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How Feds persecute people

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby katsung47 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:03 pm

346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05)

Although 9/24 case was postponed, new framed case developed immediately. There were two articles in Mercury News at same time.

"False arrest verdict reversed" (9/24/05)

"The federal jury in San Jose had found that officer William Foster, 37, had no probable cause to arrest Laura B. McIntyre. She was arrested after touching Foster's badge to get his identification.

US district Judge James Ware, reconsidering laws at issue in the case at the city's request, reversed his earlier decisions, disregarded the jury's verdict and issued a Wednesday(9/21) ruling in favor of Foster."

(McIntyre, who had just graduated with honors, was attending a party on 2/8/01. When police told guests to leave to a complaint, she put two fingers on Foster's badge to see the numbers. She was arrested for committing a battery.)

"Bill would force DNA collection" (9/25/05)

"Washington - Suspects arrested or detained by federal authorities could be forced to provide samples of their DNA that would be recorded in a central database under a provision of a Senate bill to expand government collection of personal data.

The measure was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week and is supported by the White House, but has not gone to the floor for a vote. It goes beyond current law, which allows federal authorities to collect and record samples of DNA only from those convicted of crimes. The data is stored in an FBI-maintained national registry that law enforcement officials use to aid investigations, by comparing DNA from criminals with evidence found at crime scenes."

The purpose of two articles is very clear. To justify unreasonable search and arrest and then to frame the victim by DNA planting. DNA(a hair, skin, semen) like drugs, can be planted easily. The provision opens the gate for corrupted Feds. They can find an excuse to detain people. Then frame him in a crime case. No evidence needed. What they need to do is to declare the detainee's DNA is identical to one found in criminal scene. I believe Feds now are busy to plant my DNA in old unsolved case.

347. Abandon the Constitution (10/7/05)

The 4th Amendment was set up to protect people from "planting" of corruptive law enforcement. Feds can not arrest people simply because they can find drugs in his property. It is unreasonable search and arrest. They must have evidence the man charged had practically involved in drug case. So the 4th Amendment protect us from "planting".

I allege Feds planted drugs in my attic and garage. Twice they try to frame cases by disguising roof contractor or garage door contractor. (see "144. Roof contractor from Idaho", "300. Garage door".)

This time they use DNA plant. They say now the DNA forced test of suspects is allowed. It opens the gate of "police planting". It's easy to detain people in a dispute with police. Then to prosecute them by DNA evidence. DNA, like drugs, can be planted easily. Innocent people, while commit no crime, can be conveniently framed in a case.

Now what's the meaning for 4th Amendment?

348. "Witness" team (10/7/05)

After Feds got the bill of "forced DNA test", the rest thing was to arrange a police detain. For which they even made a judge disregarded a jury's verdict, reversed his own decision to issue a new ruling to encourage unreasonable search and arrest.(see #436)

On 9/28, I took a walk around the block. I saw an unusual lively street. A resident and a yard worker talked at the entrance of the lane. Cross street, there was a van of heater company with three people. When I turned into the side street, I saw two young men with a broken car, and a technician of AAA emergency car. There were five people walking on the path in the small park next block. There was even a lady with Arabic dress. This was the first time I saw an Arab in my community. Wah, I thought, Feds activated so large resource to carry out an arrest. When I got back to my home, a car arrived at cross street house just opposite the lane. Five people got off the car, hugging, walking around, made a noise. These people, would play the role of "reliable witness" if a police arrest carried out.

On 10/4 about 10 pm at night, I saw a towing car parked cross street. I went out to have a look. Then I saw a row of 4 cars slowly drove through. The last one was a police car. I think it was an "arrest work team" on their night shift with three potential witnesses and a police.

In recent decade, when Feds occupied most houses in my area, it becomes a desert area. Rarely I saw a child here. When I had a walk seldom I saw a resident. Sometimes I could see one or two people walking in the park. So a sudden surge of more than a dozen people was very unusual for me. And for a quiet community (most residents are agents and their support group), a police car was a rarity too.

I believe there will be a search and arrest ready for me. It's not accidental but a well planned one. Feds even prepared a lot of "reliable witnesses" for it. Though I'll try to avoid any conflict with police, what people heard will be another story.

349. Warning (10/7/05)

People read my thread know the tactic Feds used to distract the frame case. A "terror attack" and a natural disaster to rouse the panic that will divert public's attention from a criminal case committed by Feds.

1. Symptoms of a "terror attack". On 10/6 Bush said 10 terror plots were foiled. He labels Iraq being the central battleground in the war on terror. The language he used was the strongest to date which may indicate he strongly believe there will be "terror attack" to happen to strengthen his political position.

In same day, Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, said the FBI had informed him about "a specific threat" that 19 suicide bombers planned to hit the subway system.

These are typical pre-advanced propaganda. A bombing will happen, but Feds has no responsibility. Because they have given you a warning in advance.

2. A bio-attack. This time it is avian-flu. The propaganda include with: "Mysterious 16 deaths in Canada.", and WHO said the pandemic will probably kill more than 50 million people in the world.

Two days ago Bush said to deal with such pandemic he may use troops to quarantine. For a president who was so incompetent to react to a pre-warned hurricanes, how could he be so active in a disease in which not a case is found in US?

I worry there will be a slaughter in the name of pandemic after they frame a case on me.

350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05)

When I wrote that the recent tactic Feds using is to arrest in the name of drug charge by unreasonable search, there was a swift re-action.

"Boy George held on drug charges" (Mercury News, 10/9/05)

Police said Boy George called 911 to report a burglary on Friday(10/8) in New York."When police showed up, they found no evidence of a burglary but did find a small amount of cocaine near a computer in his apartment." Boy George was arrested on drug charge.

The case was a framed one, I think. It was a model demonstration to instruct how Feds to act on my case aggressively. In local TV news that night,(10/9) there were pictures that residents of San Jose complained how their houses were intruded by strangers. Next day on 10/10 in the evening, there was a knock at the door. It was a young man. I didn't answer it. He took a walk in my front yard then left.

In previous two attempted frame cases, Feds tried to disguise as contractors of roofing or garage door. I had a look at these two places but couldn't find anything suspicious. It's impossible to search the garage because too much stuff was piled up there. I once puzzled that how the disguised contractor could declare they finding the drug in concealed place where no others could see. Boy George's case solved my problem. George had no motive to tell a lie to call police to his home that led to his arrest. Once police were at his home, the rest words were all theirs. It's too convenient to say there was no evidence of burglary and they found drugs near George's computer.

What they need is to find an excuse that they are legally there. So the search and arrest would be reasonable. Roofing, garage door repair and burglary were all tactics to create an invitation. To make unreasonable search and arrest legal. Once they were there, the rest story was written by themselves.

To make sure they can finish the case as fast as they can, Feds also planned individual search and arrest. For which they prepared many potential "reliable witnesses". To guarantee the success of the plan, they even murdered (I allege) Rehnquist and send a man of their own to be the Chief Justice.
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Postby rath » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:06 am

Watch on
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Postby katsung47 » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:13 pm

351. Hurricane (2) (continue to #345) (10/17/05)

2. New Orleans was selected to be a sacrifice.
(1) Most residents there are black people. It accords to consistent deed of Feds. Black is always the sacrifice.

