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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities

Annual visitations or regular interval visitations

The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby Guest » Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:26 am

Hi all
I am new to the site :dance:
I have read some of the abduction stories here and I have to say WOW

I've never had any experience in being abducted or seeing any form of ufos in the sky

But I've followed the subject matter for many years and I believe that we are not alone in the universe

I know many of you remember what has happend to you in the past
But I was wondering if there was any patern in time scales between the visits

How many times a year or how many years gap between them
As if there is a patern then there can be a prediction

Thank you for reading :thumbup:

Postby morrison1289 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:35 pm

Patterns of being abducted change frequently. Most abductions (speaking of myself only) only last two hours, but my personal best record is 8 1/2 hours (this includes my wife). And this brings up a question; what does one do when one needs to go to the poddy being gone that long?
Easy; ask the tall gray and he will point it out. Rather small bathroom, nothing fancy and hardly enough room to turn around inside but it works.

Four or five years ago I would be abducted 2-3 days a month. Over time the abductions increased to 2-3 a week, and then more frequently.

Having spoken to three other abductee's I know, they tell the same story. Frequency has increased dramatically.

It used to be I only had visits for the abduction; give the aliens two hours and all is well. That is not the case anymore.

I have written close to 30 articles posted at UFO Digest. You have to visit the old site and enter my name in the search box.
Bobby Morrison

Also in JAR 8 and JAR 9 (The Journal of Abduction Encounter Research):
I have an article. In JAR 8 I write about finding a way to keep from being abducted (it works). I am anonymous in that article.

In JAR 9 my article is about MILABs, and I use the name Roy Wells. This is a very lengthy article about the abduction of my wife and I and being turned over to the US military.
The article is very detailed, even including the name of an Air Force officer involved in the mind control program.

My abductors are the short bastards (they really are bastards, no mom or dad) and once at the base of operations (which I write about in detail in several articles) abductee's are under the supervision of the tall bastards ( 7 feet tall). This is where the true power lies. The short bastards I can handle, the tall ones I cannot.

I only allow abductions when I want to be abducted. Sounds strange I know but it's easy to keep from being abducted. Use your head, and think.
Of course it really helps knowing what these short bastards ( 4' 6") can and cannot do. What they will and will not do. One needs to know the aliens limitations. (short ones only)
And I do know enough about these short bastards to prevent the midnight ride. But there are limitations. I need to know how far I can push the envelope. There are consequences to pushing the aliens too far. I write in detail about the tall bastards and their abilities, and what happens when you cross one.

btw: I write in detail about the alien craft, the underground base off the Pacific coast (I think that's where it is). I write in detail about this underground base in my articles.

These short bastards are programmed for the task at hand. I write about these aliens and I call them the A-Team, the abduction team. They excel at the task of abductions, but they make mistakes just like humans, but seldom make the same mistake twice.

I have awoken several times while being abducted. I have found myself floating between my bed and the ceiling several times. I have awoke finding two short bastards in front of me trying to pull me into a sitting position.

My articles cover abductions in great detail. That is my abductions, not others. I only speak for myself and no one else.

Speaking of abductions; unless one is scheduled for a surgical procedure, implant update, tissue donation or any other painful procedure abductions are really not bad. Two hours and you should never know what happened to you. It can actually be a pleasurable experience you will never forget.

And there are many signs knowing one was abducted. I write about these at UFO Digest (the old site).
It's very easy if you know what to look for.

I could go on for a week but that's enough.

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Postby Guest » Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:39 pm

I'm not sure if you have already seen these videos before but there is a user on YouTube called the polished nob

I know I know the name suggests something else but his vids are very compelling
You should have a look :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Postby blackvault » Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:42 am


You can post the interesting videos here. There is a "YouTube" icon on the full editor menu when posting on this site. If you put the address of the YouTube video, your post will automatically place a video player on the site here so people can watch them.

I recommend starting a thread for those videos you find interesting.

Here is an example of what I mean:

The video is at:

But using the icon above, you can do this:

The code for the above is:

Code: Select all
John Greenewald, Jr.
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Postby morrison1289 » Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:14 pm

Oh yea, right ~ I believe this video depicts a real alien, Oh sure.
While outside earlier I saw a flock of piglets flying overhead. That is not the strange part though. They were all wearing pink jump suits, first time I ever I saw piglets
wearing pink suits.
The world is getting stranger.

And for your dining enjoyment, allow me to present the Creepy Smiler.
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Postby alienwithin » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:54 pm

my encounters are nightly because this is what i wanted. Everyone has encounters, although some people are having hostile abductions by US military and being implanted with the false memory that it is aliens involved.

Actually encounters are not hostile because of the nature of who these beings are. An example with mine is that many of the beings i am involved with are beings who are from my previous life. One thing I enjoy is working with psychics when they actually connect to my energy and start to realise that this is my first life on this world and just who and what I was before this world
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