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Another mass shooting in the USA

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Postby greeney2 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:38 pm

kybasser pay no attention to the trolls.
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Postby rath » Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:02 am

Kybasser wrote:Hey Rath,

I know I said I would try to pretend you no longer posted, but first I had to see how you would reply to me.

Why ???

Why would a member who has just joined all of 5 seconds ago ..... care what i think.

of all the new members who take their time to read the posted & work out the members, & work out where they can fit in & what subjects to post on first.

You just jumped right in with a working knowledge of the entire Black-vault history .... didn't ya.

This is not my first BBQ son.

Kybasser wrote:Thanks for playing Rath.... I'd say it was fun, but really, it was just too easy... LMAO!!! Danny

Well that just sums it up' right there don't it now. :thumbup:
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Postby capricorn » Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:32 am

rath wrote:Why would a member who has just joined all of 5 seconds ago ..... care what i think.

Why would anyone care what u think for that matter? Answer: we dont. Its just that we find all your clutter rather annoying
"a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people."
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Postby blackvault » Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:42 am

Rath - how about we don't chase away new members just because they aren't afraid to call you out? Quite frankly, in "5 seconds" as you call it, they nailed you on your posts, and what they really are and what you really intend them to be. You aren't as clever bashing every nation but your own as you think you are. So, they called you out on that... and, they did so courteously, and without being rude. Bravo.

My compliments, and glad to have them on the board.
John Greenewald, Jr.
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Postby AMBASSADOR_OF_KOLOB » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:50 am

chiselray wrote:This is what will happen now, people will be buying more guns to cope with this tragedy :ugeek:
This is how they react, they buy more guns ,but that doesn't seem to do jack and jill hhsit..

New gun laws anyone ? :wall:

Dear Chiselray,

I think you need to understand the political system in the UK, and Australia are based on the "aristocratic tendencies" of the few "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" that reside in that system, and do not "honorably compare" with the United States were "people are allowed to own and control guns" instead of their government, now there is a reason I did move to the United States even though I now currently give out my address as GERMANY for safety reasons!

This is why: There are mass shootings in the UK as well, in spite of all the gun laws, has it ever stopped a criminal that there are "laws forbidding their crimes" NO, it has not, obviously criminals do not care about laws, or transgress them anyhow because the "reward" of transgressing those laws are "superior to them" than the "fear of punishment" this does not mean that "gun laws" are ineffective, on the contrary they are "highly effective" in sponsoring the crime monopoly of governments, meaning when the Government like in Nazi Germany is the only one having access to the GUNS, the Tanks, the missiles etc, you can rest assured that all those who are considered a "threat to the state" are getting a "first rate ticket to Universal HEAVEN" as it is called meaning they get a "promotion to higher glory" and that is what it is, a "MARTYR'S DEATH" for being "stupid enough to trust a genocidal government"!

I doubt many JEWS voted for "ADOLPH HITLER" knowing full well he hated JEWS just as much if not more than HENRY FORD SENIOR, ok, chiselray do you even realize that HENRY FORD did not like JEWS and wrote a book about it, called:

OH MY GOD, HOW I HATE JEWS THAT WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD? Well he did not use that title, but in effect that is what he did, and therefore I ask you CHISEL RAY, do you rather prefer to be controlled by EVIL BILLIONAIRES, who have made "commitments" in a lodge that is "secular of this world and worldly" or would you rather have a country were guns are "available to everyone" that can pass the test of "being a law abiding citizen" thereby making it possible for the people to "defend themselves" against their government should their government become "genocidal" like what is happening right now in Syria, perhaps if that is really what is happening there! I still believe it is just the NEW WORLD ORDER or NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM getting ticked at Assad for now "cow towing" to their "evil leadership"!
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Postby AMBASSADOR_OF_KOLOB » Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:59 am

I MEANT TO SAY "NOT" COWTOWING, but no doubt he is "cowtowing" to MR MEDVEDEV who is a member of the "NEW WORLD ORDER CLUB" as I could accurately call it, now I do say the kings are doing all they can to try and keep me mollified, but I doubt it will help them any, they "SHALL BE EXPOSED" and then they shall be "abolished" for "secret abominations shall not reign", now up to this point no one has been "smart enough" to call out their "evil crimes and deceptions" and those who did usually have "made an oath, that no christian gentleman should swear" therefore they were eliminated for "breaking their oath" or "covenants of secrecy" as that is called in Secret society speak!

BUT THEY NEVER DEALT with the TOP LEADER of the Council of Learned Elders in Zion, now that is "going to give the severe heartburn and indigestion" as QUEEN ELIZABETH is having right now!
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