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Detroit: 24 shocking facts

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Postby capricorn » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:06 pm

This is actually a bit scary:

Source: ... shock-you/ wrote:The following are 24 facts about the city of Detroit that will shock you…

#1 Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, and it was once home to close to 2 million people. But over the last several decades people have been fleeing in droves. According to the 2010 census, only 713,000 people now live in Detroit, and city officials admit that the population has probably slipped under 700,000 at this point.

#2 The population of Detroit has declined by about 25 percent over the past decade. The last time the population of Detroit was this low was all the way back in 1910.

#3 Today, Detroit is only the 18th-largest city in America. It is now smaller than Austin, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina.

#4 Back in 1960, the city of Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the United States.

#5 Today, the unemployment rate in Detroit is more than 18 percent, which is more than twice as high as the nation as a whole.

#6 According to a report that was just recently released, approximately60 percent of all children in Detroit live in poverty.

#7 Approximately one-third of Detroit’s 140 square miles are either vacant or derelict.

#8 The city government of Detroit has closed dozens of schools and has decided to cut off public services to the “heavily blighted areas“.

#9 According to one estimate, there are 33,500 empty houses and 91,000 vacant residential lots in the city of Detroit today.

#10 The median price of a home in Detroit is just $9,000, and there are some areas of Detroit where you can still buy a house for $100.

#11 There are more than 85,000 streetlights in Detroit, but thieves have stripped so much copper wiring out of the lights that more than half of them are not working.

#12 Mayor Bing has announced a plan to reduce the number of streetlights in the city of Detroit to just 46,000.

#13 According to one very shocking report, 47 percent of all people living in the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate at this point..

#14 The murder rate in Detroit is 11 times higher than it is in New York City.

#15 There were 377 homicides in Detroit in 2011. In 2012, that number rose to 411.

#16 Justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by an astounding 79 percentduring 2011.

#17 In one recent year, the rate of self-defense killings in the city of Detroit was 2200% above the national average.

#18 Ten years ago, there were approximately 5,000 police officers in the city of Detroit. Today, there are only about 2,500 and another 100 are scheduled to be eliminated from the force soon.

#19 Due to budget cutbacks, most police stations in Detroit are now closed to the public for 16 hours a day.

#20 Crime has gotten so bad in Detroit that even the police are are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.

#21 At one point, 100 bus drivers in Detroit refused to drive their routes because they were afraid of being attacked out on the streets in broad daylight. The head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, said that the drivers were literally “scared for their lives“….
“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

#22 There have been reports that gangs of young men with AK-47s have been terrorizing gas stations all over Detroit.

#23 Detroit was once known for making some of the greatest cars in the world. Now, it is known around the world as a dumping ground for the dead…
From the street, the two decomposing bodies were nearly invisible, concealed in an overgrown lot alongside worn-out car tires and a moldy sofa. The teenagers had been shot, stripped to their underwear and left on a deserted block.
They were just the latest victims of foul play whose remains went undiscovered for days after being hidden deep inside Detroit’s vast urban wilderness — a crumbling wasteland rarely visited by outsiders and infrequently patrolled by police.

#24 Detroit’s public schools are an absolute nightmare. The following is from one of my readers that actually attended one of the “best” public schools in Detroit…
The school was a new seven story building just a couple of years old. The bathrooms would often lack toilet paper & soap beyond the second floor (the main floor), the bathroom sinks would often not work. The water fountains on north side of the building on from the third floor & up did not work. The elevators would constantly break down. I even got stuck on the elevator before. I almost tripped down a half a flight of stairs because the elastic seal (it was the metal bar at the front of a treader of I don’t know the name of it.) the stairs was not properly installed.
Students would often have sex on the stairs & throughout the school. Parents actually called the school many times & reported kids having sex on the stairs because all of them had glass windows 270 degrees.
Even over in Europe they write stories about the dramatic decline of Detroit. For example, the following is how one British reporter describedhis visit to Detroit…
Much of Detroit is horribly dangerous for its own residents, who in many cases only stay because they have nowhere else to go. Property crime is double the American average, violent crime triple. The isolated, peeling homes, the flooded roads, the clunky, rusted old cars and the neglected front yards amid trees and groin-high grassland make you think you are in rural Alabama, not in one of the greatest industrial cities that ever existed.
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Postby greeney2 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:02 pm

IMHO this is the price we pay when we decide to buy a Japanese car, the result has wiped out Detroit over the years. Remember this when you flock to Walmarts and other stores, who import clothing and products from 3rd world counties, at the cost of American jobs so you got a deal. Remember this when you call a customer service number for your bank or insurance company, and you are talking to someone in India. Remember this when you buy a television made is Asia. Remember this when you decide to travel abroad, instead of a road trip around our country to support our tourism industry.

The State of California, just contracted a bridge section to be made overseas, and not by out of work Californians.

We are being outsourced job by job as it is, and commerce is not a balanced trade. We are allowing more imported than exported. We can not buy property, are being foreclosed into oblivion, but we allow foreigners to own our country, home by home, business by business, selling off the country a piece at a time.
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Postby capricorn » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:09 am

I agree Greeney, however, the Gov't really does absolutely nothing to promote the purchase of products that are made in the USA. There is no law that states you have to place the country of origin on imports. A lot of the time even if you wanted to buy american; it is increasingly difficult to.

A few years back (when I was in the market for a new car) I decided that I would buy american. I ended up purchasing a pontiac. A few months later I found out that 95% of the car parts were manufactured in japan. The only true "made in usa" portion of the car was the fact that it was assembled in the USA. I was duped!