(2) Hurricane used to cause damage. But that's not enough to bring public's attention. To reach the aim of distract, they need news of death, a lot of deaths. Nothing can help them to achieve this goal more than to drown a city. And New Orleans was a city fits Feds' demand. They knew this at least four years ago. The reality is exactly the same as Civil Engineering predicted.

CIVIL ENGINEERING (October 2001 issue )
Drowning New Orleans
A major hurricane could swamp New Orleans under 20 feet of water, killing thousands.

By Mark Fischetti

(3) A news rarely reported by mainstream media:

Locals, Officials Suggest Levees were Intentionally Blown
Evidence suggests there were "cracks" in levees that were intentionally ignored, questions over how they failed.

Steve Watson, September 9 2005

Could the levees in New Orleans have been INTENTIONALLY blown out in order to provide the justification for total FEMA federal takeover?

The locals certainly seem to think so, yet, as usual, the mainstream media is barely picking up on this wave of opinion, so it is left to us once again to bring the issue into the open.

3. Artificial characters of Katirina and Rita and their similarity.

(1) Timing:

Both took six days to develop from a tropical storm to a strong hurricane to land the coast. Katrina was a tropical storm on 8/24, it developed to a category 5 hurricane on 8/28 and landed the coast on 8/29. (the 6th day) Rita was a tropical storm on 9/19, It developed to category 4 then weakened to category 3 on 9/23, (as I have said, the framed case went sour so it was unnecessary to make bigger damage) it landed on 9/24 (the 6th day)

(2) Route.

Both hurricanes started from Bahamas. Both moved westwards to the Gulf of Mexico. They marched without any hesitation. The chart shows their routes are two smooth lines.

(3) Steady development
Both two hurricanes developed in an evenly step that in final day Katrina upgraded to category 5, (Rita would have)

(4) Accuracy.

In Mercury News of 9/20, (the information must be of 9/19, when Rita was still an original tropical storm) there was a map showing the route Rita would take. It specifies the location and timing of Rita. The late development proves it was approximately correct with particular accuracy on timing.

A strong artificial hurricane needs following condition:
(1) A big operation of chemical spreading in large area for days.
(2) To form a hurricane, even with the help of chemistry, it still needs a large amount of water vapour. So it must be in an area with rich water supply. .

The Gulf of Mexico is an ideal area for such practice. (Of course, the most important thing is that New Orleans is there.) Then you see two similar hurricanes formed and moved along the coast. Far enough in the ocean to have plenty water vapour supply, near enough to save the cost of operation. They gathered strength within 6 days and moved in a direct line. Because any extra day or way out of line were unnecessary which would have been a waste. (to be continued)

352. Pre-psychological propaganda (10/22/05)

On 7/7 and 7/21, there were bombings took place in London. It was a cover up operation to justify the plotted master bombing in US. To deceive the public that these were the work of Al Qaida. The unusual events happened in same day (July 21) may prove my allegation.(see #330)

Then Feds planned a big action day in September.(9/24) They also planned an elimination of my family members and arranged a trip accident for them. To make the accident not so unusual, Feds, too, prepared a series of airplane accidents to cover up it. In three weeks from 8/14 to 9/5, there were four big air accidents.

1. On 8/14, a Greece plane crashed near Athens, 121 killed.
2. On 8/16, a West Caribbean Airways plane crashed in Venezuela; 152 killed.
3. On 8/24, a TANS Peru plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, killing 37.
4. On 9/5, an Indonesian jetliner crashed in North Sumatra, killing at least 60 of passengers. (The above information were from news of the day.)

When I first heard of Greece accident, I only impressed by the mysterious situation (lack of oxygen, frozen) before its crash. But when the Peru air crash took place, I realize it might be an operation to cover up a coming air accident. My relatives were arranged in a trip between 9/10 and 9/17. If an accident happened, it would be easily added one more to the above list and wouldn't cause any notice. That's why I talked about this twice in 9/2 and 9/7. (see #339, 340)

Pre-psychological influence is a very important tactic Feds uses. We have seen scenes such like Lewinsky scandal, Wen Ho Lee's case, WMD in Iraq..... The recent one is the hurricane Katrina and Rita. Which mainly planned to justify for a high rising inflation. So media want us expecting a gas of 5.00/gallon because most of the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico were damaged by hurricane and so was for many oil refineries. That how much money would spend for the refugee and re-build.(e.g. 400,000 people live in the hotels and how much that costs for one day's rent) Now these kind of information are disappeared from media. Or proved to be exaggerated. What I see is the oil dropped below $60.00 a barrel.(10/26) Why, because the framed case went sour and Feds still must keep the interest rate as low as they can to maintain a high housing market.

If the framed case have went successfully, I believe you would meet another face of media. Then you would have believed that all that sudden jumping high inflation was caused by oil and the natural disaster.

The latest movement of propaganda activated by Feds is the Bird Flu. That's another psychological war to justify a new slaughter in the name of natural disaster. Watch how the media propaganda it under the command of Feds.

353. Hurricane (3) Chemical and Greece air accident (10/27/05)

When I said Hurricane Katrina and Rita were created by Feds for a framed case, there were sarcasms such like "You mean government has a weather machine?", or "to create a hurricane with a fan?". Those people, either are very ignorant, or most likely, to smear a truth on purpose. Government doesn't use an oven to produce a warm weather or use a fan to blow wind, just like they don't sprinkle the water to make an artificial rain. They use chemical. (see #218. Chemtrail and climate war)

Control climate generally means control the movement of air stream. By controlling area air pressure or temperature, people can build artificial air passage or air wall, (of course, invisible, but sometimes people saw the chemtrail in the sky) guide the air mass move to area they want. Either it is cold air mass, or warm air mass, or humid or dry air mass.
Now let's turn on to the crash of Greece air plane which I alleged one of four accidents done by intelligence. It caused my attention for its mysterious situation. Here are news about it.

Cypriot plane crashes near Athens, 121 killed
By Yannis Behrakis

A Cypriot airliner crashed into a mountainous area north of Athens on Sunday killing all 121 people on board after apparently suffering a loss of cabin pressure or oxygen.

"The pilot has turned blue," a passenger said in a mobile text message to his cousin, according to Greek television. "Cousin farewell, we're freezing." " ... AQ+EDITION

Quote, "Greece Plane Crash Kills All Aboard

"Shortly before the crash, the jet pilots saw one of the airline pilots slumped unconscious over the controls, ...... Some Greek media reports said fighter pilots also could see oxygen masks dangling inside the cabin." ... 0000000001

What took place in the Greece plane seemed as follows: the cabin lost pressure, oxygen and temperature.

But it's a Boeing 737. One of the most advanced air craft. And the plane has a well designed oxygen supply and pressurization system. So far we have never heard any problem of the insulation broken which caused low pressure that killed the people on board. This was the only one.

