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Fanning more racism.

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Postby orangetom1999 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:35 am

It seems of late that the flames of racism are being fanned from time to time but the tenor of it seems at the same time to have changed in urgency and convenience for someone out here.

I have been alarmed by the recent tenor of Oprah Winfree and her charges of racism and the manner in which it is being carried out.

Once again this has the tenor or dividing and separating a nation into camps....divide and conquer. To fractionate a nation and people not to unite them.

Apparently now this incident has pyramided into this line of thinking. ... ot-racist/

I personally dont care about Oprahs problems nor travels. I do not look to Oprah or any other celebrities by which to gauge my life and thinking and have no interest in following her or any other celebrity nor the gods of sports or the big screen to follow.

What alarms me is the way in which their lives are used or misused to control our thinking and therefore our actions. How this is infiltrating down into our daily lives in "Sensitivity Training."

I never watch Oprah ..nor any of the others on the talk show circuit...that fellow..."Your not the Father!!" I dont need or want their brand of drama having sway over me.

As I keep stating...the system must now find racists everywhere....create them if necessary where they do not exist...use/misuse the media to help in the feeding frenzy...ala Travon Martin default through on the frenzy. To divide...separarte out ...not unite and bring a nation together.

As far as I am concerned now ..Oprah has joined the "Usual Suspects."

Here is more of this racism being foisted off on us...the government and media sponsorship of institutionalized racism. I believe this is going to be carefully cultivated in America unto chaos. To divide our nation..not to unite it. ... ck-people/ ... ate-crime/

This last one is particularly the sitting president is constantly portrayed in magazines and through out the media in non flattering poses. I find it sickening that a political group cannot take what they have so often dished out concerning other presidents.
I find it to be a double standard as well as an attempt at censorship.

Racism itself is about to be elevated unto the next step or level in censorship across this land to control and stiffle dissent and thinking. That is my concern. More cheap guilt manipulation for political/economic purposes...on the public purse.

None of this exemplifys leadership but it does help divide and fractionate a nation.

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