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Mutating rabies virus?

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Postby Jason » Fri May 17, 2013 2:50 am

A friend and I were talking about how every summer a homeless person ends up eating another person. This sparked off the conversation about zombies/zombification and what not. We've talked about the drugged zombies of Haiti, and the fake outbreak video on youtube that supposedly happened in Russia.

Shortly after the conversation I started to remember health class videos on rabies. Really old vintage movies my teacher used to show us with dogs and cats spazzing out and all that crazy stuff. After a little bit of googling I came upon an article that talks of mutations of the rabies virus. As you all know, and its nothing short of common knowledge that most virus' do mutate. Just the like the common cold or flu.

So of course I google Rabies virus mutations. Doing some further research and I realize that humans have one of the shortest incubation period for rabies (3-8 weeks). If the virus doesn't take that long to incubate within its human host, theoretically would the virus mutate faster within a human host?

"What is unusual is that the strain appears to have mutated so that foxes and skunks are now able to pass the virus on to their kin—not just through biting and scratching but through simple socializing, as humans might spread a flu."

Source: ... ution.html

I would like to know a little more about this and other stories like this. Also I stumbled on something about NATO forces making a hybrid of a flu and rabies virus. If someone with good knowledge on the matter could direct me to the right place I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to link me documents.
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