A spokesman for the European Aviation Safety Agency, Daniel Holtgen, based in Cologne, Germany, said: "It is highly unlikely that the loss of cabin pressure alone would cause such an incident. There would have to be other contributing factors." (source, the above Yahoo News)

What were the other factors? It's a puzzle. Then it came the Katrina and Rita. In a TV news report about a research plane which flew over the hurricane, I caught what the researcher said. He said he couldn't believe it that the air pressure was incredible low outside the plane. It suddenly touched off my mind. I thought Feds spreading chemical to control the pressure of air to alter the weather. If the air pressure could be created so low to astonish the researcher, (it was in open air, air would flow from other area to refill) then what would have happened if it was in a closed cabin? I thought of the Greece plane.

I think it is a chemical which is easy to gasify and easy to react with the element part of air (either oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide) and developed to another substance.(either liquid such like water, or solid) Air, after losing part of its element, has lost pressure. The chemical reaction also sucks heat.

A hurricane needs a warm air mass with rich water vapor. Ocean supplies it. A hurricane also needs big air pressure difference and temperature difference above it. This chemical supplies it. That's how an artificial hurricane developed.

When that chemical is used in a closed cabin. The low pressure and temperature it created will kill the people inside it. Oxygen may be exhausted as a component in the reaction. That's what happened in the Greece air plane.

I allege Feds used the same chemical in Greece air accident as they used in hurricane creation. It's not a coincidence when I said the four air accidents was a cover up operation of Feds and Katrina and Rita were created for the same framed case. (to be continued)

354. Another air crash to cover up (11/2/05)

On 10/22, a Nigerian jet carried 117 passengers crashed shortly after takeoff. I believe it was another swift reaction to my accusation of the four recent air plane accidents.(see #352) But how could they response so quickly on same day? Because to prepare the article of 10/22, I did a google search about "plane crash" on 10/21 to collect information. The surveillance team expected I would write about their crime. To make the air crash a common events, they created another one. Nigeria is picked up as a sacrifice because it's a weak country.

In 21 days from 8/14 to 9/5, there were four big plane crashes. It was a cover up operation to justify a coming air accident planned between 9/10 to 9/17. (my relatives travel date)

The next fatal air accident in the world took place 47 days later. (9/5 to 10/22) It was a swift reaction to my accusation that the four air accidents were intelligence operation.

355. Hurricane (4): Chemical and climate war(11/2/05)

The chemical used to create a hurricane is possibly a kind of refrigerant. When the compressed refrigerant is released in air, it gasifies quickly and sucks a lot of heat. That's how a refrigerant works. When it is used in a closed cabinet, that plane becomes a cooler of the refrigerator. This was what happened in Greece air plane.

Freon was a popular refrigerant. Several years ago, scientists said it destroyed the ozonosphere and banned it. It means Freon reacts with part element of air.

To destroy the ozonosphere takes a large quantity of Freon. I think it was the result when it was used in experiment of a covert climate war. I also believe this is why Bush rejected the Tokyo treaty. The government knew they are altering the weather deliberately.

Since climate war depends on chemical spreading, how can Feds apply it on other countries? Read the news here.

Quote, "Treat of shoulder fired missiles prompts action

By steve Johnson
Mercury News, 4/8/2004

Some federal officials hope to modify US commercial planes to fire lasers, launch flares ...... fly at night with lights dimmed to foil terrorists armed with portable missiles.

While no planes in this country have come under missile attack so far, the government wants to be prepared."

A device which launches flares also can spread chemical. And how can it avoid being spotted with a chemtrail? Fly at night. All this was in the name of anti-terrorist.

Anyhow, the proposal was denied by the House due to the high cost. Then I have heard two news.

One was in newspaper. (I didn't keep that newspaper because at first I didn't realize the real meaning behind it) It said because the fuel cost was too high, commercial airline decided to reduce the flight weight. One way was to reduce the water reserve which used to flush the toilet by half.

The other one was from a TV news. It said a family was stunned when their roof of the house was broken through by a chunk of ice. Later it was proved the ice was the toilet water of a commercial plane. It said the toilet water released by air plane encountered with a cool air and froze to an ice.

My allegation is this was an experiment when a commercial plane was reformed to spread chemical. It may also prove my allegation that the chemical was a kind of refrigerant which can freeze certain amount of water instantly.
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Postby katsung47 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:02 pm

356. Tsunami, flooding and meteorite (11/7/05)

Now let's go back to Anthony Carr's prophecy again.The two paragraph without picture. (see #324)

1. Meteorite hits US. A super size meteorite will hit a desert city of America.

2. Big lake area will become a water country. Storm will sweep over the boundary of US and Canada. There will be a great flooding in Big Lake area. Few boat will survive it as Noah's Ark. Besides, nuclear explosion will cause tsunami in Cuba. Half of Cuba will be drowned.

Since I think Anthony Carr's words were no more than Inside group's project covered up by the name of "prophecy", I kept an eye on "tsunami, flooding and meteorite."

In December 2004, there came the Big tsunami. In August 2005, there came the big flooding in New Orleans. Then what about meteorite? It came in December 2004 though didn't draw much attention. Here are news about it.

Quote, "Meteor Explodes Over Jakarta
Josh Pringle
Sunday, December 19, 2004

Astronomers say a meteor likely exploded over the Indonesian capital of Jakarta Sunday morning.
Witnesses say there was a bright object with a tail of fire streaked across the sky, and then there was a loud explosion."

Quote, "Unknown object falls on Indonesia
Meteor or bomb? Officials not sure, no injuries known

Jakarta, Indonesia (AP)

Indonesia air force radar detected an unidentified object falling toward the Earth at a great speed before disappearing at around the same time as the noise was heard.

Police have been on high alert in Indonesia in recent days after several Western governments reported that Islamist militants, blamed for a series of attacks in recent years, were planning more bombings."

(Mercury News, 12/19/04)

I believe it was an experiment of space weapon. A practice of a missile cruised in space to hit the target on earth. But a missile is not a meteor. Everything would be clear if there was an investigation. That's why the news drew a tail, to hint it might be a terrorist bombing. But they could make people believe that without any practical exercises, (hundreds of hours at least, I suppose) the students of flight school could actually drive a modern plane to hit any target they wanted. It's still hard to ensure people that Bin Laden also has a space weapon. So we never hear anything further about that meteor.

It's not a coincidence that both events which Anthony Carr prophecied (tsunami and meteor) took place in Indonesia, almost at same time. (12/19/04 for meteor, one week later, on 12/26, for tsunami)
Because two months ago, in October that year, Yudhoyono became the President of Indonesia. Inside group then had a safe place to carry out their experiment for new technology under the protection of a puppet dictator.

What about the flooding? Eight months later, we saw Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05)

There was an article in San Jose Mercury News on 11/9/05.

"Court debates privacy in searches by police
By stephen Henderson, Knight Ridder

Washington - The love lost between Scott and Janet Randolph worked to the advantage of police in summer 2001, when authorities investigating a domestic dispute between the two asked to search the couple's Georgia home.

Scott Randolph said no. His wife said yes, and police went ahead on her consent. Tuesday, the Supreme Court weighed whether the subsequent search - in which Janet Randolph led them to drugs that resulted in her husband's arrest - was unconstitutional.

The case is the latest in a long line of opportunities for the court to refine the scope of permissible searches under the fourth Amendment. But the question involved - how much privacy can anyone expect in a home they share with someone else - inspired a surprisingly animated debate among the justices. ......

