculators. The plan will reward them big value of the house. Who pay the money? The hard working, dutiful tax-payers will pay off these debts in coming years. Is that absurd?

( I was harassed to post in internet. For most of past ten days, I was blocked to post the whole day. It only proves what I said are truth. Feds is afraid of my article. It may also indict that Feds is preparing a big frame case in coming days. )

572. How Feds plant (10/15/08)

I used to post a journal article every five days. From 9/14 to 10/14, I could only post two article #570 and #571. It means there were 20 days in the past 30 days I was blocked to post in internet. This is how the Feds abuse the power to censor free speech. It may also indicate that Feds thought I could be eliminated anytime soon. How? By arrest on "spending drug money", I think.

I alleged Feds fed me the "marked drug money" through the hand of my relatives. So I returned the cash they gave me. I searched the house to find the cash saved for emergence, I also found some rare money such like two dollar note and one dollar coin which I saved for fun. Two months ago, I went to the bank despite Feds intimidated in media that there was bank robbery near Washington Mutual branch and that Wachovia bank gave out fake money to customer.

It was early Saturday morning, there was little customer inside the bank. After I finished the talk with the manager to change the minimum balance of my account, I found there was a long queue for bank teller. It was a typical tactic of Feds. They used to deploy S.S.G.(special support group - teamed by informants) to control and monitor the suspect. . A long queue would give agent time to prepare for reception. So when it's my turn, I was directed to the end window of the counter. I withdrew one thousand cash. The lady asked, "what kind of bill do you like?". I want one hundred bill. She took out a small plastic package, held it high (about same level of her head) then in that inconvenient posture, she tore off the package, counted ten pieces to me. It was very clear that she wanted me to know it was a particular prepared money. Another intimidation?

Anyhow, I went to a nearby super market right away. When I waited at the counter with food, a staff with a cashier's box came to me. Tipped me to another open counter. I paid my food with the hundred dollar bill. I surprised to find in the change he gave me, there was a two dollar bill. I started to use the two dollar's bill recently. Obviously Feds checked all the money I spent. It was that easy to feed "special money" to me by change. I've returned the big bill to my relatives, so the hundred bill is from the bank. But it's hard to tell the small bill which is from which. I decide not to use these change any more to avoid any risk of "spending drug money" trap.

Last week end, I spent whole value of hundred dollar for food. Next day. From 10/13, I could post in internet again. Perhaps because I have bought enough food for the coming month, so there is rare chance to arrest on "spending drug money". But Feds is preparing another big case in November.

On 10/1, in my continuing effort to get on to my homepage, I got a notice from AOL that "We're sorry, your page cannot be previewed now. Your member Web space may be full, or the system is unavailable. Please remove old files from your space or try again later. "

The effort to remove old files resulted to the loss of the whole file. I couldn't enter my homepage since. Later, AOL said the homepage service will end on 10/31. That is very unusual for a big firm like AOL. Since censor my message is the top goal of Feds, I would say Feds prepares a big frame case in November. They will close my homepage before the framed case break out. And the other web site which having my article will be attacked too, I guess.

573. Big operation to censor my message (10/17/08)

I learned that the MSN web sites are abandoned by microsoft. It proves what I said in last message "other web site which having my aricle will be attacked too". It may also indicts that a big operation is coming. The top goal of the Feds is to eliminate my revelation. My message is too true to exist in this information world.

Re: "Confirmed: Microsoft Gives Up On MSN Groups, Hands It Off To Multiply
Wednesday, October 15, 2008; 3:59 PM
We've received confirmation that Microsoft is handing over the reins to its MSN Groups property to the social network Multiply. Microsoft is planning to release a new service called Windows Live Groups in November, and apparently doesn't want to compete with itself. Oddly enough, Microsoft has chosen not to allow groups to transition between the two services, and instead is going to offer a migration tool that will allow users to take groups over to Multiply, which currently bills itself as the world's 8th largest social network.
The Microsoft post also states that users will have until February 21, 2009 to migrate their groups over to Multiply, after which point the site will cease to exist.
This just seems weird - why would Microsoft abandon a sizable (but dwindling) chunk of users to an entirely unrelated social network? It's nice that they aren't leaving their users out in the cold, but why not just cut off new signups to MSN Groups and allow the legacy users to continue on in peace? Microsoft may appear to have made the gesture in good faith, but it's likely that the company is hoping users will scoff at the idea of having to migrate, and just sign up on the new Live service when it launches.
Whatever Microsoft's intentions, Multiply is sure to be happy with the deal, as it has just been handed millions of new users (we're trying to contact Microsoft for the exact number). " ... 03025.html

The purpose of this oddly and weird decision is very clear for me - to censor my long time journal style revelation - "The dark side of US" and other messages. There will be a framed drug case prepared in November. So once Kat Hak Sung is eliminated in the framed case, he couldn't transfer (or in their word: migrate) the file to new site, this is why both AOL and Microsoft will clear the old site - no trace of "the dark side of US" will leave for people. That's a typical style of Feds.

AOL and Microsoft are two big firms. Their decision is unreasonable which will hurt their fame and popularity. The timing is not a coincidence. It will match the coming framed drug case which may come with some other big events as distraction. No one except the Feds can force the two giant firms to make such a weird decision.

Re: Dear AOL Hometown/FTP user,

We’re sorry to inform you that on Oct. 31, 2008, AOL® Hometown and FTP will be shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Though you will be able to modify your Hometown site and access FTP until this date, we urge you to save your AOL Hometown/FTP content immediately, and consider other options for hosting your site. ........
The AOL Hometown Team
(I wrote #533 on 10/17/08. I was blocked to post it for two weeks until today - 11/3/08))

574. November plot and internet censorship (11/27/08)

When I said there would be a framed drug case in November, I based on the event that my brother's family has been arranged a travel to China. Targets are easy to be terminated in travel in the name of "traffic accident", "natural disaster" and more excuse by now: "terrorist attack" (like what has happened in Mumbai, India.) Targets are also easy to be planted by drugs in travel and easy to be justified a search when they go through custom inspection. So when I learned that my brother's family would have a three weeks travel to China, I knew there was a new case planed in November. They will return in the end of November. I don't think it is a coincidence that yesterday (11/26) Feds warned of a possible terror attack against NYC subways. I don't think it is a coincidence that yesterday (11/26) there was a big terror strike in Mumbai, India. As I always says, India's intelligence has been bought by the US'. The House approved a landmark nuclear pact - the measure 298-117 - to allow the US to provide nuclear materials to India eight weeks ago. So India has to do something to payback. That looks like now is a terror strike. I found India's intelligence collaborating with US' two years ago. (see #422. Poison food and Indian market (7/20/06) and 423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06)) Now the scale of work develops.

Besides to shut down the main web sites where I posted - the homepage of AOL and MSN groups (where I posted in more than ten sites), Feds managed to close more and more webs such like "The Marihemp Network Message Boards" and "Liberty" and blocked me to post in some other sites. Worst of all, the surveillance team banned me to register in new web sites.

To register in a new web site used to require a reply to a confirmation e-mail. My internet service is from AOL. I couldn't find any confirmation e-mail in my AOL mail box. Later I found they put the confirmation e-mail into the junk mail category and hid the junk mail logo from my e-mail window. So I had to open an e-mail account in Google. The g-mail works well for a few weeks then the problem comes again. The e-mail used to give a link for click on. But now the function of pop up won't work. So I tried to copy down URL of the link to reply the confirmation mail. After all of these tricks failed, the surveillance team simply feeds a repeated "please log in" window to prevent me from register in new forum.

It is 11 weeks from 9/14 to today. I was blocked to post in internet for more than 9 weeks. The main web sites I posted is closed or will be closed soon. I was banned to register in new forums. The purpose to eliminate my voice in internet is evident. It proves my revelation and analysis are very true, Feds are afraid of it.

575. Mumbai attack (1) (12/5/08)

The mastermind of Mumbai attack is the US intelligence and is co-operated by Israel and India's intelligence.

1. The US has a record to manipulate terrorist group to work for its own interest. Or sometimes they call it (terrorist group) the opposition group. One sample is that CIA supported Majahideen in Afghanistan in 80s to fight against Soviet Union and later turns some group into Al Qaida as a false flag. Al Qaida still works for US intelligence. They created 911 to justify Bush's mid-east war. They bomb Iraq civilians in mosque to provoke conflict between Sunni and Shiite so giving US an excuse to stay in Iraq. (and to ask for more money from the House)

A terrorist group can't survive unless it is supported by some power. Because it needs money and weapon. So is the terrorist group in India.

2. The most important part of Mumbai attack is neglected by US media.

Quote, "Mumbai Attack - India and the Axis of Evil
By M Rafic Soormally (guest) <> Published 1st December, 2008

In early November 2008, the Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS), headed by Hemant Karkare, arrested 10 Hindutva extremists, ....... in connection with the 8 Sept 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts in a Muslim cemetery in Maharashtra killing dozens of Muslim pilgrims and injuring scores more.The ATS investigation has uncovered connections with the Israeli MOSSAD whose Indian home-grown agents have infiltrated many Hindu organisations in India, as well as connections between the Indian military and Hindu extremist groups.....

.In the very early hours of the Mumbai attack on Nov. 26, the unknown terrorists eliminated Hemant Karare, Head of the ATS, along with Mumbai's additional commissioner of police Ashok Kamte and high-level police officer Vijay Salaskar, The Times Of India reported.The killers must have had inside information as Indian security services have been infiltrated. ... -Evil.html

Quote, "Mumbai The Mossad Angle
27 November 2008

And the first casualty in the terrorist attack was Karkare! He is dead-gone-the firing by terrorists began from Nariman House-which is the only building in Mumbai inhabited by Jews. Some Hindu Gujaratis of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels-they openly said that the firing by terrorists began from Nariman house. And that for two years suspicious activities were going on in this house. But no one took notice. ... ad%20Angle

My comment: It was a well planed elimination. In which three high ranking police officers were shoot to death before they were going to find the black hand behind the extremist groups in India. They died in a trap set up by perpetrators. The news now says two gunmen raided the Nariman Jewish house on 11/26. It seems nothing was done on 11/27. At 7:00 on 11/28, commandos descended on the roof of the Jewish house. At 18:15 they declared the victory. Two gunmen achieved all this. Do you believe it?

The elimination of the three high ranking ATS police officers gave an important motivation of this terror attack. They were the target of this terror attack. The news later was full of the propaganda that "terrorist target on Americans and Britons". That is not motive. The local Hindu terror cell, targets on Muslim, have no hatred on American and British civilians. The accused Pakistan Lashkar-e-Taibe has no motive too. They target on India - for the land of Kashmir. Both have no motive. And both have no record to deliberately kill Americans or Britons. How could they suddenly go crazy to waste so large a resource to create new enemy? They even can't reach their own goal.

It is old tactic of Feds to tarnish Islam. When the media report that suicide bomber killed dozens of innocent civilians in market; when "Al Qaida" kept bombing mosques to kill innocent Muslim; do you believe someone really would sacrifice his own life to kill other innocent people? Mumbai bombing inherits this tradition - Al Qaida's or more accurately: US intelligence's.

When US media censors the important news from public, I knew the real perpetrator is Feds. They have the ability to control US media, they have the resource to create 911 attack and Mumbai bombing, and they have the motive.

576. Mumbai attack (2) (12/12/08)

Pakistan is an Islamic country. The Muslim of that country is hostile to Israel. India historically has problem with Pakistan. The two countries had wars before. They still have conflict in controversial land - Kashmir. To provoke a conflict between India and Pakistan accord with the interest of Israel - let others fight and die for its own interest. The best way is to manipulate extremist group. So when Mumbai ATS found there is connection between Hindutva extremists and Israeli Mossad, there was no surprise. But the discovery led to the elimination - a few days after they uncovered the secret the high ranking police officers of the Mumbai ATS were killed near the Nariman Jewish House. It became an important site in Mumbai attack.

Quote, "Two of the hostages killed were identified as Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, the couple who ran the centre, said a spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Their 18-month-old son had been one of three people rescued from the centre on Thursday.

In a telephone interview with CBC News from outside the centre, freelance journalist Arun Asthhana said there are reports that some of the militants had stayed at a guest house there for up to 15 days before the attacks.

"They had a huge mass of ammunition, arms and food there," Asthhana said. ... tacks.html

The dead Jewish couple are the host of the House. They may have deeply involved in the case (local extremist group operation) and knew too much. So they have to be silenced. Their toddler survived because he is too young to know any plot. Though the gunmen are said to be killing maniac.

India military and intelligence involved in case too. The gunmen were so familiar with the streets of Mumbai which "is known only to true-blood Mumbaikars" and the Nariman Jewish House is not a popular site "which even long-time residents of Colaba are unfamiliar with". (>) that they must have a neat instruction and detailed information. Besides, the ambush on the high ranking ATS officers need inside information.

The slow reaction of the commando may also say something. If there is a fire, who should be on site first? Firemen. What for a terror attack? A special squadron or a commando. But they came 36 hours after the gunmen occupied the Nariman House. Is that a big joke? For a fire, after 36 hours, only a ruin would have been left. Let alone this was a big one. All the world were reporting it. I think the ambush on ATS officers needed a team work. The delay gave the perpetrators time to make a retreat.

The phone cards that gunmen used were also reported from Indian police operative.

Quote, "Arrest Provides More Evidence India, Israel, and the U.S. Behind Mumbai Attacks
Kurt Nimmo
December 7, 2008

Mukhtar Ahmed is an Indian police operative who provided cell phone SIM cards to Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan terrorist group blamed for the Mumbai attacks.

In other words, Indian intelligence had penetrated Lashkar-e-Taiba and ran a false flag operation through the terrorist group, putatively connected to Pakistan’s ISI.

It's common that Feds monitor big heads such like former President Nixon and current Illinois Gov. Blagojevich. So they have more justification to monitor and infiltrate and manipulate the gang and terrorist group. Once they operated those group to do something illegal such like 911 attack and Mumbai attack, the media never tell you the truth. They gave a selected report and want you think the way they want you to.

577. Mumbai attack (3) (12/17/08)

On 11/27, in "574. November plot and internet censorship (11/27/08)", I have said already that Mumbai attack was a false flag attack done by India and US intelligence. Later information proves Israel's Mossad involved too.

I thought Feds had framed a case in the end of November. They arranged a three weeks trip for my brother's family. My brother would return on 11/30. If the case broke off, they would block the Bay Bridge, force one of my sisters to take the Bart which run through under sea tunnel and have a "terrorist bombing" there. This model repeated many times as I have mentioned before. Of course the "terror bombing"wouldn't take place in San Francisco Bay area only. Former soured plan indicates Feds was going to bomb 7 cities in US as a distract. This tactic we also saw in Mumbai attack.(gunmen attacked 10 places to cover up the main target) While the main plot took place near Nariman Jewish House, media concentrated to report the scene of Taj Mahal Hotel and Oberoi Hotel.

The phenomenon that Feds prepared false flag attack in later November:

1. On 11/20, Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed in a speech and was sent to the hospital. I think it was an intimidation. When Feds planed false flag terror attack in US, they would have scapegoat to take the responsibility. Those who was reluctant to approve the plan would be punished by EM wave weapon.

2. On 11/26, with the big topic of "Mumbai terror attack", there was another news: "FBI warning: NewYork subway system may be attacked". The simultaneous warning is not a coincidence. It means Feds' false flag terror attack has been approved. Mumbai attack was used to justify the coming terror attack in US.

3. Another article, "Valley, deep ties to city in India" (San Jose Mercury, 11/27/08) also would justify terror bombing if Bay area was attacked. This model, also was a repeat of a similar case happened two years ago. (see "423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06))

4. Two months ago, the Measure 298-117 of the US House approved the US to provide nuclear materials to India. I allege that's part of the deal that India carries out "terror attack" to US demand.

Other phenomenon Feds involved:

5. Convenient evidence. The captured gunman Mohammed Kasab (only survivor out of 10) plays the same role like Moussaoui to 911. (only survivor from 20) And media happened have clear pictures of him not others for you. His capture and the elimination of the high ranking officers of Mumbai ATS were the two events happened right at the beginning. That two events, were the most important things - 1. kill to stop an investigation. 2. to cover up a false flag attack with a convincible evidence. That was the priority of the perpetrator and was done in first hand.

The attack was well designed, well trained, equipped with high tech. tools. Only it left with an obvious trace for people to track to an organization - Lashar-e-Taiba. If Lashar-e-Taiba doesn't want to take the responsibility as it says now, how could he think of everything but forgot to cover up its trace?

Lashar-e-Taiba is supported by Pakistan intelligence, may also infiltrated by US intelligence. What intelligence do? Their work is to manipulate all these terrorist, military group, or "opposition power". Lashar-e-Taiba may fight for the land of Kashmir against India, it has no motive to kill westerns. It doesn't make sense to set up more enemy. Who benefit from the event of "slaughter civilians and Americans and Britons"? It resembles the action of Al Qaida which bombs Iraqi civilians in Mosque and market - the purpose is to provoke the conflict between people and flame indignation against Islam.

6. The US media censored the most important information of Mumbai attack - the killing of the high ranking ATS officers who was uncovering a foreign intelligence involved terror case.

7. On 11/28, a team of FBI agents was sent to India to investigate the case. Consider criminal investigation is sensitive, relate to sovereignty of a country. The swift reaction - as easy as to go to its backyard - may indicate that US intelligence has already infiltrated into India's. Feds is the master.

When criminal becomes investigator, what result you can expect?

578. The lesson of Mumbai attack (4) (12/24/08)

In early November, the Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS), headed by Hemant Karkare, arrested 10 Hindutva extremists related to a Muslim cemetery bombing case. The interrogation has uncovered connections with the Israeli MOSSAD whose Indian home-grown agents have infiltrated many Hindu organizations in India, as well as connections between the Indian military and Hindu extremist groups. This is the cause of Mumbai attack - elimination to stop the investigation.

US intelligence, while have its own elimination project, took the chance to plan domestic terror cases at same time. Then we saw the collapse of Attorney General Michael Mucasey on 11/20 (which may indicate this was an emergent case) and the 11/26 FBI's "New York subway system may be attacked." warning.

FBI's investigation team flew to India on 11/28 and Gondoleeza Rice's emergent visit to India also indicates US is the mastermind of the Mumbai attack.