Anyway, I felt that #13 was the most shocking
"According to one very shocking report, 47 percent of all people living in the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate at this point.."

This is absolutely incredible and sad; half the city cannot read. Just think about how difficult it would be if half of your hometown couldn't read street signs, news/current events and job applications. It would be an absolutely dysfunctional place... to me, this stat is a teller of a lot of the problems there.
"a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people."
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Postby Kybasser » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:13 am

Hey Guys,

You make some good points, but that is not the complete answer, in my opinion. Consider, many of the Japanese cars are now actually built here in the USA. Also, I'd wager that a greater cause is the unions. Even when I was a freshman in high school, circa 1974, in an "Intro to Business" class, we were taught that when buying a car, try to find out when it was built, which day of the week that is. The reason was that the unions had become so powerful that many workers would miss Monday's work with hangovers, and a large percentage started their weekends on Thursdays, and even a bigger percentage of workers missed Fridays so they could begin their weekend of partying. They made so much money, they just didn't have to work, and the unions ensured the companies could not discipline these workers. The unions still control that much power to this day too. Consider, a Fox network TV station in Detroit was tipped off to workers who were using their lunch hours to go to a park to drink and smoke pot, then return to work. They workers were caught on tape, it was shown on the news. Chrysler fired those workers. However, the union got the workers their jobs back, and the last report I had was that they may still even get back pay for the time they were not allowed to work.

So basically the unions are saying, it is more important that we let our members get high, risk their lives, and ours by potentially building unsafe cars, than it is for our country's auto industry to make quality products.

Also, could this be why there are so many recalls of vehicles out of Detroit? BTW, I just bought a new truck last fall, I bought a Chevy, but I made sure it was not assembled in Detroit.

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Postby greeney2 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:46 pm

Ky that was a measure they took, when the Japanese cars were starting to take over, and they were charging import duties like a penalty. They negotiated that it would help american workers if they put assembly plants in the USA, to employ people and avoid the duty taxes. I remember when I was a service manager in a Kawasaki motorcycle dealership, they made a assy plant in the midwest. Components were imported, not manufactured here, and they were only assembled. IMHO in the long run it did not do us many favors.

My own Dodge truck was assembled in Mexico, and had I know that in advance, probably would not have bought it. However my truck has been a very good truck, and only has had some issues in the Air Conditioning, nothing on engine or drive train. I also have a Chevrolet replacement "Mr. Goodwrench" engine in my blazer, that has made in Mexico casted into the block. It was cheaper to buy the completly brand new motor than to rebuild at the time, an it came with a 50K warrenty, while the car brand new only had a 36K warrenty.

I also buy many of my cloths from the Bass pro shop, because they have my sizes. However a pair of shorts, that looked like rip stop material just tore and the material seemed like it was just very poor quality. Discovered the labels of their "redman" line of clothing is from Bangledesh, India, or Cambodia.

Moral of the story, all these American sounding places, like Bass Pro Shops, are farming out to 3rd world countries, probalby like slave labor.

Many famous people who put their names on clothing lines, have been discovered they were having them done in these kind of sweat shops. If you probably knew the conditions of the places making $200 air Jordans, for pennys, you would probably vomit.
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Postby bionic » Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:38 pm

Moral of the story, all these American sounding places, like Bass Pro Shops, are farming out to 3rd world countries, probalby like slave labor

unfortunately, it's true
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Postby Kybasser » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:59 pm


As a rule, I rarely buy from BassPro. No real reason, other than my own preference. I will state that I have begun trying to make sure I only buy American made stuff, and it is hard to find. Most reels are not made in the USA, however, you can find them if you look hard enough, but they are very expensive. That said, I am replacing my reels one at a time. Can't afford to replace them all at once.

As for the parts made in other countries, I absolutely agree that you are right. Our own president appointed Geoffry Imult to be the first ever "Jobs Czar" of the now defunct jobs council. Old Geoffry is also CEO of GE, and he closed off over 50,000 jobs of manufacturing and moved it to China.

Now this I don't know if it is true or not, but I read that when a company goes into business with China or a Chinese company, they have to reveal all proprietary technology to the Chinese. I don't know how to verify that fact. I'd love to know how to investigate that, but I don't.

Now back to the point, given that the manufacturing has left our country for the most part, at least we should still try to make sure what we spend does stay in our country or county or city. So, even if they are only assembled here, then at least my money is helping to pay the salaries for fellow citizens. I have a lot of friends who actually went to work for Toyota, and I am glad they are making so much more money than they made before. Despite that, I still didn't by a Toyota.

Nice points, and a great conversation. Nice to have a good discussion without it devolving into a name calling contest.


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Postby Dragoness » Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:05 pm

Sadly, China doesn't even care about quality. Look how they poisoned animals and even drywall they made was found to produce a toxic gas. I remember reading somewhere that some part they were producing didn't always work and China said they didn't care since they knew people would continue to buy the part because it was so cheap. Oh yeah, by the way it was our Military buying the part.

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Postby greeney2 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:23 pm

They have a term for that, it is called "planned obsolescence". I would like to tell you only China does that, but one of our greatest examples of it was the Ford Pinto gas tank problem in the 60's. Ford came right out and said, it was cheaper to pay the wrongful death claims than to recall every Pinto. People were burning to death in horrible rear end collisions, and Ford knew it was a defect. Wrongful deaths for product liability is a very hard thing to prove in court and they know it. When a family is dealing with these deaths, they do not have the revenue to proceed with epic lawsuits, that require expert testimony, and scientific testing results. Big Corparations know they can string cases out for a decade and put people into financial ruin fighting them.
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Postby capricorn » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:22 am

uhhhhg, how absolutely horrible.
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