The Georgia Supreme Court sided with Randolph, throwing out the drug evidence that was recovered during the search.

Randolph's position seemed to draw support from several justices, especially Sandra Day O'Connor, who emphasized that the court does not decide search cases by acknowledging shared property rights, but by determining what is socially acceptable. ....

Randolph's position also ran into harsh criticism from several justices, though. Chief Justice John G. Roberts suggested that when you decide to live with someone, you give up some rights to privacy."

I will say this is another effort of D.O.J. to encourage agent to commit an unreasonable search. In August when there was a wave to attack the wall of information sharing between foreign intelligence and domestic criminal case,(the real purpose is to bypass the fourth amendment and to low the standard of search and arrest for law enforcement agent) I had a feeling D.O.J. was going to attack the constitutional right for civilian. I wrote six articles about it. (see #335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05), 344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J.(9/18/05), 346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05), 347. Abandon the Constitution (10/7/05), 348. "Witness" team (10/7/05), 350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05))

This case proved my worry was not uncalled for. If it passed in D.O.J.'s way, then it will not only damage the morality of a marriage, (will people since then to pre-sign a contract to prevent a possible hurt from their spouse before their marriage?) and will also destroy the last castle of their privacy - their own home.

This news also proves my accusation on the new Chief Justice - Roberts is true. I said in #344 that he is a secret agent of D.O.J.. His comment on this case proves he doesn't work to protect the civil right of the American people. He works for the interest of D.O.J..

358. New secret deal (11/17/05)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is now on a six day trip in China. He had planned his visit to China in this May but cancelled the trip later. I think it was because I revealed he was on a mission for a secret deal for the Feds. (see "303. April plot and secret deal (4/12/05)", "323. Arnold's role in recent plots (6/22/05)")

Will this trip a different one? I think it is on same purpose. A new plot is planned. Arnold is sent to confirm the secret deal. The soured old plot is replaced by new one. But the content is the same. Big event happens to distract the framed case. Natural disaster breaks out to cover up a mass killing.

On 11/14/05, Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in Beijing, China.

On 11/15/05, Mercury News reported:
Terror threat warning issued by U.S. consul

The U.S. government is warning of a possible terrorist threat to American facilities in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The warning was sent out by the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou. "

On 11/16/05, China Confirms Human Bird Flu Cases
Government Races to Stop Spread of Deadly Virus

BEIJING (Nov. 16) - China reported its first human cases of bird flu on the mainland Wednesday, including at least one fatality, as health workers armed with vaccine and disinfectant raced to inoculate billions of chickens and other poultry in a massive campaign to contain the virus.

Also Wednesday, Vietnamese authorities reported bird flu outbreaks in three more provinces, bringing to 12 the number of cities and provinces affected recently. Vietnam is in the middle of a campaign to destroy all poultry in most of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, its two biggest cities ... 5909990010

The confirmation of the bird flu will cost a lot for China. It means to vaccinate billions of poultry and slaughter millions of birds. Plus the coming mass killing and economic loss when the pandemic outbreak. It is also a rarity that China allows a "terrorist attack" to be taken place in its land.

All these indicates that China has got a big compensation in the secret deal.

The possible action date likely will be on Festival (Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's day) when there is a family re-union.

359. "Withdraw from Iraq" is a gimmick (11/22/05)

This morning when I was out to pick up the newspaper, I didn't see the cars which used to parking across the street. I went out the lane to have a look and found there was another lively street. It was the second time I saw it recently. The last one was on 9/28. (see 348. "Witness" team (10/7/05))

In the place where last time I saw a van of heater company, there was a white truck. I approached it and found it was a Camcast engineer car. Then I found another Camcast truck parked at side street. A painter was working on the house. Several cars drove quickly from the street. The noise broke up the quite atmosphere of the community.

I was still on slippers so I went back. I saw a container truck parked at the other end of the street. Some people seemed doing loading work. Such kind of aggressive surveillance meant some big case would happen. I think Feds is framing another big drug case on 11/24 when there will be a Thanks giving family re-union.

For that case, as I have said, there will be a bird-flu pandemic. Especially in my area. They even prepared for a quarantine.

Re: "Businesses get bird-flu warning
Prepare to have employees work from home, official says

By Steve Johnson

Businesses need to prepare for a possible bird-flu epidemic by education their employees to minimize any spread of the flu and encouraging them to stay home if an outbreak occurs, a state health official warned Thursday. " (Mercury News, 11/18/05)

Another one is a terror attack. It may happen in several places. One is in HongKong. As FBI director R. Mueller had warned one year ago. Feds has intention because my wife's relatives living there. And they have got it ready.

And US will not be exempted. If you have noticed there is a dispute between Demos and Republicans about Iraq war in these days. That's a gimmick the Inside group used to play.

Last June, when Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" was going to the cinema, the Inside group prepared 6/19 terror attack to discredit the film. This September, when Feds prepared a 9/24 terror attack, they organized a big anti-war protest in Washington, intended to humiliate the peace loving people in a large extent.

For this 11/24 terror attack, they prepared a "withdraw from Iraq" drama in Congress. If the attack takes place, Bush and Cheney will be heroes. How correctly they were to start the Iraq war and resist the opposition from Demos.

The planned terror attack, will frame Iraqis in. I am too familiar with this Inside group.

360. Internet harassment and censorship (11/27/05)

In recent months, I suffered a lot of harassment in internet. In some sites, my articles was reformatted. Sentences were randomly inserted and replaced in article, made it hard to understand. Or fake messages were posted assuming my name.

When I applied to be member of new sites, the confirmation e-mail used to be intercepted so that I could not post because of inactive membership.

I also was banned from some sites where I had posted for years.

All these indicate that Feds is activating a large movement to restrict my messages from other people. It only proves my revelation is too true. Feds can't bear it.

Don't be surprise if one day you failed to find my new message, (or even can't find the old messages) The American censorship is on the way.
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Postby katsung47 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 12:41 pm

361. Storm is now a killing tool of Feds (11/27/05)

Back to 9/24 framed case. In "#342. Homeowner Association again (9/12/05)" I talked about How Feds arranged a trip for my wife between 9/22 to 9/29 so they could frame me in a special "9/24 Neighborhood Cleanup day". Then what would happen to my wife while she was in South east Asia?

They prepared a trip accident.

My wife told me a lucky story when she returned. The travel group would tour Haloon Bay in Vietnam on 9/27. Some big boss in the group gave up the tour with the excuse they must attend a meeting or just plainly said they were afraid of the typhoon. Only a few tourists went with my wife. But the typhoon miraculously left the Haloon Bay a day before so they had a nice boat tour.

On 9/30/05, there was a picture in Mercury News which shows a woman walking through rubble caused by Typhoon Damrey. "The worst storm to hit Vietnam in a decade. Officials said Thursday they had recovered 38 bodies so far."

I think there would be a "boat accident caused by typhoon" on 9/27 if the 9/24 framed case went on successfully. The good luck for my wife was not a nice trip but a safe one.

