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Government and Political Conspiracies

The word "tolerance" is being huge irritant for me...

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby Xpier » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:45 am

The word "tolerance" is being huge irritant for me indeed recently! London along with Brussels is too much into that boasted tolerance I am sure. What's in reality? And in reality those aliens coming here from Pakistan, India, Nigeria and other countries, Islamic ones mainly, are feeling more at home than we, here in Scotland!
They just demand that we should change up to their liking! And we are being tolerant just like a hootchie servicing any stranger in the street.... with one small difference. She usually gets money for it while we get .... well.... rising crime, boosting Islamic ways penetrating our life and hell of other "pleasant" things!
How come? The times of the British colonial empire have passed away while the time of the Islamic colonial regimes hasn't arrived yet (Thanks Lord!). And I hope it'll never arrive!!
We must stay firm on defense of the European values! That is our main job now, I think.... if we don't want our off-springs live in Islamic Scotland of course!
If London fails it to move in the direction of European values Scotland will face one possible way to preserve the national identity and that is to get a fully independent status. Scotland must stay a European state imo!
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Postby orangetom1999 » Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:52 am

Xpier ,

Believe it or not ...your government and mine have been quietly following a template which goes back centuries..and took root back in the time of Queen Elizabeth and her Advisor John occult ,hidden, concealed template of operations.

They have quietly switched from the Beliefs and religion brought about by the King James Bible after King James who succeeded Elizabeth 1st..and into Eastern Philosophies and Kabbalistic Occult practices among leadership.

This further eroded rapidly after WW2 into Marxist Socialism..of which you see the fruits being carried out today.

A system in which a nations traditional peoples must take second, third or further down the line place to newly arrived people..while taking first place RISKS in earning their livings and the new arrivals go on the public purse.

This is what happens when public leaders ...intellects, Gnostic's, wise men take the reigns. You..over time..wind up with a government which does not any longer represent the people they are sworn to protect..but are running a "Non Representative " government.

This is also what is happening here Stateside as someone running a similar template is trying to make us here into Englishmen..and the form of non representation as do you folks have in the UK. So too it is happening here.

Marxist Socialist practice and religion have their origins in Eastern Philosophies and Eastern Religions...Kabbalah...etc.

They are also "Confusion." And you need to know certain things historically about "Confusion " to know this.

You need to know About Confusion from the Biblical Standpoint as well as the "Occult Standpoint."

The Occult standpoint of Confusion is ...."Ordo Ob Chao" ....... "Order from Chaos."

Or to put it another way...Create the Chaos ..such that the New Intended Order can be brought in and take over with the new Order. The New Way.

Islam has replaced Communism as the new way to go. Both are from Eastern Philosophies and religions.

Post Script here....

Tolerance is something ..a dogma ..a control device taught to you to help you feel guilty ..guilt conditioning ..if you do not go along with the program..along with the herd. This is part of a herd mentality ...herd conditioning.

To prevent you from thinking for yourself.

In short..the religious dogma of "Tolerance " is censorship. So too with racism. What you learn is that certain groups are allowed to use and misuse "Racism" to get away with conduct others are not allowed to do or even think. This is why Racism too is become "Censorship."

It just happens to be official government censorship..or Politically Correct is another word for it.

The problem is that you folks in the UK are much further along in the "Censorship" or "Politically Correct" arena than are we here in the states.

That you are realizing for yourself that something is very a good sign. I have heard the same from many people speaking privately in the UK that something is very very wrong with the way government is doing things over there. They are representing someone but not the native peoples.

The very same template is being planned and carried out here in the USA by our own government with illegal Aliens from Mexico and also by a large influx of Islamic Peoples at the same time.

PC and Racism is being cried steadily by many of al.

Be Warned...all of this is a type of "Censorship" to keep you and others silent such that these groups can play through or default through unquestioned and unchallenged...while long time Englishmen or peoples from the UK take second or third place or further down the their own nation.

It is happening here well and it is not an accident. It is Non Represenative government at work.

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