US media censored the most important information and gave public a total unilateral picture that its another Islamic's terror crime. That terrorists targeted innocent civilians and Americans and Britons and Jewish. Even though the accusation makes no sense. Because who wants to waste resource to create enemies?

This was a hurried framed case. The flaw reveals some truth:
1. Hindutva extremist groups were infiltrated by Israel's Mossad and India's military intelligence.
Which was discovered by Mumbai's ATS team.

2. The extremist militia group, accused mastermind of Mumbai attack - the Lashar-e-Taiba, is supported by Pakistan military and intelligence. That's what India government and US media now accuse of. Lashar-e-Taiba also was infiltrated by India intelligence as evidence now exposed.

3. Al Qaida works for US inside group. Former ISI Chief said Mumbai and 9/11 were both "inside jobs".
Quote, "Hamid Gul tells CNN that neo-cons, zionists were behind terror attacks

Monday, December 8, 2008

"When you look at the full spectrum of possibilities, who could have done it, then one knows that Samjhauta Express was a similar case, in which Pakistan ISI was accused. But it turned out that it was the militant Hindus themselves who had killed 68 passengers in that train, and that it was an inside job," said Gul.

(ZAKARIA: Who is at the heart of - who do you think was at the heart of plotting 9/11?

But I think the heart of planning was inside America, because the job was done there. But not a single person so far has been captured, caught, interrogated inside America, even though this entire episode took place there.) ... ps.01.html

Mumbai attack was a case planed in hurry. In which Pakistan was wronged as mastermind. The plant was obvious because Pakistan lack of motive. The former ISI Chief's comment is a counter attack which expresses its outrage.

For a long time I allege government insiders manipulate terrorist to work for their own interest. Mumbai attack once again proves it.

- Al Qaida (or other terror group) exists where US intelligence dominates. Al Qaida in US when Bush needs excuse to activate Mid-east war. That is 911 attack. Al Qaida is everywhere in Iraq to bomb innocent civilians when US occupies Iraq. Strange to say, under the Saddam regime, there was no Al Qaida. Al Qaida seems only exist where the regime being controlled by US. So we see no Al qaida in Syria and Iran. But they appears to attack ordinary people when the government either is controlled by US intelligence or supported by US intelligence. That's why you see Al Qaida attacks in US, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iraq (after it is occupied by US). Because where they are protected by the intelligence, worked as a whip to beat people. When government want money and power, they beat the people with this whip (Al Qaida terror attack) People feel hurt then give up their civil rights and money to the government. DOJ got the Patriot Act and Pentagon got budget and Mid-east war.

579. Jon Benet case again (12/29/08)

One important cause of Mumbai attack is that Feds would use it to justify similar "terror attack" in US, especially in Bay Area (famous with another name "Silicon Valley") where many high tech. engineers came from India with deep relationship with Mumbai. Similar case happened last August when the interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. It was used to justify the shut down of Bay Bridge on 8/31. See, Minneapolis Bridge collapsed so it's necessary to shut down the Bay Bridge for repair.

This is a tactic Feds used to practise to influence public opinion. I call it pre-conception psychology operation. It makes the occurrence of coming event or planned plot looks reasonable.

So when the news paper reports that :
"New probe planned in JonBenet's death. Prosecutor to reopen '96 cold case" (Mercury News 12/27/08) I knew the Feds is playing that old game again.

Similar soap opera has acted two years ago when John Mark Carr claimed he had killed Jon Benet then cleared by DNA evidence. In "436. Ramsey Benet case and DNA (9/15/06)" I wrote, " It was a psychological operation to set up the authority of DNA test ." . "Feds pre-planting a mind in public that DNA decided everything.". I also pointed out, " But DNA, just like other evidence, can be planted. They can easily collect victim's hair, sperm and plant it like a gun. Especially the victim is under 24 hours surveillance. And all rubbish are in scrutiny. Even dirty water in drainage."
I think after the failure of November framed case which would have related to Indian Mumbai attack, Feds immediately creates another framed case which will relate to DNA as evidence. And once again, Jon Benet is used because it is a popular case, easy to attract public's eyes.
Interesting enough, when I traced the two issues I found both were the cases happened two years ago. Read "423. Mumbai bombing (7/25/06)" and "436. Ramsey Benet case and DNA (9/15/06)". Is that a coincidence or as I say, the Feds has its own criminal operation style. In it one important tactic is a pre-conceptional mind plant.

580. Financial tsunami created to stabilize the dollar (originally wrote on 12/16/08)

On 7/4, I wrote "556. Petro-dollar, the cause of Iran war (7/4/08)". I think it touches the core. From 7/5 to 7/8, the oil price dropped for four days from $145 to $136 a barrel. It goes downwards since. It's a cover up reaction to my revelation. The inside group doesn't want people to know its Achilles' heel - the Petro Dollar. It doesn't want people to connect the Iraq war to Petro dollar.

At the same time, a financial plan created to keep dollar from collapse - develop a financial tsunami to lock the dollar in US bond. It starts from the plunge of mortgage giant - Funnie Mae and Freddie Mac.

I keep the financial news from paper. I review it recently and found the symptom to sink Fannie and Freddie first emerged on 7/11. One week after my 7/4 article.

In my record, the last news about Fannie Mae before 7/4 was on 5/17. It said that the biggest real estate financier Fannie Mae declared that on 6/1, it would have a new rule to drop the mortgage down payment to 5%, in some area even to 3%. It means Fannie Mae was still full of confidence. One year after sub-prime crisis, to low the standard of the loan meant she had financial foundation.

It was a blank for June. Then came the July. A series of negative news of Fannie and Freddie were out after 7/11. The article of 7/11 was: "Fannie, Freddie shares plunge on speculation", "Federal officials consider a bailout" (by David S. Hilzenrath and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, Washington Post) What a sudden turn around. Just two months ago Fannie was so confident to save the real estate industry, now it suddenly would go bankruptcy. It was a pre-psychological propaganda preparation.

The August Iran war plot went soured. The financial tsunami plot had to be carried out. But August remained comparatively quiet. No negative news about Fannie and Freddie at that time. Why? I think the inside group, which is also a big financial group, need time to sell their investment - foreign investment, stock, real estates - when the price was still high, before others joined the escape.

Then the tsunami came. 9/7, government puts Fannie and Freddie into conservatorship. 9/14, Investment bank Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. Stock market collapsed. Financial firm, pension fund suffered a great loss. They also have to sell the investment to collect money to deal with the cash out of panick customers. Now nothing is safe except cash - even big name such like Merril Lynch, AIG, GM are in danger, what property could you believe? People leave stock market, foreign market, real estate market and follow the experts' instruction - Cash is king.

Large amout of treasure were changed into cash and were driven into US treasury bond, locked there. The phenomenon is the interest of short term treasury note is almost zero, the interest rate of 30 years US bond is only 2.9%. So the oil price can drop to under $50/barrel. All speculating money go and hide under the safe heaven - US bond.

Financial crisis stabilizes the dollar (include excessive Petro dollar), drives them into US bond to avoid a tsunami. It becomes a big ballon. Once the ballon breaks off. What will take place? Inflation, soaring oil price, high interest, collapse dollar - that's another armagedon.
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581. Orderly bankruptcy, a sword of Damocles (1/10/09)

On 5/17/08, news reported that Congress passed the bill to drop the jumbo loan rates on mortgage of up to $729,750 in high priced parts of the country. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac previously had a cap on that Jumbo loan - $417,000. It's a big leap forward. On same day, Fannie Mae announced new rule of small down payment for mortgage - 3% to 5%. Previously it was 10% . It may reflect what Bush said at that time, the economy of US was basically sound.

But two months later Federal officials said they needed a bailout to rescue the mortgage giants. What happened? Certainly it was not because of new rule. It was less than two months after the new regulation. New house buyers may have started their application procedure but have no time to enjoy the new benefit yet, let alone to go new foreclosure. The collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was manipulated, on the purpose to touch off a financial crisis to cover up "Dollar crisis" caused by excessive petro dollar.

Remember I revealed it on 7/4. The oil price turned around its rising curve and started its descending since then. And one week later, on 7/11, a new project to stabilize the dollar was done - to create a financial crisis. Then we saw a series of psychological operation - news propaganda on "troubled real estate giants" even though two months ago it was full of confidence to save the housing market. Government is the sponsor of FannieMae and Freddie Mac. It controls and directs the business of the two. If Feds wants the two going bankruptcy, they went bankruptcy. Outsiders never know the truth.

But Funnie and Freddie are limited to real estate only. To push up a financial tsunami, the Insiders need another big name - it was Leman Brothers. Though real estates loan was an important business for Lehman Brothers, it also packed various other kind of loan to investors. The bankruptcy of Leman Brothers vastly effects in financial area -banks, mutual funds, insurance company, money market ... Feds could have saved Lehman Brothers like they saved Bear Stern. The cost would be much smaller compare to 700 billion they used in later rescue plan. But they let it go. Because the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers is a necessity to push up a financial tsunami.

It is a very successful plan. All investment fund, or speculating money, or petro dollar, are locked in a balloon of US bond. Feds has whips in hand. Any one dares to invest in other area are beaten. Foreign currency? Most devalued to dollar. Stock market? Anytime will lose several hundred points. Real estates? No one knows where is the bottom. Feds also has intimidation in hand: media predict more lay offs, more bankruptcy. One interesting thing is Media's propaganda on Auto giants' bankruptcy. They say US auto industry is inefficient and deserve a shut down. But Government still gave the Auto giants a little money to survive several months. What for? If you have a boat, and know there is a big hole in the bottom and the sinking is inevitable, will you spend more money to paint it or decorate it? Why not use the money to buy a new one? But they still spend money on a sinking boat, says it is an "Orderly bankruptcy". Is that ridiculous?

I view the "orderly bankruptcy" as a sword of Damocles. It warns you that if you dare to invest, the sword will drop on you any time. By announcing the bankruptcy of Ford or GM, Feds could create another stock market earthquake. The purpose is to maintain the balloon of the US bond. Keep the money from leaving.

How long will the balloon be kept? I think they planed to keep it for several months, no longer than one year.

582. Robert Gates' career prolonged for Iran war (1/15/09)

Petro dollar benefits US economy a lot. When Iran abandons dollar as oil trading currency, it shakes dollar foundation significantly. To stabilize the dollar position, the war on Iran is inevitable. The latest attempt to war on Iran was failed in August 2008. Next month, in September, a financial crisis is created to save the dollar. The financial crisis push people to change the investment into cash - the dollar, and drives the dollar into a balloon - US bond. The Inside Group will keep that balloon for months, no longer than a year. They will keep that balloon until the Iran war break out.

The reason I said so is out of a decision made by the President elect - Obama. He decides to let Bush's Defense Secretary - Robert Gates to stay in chair for one more year. It means the Inside group still wants to finish Iran war within a year. They maintain that dollar balloon from popping until the war comes.

Robert Gates is a well selected neo-con follower. He is no other than Rumsfeld, Bush and Ashcroft. He has been chosen to command the soured Iran war of 2008 August. No one is more familiar with that war project then him. No one will work better than him with that military official group inside Pentagon which developed the Iran war project. It was an urgent war. If Bush can't stay in President seat, Gates will be the right person to stay for the war.

Barak Obama won the president election by his slogan "change". One important reason he won the campaign is because he said he opposes Iraq war. But when it touches the interest of the Inside Group, he has to obey. In an area where needs an utter "change", he reacts with "un change". He says he opposes Iraq war, because the bird is held in hand already. It doesn't cost anything but a lip service. But when his master gave an order, he will hug another war.

Politicians are picked up from the followers of the Inside Group. High ranking politicians have been all screened tier upon tier. They are all the same even though they pretend to be different by sticking a different sign of donkey or elephant. When people are tired of a white wolf, they gave you a black one. But on the core it's the same. Wolf won't change its habit to eat lamb.

There is a Chinese fable: Three for breakfast and four for super. It says a monkey keeper gave his monkey four nuts in breakfast and three for supper. Monkey felt hungry and protested. The keeper thought for a while than pretended compromise. He said, "OK, you win, I will give you three nuts in morning and four in the evening." Monkey thought it won because the keeper changed three into four for supper. So when Obama gives you four nuts for supper but three in the morning, do you think there is a change?

583. Under FISA surveillance law again (1/20/09)

When my wife emptied our bank jointed account, my live is supported by relative's help. Last year, I found the Feds trying to plant drug money through the hand of my relatives. I started to withdraw from bank. Then I found the Feds try to feed me fake money through the bank. see "563. Fake money trap and bombing link to India (8/9/08) and 572. How Feds plant (10/15/08)".

Last July I was alarmed by the news in internet that Wachovia bank gave fake money to customer. Because the other bank I have account with - the Washington Mutual, was reported then in the area where "series bank robber strikes. (see "562. San Francisco bank robbery (4) (8/3/08).) To avoid a "mis-shooting in bank robbery", I had to go Wachovia. I think these events, were created by the Feds to frame a case of "bank robbery killing" or a "fake money arrest".

Then I noticed in Chinese media, there was a series reports of fake money. On 8/1, World Journal reported that Mei Ling Chen was arrested for smuggling super notes in South Bay. On 11/1, World Journal reported that South Korea had an arrest on super fake notes. In December, Vietnam-Chinese newspaper reported that Peter Vi Dan Cheng of San Francisco was arrested for keeping high quality fake money. I think all these were psychological pre-conceptional propaganda for a fake money arrest. To avoid poison food Feds prepared for me, I diversify my food source to various food stores. Among them there are Indian's and Korea's. After I went to India food store, there was Mumbai bombing. (two years ago) After I went to Korea's super market last year, they reported fake money arrest.

Then if the money from Wachovia was faked one, why they didn't arrest me? I am under surveillance 7/24. Each time I went out for a shopping, I was always followed by a surveillance team - undercover agents with their support group. It really puzzled me for a long time. At last I recognized that these surveillance were warrantless. They can't say "we watched him spending that fake money". It's illegal surveillance. The fourth amendment protect innocent people from unreasonable search and arrest. Feds only can make an arrest when I was under surveillance with a warrant.

The day before yesterday, (1/18) my brother came, said my mother let him deliver three zongzi ( dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in reed leaves) for me. He particularly emphasized that the dumpling was done by CM.(caretaker man. My father broke his thighbone in 2006 and became disabled since. see " 409. The payment to China (5/30/06)". My sister hired a man to look after him. The man is a residential alien from China. Now he has worked for more than two years in my sister's house. To my experience, he is an undercover Chinese agent, works for Feds in secret deal between Chinese and US intelligence.) My subconscious reply to my brother was:" CM is a secret Chinese agent. I won't eat it. It may be poisonous." Later I realize it's not that simple just for a poison food. They have a purpose.

Feds like to infiltrate as deep as possible. To embed an agent in target's house is their high goal. I had an Chinese secret agent as my tenant for years until he suddenly moved out in May 2002. Until I learned the news three months later that FISA court rebuked A.G. Ashcroft for cheating the court in May, I then knew I was under FISA surveillance law. Feds once had planted three Chinese agents in three housing units in my lane.(There are only four house units in the lane) The rest unit also works for Feds. see "85. Chinese secret police and DNA (9/1) and 86. FISA Secret Court ruling" Feds applied surveillance warrant on foreign agents but the real target is the landlord or employer of these agents. Actually these Chinese agents worked for Feds under secret deal. But the landlord or their employer whom Feds hate become victim. That's absurd.

CM is a repeat plant practice of such tactic. The plant is a foreign agent so Feds could ask for a FISA surveillance warrant. My sister's house must have been under FISA surveillance law for more than two years. By ordering my brother to deliver three dumpling made by CM - a secret Chines agent, I am under FISA surveillance law again. Is that too easy?

Next day (yesterday, Monday), noise broke the long time silence of neighbourhood. The house next to my backyard which has been emptied for several months starts its kitchen remodel. The couple in front house who rarely show up also opens its garage door to have a big clean up. Feds have a show off. They have got a formal warrant of surveillance.

584. Beauty and Chinese secret police (1/25/09)

One principle for secret police is they try to get as close as they can to the target people. It would be easier for them to detect, monitor the target people. But it also become convenient for me to recognize those moles.

About eleven years ago, my neighborhood (a tenant of next door house) bought a house and moved away. Another family moved in. The moved away family is informant of the Feds. They were rewarded by a profitable house trading for their three years surveillance job. (I will later explain how the Feds manipulate the housing market.) The new arriving tenant was a family of three: a couple with a child. They were residential alien from China. Now I realize it was a family of a Chinese secret police used for introducing FISA surveillance law. The house wife is a beautiful woman. To replace an informant family by a foreign agent family, the surveillance was up graded.

When my sister hired CM (caretaker man) to look after my disabled father two years ago, to the principle of secret police, I knew Feds arranged a Chinese agent into my sister's house. My observation was proved later by CM's story. In chatting, CM told my relatives that his wife is one of "Ling Biao's selected beauties".

Ling Biao was China's number 2 in 1960s. He was formerly admitted as the successor of Mao Tzetung. His wife had arranged a covert operation to select most beautiful girls nation wide as "wife" candidate for their son. In 1971, Ling Biao had a conflict with Mao. He and his wife and his son all died in an airplane crash in the desert of Mongolia when they escaped from China. In a following defamation movement, "Beauty selection" became one of the crimes Ling Biao committed.

In a totalitarian country, dictator controls everything. They have the privilege to select most beautiful girl as their wife. What happened to the rest beauties that were selected? Of course they belong to the next powerful people - secret police. When I learned CM's story, I recalled the beautiful wife of the next door neighborhood 11 years ago. Those Chinese secret agents are all the same.

585. A super 911 to justify Iran war (1/30/09)

To justify the Iraq war, the Inside Group activated a false flag terror attack in US: that's 911. To justify the coming Iran war, another false flag terror attack is inevitable. That terror attack, likely will be a nuclear bombing. The shock and awe would shake Americans' brain and push them to support another war just like what 911 had done to Americans. From 2007 to 2008, there were at least three attempts to start the Iran war.

I predicted the attempt of false terror attack in advance on all three. Now you people realize why the Feds close AOL homepage service, shut down MSN community groups and blocked me to post for months.

1. The most evident one: On 8/30/2007, a B-52 carried 6 missiles loaded with nuclear heads flied over US continent. I predict the date two days ago.

