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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

Dream Encounter?

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby MikeA719 » Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:06 am

This happened about 5 or 6 years ago. It's something that's always been in the back of my mind and I've never really shared it with anyone. I was always one fascinated by the night sky. Stars, planets, the idea that space is just far too big for us to be alone. I wouldn't by any means call myself even an amateur astronomer. I just loved looking through my telescope on cool clear nights. That being said, I never did any research on the names and designations of stars or anything of that sort until after this strange experience.

It occurred in a dream. At least it felt like a dream. It kind of had that fuzzy feel to it as if my brain was having trouble processing some of what was going on. I just remember coming into contact with people who for some reason I knew were not of this world. Even despite the fact that they looked human. That much I knew during the encounter but when I try to remember specific facial features it becomes a blur. I remember that there were two of them. They showed me a rather simple drawing of a star with 2 asteroid belts. Then showed me another drawing which at the time to me just looked like a backwards number 3 or a fancy letter E. I figured they were trying to tell me where they were from as simply as they could. That was it. I woke up, thought "That was weird." and just kind of chucked it to the back of my mind.

A matter of weeks later I was on Wikipedia just killing some time out of complete boredom. The article of the day happened to be about the star Epsilon Eridani...which just so happened to have 2 asteroid belts. I realized that the beings in the dream were showing me the Greek letter Epsilon. I got goosebumps and just didn't know what to think. I knew absolutely nothing about Epsilon Eridani. I was never one for the science channel at the time and I just knew it couldn't have been something that my mind manifested from watching or hearing something on TV. It was just all very strange to me and I just can't come up with a logical reason for that dream. I can say that since that point I've become far more interested in what and who is in our galactic neighborhood.
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Postby Kamikaze » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:34 am


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Certain truths, certain wisdom can only be understood in the fulness of time. (Three and a Half Divided, is a common theme you can observe biblically and in certain other literary works, simply relating to the division of something).
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Postby Alalu » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:30 pm

I have come to the conclusion that the Anunnaki, and their greys, can communicate with humans telepathically. At what distance I'm not certain. Alien abductees report consistently that when their ship approaches you they shine a bright beam down to the ground. If that beam touches you, you lose self control and come under their control. I believe that it is a mechanically enhanced telepathic technology. One guy described the beam as a transparent straw. Scary. Even the Rendlesham forest guys experienced the beam. Travis Walton experienced a similar beam but it knocked him out violently.

I believe that for one reason or another the Anunnaki, the greys, or some other aliens seem to want to communicate with certain humans. I can only guess at the purpose. Proving this scientifically would be difficult.
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Postby Lucidghost » Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:02 pm

I agree that it is very possible that there is a telepathic type communication going on. Some of the dreams I have had defy explanation. I have come to find that the mind in a waking state is incapable of processing certian information. Three demendional thought is not able to understand. I think alot happens that we dont even remember until we are in that same dream again. This has happend several times to me.
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Postby grasshopper » Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:23 am

It has been my experience that they can either speak by telepathy or vocally. Telepathy is so much faster and can be sent over great distances. I am unable to prove this except that it has been my experience with the greys.
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