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The political gas price game

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Postby greeney2 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:25 am

I was thinking as our gas that had gone over $4.50 gal for regular unleaded' A relative in town from New Jersey told up their gas is still about $3.20. California is much higher than the rest of the country. In our Universal city area, some prices went over $5.00 gal.

I thought to check out the historical price of gas and found the above site, and found something very interesting. Check out the 5 and 8 year average charts, and look how in both the Bush and Obama administrations the price peaks up in the summer prior to the November election, and after the election plummets like a switch was thrown. It this just a political trick to sway the voters? No more Bush, get a democrat back in office, and now the reverse, No more Obama, get the republicans back.

Seems like it doesn't matter who is in, only that the oil companies aways want someone new to grease, and the trend turned on the Democrats last election when they lost the majoriety in Congress, so the oil companies are shafting gears, seeing this time the republicans are a better bet for them.

Maybe everyone is right, all these world affairs is all just about oil. Maybe I'm the stupid one thinking it wasn't.

The graphs sure show a peak and drop that coinsides with the Presidental elections, and apparently the policial party is not relevant.
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Postby rath » Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:07 pm

American oil company's don't control the oil price. :crazy:

The only influence the USA has on the oil price is when you try to screw over other nations like the middle east nations, & OPEC calls your bluff.

The USA invades the middle east & OPEC Cuts production of oil to force the cost of living in the usa up & to destroy the US Economy.

September 11 happened, The USA Attacked Iraq & Afghanistan ........ then Libya, Iraq & Iran cut oil exports & oil output, & the USA collapse into a finance meltdown as all the OPEC nations withdraw their money from the USA & from US Banks & company's, & US investment drys up.

Now 5 years latter the USA can hardly afford to piss of the middle east any further or your 5 year recession will go on for a great many more years.

& there is nothing the USA can do about it. ...... the USA has no control over the price of oil & OPEC.
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