499. July plot (2) (7/28/07)
With my own observation, I have concluded that in July, Feds would frame a drug case, made a false flag "terror attack" to distract, and with which US would activate Iran war.

505. Assassination, murder and terror attack (8/28/07)

The rest of the August plot started from 8/20 to September. The action date is between 8/31 to 9/3 when Feds closed the Bay Bridge. (see #503) At that time there will be massive terror attack in US and in Europe. I think that's why Karl Rove resigned in advance. His last date in office will be 8/30. So he will leave before the "Super 911". To get rid of any responsibility of involvement in false flag terror attack.

2. Three months later, there was another attempt to attack secret nuclear facility by the impact of hijacked plane(s). The action date: around 11/25/07 the Thanks giving day. I predict it one week ago.

Re: 521. An air express lane for Iran war (11/18/07)

"the Pentagon will open unused military airspace from Florida to Maine to create "a Thanksgiving express lane" for commercial airliners"

My interpretation: "(in 911 case) All four planes left their original airway. Now if there is another 911 alike hijack, what will the crew of the planes do? They will do whatever they can do because they know otherwise it will be death. That may change the result of the original plot planned by the perpetrator. How to comfort the crew member when the plane is led to a different route? The best way is to convince them they are directed to a "Thanksgiving (or Christmas) express way." So there will be little time for crew member to re-act when the last moment comes. (At that time the plane is taken over by the auto-pilot system.)

3. 8/8/2008. Marked with (1) Olympic opening ceremony. (2) Russian invaded Georgia. (3) A massive armada headed to Iran. I speculated the date one month ago.

Re: "556. Petro-dollar, the cause of Iran war (7/4/08)

Another time factor for Iran war is the Olympic Game in August. China has interest in Iran. He is an oil customer of Iran. Olympic Game could be an extortion chip for China's support in Iran war."

Now I say the next attempt to war on Iran is planed to activate within a year. It based on the fact that Obama let Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, to stay in chair for one more year. That the Inside group to prolong the financial tsunami by "orderly bankruptcy".

586. The sad end of Feds followers (2/5/09)

In "583. Under FISA surveillance law again (1/20/09)", I talked about my brother was ordered to deliver zoonzi (a kind of dumpling) which was made by CM, a secret Chinese agent, to me. It was a plant, to connect me to a foreign agent or to a drug case.

In my case, my family members, include my wife and my daughter, all are recruited by Feds to work for them. I think they were intimidated. But although they work for the Feds, what the Feds prepared for them is still the death. Because they know the truth that I am innocent. All events they co-operated to the Feds were dirty tricks and trap. So each time Feds plotted a trap, they also prepared an elimination plan on my family members. The most usual tactic is to arrange a trip for them. It is easy to contribute the death to a travel accident.

The recent one was in last November. My brother's family was arranged for a Chinese trip. It coincidence with the Mumbai attack. As well as the big censorship in internet on me. The mission is very urgent. When the November one ended, Feds prepared a new one - a travel to Egypt in early February. Two big trips in less than three months, that's unusual.

On 1/1, New Years' day, in a re-union, my family members talked about the coming Egyptian trip. They worried about the fight between Israel and Palestine would extend to Egypt, (Israel invaded Gasa at that time) All of them thought it was very dangerous to go there. At last, each family would have only one to attend the trip. (either husband or wife). It's ridiculous. If you know that's a dangerous trip, the solution is simple: don't take part in. Yet they still go. Obviously it is a mission, an urgent one. They have to take part in.

A lot of people who work for the Feds often face a termination. When 19 hijackers of 911, or the four "suicide bombers" of 7/7 bombing of London, or the perpetrators of Madrid bombing, went out to fulfill their secret task, they had never expected that they were on a death path.

Then what happened to those news that some 911 hijackers are still alive, even for the leader Mohammed Atta.
Quote, " Father insists alleged leader is still alive

Kate Connolly in Berlin
Monday September 2, 2002
The Guardian

The father of Mohammed Atta, the alleged ringleader of the September 11 attacks, said in an interview published yesterday that his son was still alive.
"He is hiding in a secret place so as not to be murdered by the US secret services," Mohammed el-Amir Atta, 66, told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. He also vehemently denied that his son - believed to have flown the first plane into the World Trade Centre - had taken part in the atrocities, blaming them instead on "American Christians". ... 42,00.html

The big flaw in this news is if Atta is still alive and his father worries about his safety, the best way is to keep the information a secret. The rant only encorage the pursue and assassination by US secret service. So this news has its own purpose.

I think it's the disinformation from the Feds' strategy office. So many people work for the intelligence now worried about their own lives. They have reason to worry that someday they could become sacrifice as un voluntary "suicides". There are so many underground moles. So Feds must spread such kind of news to comfort their informants and agents, to encourage them going on to work on for Feds.

But do you think Feds is kind enough to let the witness of their crime to survive?

587. A nuclear bombing to justify Iran war (2/10/09)

For the false flag nuclear terror attack planed on 8/30/2007, there was a big pre-psychological propaganda. Here are some. It indicates that the heads of this country determined to nuke US citizens to justify an Iran war as early as May 2007.

Quote, "Pres. Prepares for Possible D.C. Nuke
On May 10, President Bush issued a national security directive ordering all agencies to prepare for a surprise attack on the Federal government.

FBI's Mueller: Bin Laden Wants to Strike U.S. Cities With Nuclear Weapons
Ronald Kessler
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group desperately want to obtain nuclear devices and explode them in American cities, especially New York and Washington, D.C., FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III tells NewsMax.

Al-Qaida Plans Nuclear
Attacks on 7 U.S. Cities
NewsMax Wires

Williams maintains that al-Qaida is not content on blowing up one nuclear device or even simply a "dirty" nuke - but wants to explode real nuclear devices in seven U.S. cities simultaneously"

From the news, we learned that:

1. The coming false flag attack would be a nuclear attack which would cause a big loss of lives. The shock and awe would big enough to justify another war when Bush became so notorious for the Iraq war.

2. The false flag would still be Bin Laden and Al Qaida.

3. The inside group targeted at 7 US cities. New York and Washington D.C. were among them.

The 8/30/2007 incident that a B-52 flew US continental with six missiles armed with nuclear head was a soured action. Six nuclear missiles not seven as original planed is because each wing of the B-52 can only install six missiles. The missiles in other wing, un armed, were gone through a security inspection to justify it passed routine safety check.

Washington D.C. was chosen to justify it was a "real terror attack". See, now the dead are not only ordinary people. So many high ranking politicians died too. (That's sad story for those obedient followers. They are sacrifice when the Inside group think it's a necessity. ) Of course, the core member of the plot would have happened been in somewhere else. Just like Bush was in a Florida school and Cheney was in a military base on 911. The following vacuum of disappeared law makers could justify a martial law carried out by the Feds.

New York was chosen because a lot of residents in that city, especially policemen and firemen, with their own experience, knew 911 was a false flag attack. It is a good chance to wipe out a large quantity of witnesses.

8/30/2007 B-52 incident was a big case. It alarms a lot of people. The same tactic obviously can't be used again. But to activate another war, a big justification is needed. Nothing is better than a WMD. Then where can the Feds find the source of the nuclear weapon? Pakistan.

588. Extort the District Attorney (2/17/09)

In "558. D.A.'s discipline case and hiding evidence (7/9/08)" I talked about how the Feds intimidate the Deputy D.A. Field to frame the case on me. That case goes on intensified.

Five days ago, Mercury News reported,
"Bar judge: suspend prosecutor for 4 years
By Howard Mintz
Mercury News 2/12/09

Suggesting the harshest disciplinary punishment in recent history for a California prosecutor, a state bar judge Wednesday called for Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Ben Field to be stripped of his right to practice law in the state for four years because he "abused his prosecutorial power."

That "harshest punishment" will ends Field's career as a prosecutor. Since "misleading judge, withholding evidence" are common practice in District Attorneys' office, that recommendation is extraordinary unusual. It is an extortion. The purpose is clear: if Field doesn't frame a case in time the Feds given, he'll lose his job.

Why Field is chosen? He was once a star prosecutor, worked aggressively with the ambition of becoming district attorney or a county judge. I think Field has cooperated with the Feds to frame the "fake money", "drug money" cases on me. So far the plot went soured. But my articles keep on revealing the plot of the Inside Group. The pressure from the high ranking is so heavy that we saw this harshest punishment recommendation.

Of course, it's only a push. The Deputy D.A.'s suspension is on hold while he appeals. Field is still working as a prosecutor. People can expect he'll work his best to frame a case to hold his job. I must keep alert that more malicious trap will set up by those evil minds.

The similar extortion tactic is familiar to me. They had extorted the federal attorney of North California - Ryan. Ryan finally was fired in 2007. (In famous DOJ scandal "the firing of Eight Federal Attorneys". Among the eight Federal Attorneys, Ryan was the only one who lost his job not for political reason. I allege him losing the job for failed to frame a case on me.) See story:

In "474. New Federal Attorney and March plot (3/23/07)" I wrote: Two years ago, I already found Ryan was under pressure in my case and was intimidated "do it otherwise you'll be fired." I particularly wrote a comment about it. Now I have to say my sense was very correct.

475. The fired Federal Attorney and March plot (3/28/07) and "244. Push for an aggressive case (7/29/04)

There is also the case of extortion on Attorney General.

Three months ago, On 11/20, Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed in a speech and was sent to the hospital. I think it was an intimidation. When Feds planed false flag terror attack in US, they would have scapegoat to take the responsibility. Those who was reluctant to approve the plan would be punished by EM wave weapon. " (577. Mumbai attack (3) (12/17/08))

589. Regime change to control nuclear bomb of Pakistan (2/22/09)

Pakistan was Bush's ally in his eight years "war on terror". The military dictator, Musharraf, collaborated with US when he was the president of the Pakistan. Its intelligence, ISI, even helped the inside group in 911.

The head of Pakistan’s ISI, General Mahmud Ahmed, had ordered to wire $100,000 to the leader of 911 attack, Mohammed Atta through the hand of Omar Sheikh. This has been confirmed by the director of the FBI’s financial crimes unit, Dennis Lormel.

Quote, " Musharraf names 9/11 suspect as possible British asset
Fails to mention links to 9/11, ISI, CIA
By Devlin Buckley
© Copyright 2006, ... _names.php

Co-operation is convenient. It's easy to deny. To take the responsibility for a nuclear attack is quite different. It will be carved deep in history. Will Japanese forget Hiroshima? Musharraf's group was not that stupid. Obviously they wouldn't play that role.

When a follower became disobedient, what US would do? Replaces him with a puppet of its own. Then we saw on September 10, 2007, a deported opposition politician, Nawaz Sharif landed in Islamabad. But he was sent back to Saudi Arabia immediately. The resistance of Pakistan regime was fierce. Anyhow, the plot went on. Next month, another US asset - Benazir Bhutto - was sent to Pakistan. She was warned by a bombing to her car convoy on Oct.18 and finally was assassinated two months later when she likely would have won the president election of Pakistan. Here is a news:

Quote, "Bhutto's death a blow to US
By BobinWright and Glenn Kessler 12/28/07
Washington Post

Washington - For Benazir Bhutto, the decision to return to Pakistan was sealed during a telephone call from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice just a week before Bhutto flew home in October."

How efficient it was. A big decision made just by a phone call. Be noticed the date of their return: Sharif flew back on 9/10. (Buhtto returned one month later.) It was only ten days from 8/30/07 - the day when a B-52 flew US continent with six nuclear missiles. And that nuclear terror attack plot went soured.

The effort of a regime change was going on covertly. Mosharraf stepped down one year later.

Quote, "US backed Musharraf resigns in Pakistan
By Jane Pertez 8/19/08
New York Times

Islamabad, Pakistan - Facing imminent impeachment charges, President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation on Monday, after months of belated recognition by US officials that he had become a waning asset in the campaign against terrorism."

You may also have noticed the resignation date. It was too just ten days after 8/8/08 - a day marked with Olympic opening ceremony in China, Russia invaded Georgia and a massive armada of US, Britain and France headed for Iran. The day I said plotted for Iran war but went soured.

The timing accordance is not a coincidence. It indicates that the attempt for Iran war is urgent. When the main project went soured, a spare one immediately activated. That a false flag nuclear attack will be used to justify the war. The nuclear bomb this time will come from Pakistan.

590. Chandra Levy case and Jon Benet case (2/27/09)

At least three times I revealed the attempt to war on Iran. Later development proved my prediction is correct. (The B-52 incident and the cases of Georgia war, massive Armada to Iran which I could not foresee happened on the predicted date.) The result was serious. After the soured attempt of 8/8/08 Iran war , the Inside Group created a financial tsunami to stabilize the dollar. Of course, the re-action on me was furious. Lehman Brothers was announced bankruptcy on 9/14. During the time from 9/15 to 12/24, I was blocked to internet for more than two months. They also shut down my ISP - AOL's homepage service and MSN community groups where I had long time posting history. (record of this thread from the #1. Now it's #590) The purpose is clear: to eliminate my revelation.

When the Feds failed in all traps they had set up for me, what they now try to do is to frame me in some case depending on DNA evidence. That was what the news reported on 12/27/08 of "New probe planned in Jon Benet's death". See "579. Jon Benet case again (12/29/08)". The news avoided to talk about what caused the new probe. I dare to say it's DNA. Now two months passed. No new story. Why? I think they are waiting for another framed case. (my case)

Five days ago, there is another similar news. Quote,
"Huge break in Chandra Levy case
By Sari Horwitz and Scott Higham Washington Post

8 years later, arrest warrant sought for federal inmate in California.

......she (Lanier ) declined to say whether it involved DNA or a piece of physical evidence. "
(Mercury News, 2/22/09)

I think Chandra Levy was murdered by the Feds. The suspect now police is going to arrest, is a sacrifice. Like Lewinsky, Chandra was an aid too. Feds used to control politicians through their aids. Six years ago, I wrote, "When Rep. Gary Condit's case happened, I had a feeling it's almost the second edition of Clinton and Lewinsky scandal. All these need intelligence operation behind curtain. Affairs revealed, politicians told a lie try to cover up the scandal, then evidence appeared to discredit them. At first, I didn't know why Condit was chosen. I got it when I saw the news said he is a member of 'intelligence committee'. A committee which oversees Federal law enforcement agency. That's the way they played once and again in peace time. Though Gary Condit was found having no relationship to Levy's death, he lost his nomination.

..... So there is nobody want to play Linda Trip any more. If they want a scandal, and Chandra Levy had self dignity and refused to be a second Paula Jones, what would be the result?

Perhaps she did not want to play a role like that, Chandra was going for another job in state prison. Her death happened before her leaving. The last chance to use her in a scandal.

The news said she checked the map of the site before she going for the jogging. She was meeting an acquaintance for an appointment. It's obvious. Only she didn't know she had to die if she insisted not to be the second Paula Jones. "

Now in two months, the Feds pushes out two famous unsolved murder case. That's not a coincidence. They are under pressure. They try to frame a case. To justify the coming frame case, they play a pre-conception psychological operation. Try to make it reasonable by two popular cases.

It's funny that they dare not to say what the new evidence is. Perhaps because I have revealed many times in advance that their tactic is to plant DNA to frame. It's interesting that they made an announcement but didn't arrest the suspect. Because they are waiting for the Santa Clara D.A.'s office to issue an arrest warrant based on DNA on me. The deputy D.A. is under pressure - do it or you'll lose your job. The dramatic effect of popular cases would run over a case not so popular, but would justify it.

I still want to repeat, DNA, just like other evidence, can be planted. They can easily collect victim's hair, sperm and plant it like a gun. Especially the victim is under 24 hours surveillance. And all rubbish are in scrutiny. Even dirty water in drainage.

If the Feds is allowed to solve the case just depend on DNA, then they can frame any people they want to.
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591. Driving Iran into a nuclear weapon trap (3/5/09)

Pakistan now goes the direction the US wants it to go. On 2/6, there was the news:

Disgraced Pakistan nuke scientist freed by court ... _scientist

A secret pact granted freedom to Pakistan nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who lived under house arrest for allegedly leaking atomic weapons secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya. It is obviously releasing a bait for Iran. Now the freed nuclear scientist is able to go on with his proliferation mission if there is a buyer. Iran is a potential customer.

Does Iran want to own nuclear weapon? Yes, it does. Does Iran know the danger it faces if it develops atomic bomb? Yes, it does, too. Iran knows it may risk a possible military invasion from US. Then how did Iran solve this problem? To develop the program in Syria, I think. It was a smart strategy. But US won't let it go. So we see the story that Israel bombed a site in Syria in a raid on 9/6/2007. Both countries gave little information about the incident. Syria even denies it, leaves it a mystery. Seven months later, there was a later report:

Quote, "U.S. displays images used to justify Israeli attack on Syria
See as evidence of N.Korea collaboration on reactor
By David E. Sanger New York Times

Washington - The Bush administration released detailed photographic images Thursday to support its assertion that the building in Syria that Israel destroyed in an air-strike last year was a nuclear reactor built with years of help from North Korea."

I believe the nuclear reactor was built for developing nuclear weapon. Iran joined the project because it did not want to take the responsibility of developing nuclear weapon in its land. I had read a news said that after the bombing Iran had sent inspectors to check the ruin site. What surprised me was that North Korea was part of the Trojan Horse plot to frame Iran.

592. Intimidation from Homeland Security Agency (3/10/09)

I got a notice in @forum that my articles is under surveillance by Homeland Security agency. I wrote a petition to law makers:

The honorable Senator .
US Senator
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator,

I'm writing you to complain the harassment and persecution from the Homeland Security Department and the FBI and the DEA. My complain based on following facts:

1. In Web site @forum, most of my postings were gathered together under a topic set up by the host:
"Careful, the Feds are reading this...
02-26-2009, 12:47 AM
Please note:

At the request of Homeland Security, all the posts in this thread have been re-organized to enable the government to more easily keep track of illicit activities. Thank you for your cooperation."
The notice can be found at:
The notice won't help in any "track the illicit activities". Its real purpose is to scare people away from my postings.
2. The shut down of Homepage service of AOL and the community group service of MSN. I alleged so because there was no advantage for AOL and MSN to shut down the service. Which only badly hurt their reputation. Their action were done at same time in October 2008. I alleged the activity targeted to eliminate my revelation on FBI and DEA in forum service provided by these two firms where I have complete posting records for more than eight years.

