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Man who helped Sandy Hook kids is harassed by conspiracists

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Postby blackvault » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:36 am

Honestly, I saw his interview live. I tell you, out of watching world news stories for quite a long time, his interview was one of the most powerful interview's I've ever seen. If he is an "actor" as some of these people claim, the man would win multiple Oscars in the years to come.

Come on... it's fine to allege certain things about news stories... but don't harass REAL people in the process.

Yahoo! News wrote:Man who helped Sandy Hook kids is harassed by conspiracy theorists

gene-rosen-fox-news.jpg (14.8 KiB) Viewed 1031 times

By Dylan Stableford

A man who found six children in his driveway in Newtown, Conn., after their teacher had been shot and killed in last month's school massacre has become the target of conspiracy theorists who believe the shootings were staged.

“I don’t know what to do,” Gene Rosen told “I’m getting hang-up calls, I’m getting some calls, I’m getting emails with, not direct threats, but accusations that I’m lying, that I’m a crisis actor, ‘How much am I being paid?'”

Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist who lives near Sandy Hook Elementary School where the shootings took place, says his inbox is filled with emails like this one:

How are all those little students doing? You know, the ones that showed up at your house after the ‘shooting’. What is the going rate for getting involved in a gov’t sponsored hoax anyway?

“The quantity of the material is overwhelming,” Rosen said, adding that he's sought the advice of a retired state police officer and plans to alert the FBI.

On the morning of Dec. 14, Rosen had just finished feeding his cats when he saw six small children "sitting in a neat semicircle" at the end of his driveway. According to the Associated Press:

A school bus driver was standing over them, telling them things would be all right. It was about 9:30 a.m., and the children, he discovered, had just run from the school to escape a gunman.

"We can't go back to school," one little boy told Rosen. "Our teacher is dead."

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old gunman, had shot his way into the school and opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults.

Rosen took the four girls and two boys—students of slain teacher Victoria Soto—into his home, gave them toys and comforted them while he tried to reach their parents. He spent the days following the massacre telling his story to the swarming media that invaded the small Connecticut town in the wake of the shootings.

“I wanted to speak about the bravery of the children,” Rosen told Salon. “I guess I kind of opened myself up to this.”

A quick Web search for Rosen's name reveals some of what he's opened himself up to: Appearing online are photos of his home, his address and phone number, several fake YouTube accounts and plenty of conspiracy theories.

One post, entitled "Grieving Town Grandfather, or Bad 'Crisis Actor,'" reads in part:

Gene's oft repeated, and changing, story about that day, focuses totally on the kids and the sound of gunshots. Even though his eyes and ears should've taken in the whole scene, his story focuses completely on the kids and the guns.

Why? Well, if this was a false flag event designed to move political opinion on gun control, here in America, then you would get a lot more bang for your buck by talking about the innocent little children. That's what tugs on America's heart strings the most ... especially around Christmas time.

Source: ... 33813.html
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Postby Eldensword » Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:17 am

I have to agree with Blackvault in the opening to this submission. Some things need to be "off the table" and more closely scrutinized by CTs or their efforts will be washed away in ridicule and sarcasm. When I refer to Conspiracy Theorists' "efforts" - I mean to refer to an "army" of researches and question askers. Like any group, there are some that just go too far. This old guy deserves a break, obviously. If you can’t spot that he's NOT a paid actor by what you've seen so far, consider yourself a poor researcher and a harmful, ALARMIST. Stop working against the general cause for The Truth, by pretending to be searching for it through terribly discourteous and "reaching" acts.
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Postby greeney2 » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:06 pm

What it is is just sad what we have come too. First and foremost, total loss of common decency. The public thrives on paparazzi pictures and news, juicy rumors, finding dirt on everyone and everything, relishing on garbage.

The computer age has done only one consistent thing, which is to create anarchy in the news, with all this nonsense. People have nothing better to do than to sit at their computers and reek havoc them, make up rumors, and they can do it with complete anonymity. Its worse than tabloid news, and no more then cyber rumor mills, where everyone reads and believes what ever they want to believe. The more outrageous the better, coupled with any armatures ability to Photoshop, or copy and paste after adding in some other details, and to goes worldwide in an instant.

Everyone with a computer can be a player in this game, and just spread the rumor. These things go viral in a heartbeat, and it reaches the entire globe, where they really do not know it isn't true. Within days, it all becomes Gospel, like the moon landing was faked.

This poor man only tried to comfort and protect 6 children, and if you were one of the parents would be extremely grateful they were safe.
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Postby En-Lugal » Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:53 pm

There was a paid actor on national television on 9/11, I'm sure you all recall. This man just got caught up in the scenario Greeney2 described. Too many people are convicted in the court of public opinion now.
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Postby Butcher » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:18 pm

There are just too many smoking guns to ignore.
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Postby blackvault » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:43 pm

Make sure you check out the video I posted here:


Actually, some very strange things indeed.
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