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The great shield in Deveselu makes terrorist threat rise Rom

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Postby Cornel » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:47 am

The great shield in Deveselu makes terrorist threat rise Romania.

Don't you think that anti-missile shield planned in Deveselu may cause big trouble for Romania? I think it can. Strangely enough, the locals are feeling rather optimistic, taking English lessons and hoping for lots of work American military will give them after 2015. My elder brother living there has been jobless for two years already and he's got great hopes on the American military base due to open here in 2015. I can gather his motives. But I can't get it how our political leaders made such a risky decision to host that damned American anti-missile shield on this soil!
Iranian missile strike was something relating to nightmare for Romanians previously. Now, when Deveselu American military base is launched, it'll be quite real!
Now we face Muslim threat really!! These are not just mere words! Believe you me! Unlike those naïve Deveselu locals I possess some alarming data. Muslim population has been growing rapidly in Romania lately. I don't mean Muslims of Tatar and Turkish origin settled for long in Northern Dobruja. I mean new wave of Muslim immigrants coming from Iraq, Afghanistan, Caucasus region and other! Middle East immigrants (they often call themselves refugees) used to be a marginal group in this country. Now they make bulk of all the Muslims coming here! And there are so called sleeping terrorist cells among them! I know that in the city of Tulcea there was a blast in one of the houses where Muslim terrorists had piled explosives! They appear to have been planning some terrorist attacks! But authorities are keeping their lips sealed! They don't want any street protests and all that you know.... I am sure that for Muslims of this sort Deveselu base will be the first in the hit list!
They say president Basescu was well aware of the threat when he said it on his visit to Washington, "I feel betrayed.... We were not asked if we want this shield"! Frankly, I don't believe he could brave it! He's a nobody just for Americans! Romania goes third brand for them!
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