3. For more than two months, I was blocked to internet during three months period from 9/15/08 to 12/24/08. My phone connection box also was perpetrated that I had to call AT&T for a repair on 10/24/08.

4.The Feds control my access to internet with the surveillance server. They blocked me to register in new forums or post in message board by virus, or format error, or intimidation the forum host. See influenced web sites in appendix.

In conclusion, the illicit activities of the Homeland Security Department, the FBI and the DEA, violated my constitutional right of the First Amendment and other users' right of Free speech. They are blocked from more information and communication from me.

I urge you to investigate the above abusing case of internet and set up new law to restrict the unbridle power of the law enforcement agency. It is not only to protect the civil right of US citizens, but also to prevent the country from slipping into a totalitarian.


Kat Hak Sung

Appendix. The web sites I was blocked to register or post recently:

593. Payment to North Korea (3/15/09)

Similar to the bombing of a Syrian nuclear site on Sept. 6, 2007, Israel also destroyed a nuclear reactor of Iraq in 1981. One thing is very clear: the raids all achieved by "one shot did all." It couldn't be done by regular bomb. It must be done by an accurate guided missile.
I remember the news in 1981 said when Israel attacked the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq, nobody was inside the site except a French technician. (The Osirak nuclear reactor was built by a French company) I think that technician was the one who activated a signal generator without aware of that a missile was running toward him by tracking the signal. Such kind of practice is common in the intelligence world. A typical one was 7/7/05 London bombing. When four sacrifice (government informants) went boarding the underground train with smile, they did what their master told them to do. They never knew their mission was to be a "suicide bomber".

Bombing nuclear site of Syria in 2007 needed accurate inside information too. How do I know North Korea played a role of Trojan Horse? From a news that the President of South Korea made a sudden visit to North Korea and had a summit there. The visit started from 10/2/07, 25 days from the incident "bombing Syria". Obviously it was a payment trip.

Of course the media used to mislead public with big lumps of story such like "Surprising steps at Koreas summit", "North Korea's leader shows little emotion at summit"..... The real meaning was vague in news: Quote, "Worries that South Korea's President Roh Moo Hyun would give away too much had been high..... For the North's leadership, the declaration would yield the economic growth it is seeking without demanding the political change it fears." (By Norimistsu Onishi, New York Times) They promised to open regular cargo railway service crossing their heavily armed border and create a joint fishing zone on their disputed sea frontier. It benefited both sides so it was not a payment.

The real payment was in a sentence: "The countries reiterated a commitment to deliver aid under the February disarmament deal granting the North the equivalent of 1 million tons of fuel oil." So I knew the secret deal was done in February. Seven months later (May, /2008), in another short news, I learned that USAID would supply North Korea 500,000 tons of food based on that February deal.

North Korea was labelled as an evil country by Bush. From time to time it challenges US with missile test, nuclear weapon and war. Yet, it always get generous aid from US that other countries rarely got. With my revelation, you now are able to realize all these are a soap opera to cheat the public, or the targeted enemy such like Syria and Iran.

594. Framed case in March and April (3/20/09)

On 3/10 the news reported that Chinese vessels surrounded and harassed a Navy surveillance ship in South China Sea. China hotly responded the US protest over that incident. US later sent a destroyer to protect the surveillance ship. It reminds me a similar accident eight years ago when a US surveillance plane had conflict with Chinese air force - also over South China Sea - and was forced to land on Hainan Island of China. That accident, as I later realized, was created by the Feds and Chinese secret police. The case was used as a cover up for a secret deal - a big payment to buy Chinese secret police to frame a drug case. (smuggling heroin from China to US) The payment was huge: China was granted the host of 2008 Olympic Game and to be the member of WTO. Because the payment was so unreasonable - that leads China developing rapidly in following years to a world economic power - both heads of FBI and DEA had to resign in month to take the responsibility. This may prove how the FBI and DEA are scare of my revelation. They would do anything to eliminate the witness of their crime.

So the new case in South China Sea means another secret deal is done. The conflict is used to cover up the collaboration between the two secret police forces. Several days later (3/15) I found my wife was preparing a luggage. She said she and my daughter would have a two weeks trip to Beijing on 3/24 and visit my uncle and aunt there. So that is the new case. My uncle and aunt had worked in a police hospital. One was a pharmacist and one was a dentist. They are now in their 70s and have retired from the work for more than a decade. Perhaps that would justify a FISA warrant for the Feds?

As usual, the trip was arranged suddenly. Feds is in a hurry. So now I have to worry about another framed drug case and the public must beware of a big terror attack. Feds will kill a lot of people in my case. To divert the public attention, they will create a big event to distract. It most likely will be a bio-attack this time. Here is a today's news:

" Bay Area
Response tested in mock attack

The East Side Club at the Oakland Coliseum was transformed Thursday into a treatment center for victims of a mock anthrax attack, with nearly 1,000 volunters and representatives of public health and emergency response agencies from 10 counties taking part in the exercise.

- Harry Harris, Bay Area News Group"

(San Jose Mercury News, 3/20/09)

595. Push Iran to swallow a bait (3/25/09)

On 3/15, I talked about the payment to N. Korea for its role in Syria bombing. (see "593. Payment to North Korea (3/15/09)) Three days later, there was a news.

Re: " N. Korea rejects U.S. food aid
By Foster Klug Associated Press

Washington - North Korea has rejected U.S. food shipments and asked aid groups to leave the country.....

Last May, the U.S. said it would provide 500,000 tons of food to N.Korea.... As part of that agreement, the U.S. delivered 169,000 tons to N. Korea, with the most recent shipment of 5,000 tons of vegetable oil and corn soy blend arriving in January."
(San Jose Mercury, 3/18/09)

It's another swift response to my revelation. When I pointed out the petro dollar was the cause of Iran war, the high oil price went downwards since. When I revealed the fuel aid and food aid were the payment of a secret deal, N. Korea immediately refuses to accept the food aid. Will that change your opinion?

The current events indicate that another plot is going on. N. Korea has played a Trojan Horse in Syria's case. It will play that role again, the target now is Iran.

Early this month, US and South Korea had a joint military maneuvers. N. Korea reacts with alarm and warns it may trigger war. N. Korea warns that it won't guarantee the safety of passenger plane flying near its airspace which forced air liners changed their flight paths. N. Korea also warns a war if US dare to intercept their rocket which will launch a satellite into orbit.

All these are just soap opera. It's an effort to push for a deal. I think N. Korea is trying to sell weapon grade nuclear fuel to Iran. That will finally justify US to invade Iran. US and N. Korea work hard to show Iran: "see, we are hostile each other. So that nuclear deal is not a Trojan Horse. Pull it into your city."

On 3/17, two US journalists were seized by N. Korea border guards. It's only another soap opera to add a coat of sugar on that poisonous capsule. US is eager to finish the Iran war in 2009. (see "582. Robert Gates' career prolonged for Iran war (1/15/09)")

596. Bio-attack in the name of pandemic (3/30/09)

The rehearsal of response to a mock attack(see #594) indicates the Feds may carry out the coming operation with the help of a bio attack. I have said Feds will kill a lot of people in the framed drug case. To cover up the unusual multiple deaths, Feds always planed big event such like war, natural disaster, terror attack to distract.

Here is a news prepared psychologically for that bio-attack:

"New Human Death from Bird Flu
By Tim Johnson McClatchy Newspapers

Beijing - A handful of new human fatalities from bird flu underscore that the H5N1 virus has become entrenched in some countries, such as China, and that it still could mutate and flare into a global pandemic, U.N. officials said last week.

China has reported five deaths from eight cases of bird flu so far this year. ...

He said that a worst-case scenario for a flu outbreak would shut down airports worldwide, strain hospitals, severely disrupt food and water supplies, and lead to shortages of anti-viral medications. A best-case scenario might cause only 100,000 deaths, he added."

In early January this year, Negroponti (former head of national intelligence, then work in State department) visited China as a representative of the State Secretary Condoleezza Rice. I view this sudden visit as another arrangement between the secret police of China and US. The unusual outbreak of avian flu in China likely is a plot to justify a planed bio-attack activated by the Feds - in the name of pandemic avian flu.

Don't think that 100,000 deaths warning is a joke. They had killed 3,000 in 911 to justify a war. They think only big slaughter can shock and awe the people. Keep in mind they once tried to nuke six cities for a framed case and Iran war.

The tactic is to prison everyone at their home. When they planed a terror attack, there will be a martial law. When there is a bio-attack, they quarantine people. Then Feds can kill people they dislike without awareness of others. The media will report what Feds want you to believe. When it happens, that you have had lost your freedom, remember what I have said today.

597. Rocket launch and worm Conficker (4/5/09)

The planed action date of this March and April plot will be around 4/4 to 4/8, when N. Korea will launch a ballistic missile which is coincidence with the return date of my wife from her China trip. It's easy to plant or create an incident in trip. It can develop into a big conflict if the US intercepts the launching North Korea rocket. All depends on the Feds' decision whether they will practice their plan or not in rocket launch.

This rocket launch obviously is a product of the secret deal between the N.Korea and the US. Will N. Korea really crazy enough to shot a target in the land of Japan or US? Everybody knows it's impractical. Because the retaliation from US could be disastrous. Recently, (just months ago) N. Korea receives food aid and fuel aid from the US. How can a nation without enough food and fuel to provoke a war?

Yet, the media blow the trumpet to propaganda on the threat from North Korea and hint that Japan and US may intercept the missile. What a comic. But it's a necessity for Feds. They planed a big case in early April. From the conflict with N. Korea, pandemic bird flu, possible terror attack, to internet blockade.

When people lose the freedom to move around under martial law or quarantine as Feds has designed, they also lose independent information from internet. Thus they have to take what Feds want you to know because the media is in their grasp.

On 3/28, news report said "Computer worm set for a return April 1.". Though Conficker worm causes little damage on April 1, it's still lurking, waiting for the right time to attack. I think the hand behind the screen is the Feds. Worm can be viewed as a weapon in modern information war. It will be used in big case, just like anthrax used in 911 case to push through the Bill of Patriot Act.

I have rich experience of internet harassment, and worms attack as well. see "153. Computer Warm attack(8/16) and 336. Worm and internet censorship (8/22/05)". Several months ago, I was blocked to internet for nearly three months.

The failure of the promised worm attack on 4/1 may indicate that the April plot went soured again. They'll use that Conficker in next plan.

So next time when there is a big terror attack, or a big pandemic, or a big disaster like wild fire, and you lose freedom in martial law or quarantine, and internet is sabotaged that you can only watch the TV which offers repeated picture, (such like airplane impact WTC and the building collapsing in smoke) and repeated warning from government, remember what I said today.

598. Block telephone service (4/10/09)

My wife returns from her China trip on 4/8. The date coincidence with the date of N. Korea's rocket launch date. (4/4 to 4/8). So I alleged that was the action date. Then there came another incident.

In midnight between 4/8 and 4/9, four separate underground fiber-optic cables were cut in San Jose area. Huge portions of a telecommunications network across three counties have lost service to land line phones, cell phones and /or the internet.

The case is obviously:
1. It's an organized crime. Since it was done in separate places at same time, it was not an individual random incident.

2. It needs inside information and co-operation, from the knowledge of location and access to the manhole. Quote, "One of them is to have big, heavy covers over the manholes and special ways to get them off," Britton said, "There's a tool you use. And in this case someone obviously had access to that."

3. The significance was played down. Quote, "The FBI joined the investigation, but authorities ruled out terrorism as a motive, and instead called it pure criminal vandalism." (The above information are from news "AT&T offers $100,000 reward", San Jose Mercury News" 4/10/2009)

Here is a confusion. What kind of an organization which is powerful enough to have co-operation from big communication firm and has the authority to de-grade a big criminal case, has the motive to risk a criminal charge to play some joke - say, vandalism - without any obvious interest purpose? It seems make no sense.

Or, if you have read my last message that, "(#597) you lose freedom in martial law or quarantine, and internet is sabotaged that you can only watch the TV which offers repeated picture, (such like airplane impact WTC and the building collapsing in smoke) and repeated warning from government, remember what I said today." You can find this is just a piece of the ring - the victim will lose all contact to outside, losing freedom of moving; blocked internet access and losing telephone service as well.

After years of restless effort to frame a case, Feds now makes the plan a perfect one. Only it has been soured so far under my revelation. That's why I was harassed so much in internet and why Feds activated so much accessories to call for a "ban" on me.

599. Cut power supply and activate a terror attack (4/15/09)

Not only internet would have been attacked, telephone service would have been lost, power supply would have been cut too. Watch the date of the news:

Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies
APRIL 8, 2009
WASHINGTON -- Cyberspies have penetrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system, according to current and former national-security officials.
The spies came from China, Russia and other countries, these officials said, and were believed to be on a mission to navigate the U.S. electrical system and its controls. The intruders haven't sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure, but officials warned they could try during a crisis or war.

Do you think Russia and China have the motive to provoke US at this time. Does it make any sense? Yet, how convenient for this government to blame everything on other countries, or so said "terrorists".

As I always said, the framed case used to come with big events to distract. That big events likely will be terror attacks, or big natural disaster. The April 8 framed case came with terror attack too.

"10 arrested in terror crackdown in England

London (AP) - British police arrested 10 men Wednesday (4/8) in a series of anti-terrorist raids across northwest England. ....

The British government currently assesses the country's terror threat level as "severe," the second highest of five possible ratings." (Mercury News, 4/9/2009)

Watch at the date. Do you believe it was another coincidence? Since the April 8 framed case was soured under my revelation, British government had to finish it in a pre-emptive arrest to avoid a re-action of 7/7/2005 London bombing.

600. Terror case in Britain and IRA (4/20/09)

The April 8 plot was planed in large scale. Since there is a model for Feds criminal tactic, we can see the resemblance of this one to the 9/24/2005 case. (marked with hurricane Katrina.)

Extract from: " 390. London bombing review (2) (continue to #388)(3/5/06)

7/6/2005 Blair declared Britain won the 2012 Olympic game hosting.
7/7/2005 First London bombing.
7/21, Second London bombing.
8/14. London bombing still would be used in new plot to justify the bombing in US.

Re: "US warns of new attacks on London
August 14, 2005

8/31. Chief Executive of Hongkong - Donald Tseng, invited the whole legislature of Hongkong to travel with him to mainland China on 9/25.

8/31. H.A. mailed an architectural inspection notice with heavy penalty intimidation. It included the enclosed yard. I thought it targeted at a self made little shed in backyard. If I tore down the shed, there would be a lot of junk. How could I handle it?

8/31. San Jose Council member Chuck Reed mailed a letter announced a "Free dumping day" on 9/24. Which offered a solution for backyard junk. The coincidence enabled me to realize that Feds planned to frame me on 9/24 if I would have dumped the garbage to the bin. (by claiming there was illegal things inside it?) But what if my wife did the garbage job? Then there was a sudden offering of fun trip from an airliner to the travel company my wife worked. Thus she left before 9/24.

9/22 -9/29. My wife left to South-east Asia for a fun trip.

9/24. Free dumping date. (attempt murder 2) Of course I wouldn't do as they wished.
9/24. Big anti-war protest in Washington. (planned to be humiliated by terror attack)
9/24. Hurricane Rita landed in Texas. An event to distract. (storm 3)

9/25 - 9/26. The legislature of Hongkong visited China. I allege there would have been a travel accident to kill Mr. Wang Yi Hong if 9/24 plot went on successfully. (attempt murder 3)

9/27. My wife took a boat trip in Haloon Bay, Vietnam. While Typhoon Damrey(storm 4) just left a day ago. (attempt murder 4)

The payment to British was not only to host the Olympic. Another reward came right after 9/24.

9/27. "Panel claims IRA has given up weapons
by John Daniszewsky
Los Angeles Times

....the Provisional Irish Republican Army had turned over the bullets, guns, blasting caps, bombs and explosive plastics that held much of Britain in terror for more than 35 years."
(Mercury News 9/27/05)"

Compare with this 4/8/09 case, we can see the resemblance:

1. Trip used to be a tactic to murder in the name of incident or easy to plant to a framed case. In both cases, my wife was offered by fun trips from Air liner or Chinese travel company.

2. A big event created to distract. It used to be a terror attack. It would be a big one in US. But to cover up US is the source of the plot, Feds arranged it a worldwide terrorist action. Britain became the pioneer victim.

3. I have said, Al Qaida and many other terrorist groups are puppet tool work for the Feds.
In Britain, it was IRA. In 9/24/2005 case, IRA abandoned armed resistance as a reward to Blair's British Government. In 4/8/2009 case, IRA attacked again to push Brown Gordon's government to join the framed case.

Re: Real IRA Shoot 2 British Soldiers Dead in Northern Ireland (3/9/09)

IRA faction takes credit for killing cop
(by E. Quinn and J.f. Burns, New York Times. 3/11/09)

One month later, we saw the terror case in England.
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601. Bill to control the Internet (4/25/2009)

I would say my message very accurately revealed the criminal activities of the Feds. They hate it very much. I could feel it each time their member calling for a "ban" on me in internet forum. And the effort to censor me from Internet is enormous: From Sept 15 2008 to Dec. 2008, I was blocked from the Internet for nearly three months. Two big Internet company cancelled their community service. In October, AOL shut down its homepage service - the site where I always post with my new written articles. In same month, MSN announced the plan to shut down its community service - where I posted in more than a dozen of message boards.

In this recent 4/8/09 case, we can also see the plan to attack the Internet: Warm Comficker; cut the fiber-optic cables; plan to cut the power supply....These are all criminal activities. I revealed them. Then there comes the news:
Rockefeller wants the US Government to shut down your access to the Internet!
Quote, "Senate Proposal Could Put Heavy Restrictions on Internet Freedoms

A proposed bill that would give the president widespread power to shut down the Internet in the event of a cyberattack could have sweeping implications on civil liberties.

By James Osborne
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The days of an open, largely unregulated Internet may soon come to an end. "
Quote, "Proposed new powers called 'drastic federal intervention'
April 04, 2009
By Drew Zahn
A pair of bills introduced in the U.S. Senate would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online data, regulate the cybersecurity industry and even shut down Internet traffic during a declared "cyber emergency." ... geId=93966

Now what Feds need to do is to let one of their assets to put a worm in Internet, or activate a cyber attack from the land of China, Russia, even N. Korea where Feds can declare the IP is hard to trace, then they can shut down the Internet. Is that easy to control your communication? The cost will be much less to let N. Korea to launch a rocket or let IRA to shoot some British soldiers, isn't it?