362. George Bush's Jury work (12/2/05)

About three months ago, I was going to shopping by tram. In tram station I found the ticket machine went out of order. Since I was under 24 hours surveillance I didn't want to take any chance. I decided not to board on tram without a ticket so I left. Just then a man in working uniform came to the station. He said he worked for the Public transportation. He checked the machine to my complaint then suggested me to board on the coming tram, said he could be witness that it was not my fault.

I later think it might be a trap. A staff arrived at the most opportune movement. He could be the one who disabled the ticket machine. He came forward when I hadn't fallen into the trap.

When the persecution intensifies recently, I abandoned the tram. I rarely go out. Especially I found they prepared the witness team. (see "348. "Witness" team (10/7/05)")

Then I saw a series of articles to instruct the arrest team how to conduct an (unreasonable) search and arrest, emphasizing the trick to search a home. (See "
346. Police detain and DNA plant (10/2/05)", " 350. Boy George and drug charge (10/12/05)" and "357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05)". Be noticed that these were all published after the 9/24 plot went soared.

The latest one took place yesterday. TV reported that Bush got a summon for Jury duty. Once again the Headquarter instructs the local team how to operate. This trick is not new for me. Same drama acted three years ago. (see "69. Juror summon (6/16/02)" and "71. Police violence") On the purpose to force me out.

To make the instruction a reportable news, Feds used to manipulate the celebrities. Boy George, President George were used like a toy.

All these aggressive work indicates one thing: American will face a big economic downturn next year. Don't be deceived by rosy picture painted by media. Don't be duped into the recent rising stock market. It's artificial. I predict there will be a big inflation, probably starting as early as January. The continuation of interest upwards is inevitable. Feds try to finish my case so they can get rid of the real estates still in their hands, before a market collapsing take place.

363. A day to day persecution (12/7/05)

About ten days ago, my daughter said her students group had a project which needed a board to be cut to the demanded size. A father of her classmate was helping them. But he had only hand saw and wanted to borrow the electrical saw from me. Since persecution is intensifying these days, I was afraid agents would play trick on the saw. I told my daughter she could brought the board home, I would cut for them. That's the end of story. I never heard anything about that project since.

Several days later, last week I heard my daughter telling my wife that a friend would give her a fitness cycle. I worried it was an aggressive planting. Agents used to carry out their plan by "free gifts". But I could do nothing to stop it.

Then on last Friday morning(12/2), I saw the mini-van my daughter used to drive parked at the lane. Through window I could saw there was a fitness cycle inside. I walked to the street. I found there were at least three neighborhoods were cleaning their front yard. It was a scene I rarely have seen before. I came back, found there was a flat tire on mini-van and knew why.

I think my original opinion about that fitness cycle was very correct. Agents have planted it with drugs. They also made a flat tire. If I opened the back door of mini van to pick up the tool and spare tire, there would be an arrest. These rare seen neighborhoods would either be undercover agents or "reliable witnesses". Of course I left the flat tire alone.

In the evening, there was a dispute between my daughter and I. The dispute ended when I told her I thought the fitness cycle was planted with drug .

On Sunday morning (12/4), my brother came to replace the flat tire. The fitness cycle was not in the car. My daughter might have moved it to her room on Saturday.

On Monday morning (12/5), I found the water pipe in front yard was broken. Water spilled out from a crack of the soft pipe. I hurried to switch off the spring tap and found it was damaged. So I went for intermediate switch. It was damaged too. I had to switch off the general water supply to stop a flooding.

The mini-van was driven to a store on Monday. It was left there overnight to replace a new tire. I think the framed work will go on. It seems they damaged the water switches to force me out to buy the parts. Feds must have planned new planting in the car. It's a day to day work now. When one plot went sour, they started another immediately. To finish the case so Feds can sell the houses before a market turnover. The big inflation may be only a month away.

364. Cover up tactic (12/12/05)

When Feds carries out a plot, they used to perform some similar incident to cover up the main one to blind people. That's why when I saw four big air crashes took place from 8/14 to 9/5, I thought they would have a major one targeting at my relatives on their 9/10 trip.
The other reason support my allegation are motives and suitable conditions.
1. The Greece air crash. The plane took off from Cyprus, a divided island occupied by Greece and Turkey. If it was proved a perpetration, Turkey would be the suspect. And as I alleged, it also was a test of new killing weapon.

2. The Columbia plane crashed in Venuzuela. The passengers were mostly French. Since the invasion of Iraq, France is the most hated country of Inside group. Feds even planed to crash Eiffel Tower with plane. (see Anthony Carr's prophecy)

4. Indonesia's air crash. That's the most evident one. The president there was a puppet agent. He might be benefit politically from the crash too, like what happened in tsunami. The governor of Sumatra was on board the crashed plane.

3. I couldn't find any reason for the crash of the Peru plane. On 10/22 in "352. Pre-psychological propaganda" I illustrated four accidents as the work of Feds. 12 days later, Alberto Fujimori, the former president of Peru, was arrested in Chile. No one has a clear idea why he jumped on a private jet on Friday, Nov 4, and zoomed off toward Santiago from Japan. I think he was set up in a trap. He became a compensation to Peru from Feds after I have revealed the truth. Fujimori was a most wanted by Peru government.

Similar secret deal were seen between China and US. Peng Ming was arrested in Burma in May 2004. Wang Bing Zhang was kidnapped in June 2002 in Vietnam. Both are famous dissenters of China. Both had their base in US. And both were delivered to Chinese government in a third country where they thought they were safe.

In late November, media had a report that Singapore would execute an Australia whom was found carrying heroin. I didn't take much notice at it at first. But when I saw another topic "UK, US nationals arrested in Singapore" (for drugs) 2 days ago, I remembered Dr. Wang. His wife has relatives in Singapore and they often go to Singapore. He was a target of Feds too. (see "242. Dr. Wang is a target ")

The sudden rising topic coincides with the aggressive persecution of Feds these days. I worry it may be another plot by using a real case to cover up a framed case. The secret police of Singapore had a tight relationship with US'.

365. Low interest rate and the role of Japan (12/17/05)

Federal Reserve raised the bench mark rate to 4.25% at the purpose to poke off the bubble of housing market. The later the bubble breaking off, the severe the economy will be hurt. But what troubles Greespan is his operation doesn't work. The 30 years mortgage rate stand firmly at around 6.3%. Because main factor which influence the 30 years fixed mortgage rate, the long term bond rate keeps in low. The 10 years US treasury note is around 4.5%. The latest rate on 12/16 is 4.44%. It's only a 0.19% difference between the interest rate of 10 years bond and Federal overnight rate. If the ten years treasury note stays at that level, then when Federal Reserve changes the overnight rate to 4.5% next month, the short term interest rate will equal or pass over the 10 years long term rate. Is it absurd?

This phenomenon is created by Feds. (D.O.J.) They drove two big buyers to invest on US treasury note in large scale. Thus to keep the long term bond rate low which eventually leads to a low mortgage rate. Because Feds (FBI and DEA) hold a lot of real estate property. Why they don't retreat from this market? Because my case haven't finished. It's also why there is an intensify day to day persecution on me these days. The economy situation is worse and worse for them.

Who are the two big buyers? China and Japan. Since there is a historical deficit in US current account, dollar faces a devaluation. It's very unwise to invest on US treasury note at this time. Then what makes China and Japan to do so?

