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It is now racist to be patriotic?

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Postby capricorn » Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:45 am

The National Review wrote:Students Told to Stop ‘USA!’ Chant, Take Off American Flag Bandanas
By Andrew Johnson
February 13, 2013 4:04 P.M.

Four California high-school students were reportedly suspended for chanting “U.S.A! U.S.A!” and wearing American flag bandanas during a basketball game. While their punishment has since been rescinded, school administrators said “the incident is far from over.” ... ew-johnson
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Postby blackvault » Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:32 am

Wow is that sad. I hope they stick it to the school on this one...

To see kids show that patriotism is encouraging... and shouldn't be punished.
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Postby orangetom1999 » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:49 am

There is a thing about uber intelligence and wisdom when it begins to run amok. It has a way of turning, in it's wisdom/reason/logic, light into darkness and claim that this darkness is light. A total 180 degree turn about. It often leads in peoples minds to what is called "Confusion" simply because it does not quite fit with what most of us know.

It is as if a new template or paradigm has been overlaid over what people think and know take it's place but it does not quite correctly gel. Yet with the absence of the ability of many to reason it through they cannot always understand what has happened in front of them.

Racism has, along with other good intentions, become the new " Censorship template". A way of stifling or censoring dissent or the objections of others.

Put another way...Racism is the new "Default Setting" to be use or misused on anyone who disagrees or dissents..does not go with the prevailing winds. Racism allows some to play through unlimited ..unchecked at the expense of others..while limiting and censoring others. Racism just happens to be official govenment policy today.

Be very careful of Political Correctness such as Racism particularly when promoted by intelligences and public education ..for it is often a type of censorship.

Remember something historically about intelligences and wise was the Encyclopedias..the intelligences in France who got into government and turned the machine of government on their own people...killing one out of five Frenchmen by turning them out to the guillotine. It was educated intelligent men who did this ..who caried this "Democide " out on their own people. This is the ultimate intelligent censorship. 'This is what wise men do when they come to power..over and over and over..particularly educated wise men.

I am not speaking here against Education...I am speaking against ignorance and ignorance is often in the halls of education Through people with degrees pushing Political Correctness/Censorship/Racism in order to prevent independent thinking...through censorship.

This same tack of censorship is being used and misused to silence others by the womens movements as well as the homosexual community stiffle dissent and difference of opinion while demanding tolerance of others.

What you reason out to yourself is that these people including higher education are not tolerant at all while demanding tolerance of others by censoring them..silencing such Politically Correct default settings.

They are in fact promoting Racism well as ignorance by censoring others views.

This means that since government is promoting and financing public education...government itself is promoting Racism. It is that this type of Racism is officially sanctioned by government. Government is thereby pushing censorship.

In like manner government is promoting is just official government Sexism...through censorship..PC principles/default settings.

Same thing with Homosexuality...government is promoting this too...through censorship/PC default settings.

When you see this often enough you begin to see the censorship..on the part of government. And Teachers are paid by government.

What you have here is government using/misusing censorship default settings to build a Government Utopia here over the people of this country while demanding tolerance from Americans and while giving none themselves. This is not a represenative system nor a Republican form of Government under the Constitution.but a dictatorship.

And this template is being infiltrated into the public education system under the guise of Political government.

What happens is that over time ..the people of a country must pay for this with their first fruits earned but get back second, third, fourth fruits from this system deliberately fails them and as the economic and social structure collapses.

This is what intelligent educated people do when they come to power.

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Postby magonia17 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:16 am

If I shouted "England" with a St Georges cross flag being waved, I would be accussed of the same thing!
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Postby orangetom1999 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:34 am

If I shouted "England" with a St Georges cross flag being waved, I would be accussed of the same thing!

Only if you used/misused the power of government or authority to censor or limit the ability of others to express as are the public school officials doing in this case described by the OP....while allowing yourself to default through.

You would then be the official racist and pushing a official racist position of Anglophilia.

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