602. Swine Flu is a bio-attack from Feds (4/30/09)

Feds planed a bio-attack in 4/8 plot. I accurately predicted it on 3/30, eight days before action date. Re:

"596. Bio-attack in the name of pandemic (3/30/09)"

The rehearsal of response to a mock attack(see #594) indicates the Feds may carry out the coming operation with the help of a bio attack. I have said Feds will kill a lot of people in the framed drug case. To cover up the unusual multiple deaths, Feds always planed big event such like war, natural disaster, terror attack to distract.

Here is a news prepared psychologically for that bio-attack:

"New Human Death from Bird Flu
By Tim Johnson McClatchy Newspapers

Beijing - A handful of new human fatalities from bird flu underscore that the H5N1 virus has become entrenched in some countries, such as China, and that it still could mutate and flare into a global pandemic, U.N. officials said last week.
.......A best-case scenario might cause only 100,000 deaths, he added."

I said Feds had planed a frame case on date when my wife returned from her China trip which was accordance with the missile launching date of N.Korea.(N.Korea set the launching date between 4/4 to 4/8) I said the Feds may carry out the coming operation with the help of a bio attack. My wife returned on 4/8. She was severely sickened with a flu. She could hardly speak due to the sore throat caused by severe cough. She had to stay home for days before back to work on 4/13 with her voice still broken. That's something never happened before. My wife is a hard working woman. In my memory, she had never asked for a sick leave.

Why hadn't the Feds carried out their 4/8 plan? I think because I accurately revealed their plot. I even referred the news to guess the coming bio-attack was a bird flu (H5N1). The reference news was from China. I always point out Chinese secret police is an accomplice of the Feds in this framed case. And my wife caught the flu during her China trip. Would you say that's another coincidence?

Then why do they revive that bio-attack? I think the pressure from the high ranking is too heavy. Because I also accurately predicted the Iran war. Everything seems to be ready for that war - except the elimination of Kat Hak Sung who revealed the secret. But haven't I predicted the bio-attack of bird flu (H5N1) in advance? To avoid to prove my accuracy, Feds creates another name - Swine Flu (H1N1). New name won't change the reality. Everything shows it's a pre-planed bio-attack. Feds just changed the name of the flu.

603. Mexico Flu was part of 4/8 plot (5/8/09)

In recent days I was blocked to access the Internet again for almost three days. I think the main reason is my message #602 reveals the secret of Swine Flu. So if I could not post my message on time, (every five days), then you know something bad is going to happen.

When I say Mexico Flu was part of 4/8 plot, I based on timing. The first death of the Flu, was Adela Maria Gutierrez. She fell ill April 1 with what she thought was a bad cold. She tried aspirin and antibiotics, bed rest and moist towels, but nothing brought down her soaring fever, reduced her aches and pains, or boosted her energy level. Maria Gutierrez went to the hospital April 9. After tests revealed an unusual illness, medical personnel isolated her and notified state and federal official. She died April 13. (Extracted from San Jose Mercury News, 4/29 and 5/1) The timing was accordance to my wife's. My wife caught a flu in later March and early April. The worst time for her was about April 8. If the Feds increases the poison dose, she might have died at same time Gutierrez did. The outbreak of the Mexico Flu would rapidly spread all over the world that would justify my wife's death.

Another similar case took place in a train which crossed Siberia of Russia. The news topic was: "Sudden death of a Chinese female worker, Russia steps up its way to prevent a pandemic." In a train from Far East to Moscow, a young woman's health worsened at night of 4/14. She had a high fever and died next morning. The original diagnosis of Russian doctor was that the woman died of SARS. The response of Russia was strong. They immediately stopped the train, Quarantine the station and isolated the 60 passengers of that coach. The Guarantine released on 4/18 when authority said that the disease was not SARS but an ordinary pneumonia.

Several local Chinese paper reported this news with big article. It also said the mainstream media of Russia made a large quantity of news report on this topic. Caused a nation wide public attention. The unusual reaction of the government may indict the 4/8 plot was a big one. The secret police of China and Russia were involved. If the 4/8 plot carried out successfully, then there was a worldwide "pandemic". The Russia's would have started from that Chinese woman's death on train.

Since the persecution was urgent and in large scale, the next plot probably would be around 5/24 when my nephew will have a wedding party in Boston. My family members will fly from the West coast to the East Coast to attend that party.

604. The death in Mexico is not caused by flu (5/14/09)

The unusual symptom of the flu my wife caught was a severe cough. I had never seen her coughed so badly before. My wife also brought a big box of flu medicine from her China trip. It was a traditional Chinese medicine that was very effective to prevent a flu. So I took some pills. It didn't help me to prevent a flu. I started to cough too. So my wife gave me a bottle of Robitussin. After taking several dose, my cough became worse. I had similar bad cough about three years ago. Here is the description: "There was a severe cough after I ate the meat bought there. The cough was so strong that I couldn't sleep for nights. It lasted several weeks. The poison might be some kind of radiation material (isotope). I had suffered such kind of poisoning before but none was so severe like this one." (422. Poison food and Indian market (7/20/06))

Of course, I stopped to take the medicine. I was afraid it was poisoned. On 4/13, my wife went back to work. The next days she brought home some cookies. I noticed that we all coughed after eating the cookies. I started to realize it was not the flu but the poisoned food that caused the coughing.

I think
1. Feds planed a murder under the cover up of Flu. The poison (I allege it is a kind of isotope) will cause a severe cough. Heavy doze will swollen the lung that leads to the de-function of breath. Feds spread it with flu virus because the flu symptoms will cover up the severe cough caused by poison.

2. Feds may have contaminated the public place (such like restaurant, hospital or bus) with the poison. People may get sick when they having food with their contaminated hand. That's why the media emphasized on washing hand.

3. There is a mystery puzzled experts that why reported deaths have occurred only in Mexico and the confirmed cases elsewhere are mild. I don't believe H1N1 only select Mexicans to kill. It only proves H1N1 is a common flu, easy to spread but generally mild. In this case, it is used to cover up the poison. So when it went to elsewhere, it is mild.

The death mainly took place in Mexico because it's a convenient place picked up for the special operation. La Gloria is the town thought to be the source of the Swine Flu. Quote, "The village has many immigrants in the U.S.. Mexican epidemiologists say one theory is that someone who had been in the U.S. brought the virus back to the community." (Mercury News, 4/29)

This someone is the special operative(s) who poisoned the route he (they) went, to create a panic for the 4/8 case.

4. Quote, "New flu cases leveling off, Mexico says
By Paul Haven and Nico Price
Associated Press
Friday, May 1, 2009

The health ministry, which earlier said 168 people were believed killed by swine flu in Mexico, on Thursday would only confirm 12 of those deaths and would not say how many were suspected."

Can you interpret this news? It means 168 people died in similar cause. Only 12 found positive with H1N1 virus. (Even though, they were not necessarily died of H1N1) So the cause of the 168 deaths is something else. Now you can imagine what is it.

605. Swine Flu time table (5/20/09)

There were two attempts for bio-attack in April. One was the original 4/8 plot. It was a big plan consisted of a bio attack, a terror attack (marked with 4/8 "terror crack down in England) and the Iran war(marked with rocket launch of N.Korea, dated 4/4 to 4/8).

Here is the time table for the first bio-attack attempt which was in the name of bird-flu pandemic.
Three big powers involved.

2/26 A news of "New Human Death from Bird Flu" from Beijing China justified the coming "global pandemic". (see #596.)

3/19 There was an exercise for responding a bio-attack in Bay-area. (see #594)

3/20 I wrote "594. Framed case in March and April (3/20/09)", said, my wife "would have a two weeks trip to Beijing on 3/24",(which implied her return date was 4/8) "To divert the public attention, they will create a big event to distract. It most likely will be a bio-attack this time."

3/30 I wrote "596. Bio-attack in the name of pandemic (3/30/09)", repeated that "The unusual outbreak of avian flu in China likely is a plot to justify a planed bio-attack activated by the Feds - in the name of pandemic avian flu."

4/5 I wrote "597. Rocket launch and worm Conficker (4/5/09)", said that "The planed action date of this March and April plot will be around 4/4 to 4/8, when N. Korea will launch a ballistic missile which is coincidence with the return date of my wife from her China trip."

4/1 Maria Gutierrez fell ill.
About same time, my wife caught a flu in her China trip. (see # 603)

4/8 My wife returned home, severely sickened with a bad cough.
4/9 Maria Gutierrez's situation got worse, went to hospital.
4/13 Maria Gutierrez died in hospital.
4/15 Early morning, a young Chinese woman suddenly died in a train that crossed Siberia Russia.
There was a swift response from Russia. Train stopped. The station Quarantined. The
passengers isolated. Russia doctor said she died of SARS.
4/15 Morning, the mainstream media of Russian, multiple press, newspaper and national
television made a strengthening report on this news, caused nation wide public attention.
4/15 Night, Russia media changed the tone, said the patient might die to the Hand, Mouth and Foot
4/15 The Minister of Food and Health Department of Hongkong, announced to lower the grade of
response to Avian Flu - from severe class to alert class.
4/18 Russia media reported that the woman's death was caused by ordinary pneumonia.

I think Feds failed to get me into a disease of "bad flu" - I refused food and medicine arranged for me. The lowering grade of the response to Avian Flu in Hongkong on 4/15 may indict Feds formerly abandoned their original plot of a bio attack in the name of bird flu. Because I had predicted that attack. Russia even didn't refer the case to flu but call it SARS. If Feds was successful in 4/8 plot, my wife would have died like the other two women at the time between 4/13 to 4/15.

Then on 4/24, Feds had another attempt to push up a pandemic. To avoid the name of "bird flu", they picked up a new virus from their bio-weapon warehouse. It has a bits of genetic material from swine flu, avian flu and human flu. Of course, there was a consideration of the name. Human flu is too common that won't scare people. Bird Flu fits the demand but that will fall into my prediction. So they call it Swine Flu. Mysterious enough to intimidate public. It apparently was a propaganda name not a scientific one. Several days later, they have to change it into H1N1 A. H1N1 basically represent human flu.

Why I say it's another attempt? Because in following days when Swine Flu had been hot topic in media, N. Korea came again.

Quote, "N.Korea makes another missile threat

By Jae-Soon Chang 4/30/09

Seoul, S. Korea - N. Korea warned Wednesday it will fire an intercontinental ballistic missile - or even carry out another nuclear test - unless the U.N. apologizes for condemning the regime's April 4 rocket launch. "

It is a pity to abandon that original plan which has been prepared for months. And the war on Iran is an urgent demand.

(I was again blocked to post in internet for two weeks. Feds must have planed another big plot these days. 6/3)

606. 5/25 plot (6/16/09)

I used to post my journal style article every five days. Last one #605 was written on 5/20, today is 6/16. It means from 5/20, I was blocked to the internet for 21 days. The censorship proves what I said was truth, Feds are afraid of it.

I have correctly predicted the 4/8 plot that would have come with a bio-attack. (see detail in #602)
Feds used to arrange a trip for the case. I predicted that the action date likely would be the return date when my wife finishing her China trip.(4/8) It would match the distract event - N. Korea launching a ballistic missile. (date ranged from 4/4 to 4/8).

Then I correctly predicted there would be a second attempt.

On 5/8, I said, "Since the persecution was urgent and in large scale, the next plot probably would be around 5/24 when my nephew will have a wedding party in Boston. My family members will fly from the West coast to the East Coast to attend that party." (see #603)

The late development proves the action date was set on 5/25. My family members flied to Boston on 5/23 (Saturday) and attended my nephew's wedding ceremony on 5/24.(Sunday) They flied back on 5/25. (Monday, Veteran's day) Feds used to set the action date on return date of the trip. (Air plane accident?)

And on 5/20, (Five days before 5/25) I wrote, "Why I say it's another attempt? Because in following days when Swine Flu had been hot topic in media, N. Korea came again.

Quote, "N.Korea makes another missile threat

By Jae-Soon Chang 4/30/09

Seoul, S. Korea - N. Korea warned Wednesday it will fire an intercontinental ballistic missile - or even carry out another nuclear test". (see #605)

It was a nuclear test. On 5/25, North Korea announced it successfully conducted its second nuclear test. It was again, strangely, coincident with the date when my family members return from their trip.

The plot, if had been carried out successfully, would be an outbreak of a framed drug case. A lot of people will be murdered by the Feds. Few people will notice the case because it would have been distracted by big events: bio-attack; terrorist attack and Iran war. We have seen the Swine Flu in this plot already. And N. Korea will play the role of a witness to justify the Iran war that it exports nuclear weapon to Iran.
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607. N.Korea provokes U.S.? (6/22/09)

Right after the nuclear test of N. Korea of 5/25, South Korea responded by joining the Proliferation Security Initiative, a U.S. led movement to stop ships from transporting banned nuclear goods.

This is the key point of that soap opera. The inspection will tell the world that Iran is the buyer of the weapon and nuclear material. While Bush regime failed to justify the Iraq war with WMD lie, this time the Inside Group does a perfect job. They show the evidence in a big event. We see the destroyer USS John McCain now is following a N.Korean ship when it leaves the vicinity off the coast of China. It is preparing to intercept the suspected cargo of proliferating missiles and nukes once the government insiders decide to start the war on Iran.

The likely action date of a coming terror plot will be on 7/4, when N. Korea will fire a ballistic missile towards Hawaii. Media beat the drum to propaganda on it. It is a comic because:

1. N. Korea is weak in economy. It lives on food and fuel aid from China and US!!! It can't support a war. Although in early 1950s there was a Korea war, N.Korea had the support of two powers - Soviet Union and China at that time. Russia and China have no attempt now to challenge US.

2. US is a super power in the world now. It doesn't make sense to challenge a super power.
The result of a war will be disastrous to N.Korea.

3. In a weapon test, a nation used to choose an international open area. There are plenty of open space in Pacific. Why choose Hawaii? It's a deliberate provocation which could leads to a war.

Have you ever seen a mouse challenge a cat at cat's house? So it is only a "cat crying 'Mouse is coming'" soap opera. The challenge mouse knows there will be no revenge from the cat. In under table deal, it will be paid for that performance. The real target of the cat is another mouse- Iran. To Justify a war on Iran, an excuse that Iran attempt to create nuclear weapon is not enough. US insiders need a 911 alike case, or even bigger than that.

That's why 7/4 is selected. The "enemy" attacked on national holiday. According to former soured plot, multi cities will be bombed by - possibly nukes, most likely will be dirty bombs or chem-weapon. Of course, once the war starts, a pandemic will break out and a martial law be announced to quarantine anti-war people.

608. Bio attack in the name of a flu (6/28/09)

1. I predicted the bio attack.

Originally the Feds planed a bird flu pandemic for the framed drug case and the coming Iran war. On 2/26, news reported China had five deaths from Bird flu. On 3/19, there was a rehearsal for the bio-attack in Bay Area (where I lived). I predicted there would be a bio-attack, possibly H5N1 the Bird Flu in late March. see #594 and #596. Bio-attack in the name of pandemic (3/30/09)

2. The plot was around 4/8.

The killer flu started in Mexico in late March. The first victim Maria Gutierrez.fell ill on 4/1. She went to hospital on 4/9 and died on 4/13. My wife got sick with a flu at same time in her China trip.
She went home on 4/8. In following days, I refused the medicine she introduced when I saw it only increased the coughing.
Early morning on 4/15, a Chinese woman died in a train in Siberia of Russia. Russian government had a swift response - quarantined the train and station. Russian media made massive report on this news. Only at night the media changed its tone to say that the cause of death was not the SARS but another disease. See #603.

3. The turning point was on 4/15. It was obvious.

When the Feds saw I didn't fall into their 4/8 trap, they stopped that Bird Flu plot. Not only Russia media changed their report, the HongKong government also announced to lower the grade of response to Avian Flu - from severe class to alert class on 4/15.

A Bird Flu pandemic would hurt economy seriously. If the original plan went on, Feds would have to pay huge to its collaborator. So we saw a dramatical turning around.

4. Swine Flu invented to continue the plot.

(1) Why continue the plot? Iran war. As I have said, Iran war is set to finish in one year. That's why Obama prolongs one year for Robert Gates to stay as the Secretary of Defense. Now only six months left.

(2) Media first reported Swine Flu on 4/24, eight days after 4/15. It took Feds a week to find a substitute for Bird Flu from their labs. This "swine flu" is a hybrid of part swine flu, part human flu and part bird flu, something that can only come from laboratories according to many experts. It is apparently from the lab of Pentagon.

(3) So far the Swine Flu is a mild one. The death rate is similar to or even milder than the ordinary human flu. A virus either can intimidate people, but also won't hurt economy.

(4) It may prove the flu took place in Mexico before 4/15 is not the swine flu as the media later says. The flu infected Mexicans before 4/15, possibly was H5N1 the bird flu virus. So there was a high death rate in Mexico. Feds changed their tactic after 4/15. That made high death rate in Mexico a mystery. A flu virus won't be so smart that it selects Mexicans to kill.

(5) Media is controlled by the Intelligence. Unusual media propaganda on a mild flu means there is a purpose. The flu death of this case in Mexico starts on 4/13. Until 4/24, rare people knew there was a killing flu happened in Mexico. So we know there would be no panic in public if media keeps their mouth shut up like what they have done in that 10 days. And the propaganda on Swine flu thereafter is enormous even there is no proof that it is more dangerous than the common flu.

(6) Flu used to happen in winter season. It is summer now. But the news of Swine Flu keeps on showing off in media. The event is against nature and makes no common sense. What I can say is: When Feds successfully frame a drug case, then the mild flu will "mutate" into a killing virus - not naturally but a step to meet the demand of the Feds. The Swine Flu is a bio-attack from the Feds.

609. About gold price and inflation (9/16/09)

I have been blocked to post until today. It is nearly three months. I could post recently with the message because I go to the public library for their computer service.

Gold will go $1,500 to $2,000/ounce in recent days

I think the Feds is preparing another financial tsunami in the rest days of this year. In which US dollars will rapidly devalued to a historical low. The price of the gold will go $1,500 to $2,000/ounce. The exchange rate of the Japanese yen will go 80/dollar or higher. The Euro will go 1.6 dollar/Euro or higher.