There is no free lunch in the world. D.O.J. bribed the two countries to do so. The payment to Japan is its sovereignty.

Japan was a defeated country in Second World War. It is still under occupation of US army. Though Japan is an economy power, it is a political pygmy. Especially in military. Probably it was the only one suffered from atomic bomb. Its military re-build is tightly controlled by US. Now the restriction on Japan are released gradually.

1. On 9/10/2004, Japan officially declared its Navy found a nuclear submarine invaded its territorial waters. On 9/12, Japanese government confirmed it was a Chinese nuclear submarine. Koizumi's government lodged a diplomatic protest and demanded an official apology. It was contrary to the restraint attitude Japanese used to have. Media said the same water had been intruded before by Chinese submarines. Japan never complained. From military point, army used to keep silence at such events to avoid exposing its anti-sub ability. Then what made Japan start a high profile conflict with China? D.O.J. was behind it.

I alleged so because on 9/9/2004, a young anti-Japan writer was found dead in her car. Iris Chang, famous for her book "The rape of Nanking", was said "suicided" by a gun shot. Despite female rarely suicided with gun, there was no motive for Iris Chang to finish her life at 36. She was a "woman in supreme control of her successful, hectic, perfect life: bestselling author, wife of an engineer husband, mother of a young son, and spokeswoman for a growing movement to seek reparations from Japan for World War 2 atrocities." (Mercury News, 11/11/04) She was writing another book about the Japanese in Philippine in World War 2 when she died.

Of course, if it was done by Feds, they prepared an explanation. Media started a wave of reporting that she had depression which "few had known". Maybe when there was no available motive, "mental illness" is the best outlet. She was said left a "will" for her husband before her death. The note was computer printed.

Media also reported many people didn't believe the "suicide". If successful people such like Fiorina was just selected to be HP's CEO, or Arnold Schwarzinneger was just "elected" Governor of California, Or George Bush in May 2003 when he said "mission accomplished" in a carrier, would they suffer a "depression"? Some people suspected it was done by Japanese rightist. They were wrong. They don't know the principle of game. It must have been done by its own intelligence. Iris Chang, died as part of a payment to encourage Japan to stand up against China. Next day after Chang's death, Japan started a diplomat conflict with China. (to be continued)
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366. Low interest rate and the role of Japan (2) (12/22/2005)

Since both directors of FBI and DEA stepped down from their posts in June 2001 because they authorized to sign a secret deal with China, D.O.J. changed its way of making secret deal. They let celebrities to promise a deal without a signature. Such like Ashcoroft in Moscow, Rice in Moscow and Beijing, Mueller in Bejing, and Bush with Chinese Presidents in international meeting. Same thing took place in Japan in 2004.

On 9/9/04, a popular anti-Japanese writer Iris Chang died of a gun shot.
Next day on 9/10, Arnold Schwarzenneger had a visit to Japan. On same day Japanese government declared its territorial water was intruded.
On 9/12, Japan demanded an apology from China.

It was an evident deal. So far as I know, Arnold had made three open visit abroad after he became the Governor of California.

1) On 5/1/04, he visited Israel and Austria.
2) On 9/10/04, he visited Japan.
3) On 11/14, he visited China. see "358. New secret deal (11/17/05)'

The first one was a "thank you" visit for let him to be the Governor of California. The later two were to be representative of D.O.J. to promise secret deals. Although all these visits were in the name of "promoting trade".

2. US supports Japan to be a permanent member in Security Council of United Nations. This will largely promote the diplomatic and political position of Japan in the world. Japan starts to work actively this year on this issue.

3. Re-build Japanese military.
In later October this year, the Japanese ruling party passed a resolution to change the Constitution. The present Japanese constitution is known as a Pacific Constitution which was done under the direction of US occupation troops. It abandons the military method to resolve international dispute. Now Japanese wants one of their own.

The Asian countries are alarmed by Japanese movement. They think this is the first step Japan to re-build its military. People rarely know this is the result of a secret deal. US media almost censored such kind of news. Have you ever noticed that two weeks ago was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor event? It passed quietly like it has been forgotten.

Japan, with its money, in a rare chance, starts to buy back its military and political power from the Inside group of US.

367. China's role and the payment to it (12/27/05)

China not only invested its surplus dollars in US financial market, it is also a major partner with D.O.J. in the plot of framing a big drug case. The payment paid to China is huge.

The first big one was the membership of WTO in 2001. Chinese economy since grew so rapidly that it is now the sixth economic power in the world. Then when D.O.J. exhausted its resource such like sacrifice the dissidents, it sold Taiwan's independence.

There are two big parties in Taiwan. One is the Nationalist Party which insists "one China" policy. The other one is the Democratic Progress Party which wants independence. Of course, an independent Taiwan is for US' interest. So we saw in last decade, the former ruling party the N.P. was torn apart and at last lost its regime. The D.P.P. took over the reign power of Taiwan on 2000.

But that trend changed in late 2003 when Taiwan became a chip in secret deal between US and China. (see #206, 254, 255, 293, 296)

In April and May, twice Arnold Schwarzenegger had planned to visit China. I warned in advance that he was for a secret deal with a bribe of 25 billions of pension fund investment. (see "303. April plot and secret deal (4/12/05)") He thus postponed his visit and that investment plan has never heard of since then.

It was replaced by another deal. It was Taiwan. In late April and early May, two major opposition leaders, Lien Chan and James Soong, visited mainland China. It was a big step forward for the unification and put the pro-independence President Chen Shui-bian on the defensive.

Furthermore, Chen Shui-bian's life became a chip too. While James Soong was in China, the Taiwan's President was invited to a small island country in Pacific Ocean. The country was so backward that there was no airport big enough for the landing of a Boeing. Chen Shui-bian had to take an old hydroplane in a neighbor big island. I also was impressed by the report that he was entertained by a personal sail with the Island President. There was wind. The sea was rough. The wave was big. President was wetted. He compared the rough sea with his Political life. He didn't know the rough sea could become dead sea for him if a framed case went on successfully in US.

I didn't keep the newspaper (Part information was from TV) because at that time I thought the unification visit of Taiwan's opposition party was the only payment. I didn't expect the Inside group would sacrifice a President's life whom work for it. I only realized it when the similar case repeated later.

368. Pirates the Constitution right (1/2/06)

Bush defended his domestic eavesdropping program was "targeted known Al-Qaida members or associates and involved intercepts of only a few numbers in the US." This is a quibble.

1. If it was about Al Qaida, why bypassed FISA? FISA warrant is easy to get.
And there is reason to believe Al Qaida was under surveillance already. What is the work for CIA? How do they spend the huge budget on intelligence? Consider Al Qaida is illegal in every country and was in escape in caves. (what government said)

2. Who gave Bush the right to ride over the Constitution? Secret eavesdropping means unreasonable search and seizure which is against 4th Amendment. When the administration authorize themselves the right to search and arrest, then what's the difference from a totalitarian? Bush will be the similar figure like Saddam.

3. Bush is a villain who used to extort people by "terrorist". He had intimidated US into an unjust war by "WMD", "imminent danger". He now blackmails Americans by "saving their lives". Step by step, he rips off the civil right from American people and turns US into a totalitarian country.

