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Whether you believe in a higher power or not, this forum is dedicated to the topic of religion and spirituality. We live in a diverse world with different morals and ideas when it comes to our beliefs, so come in and share your thoughts.

Postby qaiss » Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:58 pm

33 44 77
originally 3 4 7
add a mirror and your set to go

33 = top level mason, or seal of solomon, star of david
44 = 8 pointed star, i personally think this could be the 8 pointed star of Ianna
77 = 'G'
rule of 11
11 has many meanings,pick your own meaning
ok back to 3 4 7
3 = triangle
4 = square
7 = ? both square and triangle
4+4+3 =11
2 squares and one triangle
2 squares = 8 pointed star (star of Ianna)
and one triangle (which way up, you decide)
You may ask where the mirror image comes from, if you work out Allah using the same principles you will find a mirror image.
or if you go for the full 14
2 squares and 2 triangles
6 pointed star and a 8 pointed star





74 = 7 + 4 = 11


lucifer vs jesus

duality + vs -

positive vs negative

as i said in the op everything totals a 6 pointed star and a 8 pointed star.....the 8 pointed star is of special significance...let me give you a break down.

The eight-pointed star is the Star of Redemption or Regeneration and represents baptism. Eight is traditionally the number of regeneration, and thus many baptismal fonts have an octagonal base.
Providing added significance is the assumption that Jesus was circumcised and named when he was eight days old (the traditional Jewish practice); baptism is seen as the New Testament equivalent of circumcision.
Finally, eight persons were saved in Noah's ark, which is another Old Testament parallel of baptism.


The 8 pointed star is a Gnostic symbol, known as the octagram of creation.

It is related to Venus, and also sacred to Ishtar.

In Nordic traditions the octagram is used to invoke magic and also as a protecting ideogram.

Chaospheres have 8 points - order 90 degrees and chaos 45 degrees.

This is the traditional Star of Ishtar. Composed of two intertwined squares, this is a symbol of regeneration.

It is a symbol for the natural universe interweaving order and disorder, yin and yang, to create an ultimately harmonious and balanced design.

the star of ishtar has great meaning, as this is the star of Ianna, the first known diety


i personally think the wiccans and pagans took on the 8 star sign and made a wheel for themselves

someone on a different forum posted this, thought some of you may be interested in seeing it..

33 44 77

3 4 7

33 = Service to self. Self-mastery and independance. The pyramid (3x3) of the complete man, the one who stand on his own, without the support of others.

44 = Knowledge. Liberation and the foundation of all industry.

77 = Enlightenment.

3/4 = The highest attainable position for the worst of the worst of beings in this world. Position in a dimensional sense. Being 'the highest' (for them that is) thru the divine intervention of soul intelligence and divine power of love, enforced by TPTB itself, thru their ignorance and sheer stupidity in enforcing their own arbitrary system of 'law'. 4 being the Astral fourth dimension and 3 representing the 3rd dimension as well as the human being. 3/4 is the interlinking 'portal' or a specific frequency that enables man to perceive both dimensions at the same time. Also known as the 'magic mirror' or the 'world of dreams'.

7 = Number of the predestined 'ascended masters' The ones who will ascend from our realm unto heaven. - According to Luciferian 'religion' that is.

11 = Is the number of Lucifer and his angels. The ones in rebellion against the Creator.

7_4 is the 'sacred mathematical' number of the Architect according to Luciferian 'theology'. 7_4 is the 'G' of Freemasonry. 7_4 in real terms is a group of beings, light beings, devoid of soul, that exists primarily in the 4th dimension, or the Astral plane of existance, if you will. They are the conquerors of the 6th Earth - the angels of Lucifer that fell from Heaven - the Archons and any human slave they've granted this position to. This group is the perpetraitors of vehemently evil, disgusting slavery whereby, apart from all revelations about the NWO and TPTB given by people , they create the perception or illusion rather of time. The Architect is superimposed upon us by acts of cruelty and war and will, by the end of time, be cast down, even from their 6th Earth.

So, as a summary, 3 4 7, 33 44 77, is not the God of humanity, love, compassion, forgiveness, soul, but rather a Luciferian egregore holding the Body of Light itself ransom and thru their sheer evil, dictating the earthly powers and influences of States, Organizations and Corporations in this, our world. For short, a numerical representation of Azazel and the Baphomet.
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Postby greeney2 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:03 am

Whats the point?
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Postby at1with0 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:10 am

God is mixed up in numbers.
"it is easy to grow crazy"
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Postby steve0339 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:51 am

Didn't anybody ever tell you that we are an alien cloning experiment gone wrong? Get with the program. Any mathematician will tell you that anything can be proven with numbers. Even if its wrong.
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