This is why there is regime change in Japan. The Liberal party was too close to its enterprises and big business. It resists to increase the value of yen to the desire of the Feds. So it has to step down. The Democrat party who is willingly to sacrifice the Japanese financial interest now gets the power. The high value of Japanese yen will certainly hurt Japan's economy.

China and India co-operate with the Feds. They have bought the gold quietly for sometime and will make a good profit in coming gold rush.

It will happen in coming days of this year. What a tsunami it is if it all takes place in three months. I predict it before the media bang the drum on inflation. And remember what I said today and how the Feds control your mind with propaganda.

When I say the Feds is the hand to push up the gold price, the Feds here means intelligence (FBI, DEA). So they have their own way to clear the uphill road for the gold.

Here is a whole page advertisement in San Jose Mercury News on August 24, 2009:

Cash for Gold comes to Cupertino

With unemployment and foreclosures at a record high in California, ARC Capital Investments will host another fun, safe and lucrative cash for gold purchasing event here in Cupertino to help stimulate the economy. Many people are already very aware of the benefits of such an event due to the many advertisements on television, radio and the Internet.

ARC Capital Investments, a California state-licensed precious metals dealer, has a different approach to the demand and supply of precious metals. Owner of ARC, hosts a 4-day event in the Cypress Hotel, a very well established and reputable hotel, in order to ensure 100% client interaction.

The Gold Evaluation Process
........ "

The price of the gold in August was around $950/ounce. ARC of course is not a charitable institution. When it pays huge to rent hotels and put advertisement to collect gold from area to area, how much do you think they expect to make in future gold market?

When media repeats on foreclosure and unemployment news, it squeezes people to sell gold and jewellry to speculators. The next financial balloon will be a gold bubble. At that time, the topic in media will be inflation. It will advise you to buy back gold. This is how the inside group controls this country and make money from each crisis.

610. The road of persecution (9/23/09)

1. I was a seller in flea market. In 1991, I learned from newspaper that one importer from whom I had bought merchandise was arrested for drug smuggling. I found I was under surveillance too.

2. Several months later, my leg was hurt and couldn't move. I found it was caused by the radiation of isotope money. Feds uses it to tracking place where people keep cash. My health was seriously hurt. I complained to the Federal attorney. Since then I became a murder target of the Feds. The murder method included E.M. wave shooting.

3. In 1994, I went to China, wish to get rid of the persecution from the Feds. I found in China I still was under surveillance. The payment for China's co-operation was to improve China's trading with US. In that year, China got the most favored nation treatment from the US. My China trip may motivated the OKC bombing.

4. In 1995, FBI created Oklahoma bombing in order to get more police power. With OKC bombing FBI director Louis Freeh proposed an Act which is similar to the Patriot Act but failed.
The evidence that FBI involved in OKC bombing can be found in court document: ... ICHOLS.pdf

5. In March 1999, as the persecution intensified, I had to leave US again. Because China has been bought by the Feds, I went to South-east Asia. In March, 2000, there was an attempt to frame me in a drug case, I had tried to seek asylum in the Foreign Minister of Thailand.

6. In 2000, when I returned to US, the bitter experience motivated me to expose the ugly face of the Feds in the Internet. I wrote a journal style article "The dark side of US" with every five days a story. It now accumulates to 610 messages. It really touched the nerve of the Feds. I think it was one of the reasons they activated 911.

7. In early April, 2001, Feds (DOD and DOJ) created EP-3 spy plane incident. In negotiation to release the spy plane crew, FBI and DEA signed a secret deal with Chinese government. In the secret deal, China would frame a drug case. The payment was huge. China was granted to host 2008 Olympic Game and to be a member of WTO. China was greatly benefitted by this deal. As a result, China now becomes the second economic power in the world. Because of that deal, both the director of FBI and DEA resigned in April and left their posts three months later.

to see the secret deal about spy-plane at:

8. My brother in law is a business man who imported goods from China. I alleged the Chinese secret police planted drugs in merchandise he imported. The first plot was planed on June 11, 2001. Feds set McVeigh's execution date on that day to distract public's attention. I revealed the secret deal in the Internet.

9. After the 6/11 plot went soured, Feds prepared 911 attack. Silverstein negotiated to lease the World Trade Center in New York and signed the contract in July. The 911 attack did what OKC bombing hadn't achieved - Feds got the power they wanted, that is the Patriot Act.

10. On May 3, 2002, my brother in law had a birthday party. I thought the Feds had set up a trap and didn't attend it. I revealed it in the Internet. Several days later, my tenant (who rented a bedroom in my house) and a neighbor, suddenly left. Both the two came from China. Later I learned from the news that FISA court rebuked A.G. Ashcroft for deceiving the judge. Thus I knew I was under the surveillance of FISA warranty. The two were Chinese secret police, placed in my house and neighbor by the Feds. They had to leave after the FISA court withdrew the warranty.

11. I alleged the tenant (Chinese secret police) planted drugs in my house. Because in following years, several times Feds tried to perform searches by disguising as roofing contractor or garage door contractor. (to reach their goal, the roof file and garage door were damaged.)

12. Since then many framed cases were plotted. The latest case is trying to perform search in the name of IRS. To reach their goal, my wife deliberately filed wrong tax return. I had to abandon the joint tax return. One event they created was the Virginia Tech. massacre which was used to distract the framed case. It took place on April. 17, 2007 - the last day to file the tax return. When the Feds expected me to file the tax return.

611. Restricted in US (10/17/09)

Ten days ago, I was denied to enter the Canada in board check point. Since I have all the document and sufficient fund a tourist should have. I think the board officer was instructed by the misleading information from the US Federal agent. Here is my complain to Attorney General.

Kat Hak Sung
*********Dr. . San Jose, Ca. 95132
Oct., 12, 2009

The honorable Attorney General Eric Holder
US Department of Justice

Dear Attorney General Holder,

I'm writing you to complain about the persecution applied on me from the Feds. The persecution includes surveillance, internet harassment, and entering misleading information in international immigration and custom system which restricted my freedom to travel.

I urge you to investigate the case.

1. I am under surveillance for more then ten years. I have been followed and tracked by the agents.

2. I am blocked to access the Internet for nearly a year. I have to go Internet by library computer.

3. On Oct. 7, 2009, I was denied to enter the Canada.
(1) It was a framed case. I have sufficient fund for travel and had plan of where to stay. But they still ordered me into inside office where I was asked with strange questions. Such like "What job do you have?", "Why you don't have a job?", "Do you play guns?" which leads to the story of persecution of the Feds. All these made me believe these officers were instructed by some misleading information from the computer.

(2) The immigration officers never tell me the reason. Until I was escorted to the departure terminal while I found the paper they gave me written with a vague reason of "to paragraph 42(1) of the immigration and refugee protection regulations". I can only guess they think I'll seek refugee in Canada.

(3) Since the officer never tell me the reason, I have no chance to argue and defense myself. In questioning, the officer knew I have sufficient fund to travel and I have a family in California and I own a house there. Maybe that was why they didn't give the proper reason. The regulation is only used as an excuse for paper work.

(4) It was a framed case not only the officers didn't tell me the reason they denied my entering of Canada, but also the officer faked my signature to make it a "voluntary withdraw".

The denial costs me time and money for an unsuccessful journey.

In conclusion, my civil right to speak and travel was seriously violated. I believe the Feds had abused its power to input misleading information in immigration and custom computer system and inform Canada authority to follow. I ask your help to investigate this case.


Kat Sung

612. War crisis in September (10/29/09)

From #593 to 607, I talked about how the Feds attempted to frame a drug case which was to be covered up by Iran war. The fire of Iran war designed to be lit by North Korea. In three months from April to July, N. Korea launched a ballistic missile heading to Alaska area on 4/5; did a nuclear test on 5/25; and planed to launch another ballistic missile to Hawaii area on 7/4. The 7/4 plan went soured. I think because I revealed that Iran war could have been justified by a shipment of nuclear weapon from a N. Korea's ship. That ship failed to go to its destination and finally returned to N. Korea. So failed that project.

A new attempt came in September. On 9/25, Western intelligence accused Iran of constructing a secret underground uranium enrichment facility in Qum and of hiding it from international inspectors for years. Following the revelation, media said that US would demand to access to other sites that have long been off limits and demand Iran to answer detailed questions about its suspected efforts to build nuclear weapons. A tough new sanction would be seeked if Iran resisted. It means the war may start any time when Iran doesn't obey the demand.

The response from Iran was swift. Next day, Iran said it would allow U.N. inspectors to examine the newly revealed secret nuclear site. One month later, on 10/26, inspectors of IAEA examined the covert nuclear facility in Qum. Iran is very humble and cooprative this time. Iran felt the threaten of war.

So said terrorists came out to help. It's not a coincidence.
The news of Secret nuclear site in Iran was released on 9/25 by western intelligence. Here are the other news:

* "Terror suspect charged in plot to make bombs. Denver man may have planned to strike there or N.Y." (By W.K.Rashbaum, New York Time, 9/25/09)
* "Bomb plot arrests in Illinois, Texas". (Chicago, AP, 9/25/09)
* On same day - 9/25 - "Osama Bin Laden demanded that European countries pull their troops out of Afghanistan in a new audiotape Friday, warning of "retaliation" against them for their alliance with the US in the war." (Caro, AP, 9/26/09)

As I always said, the war will be justified with nuclear horror, terror attack, either it is done by North Korea or Al Qaida. Though the media didn't propaganda it as a crisis, there was a war crisis in September. You can judge it how collaborated they were on Sept. 25 - Western intelligence, FBI, media and Bin Laden - when they release the news at same time.
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613. Iran war and another economic tsunami (11/12/09)

I have said that the purpose of Iran war is to save US dollar. Because Iran had abandoned dollar in oil trading, US has to keep the oil price at about $80/barrel to maintain the value of dollar in internetional money market.(see "556. Petro-dollar, the cause of Iran war (7/4/08)").

There were four big attempts to start the Iran war in past three years. 1. On 8/30/2007, a B-52 "mistakenly" carried six nuclear missiles to fly over the US continent. 2. On 8/8/2008, when Olympic Game ceremony opened in China and Russia invaded Georgia. 3. During April to July/4/09, when N. Korea tested its ballistic missile and nuclear bomb. 4. 9/25/09, when a secret nuclear facility in Iran was revealed and US gave Iran an ultimatum.

If the war on Iran plot have gone through, then Iran would be forced to go back to dollar system in oil trading, the oil price would go normal - that is around $20 to $30/barrel. But in the short period around the war time, what will happen? The oil price will go high, the dollar will go to historical low, and the gold, will go up like a rocket. Will those who planed the war project miss such a good chance to make a fortune? We know in 911, there was unusual trading in stock market that bid the downwards of air company because someone knew a disaster would come. So was in 8/30/2007's plot. Do you still remember the oil price had been manipulated to $147/barrel before 8/8/2008 plot? This time they focus on gold and money market. I felt this when I saw the "Cash for gold" advertisement in August. I wrote "609. About gold price and inflation (9/16/09)", predicted that the gold would go $1,500/ounce or higher, Euro would go 1.6 dollar/euro or higher, and yen would go 80/dollar or higher this year. On 9/25, Iran war crisis suddenly broke out. US gave a three months ultimatum to Iran. (that would be 9/25 to 12/25) If Iran hadn't humbly made a swift response, three months is enough to push the gold price to $1,500 to $2,000/ounce. I did foresee another economic tsunami ploted by the Feds.

The ripple of September Iran war crisis:
1. Obama was awarded Nobel Peace Price on Oct.8/2009. It's true that Obama didn't do anything big enough to get that prize. My interpretation is that the European elites who, too, felt the coming war crisis. This action is an effort to stop the war before it happens. It also explains why there is a noise in US media. Because it really makes the war more difficult for a Nobel Peace prize winner. That makes the Feds unhappy.

2. On Oct.18, bombing in Iran killed five senior Revolutinary Guard officers. Iran accused Pakistan, the US and Britain were behind the attack. Such kind of case needs intelligence resource. It obviously is a provocation. Because on Oct.24, the inspectors of IAEA would come to Iran to examine the covert nuclear facility. If the Iran regime was enraged by the death of their top ranking commanders and changed their decision of accepting the inspection. Then the war became possible. Once again, Iran humbly swallowed the bitter fruit. Iran still opened the door for the UN inspection. Iran knows it faces a war.

614. Secret deal with N.Korea (11/22/09)

Feds used to pay other party to do illegal and ugly missions. How do they justify the payment if the receiver is a hostile country? They create an incident.

The typical sample is the bombing of Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999. (see "193. Bombing Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia (1/1)" and "194. D.o.D. worked for D.o.J. (1/6)")

Another big one is the "EP-3" spy plane incident in April 2001. In exchange to frame a drug case, China was granted to be a member of WTO and to be host of 2008 Olympic. We all see the result: China since then becomes an economic power, now one of the G-2. (see "555. Olympic deal (6/29/08) and "610. The road of persecution (9/23/09)")

Here is the time table of how N.Korea pushed for a nuclear horror from April to July for the Iran war and how an incident created to justify the payment of a secret deal.

3-17 Current TV of San Francisco sent two reporters - Laura Ling and Euna Lee to China to gather the news of North Korea refugees. They were mysteriously arrested by N.Korea board guards. The two admitted that they were "very, very briefly" cross the board - "maybe 30 seconds". If it was truth, then N.Korea board guards must be most efficient one in the world, and the two journalist must be the dumbest reporter in the world. They were sentenced to 12 years prison term.

4 - 5. N.Korea launched a ballistic missile to the Alaska area.

5 -25. N.Korea had a nuclear test.

6 - 7. Hillary Clinton said US may be seeking a way to interdict, possibly with China's help, North Korean sea and air shipments suspected of carrying weapons or nuclear technology. Later that month, US war ship John McCain followed a N.Korean commercial ship and made it a news. That ship, I think, carried with nuclear material to prove Iran's ambition on nuclear weapon. That ship, finally didn't go anywhere but returned to N.Korea.

7 - 4. N.Korea planned to launch another ballistic missile to Hawaii area but failed to carry out the plan. I think the Feds had changed its plan to the end of this year because that time is more suitable to push for a financial tsunami for a gold rush.

8 - 4. The two US journalists are pardoned and released by N. Korea during a visit by former President Bill Clinton.

You can see how a hostage show starts in March and ends in August while North Korea fulfils its
task in April, May, June and July. It resembles the 2001 EP-3 spy plane incident. In both cases the Feds sent hostage to hostile country to justify a secret deal and payment.

615. Gold rush in the end of the year (12/5/2009)

In early September, in #609, I predicted that "Feds is preparing another financial tsunami in the rest days of this year. ..... The price of the gold will go $1,500 to $2,000/ounce. The exchange rate of the Japanese yen will go 80/dollar or higher. The Euro will go 1.6 dollar/Euro or higher."

The gold price was around $1,000/oz at that time. It reaches $1,200/oz these days. Euro now is $1.5/Euro and yen is about 87/dollar.

The speculators gathered the gold at the price around $900/oz. To set the profit margin at $1,500/oz is natural. It can be reached in the rest days of this year. How high the gold price can go after the price passing over $1,500/oz? It depends on the situation how successfully the speculators unload the hot potatoes (high price gold) into the hands of public. At that time, notice the big topic in the media - war, inflation, article to praise the value of gold and report of the short supply of it.... It's the time the speculators retreating from the gold market.

Also I have talked about "China and India co-operate with the Feds." to push up the gold price in that September message. Seven weeks later, on November 3, the IMF sold the Central Bank of India 200 metric tons of gold at $1043/oz. The news helped the gold went over the strategic point of $1,100/oz easily and stood steady there. My perspection is once more proved correct.

As a matter of fact, it was the Feds which is the hand behind the stock market collapse of 2000 ( bubble) and the housing bubble of 2007. As early as six years ago, I wrote "180. Beware of housing bubble (11/16/03)". In which I said, "anytime soon there will be a broken housing bubble, and a staggering economy following it." Anyhow, the Feds failed to eliminate me. So the housing bubble keept growing up until it explodes in 2007. We all see the staggering economy now.

616. Feds, a robber (12/16/09)

Rare people know that the operation fund for FBI and DEA comes from the wealth of "criminal case", from the property and the money they confiscated from "drug case" or other "criminal case", and looted from the victims in framed cases.

Quote, "Mr. Hoover prides upon the "profit" it shows annually. During fiscal 1960 the FBI received $113,600,000 in operating funds. Fines, savings, and recoveries of stolen property and contraband in cases investigated by the FBI amounted to $142,822,244, or $1.25 returned for every dollar invested by the taxpayer.'" (see #8. FBI's profit)

When the "profit" becomes the target of the law enforcement agency, you can imagine how aggressive they will be to frame case and to cultivate the criminal business (such like drug case) and to kill innocent people. Because a dead man can never accuse the robbery.

My personal experience of lost credit card (see #34. The lost Credit Card) proves when the Feds planed action date, they even created a case by credit card company to replace the Visa card by a Mastercard. (so they could withhold the mailed card) At that time, I still puzzled with the question that how could the Credit card company happened to replace the card at the Feds' action date? It was after 2001 when I read a news that retired former FBI Director Loius Freeh had taken a job as a vice president of a credit card company, I knew it all. They developed a society to loot money from people. Retired agents still go on with their "looting" job in different career - credit card company or other financial institution such like banks.

Here is a paragraph in that secret drug deal: "For use by the Beijing government, the Federal Reserve agreed to transfer to a neutral designated country, as a neutral depository or escrow agent, 40 Billion dollars in U.S. credits, assets, gold bullion, and currencies, both U.S. and foreign." (see "610. The road of persecution (9/23/09) That "credits, assets, gold bullion, and currencies" is a strange combination. It looks more like a private wealth robbed by the Feds in the framed case. (Of course, 40 billion is too huge for private parties, I later realize it is an equivelent amount with equal value benefited by hosting the Olympic Game and to be a member of WTO)

When "profit" becomes the operating fund of the Feds, you can expect how hard the law enforcement agents are working to frame case for their own benefit. Will there be any justice left for the Department of Justice? Terrorists and drug traffickers now become the source of power and money Feds wanted. That's why there is no end for "war on drugs" and "war on terror". Because the Feds live on these war. After decades developing, now the stock market and the housing market become the cash machine for the Feds.