4. Beware of another "terror attack" activated by Bush's group to justify his illegal action.

369. D.O.J. wants unlimited power (1/2/06)

Though Bush tries to put the argument in the name of "we are in the war, saving American's lives", his real purpose is to legalize unreasonable search. The real commander behind him is the Department of Justice.

1) US citizens are protected by the Constitution. If government wants to put you under surveillance, they must apply for a warrant from the court with evidence.

2) FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) is in low standard. Government can apply a warrant based on suspicion not evidence. But there is a wall to prevent it to be used in domestic criminal case. Because there is big difference between suspicion and evidence. And we have seen how D.O.J. hates this wall and activated waves of attack on it.

3) What happens now is government even abandon the court system and issue warrant by themselves. That's how Bush authorizes the domestic eavesdropping. If that goes through, then it's a totalitarian. The government can do whatever they want to do. There is no check and balance to this power. America loses it's principle of foundation.

You will understand a series events happened recently if you read the above analysis. Why a FISA judge resigned to protest. Why Bush defended his spying policy again and again. Why D.O.J. hastily start to probe the leak on spying program.

A typical sample is Padilla's case. Padilla was held without charge for three years. Now government dropped former "dirty bomb" allegation and tried to deliver him to domestic criminal court with other charges. A typical "arrest without evidence" then to transfer him to a domestic court which needs evidence to arrest. D.O.J. tried to establish a case to break the wall which is set to protect American people.

370. The corrupt D.O.J. attacks (1/2/06)

The purpose of 4th Amendment is to protect people from evil activities (set up, plant) of corrupt law enforcement agent.

If corrupt official plant fake evidence at your home. (gun, drugs) And asked for a search warrant. Judge would asked him for evidence. The corrupt official couldn't say:" Because I suspect it." That's how domestic criminal law requires. It depends on Evidence not suspicion.
The official also couldn't say, "I knew it because I had a search already." That's unreasonable search. (warrantless search) It's illegal.

FISA standard is low. Law enforcement official can request a warrant on suspicion not evidence. But there is a wall to forbid it be used in domestic criminal law. Otherwise 4th amendment will mean nothing.

Corrupt officials plant fake evidence at your home. Then apply a warrant from FISA. Say they suspect you are a terrorist. They get a warrant then found the "evidence"(gun, drug) at your home. That's how the 4th Amendment bypassed. A foreign intelligence method is used in domestic criminal law. Though D.O.J. said Patriot Act gave them such privilege, there is at least a FISA court watch their behavior.

Now they even don't need a FISA approval. They authorize themselves the right to search and arrest. To give the order to search in name of save lives of citizens. Is it for "security" or rather, abusing power? When it goes, the Constitution means nothing. It allows unlimited power of police search and arrest. (to be continued )
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371. The revenge of D.O.J. (1/7/06)

Bush is only a puppet. When his illegal activity was revealed, his master jumped out to protect. Instead of investigating Bush's unconstitutional action, Justice Department starts to probe the leak of spying program.

It seems they assume nobody knows that US government is eavesdropping on its citizens. As a matter of fact, it's a common sense that FBI and other intelligence are spying on us in a broad range. We know there are Carnivore, Echelon..... There are so many information about secret eavesdropping. Have you ever seen the investigation from D.O.J.? The money spent on secret spying is huge. Are these enormous organization only deal with a few Al Qaide? It's a joke to think that Al Qaida won't alert that they may under surveillance if they communicate with an electronic system. Even innocent Muslim and non Muslim Americans would think their communication be intercepted by big brother.

What the leak of spying program will hurt? It only proves the long existing suspicion of secret spying is true. That Bush did something illegal.(unconstitutional).

The following is an information known by public. The time is Jan. 1st 2001. Such kind of knowledge was common sense. Similar information were popular in internet then. But it didn't point to Bush and D.O.J.. So nothing happened. Now D.O.J. jump their feet on the leak of "secret spying". Is that funny?

Illustration by Paul DiMare
Published on: January 1, 2001

The secret is out. Two powerful intelligence gathering tools that the United States created to eavesdrop on Soviet leaders and to track KGB spies are now being used to monitor Americans. One system, known as Echelon, intercepts and analyzes telephone calls, faxes and e-mail sent to and from the United States. The other system, Tempest, can secretly read the displays on personal computers, cash registers and automatic teller machines, from as far as a half mile away. Although the inner workings of both systems remain classified, fueling exaggerated claims about their capabilities on Internet sites, credible detail has at last begun to emerge. It comes chiefly from foreign governments that began investigating American surveillance activities after discovering that the Echelon system had been used to spy on their defense contractors. From those documents it is possible to obtain the first accurate view of the threats high-tech spying poses to our right to privacy. We think you will agree it also creates a real and present threat to our freedom. ... ing_on_us/

372. Justice Department to probe Leak on Spying Program

There are two kinds of leaking.

1. The leak was done by Feds itself to revenge at their dislikes. Such like "Watergate"case. President Nixon intended to reform D.O.J.. Then there was a deep throat to leak a scandal. Nixon had to resign the job. D.O.J. never did an investigation because it was done by itself. An FBI agent.

Or the Plame's case. D.O.J. never did an active investigation on it. Because the person likely is a member of Bush's administration.

Re: Nixon's case: (the references are two articles I have posted before. I re-post for your convenience.)

295. Who controls D.O.J.? (3/7/05)

Former President Kennedy was assassinated. Former President Clinton was impeached. All these revealed that even in top position, US politicians are under the control of intelligence. They were under the surveillance. They were extorted, blackmailed by intelligence. If they disobeyed, then they were punished by scandal, or even been assassinated.

Former President Nixon was almost impeached. He lost his post in oval office in early 70's. The formal reason was he lied to cover up a tape which might reveal his awareness of illegal campaign activity. But lie and dirty campaign activity were common among high ranking politicians. It was only an excuse. Then what was the real purpose?

In March 2002, a news helped me resolved several puzzles. It was a tape of Nixon's conversation with former treasury secretary Connally.

Quote, "Nixon Defended Envoy's Groping
1972 Tapes Also Reveal Talk of a Justice Dept. 'Full of Jews'
By George Lardner Jr.
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 1, 2002; Page A02

"Oh! Oh, God!" Nixon said with a sigh. "It erodes our confidence, our strength. They're untrustworthy. . . . Look at the Justice Department, it's full of Jews."
"Any place of power," Connally agreed. "SEC used to be -- all of them, those lawyers."
"Listen, the lawyers in government are damn Jews," Nixon said.

Both men agreed that Nixon should try to reduce the Jewish influence in a second term. Nixon told Connally on May 15 that he wanted no more than 2 percent of the government's political appointees to be Jewish, in proportion to the population. He later said 10 percent would be acceptable, "but certainly not 30 or 40 percent." ... Feb28.html

I then knew who control Justice department and why Nixon lost his job.
Nixon realized that there was a disproportion of government political appointees to the population. He thought it was not for the interest of US and tried to change that situation. He faced an impeach and had to resign before he could do it.

Now I know why Sharon said, "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, to Shimon Peres, October 8th, 2001

Israel controls D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls FBI. And FBI keep Americans under surveillance, include Presidents.