617. Manipulate stock market in China (12/21/09)

In July 1994, trying to get rid of the persecution of the Feds, I went to China.

As I had no work to do, I thought I might find a fortune in stock market. The Shanghai security index was at three hundred something at that time. There was not much space for investors to lose at that level.

I studied the stocks and chose one - a manufacturer whose product was cement. That manufacturer was generous in dividends while most other Chinese companies didn't give a cent to their shareholders. It also had a bright future - the factory located in SiChuan province, not far away from Three Gorges where the biggest hydro-power station was going to be built. The demand of cement would be huge.

Several days later the security index went to five hundred, but my selected stock didn't catch the index. So I bought two others. When the index jumped on to 700 level, my selection still wouldn't go with the rising market, I started to suspect that I was targeted. The stock market in China in early 90s was a new born baby. It was very primitive. The price of all stocks went up and down with the stock index. My stock selection became exceptional in a rising market. I also knew I was under surveillance.(see "15. EM sleep wave in China (4)") When my acquaintance met me to discredit my stock selection, when my friend called me to tell me the "inside news" that stock market would collapse, I view it from an opposite angle. One morning when I entered the hall of the security company, I found the electronic display board blackened. Staff said the business would shut down that day because the power supply problem. I thought in other way. I thought it was a sabotage targeted at me. There might be a good day tomorrow.

I immediately opened an account in another security company and bought three different stocks there. Really, next day was a big day - index jumped to 900 level approaching to 1000. Although as usual, my selection didn't make money, I was happy. I successfully foresaw a soaring market - from a sabotage done by secret police.

I changed tactic. I bought stock in small trading - about 2,000 Yuen each time(which equals to $250). With $5,000 capital, I could have 20 trading. It covered the all category of the stock market, from industry to utility. In 1994, there were only 150 companies in stock market.

The stock market went down to 500 level. I lost several hundred dollars but my feeling was good. It looked like that I controlled the stock market passively with $5,000. It was unbelievable! I told other people that I was targeted. Nobody believed it. I said the market would soar if I left. People just laughed. People couldn't feel what I had experienced. I had watched the price curve of a stock rising slowly for hours. Then stop at a point and turned downwards. That point was always the time When I finished a buying order on it. It happened many times. So accurate that I believe my account number was registered in a special formula. The Chinese security was trading in a computerized system.

In May, 1995 my application to extend the Visa was rejected. The police behind the counter advised me in a low voice,"Go home, go home." I bought an air ticket leaving on 5/18.

On 5/17, I sold the stock. It was an extraordinary slow day that day. The price of stock was frozen in the trading board. Next morning, I went to the security company to collect money.(The leaving flight was in the evening) The hall was like a boiling pot. I still remembered the red figure of 27% illustrated the increase of security index. It was a brilliant day for stock market. It also was a brilliant day for me. I had predicted the soaring up of market. I didn't expect it came so swift. The speculators that manipulated the market had their capital locked up in stock too long time. (Many speculators in China were state running company. The speculating capital were from company's normal business fund) Once the secret police opened the green light for an upwards market, they couldn't help to free their fund from a locked box.

I really got good lessons though I lost money in Chinese stock market.

1. The stock market is controlled by the government.

2. The financial group has to obey to the secret police.

3. Chinese secret police collaborated with the Feds.

4. I was targeted by the Feds. They would sacrifice the interest of other group, however big it is, to suppress a targeted individual, however small he is.

618. South East Asia financial crisis (12/26/09)

In May 1995, I came back to US. The stock market was at an unreasonable level with high P/E value. I view it as a trap for me. Of course, I would not touch it.

In later 1997, media said the international speculators attacked Hong Kong dollar. The Hong Kong government managed to go over the crisis so the speculator turned on to South East Asia. Within months, the currency of Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, all depreciated significantly. That was the famous South East Asia financial crisis. With the success in other countries, the speculator came back to Hong Kong in 1998. This time they aimed at stock market. They bought a large amount of future contract to bid there was a low HanShen index(Hong Kong’s security index) for the August. To achieve their victory, the speculator had to sell down the security market. Hong Kong government, on the contrary, came out to save the stock market. It activated its big foreign currency reserve to take over the stocks poured out by the speculator. Finally the Hong Kong stock market successfully stood above 8,000 index.

A hedge fund company named "Long Term Capital Management" (L.T.C.M.) lost huge in that fight. News reported the Federal Reserve had called an emergence meeting, forcing big financial firms such like Citi group, Goldman Sach... to lend money to save L.T.C.M.. A Hedge fund company could manipulate other big financial firms, it must be more powerful than the Federal Reserve. Obviously it was a cover company of the Feds.

What caught my eye was a news which said that in order to sell down the security market, the speculator borrowed a large amount of stocks from celebrities and rich families of Hong Kong. Now those borrowed chips were all taken over by the Hong Kong government whom said it would keep those blue chips in hand as reserve and wouldn't sell it any more. Since what government bought in this battle occupies 11% of the total blue chip, a large amount of stock were locked up in safe box.

Then how would the speculator to compensate the lenders? They had to buy the same stock from the market. According to the principle of supply and demand, the buying action will push up the stock price. Since Hong Kong stock market always follows New York stock market, I concluded there would be a prosperous bull market.

I had the experience that secret police would suppress the whole market (in China) to restrict me to make money from stock. They didn't care other group's interest, but what if it was their own interest? It worth a try.

I bought 100 shares of Boeing on 9/23, and bought 100 shares of Travelers on 9/25. I chose Boeing because it was one of the only two big commercial plane manufacturers in the world. Feds wouldn't shut down a big company just for my 100 shares? As for "Travelers", it was a new Dow Jones 30 share. I don't think financial group would introduce a junk stock in Dow Jones 30. They would make money on it when people were still strange to it. Several days later, "Travelers" merged with "city Bank". So I then had 100 shares of Citi.

The response of the Feds was severe. I suffered heavy E.M. wave attack that I couldn't stay at my home. At last I had to go San Francisco to live with my parents. On 1/15 I encountered with a bank robbery on my way to my parents' house. I think it was a trap Feds prepared for me - a "random shooting death" case. The case was disrupted by a bystander. (see 402,404,561,562 "San Francisco bank robbery")

In mid March 1999, my parents and my wife told me they would leave for trip within a week. My parents would go China. My wife would go Hong Kong with my daughter and her father. So I would be left alone in the house, either in San Francisco or in San Jose. I thought the Feds could not wait any time longer to boost the stock market. They prepared another murder case for me. Before my relatives' leaving, I bought an air ticket and went to Hong Kong on 3/19.

As I expected, the Hong Kong stock market went bull followed the leadership of New York stock market after I arrived in Hong Kong. Seeing a boiling market, seeing other stocks were rushing towards their historical high, I bought another 100 Boeing shares at the price $41 on 4/15. Boeing's historical high was $60, there was $19 space for its price to grow. When Boeing stock turned its head to downwards, I realized I made a mistake. I remembered the experience in China: a rising price curve suddenly stopped and turn downwards. The turning point was always when my purchase order finished. On 4/21, I sold my stock. I made $3100 dollars at Citi Bank. I lost $230 on that newly bought "Boeing". I knew if I held on it, they could drive the price to $34. I made $650 on the Boeing I originally bought on 9/23/1998 later.

In Hong Kong, I had a hard time to make a trading. The phone in my rented room was harassed. To carry out a trading, one day I had to go out in mid-night, to buy a phone card in a Seven-Eleven store and called the securities company to fulfill a deal by public telephone.
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619. Nasdaq bubble (1/2/2010)

After Hong Kong, I went to South East Asia. In Bull market, there used to be one peak in chart. This time the bull market had multiple peaks in more than two years around 11,000 points of Dow Jones index. It almost became a plateau of peaks. I think the Feds maintain the stock market in high value at the hope that I'll return to buy back some stock. Of course, I wouldn't touch it any more.

On 7/26 2000, I came back to US. In August, in the statement of Securities company I found my wife had bought two high tech. stocks in May and June - two months before I came home. They were: 50 shares of New Focus @ $46/share and 200 shares of China Unicorn @ average $22/share. On 8/30, the price of New Focus was $136. The Nasdaq market was crazy at that time. I select Dow Jones fundamental stock because for most time, it would keep a certain value. I have different views on high tech. stock. They are highly speculated. It could become a piece of paper any time. So I urged my wife to sell her two high tech. stock immediately. She refused. Within days, the Nasdaq market went downwards. That was the start of the evaporation of the bubble. I think it was the result of my urge. Feds wouldn't let my account make money. (It was a joint account)

In the end of November, New focus was at $20 and China Unicorn was $14. They lost half of their original cost my wife paid. New focus later changed its name to Oclaro. 50 shares were shrunk to 6 @ $1 each. That piece of paper now is worth six dollars.

I think that's revenge from the Feds. To offset the profit I made in trading Boeing and City Bank. They lured my wife into the Nasdaq bubble. The money she lost almost equals to the profit I made.

Strange to say, the break off of the Nasdaq bubble doesn't affect the Dow Jones index. Dow still kept floating around 11,000 when Nasdaq lost almost two thirds of its value. I think that was because Feds still wished me to fall in their high value stock trap.

When I was in South East Asia, Feds still sent many informants disguised as tourists to travel with me. This needed a large operating fund. I think the money may come from the rising stock market. I thought many small groups worked on it. They follow the signal of buy and sell from a lady Whom media called "the Goddess of stock market". I noticed her because her hint for many times accorded with the plot Feds applied on me. In my opinion, the US stock market has been kept in an unreasonable high level since 1995 at the purpose to prevent me to profit from it. So the market had a tendency to adjust to normal (much lower from the current level) when there was a trap set for me.

620. Nasdaq bubble (2) (1/8/10)

I wrote "619. Nasdaq bubble" on 1/2. Next day, there was a swift response from the Feds. San Jose Mercury News had a big article "Lost Decade" in its first page with a Nasdaq index chart - though there is still two months away to the ten years anniversary of the Nasdaq bubble peak. It clearly shows that the Nasdaq peaks at 5048 on March 10, 2000. It apparently points at my words in last post "Within days, the Nasdaq market went downwards. That was the start of the evaporation of the bubble." (The time I referred was September 2000.)

Yes, the Nasdaq bubble did break off on March 10, 2000. It did follow what I said, that the Feds manipulate the Nasdaq stock to collaborate with the persecution on me. The internet surveillance team thought they found a flaw in my article so they made a rapid response to discredit. That's because they might have not taken part in the persecution in March 2000.

On March 2, 2000, I went to US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand to complain that FBI abused power to manipulate bank remittance. The staff there told me to file a written complaint to the legal Attaché. (Years later, I learned that legal -Attaché is the title of FBI representative in foreign embassies). I wrote a letter, here is part of it. (see " 37. Manipulate Bank operation")

Re: Letter to Mr. Ralph Horton
"March 7, 2000

Mr. Ralph Horton
Legal Attache
95 Wireless Rd.
Bangkok 10330


Obviously, my complaint on March 7 caused a swift response from the Feds. A decision of elimination was made. That was why you saw the Nasdaq index reached its peak on March 10 and went downwards since, because in their new project the target would be eliminated soon. It was unnecessary to maintain Nasdaq at high level any more.

In following days, I encountered an attempt to frame me in a drug case. I was in panic and seek political asylum in Foreign Ministry of Thailand on March 22, 2000. (see "49. Frame attempting" and "50. Seeking asylum") I managed to evade from that trap later and finally go back to US in July. Since the plot of the Feds failed, between May and August, Feds pulled back the falling Nasdaq index to maintain it around 4,000 level, lured my wife bought two stocks at that time. When I found this and urged my wife to sell the stock, Nasdaq market started its evaporation and after nearly ten years, still lost almost half of its value of the year 2000.

Nasdaq bubble and bubble were twins. Feds created it to make money both in stock market and housing market.

Feds bought a lot of real estate property in my case. These property mainly are in San Francisco area (where my parents and sister live) and San Jose Area (where I live). These two areas have another name - Silicone Valley - where there is a lot of high tech. company. Nasdaq bubble enable the Feds make big money on new listed high tech. company. Dot. com bubble increased the property value in Bay area where the Feds held a lot of houses.

621. Big plot in later January (1/16/2010)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the lone holdover from the Bush administration, will stay on his job for at least another year.

One year ago, I've said that Robert Gates' career prolonged for Iran war, (see #582) and a financial crisis had been created to save the dollar. In that year- 2009, there were two attempts to war on Iran. The first attempt was between April and July, when N.Korea tested the ballistic rockets and nuclear explosion. The second one was in the end of 2009 when Iran was revealed to have a secret nuclear facility in Qum and was given a three months ultimatum. The plan went soured, so the situation goes back to the similarity of early 2009. I would say what I said in #582 is very correct. Robert Gates has to stay for the planed Iran war. The only difference is, in the end of 2008, dollar was strengthened because of the break out of financial crisis. Panicked dollar were driven to the US bond, so the oil price was eased to below $40/barrel. Now it is pushed to $80/barrel to balance the dollar.

To solve the problem, the war on Iran is still inevitable. And you see Gates prolongs his post of Defense Secretary for another time.

The Iran war may break out as early as later January.

I said so based on the following news.

1. Media on January 13, reported that "Responding to a highly sophisticated cyber attack alleged done by Chinese government, Google threatens to exit China."

2. Iranian Cyber Army hit Baidu, China’s Internet search engine, Monday.
New York, January 13 --

Users who visited Baidu’s Web site were confronted with a picture of an Iranian flag and a message, “This site has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army."

Big Internet company such like AOL, MSN., all collaborate with the Feds. In order to censor my journal style article "The dark side of USA", they both shut down their important sites of Hometown and community web sites.(see "573. Big operation to censor my message (10/17/08)") Google did same thing.(I'll talk about it later) It's funny when they pretend to be critical on China. US did same thing in covert way.

So when Google and China play a show like this, it may indicate there will be a big cyber attack in the Internet. China may play the role of "alleged hacker". The sites which have my postings will be hacked and my revelation will be lost. Of course, the prerequisite is there would be a framed drug case and I was eliminated.

As for the second news, it was apparently a provocateur case, an effort to suppress China to support Iran in coming Iran war. The two news appear in same day is not a coincidence.

I call it a big plot because besides the war, there may come with a big earthquake. Feds create big events to distract.

622. A case in early 2010 (1/26/2010)

China plays big role in framed drug case. The payment is big too. One of the payments is the punishment of former President of Taiwan - Chen Shui-Bian. Chen is a fanatical eulogist of Taiwan independence, so he is the most hated person of Chinese government. Chen is also a puppet of the US. Unfortunately he is sold by his master once the Feds thought their interest was more important than their puppet's. Chen Shui-Bian was arrested for corruption. The case started when Switzerland revealed that Chen's family committed the crime of money laundry. No one has the power to force Switzerland to do so except the Feds. Yuan Hong-bing, a Chinese dissident writer, in his new book "Big doom of Taiwan", revealed that the Cheng Shui-bian's case was the result of "China's persuasion on US which forced the bank of Switzerland betrayed its customer". Yuan didn't say why US would sell its ally to a potential rivalry. I have talked about the secret deal long time ago.

Cheng Shui-bian is in custody. He proposed to bail out four times but all failed. His punishment becomes a chip too. His jail term will be confirmed once the framed drug case is done. So his detaining is prolonged again and again. The timing is synchronized with the drug case.

The latest bail out proposal was on 12/23, 2009. It failed. (It coincidences with the Iran war date if you still remember that US gave Iran a three months ultimatum on 9/25/2009 that ends on 12/25/2009.) The court prolongs Chen's detaining for another two months which means Chen will be sentenced before February 23.

Another timing coincidence is the Patriot Act. The key section of Patriot Act was set to expire on 12/31/2009. As other plot failed to be carried out, it was extended too.

The House approved the Pentagon measure. "It also included short extensions of the USA Patriot Act ... and several other expiring laws and programs as well as two more months in jobless pay and health care for the unemployment." (San Jose Mercury News 12/17/09)

The controversial Patriot Act included with "library record", "roving wiretap" and "lone wolf" provisions. All these three, I think, are particular set up for me. (See " 231. Lone wolf (5/29), 334. Patriot Act meeting on 7/21 (8/17/05), 545. Warrantless wiretapping law and my case (3/19/08)")

Iran war attempt went soured; Robert Gates stays in post for another year. Patriot Act expired; it was temporary extended to early next year. The detaining of former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian is prolonged to February 23. All are waiting for the Feds to frame a new drug case in early 2010. We all see Feds are working hard for it: Google's internet hacking case; Bin Laden's new tape announcement; and Haiti earthquake. They try to make it a big one to cover up a drug case because it is a framed one.

623. Embedded program (1/31/2010)

Decade ago, I have read a news said that there was a secret team which design special program embeded in electronic chips so in emergency, Pentagon could activate those spy program to paralyse enemy's electronic devices, computers and weapons. Since most computer microprocessors are supplied by US firm, US takes a big stratege advantage over other countries.

That strategy, has been used in domestic surveillance.

Last year, I bought a pocket video camcorder. I use it to monitor the entry path of my home when I was out. I worry that the Feds may came to my house to do some perpetrate job. The camcorder shows a strange charactor. It works sometimes, but other times the memory was blackened with the word "File failed". Since each time I made sure the camcorder was working on "record" function, I think the Feds had remote controlled the camcord with embeded program. They blackened the memory of the camcorder when they had activity in the yard.

Last year, I was blocked to internet for months with my home computer. I had to go to library. The public computer limited to two hours service, so I bought a notebook. There is no time limit for wirless service.

At the time when I looked for low priced notebook, an article in a Chinese newspaper I used to read said that the best quality notebook brand are Acer and Toshiba. The two were supplied by nearby store. It seems the Feds want me to chose from these two brands. At last I bought an Acer for its low price. Like that camcorder, this notebook gave me a lot of headache. The wireless function worked good on the first day, then for more than a week same function stopped working. Library staffs tried and failed too and said they didn't know why. Finally in a computer tutoring class, the instructer got it through by click on a link "Continue to this website (not recommended)." in a page "There is a problem with this website's security certificate.". So the notebook now can only go wirless in a tricky way with the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". But even that "not recommended" link once had disappeared and disabled wi-fi function. So I know any time the Feds could cut internet connection with their

embedded program.

The new notebook also doesn't work with Microsoft Word because it requires the product key. The product key is sticked at the bottom of the computer, but it always has "incorrect key" result after I entering that code. They alter the original code in my notebook.

I don't think the camcorder and the computer have a mood like human that they take a rest if they are tired and return to work when they are happy. They are manipulated by embedded program.

Recently, the car produced by Toyota encountered with a big problem of sudden acceleration. The problem was reported long time ago, but Toyota couldn't find the cause. At first it blamed the episodes on floor mats that entrapped the pedals. Then it claims it was caused by sticky gas pedals.

Since the media make it a hot topic recently, I think the timing is very important. They have a purpose.

1. The US auto maker giants GM and Crysler almost go bankruptcy last year if the government hadn't supported them with financial aid. To recover, US automakers have to take back the market share from their foreign rivals. Toyota is the biggest rival.

2. US and Japan have a big quarrel in its military base. Pentagon threats Japan may face a serious consequence.

Then I saw such a report:

Quote, "No easy answer to why Toyota accelerators stick
Experts say it is likely a series of issues rather than a single problem

updated 4:15 p.m. PT, Thurs., Jan. 28, 2010

WASHINGTON - Nothing illustrates that more than the contradictory statements from the two companies involved. Toyota Motor Corp. is telling the government that it thinks a friction problem in its accelerator pedal mechanisms may make the pedal "harder to depress, slower to return, or, in the worst case, mechanically stuck in a partially depressed position."

CTS Corp., the Elkhart, Ind., supplier that makes the devices for Toyota, said in a statement Wednesday that the friction problem accounts for fewer than a dozen cases of stuck accelerators, "and in no instance did the accelerator actually become stuck in a partially depressed condition."

.....Outside safety experts say possible causes also include the complicated electronic sensors that relay the message from the gas pedal to the engine, the design and location of the sensor system, a lack of a fail-safe override mechanism, and even a certain media-fed awareness that puts more people on the lookout for the problem. ... os/page/2/

The machenism of accelerator pedal is simple. How could a big firm with strong engineer resource can't find the fault? I believe what the CTS Corp says that it is not the pedal problem. When the acceleration system has a mood like my computer and my camcorder have, Toyota can never find the cause.

624. Plot on Chinese New Year Day (2/7/2010)

There is a massive propaganda movement about the conflict between China and US recently.

On January 29, US announced it would sell $6.4 billion worth of arms to Taiwan. China quickly suspended military exchanges with US and threatened of sanctions against the U.S. companies involved in the sale.

On February 2, Beijing blasted the US government for a planned meeting between president Obama and the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet.

The arms sale to Taiwan was a years old case. Bush administration did not want to offend China so they left it aside. Why Obama's team picks up this hot potato? A meeting with the Dalai Lama is even more an unnecessity. I achieves nothing but a dispute between the two countries. No one is foolish enough to do so. It obviously is a show to tell people that China and US having a quarrel. The purpose is to cover up a secret deal- a framed drug case in which China will play a major role from planting the drugs to supplying "witness". To make the framed drug case more believable, they created a situation that two countries are hostile so people won't suspect there is a conspiracy between the two.

The likely action date is February 13 - The Eve before the New Year's Day (chinese). Chinese used to have a family reunion at that evening.

Since it is a framed case, Feds used to create big events to distract. There may be a big natural disaster - earthquake; terror attack and possibly, Iran war to transfer public's attention.

Since it is a framed case, Feds will kill many innocent people. One target is B - my brother in law. I think the drug is planted in the merchandise he imported from China. Last month, he was told that he had heart trouble by a doctor. It is a pre-psychological planting to justify a murder. Feds prepared a "heart attack" death for him.
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625. Feds start to kill (2/15/2010)

In "624. Plot on Chinese New Year Day (2/7/2010)", I said the likely action date could be February 13 the Chinese New Year's Eve and the Feds prepared a "heart attack" death for my brother in law. On Feb. 11, my wife asked me if I would go to the New Year's Eve dinner. I refused. I was afraid the Feds prepared a raid at family reunion. She was unhappy, and then said that my brother might have prostate cancer. He now was waiting for the result of medical examination. I think that was an intimidation from the Feds. About 17 years ago, when I told others that the Feds might have tried to kill me with radioactive material, they let a lady delivering the words: "So what, they have even killed President Kennedy."

Feb 14 was Chinese New Year's Day. My wife said there was another dinner
invitation that day. It was from a relative of my sister in law. My wife said
the couple bought a new house in my street, just a block away from my house. I often came across with the relatives of my sister in law when I was in super market or library. I think they are recruited informants of the Feds. Dinner invitation used to be given weeks ago, especially for the celebration of a new house. A same day invitation is unusual. I view it as another effort after the failure of Feb.13 plot. My suspicion that the couple is recruited informants got proved this time. In the area of my house, especially at same street, Feds only deploy the people of their own - either agents or informants.

Today is February 15, President Day. In the morning, my wife invites me out for a lunch. She also has another guest - G Lady. G Lady is a senior informant who used to guide and monitors my wife's activity. (See #32 and #47)
Of course, I refused again. Three dinners' day ends today. What will be next?

Likely it will be another travel plot. My wife will have a trip to China from
2/26 to 3/13. So the framed drug case will extend to that time. In Feds' plot,
my wife used to be arranged for a trip in their plot and been prepared for a
"natural death". The big ones were:

1. In the plot of September 2005, famous for hurricane Katrina, my wife was
awarded a fun trip to Vietnam. In Haloon Bay she almost encountered with "The worst storm to hit Vietnam in a decade." (See "361. Storm is now a killing tool of Feds (11/27/05)")

2. In the plot of August 2007, my wife and my family members were arranged a trip to Peru where a magnitude 8 Earthquake happened that could justify a
possible "travel accident". (See "503. Earthquake in Peru (8/18/07)")

3. In the plot of April 2009, I predicted in March that "The rehearsal of
response to a mock attack (see #594) indicates the Feds may carry out the coming operation with the help of a bio attack. I have said Feds will kill a lot of people in the framed drug case. (See "596. Bio-attack in the name of pandemic (3/30/09)") Then on April 8, my wife returned from her China trip with a severe flu she ever had had. That's the start of Swine Flu.

The Three days' dinner is very intensive. So was the next plot. It is only ten
days away. How intense is it?
Four months ago, (October) my father passed away. I felt the persecution. I tried to go to Hong Kong through Canada but was denied to enter Canada by the board guard. It proves what I worry is real. I am targeted. (See "611. Restricted in US (10/17/09)"). Last month, my brother in law was said to have "heart trouble".
This month, my brother is said may have "prostate cancer". Feds is so eager that they start to kill.

By the way, the court of Taiwan extends the custody of former president Chen Shui-bian again for another two months. That means Feds should finish their framed case before 4/23. Relate to this news, what will take place next?

Quote, "U.S. Terror Attack 'Ninety Days at Most'
Feb. 15, 2010
Fox news,2933,161962,00.html

626. Iran war - Part of the March plot (2/21/2010)

The drum of the war on Iran is beating again. This is part of the March plot to distract public attention from the framed drug case.

Quote, "US Army Chief: "Iran attack option on the table"
February 15. 2010

Inspectors Say Iran Worked on Warhead

Published: February 18, 2010

WASHINGTON — The United Nations’ nuclear inspectors declared for the first time on Thursday that they had extensive evidence of “past or current undisclosed activities” by Iran’s military to develop a nuclear warhead, an unusually strongly worded conclusion that seems certain to accelerate Iran’s confrontation with the United States and other Western countries. ... 9iran.html

To justify the war, a false flag terror attack is inevitable. Just like 911 attack is necessary for Iraq war. WASHINGTON—The U.S.'s top intelligence officials said Tuesday that an attempted al Qaeda attack on the U.S. in the next three to six months was "certain." That warning was issued on 2/3/2010, probably for the 2/13 New Year's Eve dinner plot. Then on 2/15, a more clear warning of the "terror attack within 90 days" was issued.(see #625) I think that is for the coming March plot. I made it more precise: The time likely will be from 2/26-3/14.

Following the plot, there will be big internet attack to wipe out my postings. There will be a big economic fluctuation too – the Euro will depreciate significantly. That is too, part of the big plot to hit Iran’s finance and has been prepared in advance.

627. Bombing IRS building (2/28/2010)

Nine days ago, a software engineer flied a plane into an IRS building. Although it could be an individual case, it also could be a created case similar to 911. The 911 attack justified the Mid-East war. This event may be used to justify a coming attack on IRS office.

I say so based on the following:

1. In TV, we saw the damage the plane caused on building is vast and severe, almost the whole first floor was broken and having fire, though the casualty was comparatively light.

"Originally Posted by bhkad
I swear I already heard someone on TV say that the plane couldn't carry enough gas to fuel such a conflagration. That made me think along the same lines as you. "

I heard the same. About an hour after the crash, one of the anchors was describing the scene and he said that there "MUST" have been some sort of extra incendiaries on board, because the fire was "much too big for such a small plane".

Keep in mind that the Piper PA-28 has a fuel capacity of only 48 gallons. ... today.html

2. Dispute with IRS is common. What's so big made Joseph Stack to sacrifice his life for it?

3. His finance seems OK. He at least could access to plane which real poverty couldn't afford for.

I alleged the Feds was behind it because:

1. It is a criminal style Feds used to commit. We saw similar case in 911 attack and in Lidle's case. (see "442. Lidle's air crash in New York.(10/15/06)")

911 attack was used to justify Mid-east war. Lidle's air plane crash was planed to justify a coming dirty bomb attack.
On 10/9/2006, North Korea had a nuclear test.
On 10/11, Lidle's small plane crashed to a sky-rise in New York.
On 10/12, a warning of dirty bomb attack was posted in internet which claimed seven NFL football stadiums will be hit with radiological "dirty bombs".

2. Motive: the Feds is eager to finish my case. Timing factors: the Patriot Act with provisions particularly on me expires today. The payments to China are due and now are extended for a month or so. (see the case of Taiwan's president in #625 ) The tax exemption for house purchasing will due in March that will affect the real estate market. Feds hold a lot of house property in my case.

3. Timing. 2/13 New Year's Eve dinner plot went soured. Another plot is planed in my wife's trip from 2/26 to 3/14. A crash on IRS building happened on 2/18 may justify the coming attack in IRS office.

The likely action is to arrange me in an interview in IRS office. To persecute people through IRS is also a tactic the Feds used to. Then a bombing will do the elimination job which is already justified by Stack's case.

I allege so because there was attempt to search my house through IRS. Re: #610 The latest case is trying to perform search in the name of IRS. To reach their goal, my wife deliberately filed wrong tax return. I had to abandon the joint tax return. One event they created was the Virginia Tech. massacre which was used to distract the framed case. It took place on April. 17, 2007 - the last day to file the tax return. The Feds expected me to file the tax return.

Along with this there will be an attack on the Internet which is certain to take place. My revelation is too true to exist. Other possible events are, terror attacks to justify war on Iran and big natural disaster - possibly earthquake which will happen in Bay area, California.

628. Hong Kong as payment (3/7/2010)

Hong Kong is part of the payment to China in this plot.

1. Five legislators of Hong Kong resigned early this year to call for a referendum to give public the voting power to elect the Administrator of Hong Kong. That is against the will of Chinese government. They prefer a puppet Administrator elected by an appointed delegate. Just at this time, the democratic party in Hong Kong splits. The effort of the five legislators fails.

2. A prominent dissident of Hong Kong - Si Tu Hua, who is famous for supporting the students of Ti An Men Square, was pronounced having cancer last month.

All these were the work of the intelligence, I think. These are political payment. There is financial payment, too.

Quote, "February 2, 2010, 03:46 PM ET

Hong Kong Court Awards Wang Fortune to Foundation

Following a nearly nine-month trial that gripped Hong Kong's news media and business world, a judge ruled today that the estate of Asia's wealthiest woman should go to the charity she founded rather than to her alleged lover, Bloomberg reports.

The Chinese city's High Court upheld a 2002 will awarding Nina Wang's fortune -- estimated by Forbes to be $4.2-billion at the time of her death in 2007 and valued as high as $13-billion by Hong Kong news media -- to the family-run Chinachem Charitable Foundation. A 2006 will produced by Tony Chan, a feng shui master who claimed to have had an affair with Ms. Wang, was ruled invalid.

Ms. Wang inherited billions from her husband, Teddy Wang, a property magnate who was declared legally dead in 1999, nine years after he was kidnapped." ... ang/20999/

Teddy Wang, a billionaire, was kidnapped in 1990. His body was never found. After he was declared legally dead by the court, there was a fight for his wealth between Teddy Wang's father and Teddy Wang's wife - Nina Wang. (Teddy Wang and Nina Wang had no children) Nina Wang finally got the estate of Teddy Wang, though the court had judged she faked the will of her husband. Nina Wang signed a will in 2002 that the estate she owned would be given to "Chinachem Charitable Foundation" after her death.

Charitable foundation is usually used as a cover up term for the organization of intelligence. The famous international speculator, Soros, operates with "charitable foundation".

Nina Wang died of cancer on 4/3/2007. After her death, Tony Chan stood out to compete for her estate. Tony said he was a secret lover of Nina Wang and he held a will of her which was signed on 10/16/2006. Tony Chan also said the 2002 will was signed by Nina Wang as a tactic to get Chinese government to influence the court of Hong Kong to favor her in the inheritance case.

The timing of case is coincidence with the framed drug case. On 9/21 to 9/23/2009, the lawyers of two parties gave the closing argument in court. That was the time of attempt Iran war. (see "612. War crisis in September (10/29/09)") The judge said the verdict would be given in the end of the year. That was coincident with another attempt of Iran war. In September crisis, Iran was given an ultimatum of three months.

Anyhow, the plot didn't go through in December, so the verdict delayed too. On 2/2/2010, the Chinachem charitable foundation won the case but still couldn’t touch the estate. The judge didn't give any order on the inheritance process.

Legally, Tony Chan might appeal before 2/28. Now the judge approves to extend that appeal date for one more month. What for? I think they are waiting for the result of March plot. (see "626. Iran war - Part of the March plot (2/21/2010)") China has to do some service to receive the payment.

629. Attack the Euro (3/13/2010)

Since Iran abandons dollar for Euro in its oil trading, a weak Euro would significantly hit Iran's economy. I saw in each attempt to have a war on Iran, it used to be followed with a plot to hit the Euro. The typical samples were: In January 2007, Russia had a dispute with Belarus and shut off the oil pipe for several days. In August 2008, Russia invaded Georgia where there was gas pipe line to Europe. In both events, if the crisis broadened, The oil and gas to Europe would have been cut. The European's economy would have been hurt and Euro would have depreciated. So would be Iran.

See "462. The collapse of Euro and worldwide economic crisis (1/20/07)", and "565. Georgia war and Russia, their role in Iran war (8/19/08)"

The resource to sabotage the Euro by the failures of energy supply exhausted. The plan to have war on Iran doesn't go through yet. What's next? We see the international financial speculators again.

You may have noticed that started from later January, the financial crisis of Greece became a hot topic in media. In article "The Bond Vigilantes who left Greece in Ruins" (Business Week 2/22/2010), the writer says, "On Feb.10, striking labor unions shut down schools.....

As of Feb. 10, European officials seemed to be angling for a compromise plan to aid Greece but on such harsh terms that no one else would want such a deal. .....

In the month through Feb.10, the yield on the Greek government's three-month bills soared from less than 1% to 4%....."

The timing reminded me of the Feb. 13 Chinese New Year's dinner plot. The Greek's financial problem was created for that plot. If the 2/13 plot went through, then there would be "terror attacks" which would have justify the war on Iran. At the same time Iran would have suffered a blow in its finance too - a devalued Euro. All these didn't go true because the 2/13 plot went soured.

Who created that crisis? In a meeting with President Obama on Mar.9, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou called for a clampdown on financial speculators he blamed for worsening his country's situation. Who are those international speculators? Goldman Sach was picked up particularly: "Goldman stars in this Greek tragedy - The firm's currency and bond deals for Greece have drawn fire" (Business Week 3/1/2010)

Russia had disputed over its neighbor countries(Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia) with attempt to shut down the oil and gas supply to Europe. Now it's the PIG'S four countries. (Greece, Ireland, Portuguese and Spain). They will appear in turn to pull down the Euro once there comes a renewed Iran war plot.

630. Earthquake in Haiti and Chile (3/22/2010)

Twice the Feds had applied earthquake technique in their framed drug case on me. One was the 8 magnitude quake in Peru on 8/15/2007. The other one was the 8 magnitude quake in Sichuan, China on 5/12/2008. Find the detail in my article:

"503. Earthquake in Peru (8/18/07)" and "552. Setting off an earthquake is a mature technique (6/14/08)", "553. Sichuan quake used as a diversion (6/19/08)".

When three earthquakes took place in my area early this year, I was aware there was another big case framed. The three quakes that alarmed me were:

1. 1/7, 10:09 a.m. at east Milpitas, 4.1 magnitude quake. "Jolt felt across Bay Area" (Bay Area News group 1/8/10)

2. 1/8, 11:48 a.m. at east Milpitas, 3.7 magnitude quake. "Inn case you didn't notice, the joint was jumping" ( 1/9/10)

I was in library and strongly felt when these two quakes happened.

3. 1/9, 4:27 p.m. at Humboldt, North California, 6.5 magnitude quake.


4. 1/12 A big earthquake in Haiti killed more than 200,000 people.

On same day, Google threatened to exit China, citing of highly sophisticated cyber attack alleged done by Chinese government. I knew the new plot was in action. I wrote "621. Big plot in later January (1/16/2010), Reminded people of a coming framed drug case, that there would be a big Internet attack and possibly a big earthquake to come.

5. 2/26 In Chile, 8.8 magnitude quake.

I think the two big earthquakes were used to justify a planned earthquake in California where I live. The Haiti quake was prepared for 2/13 Chinese New Year's plot. When it failed to go through, the Chile quake was prepared for 2/26 to 3/13 travel plot. The disaster would distract public attention on a framed drug case. I allege at same time there would be false flag terror attack in US and Europe to provoke a war on Iran. One thing for certain is my articles would have been eliminated in a massive "Internet attack". My revelation is too true to exist for the Feds.
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