2. If the leak was done to reveal the scandal of Feds or Bush administration. Then they did an active job to revenge at the purpose to silence it. Justice Department to probe Leak on Spying Program belongs to this one. It's an intimidation on lawmakers to pass the Patriot Act because it will terminated in five weeks.

89. Polygraph law makers (9/25/02)

In early June, a news said the conversations between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Mohammed Atta were intercepted by NSA. It said in two separate conversations on Sept. 10, 2001 contained the phrases "Tomorrow is zero hour" and "The match is about to begin.". Since these two phrases are vague one and consider NSA intercepts 2 million conversations in each hour, the pick up of these two phrases was not a coincidence. It proves that Atta was under surveillance by government earlier before 911.

Then FBI said it was a secret intelligent information which shouldn't be let out public. They are investigating who has leaked it. They target on law makers and even request a polygraph.

But who will investigate the secret information leaking committed by intelligence itself?

When the news said Atta made contact to Iraq diplomat in Czech and talked about bombing plot, it leaked that Atta and Iraq diplomat were under surveillance and it leaked Czech intelligence was cooperated with USA.

There is another similar news release. By February 2001, NSA had broken the bin Laden's communications encryption system. What we know from the information government released is that OBL talked to his mother two days before 911 attack, "In two days, you're going to hear big news, and you're not going to hear from me for a while." It let people know that Bin laden's communication was under surveillance as long as 6 months before 911. And his communication code was broken.

Nobody could release such information but intelligence. Though the original purpose of news about Atta and Iraq diplomat was to target on Iraq to frame it linking with 911 terrorist, so administration could have excuse to start a war with Iraq. And the news of Bin Laden's intercepted conversation was used as a legal base for Bush to start war in Afghan. These information leaking are as important as the Atta's "Tomorrow is zero huor" one. Why FBI had a blind eye on these leaking? Because they were released by intelligence?

The secret information leaking FBI accused of took place in early June, at a time when lawmakers and 911 victims were going to investigate failure of intelligence of 911 attack with an independent commission. It could be a trap intelligence set. They use this method to retaliate, or extort law makers to avoid investigation on their own flaw or crime. Or try to reach a compromise.

If we don't know these "secrecy", we will believe what government said that they had known nothing before 911 attack. "Secret" is only a stonewall they used to cover up their corruption.

373. Extortion by scandal (1/12/06)

From Water gate, Chandra Levy to Abramoff, scandal is a tool to extort politicians by D.O.J.. A series of scandal broke off recently. I allege it was targeted at Supreme Court Judge nomination.

Bush had nominated three candidates for the vacancy of Supreme Court. Among them: Roberts and Alito are typical agents of D.O.J. Harriet Miers is a 'yes lady' who is similar to Clarence Thomas. All of them will judge to the order from D.O.J. not to the principle of the Constitution.

Roberts was nominated in early September and was confirmed in 9/28. He took oath on 9/29. During the hearing, on 9/24, a big title was on news: "Probe into Frist stock sale expands". Frist was the Senate Majority leader. Then the scandal spread to the House Majority leader, Tom DeLay. He was indicted on 9/28 by a conspiracy charge.

In October, the news of DeLay's case, Frist case and CIA leaking case (Rove and Libby) were mixed with the nomination of Harriet Miers. Harriet Miers gave up at last. It ends with the indiction of Cheney's aid: Libby.

There was a silence period in the end of the year for scandal and Supreme Court nomination. Then both came back in January. Alito goes into hearing on 1/10/06. Six days before his hearing, Abramoff scandal became top news on 1/4. On 1/8, news reported that Rep. DeLay abandons bid to keep GOP leadership.

Bush's nominee obviously are the representatives of D.O.J. not the Republicans. So there is opposition from the GOP. That's why the scandal targeted at the Republican politicians. Of course there are D.O.J.'s agents in Demos. But if they vote against their party opinion, their real face will be exposed. So the extortion this time aimed at GOP. To create a false appearance of a struggle between two parties not by a dictatorship. The fake mask of "democracy" has to be maintained.

374. A covert totalitarian (1/12/06)

The point is to control the Supreme Court. When Alito replaces O'connor, D.O.J. will control the majority votes of the Supreme Court. Thus they can justify the secret spying by the approval of Supreme Court.

Roberts was proved not work for the civil right but for the interest of D.O.J.. (see #357. Another attack from D.O.J. (11/12/05))

Alito is the same. Re: "Analysis shows Alito favours authorities"
" In one case, Judge Alito said police did not violate the rights of a mother and her 10-year-old daughter, who were strip-searched during a raid of a drug dealer's home."

"A Knight Ridder analysis of more than 300 written opinions by Alito, for example, reveals that he has almost never found a government search unconstitutional and that he has argued to relax warrant requirements and to broaden the kinds of searches that warrants permit."

You can expect under such a Supreme Court, what kind of judgement Americans will have. The administration will take over the power of legislation to authorize themselves the right to spy on its citizens. They will bypass the court system to search and seize without warrant.

US is proud with its democratic system: three independent powers check and balance. But now there is only one power left: the administration. The core is D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls law makers by scandal and election. It also sends the representatives of its own to control the Supreme Court. When they can do whatever they want to do, they think they are the "God". A name always referred by Pat Robertson and Jorge Bush to justify the power abusing.

375. Aggressive harassment in Internet (1/17/06)

Every week I receive "Oversize VMail" notice from It said, "Your VMail message has been blocked as it is too large for Vmail. Reasons Could be that a footer may be automatically added by your company's Mail System."

I don't have a company's mail system. It must be a plant. I occasionally send a personal e-mail to the editor or administration of a web-site to complain a posting problem. I used to keep a record of the sent e-mail. I always send the mail with my real name because I know I am under 24 hours surveillance by Feds.

I think my computer is under the control of a surveillance server. So all the other fake mails assumed my name or my mailing address must have been from the cyberspace team of Feds. One obvious thing is that I almost have never received any reply from these web-sites. Either their reply, or most likely, my e-mail, were intercepted by the surveillance team and had never reached to the destination.

There is also an aggressive harassment in posting.

(1) Change the font size of letter. They made the characters smaller. Thus the messages was hard to read. It is used in MSN system and some other systems.

(2) Misplace the sentence. e.g. to put the first sentence of the article on the bottom to make the message hard to understand. It happens in

(3) Change the format. The paragraph used to be separated by an empty line. But in, this function disappeared.

(4) Re-direction. When I clicked on "reply", the page turned up was another unrelated one. So I had to abandon the original thread to start a new one. It took place in . The problem lasted for months. It was resolved at last when changed a new layout system.

Then in this month, in, both "reply" and "new post" logo don't work. I thus am banned to post technically. In, people at least knew what happened by new post. Now they killed both. Nobody knew what happened.

(5) Blot the function logo. Made it difficult to post. It happens in,

(6) Temporary block. This took place in many sites. Why I say it's a deliberate harassment? In NewYork Times forum, I posted other message without problem. But when I try to post the message "371. The revenge of D.O.J. "and "372. Justice Department to probe Leak on Spying Program", I failed many times. It succeeded only after days' insistently work. I think because NYT is the one who revealed secret spying and I speak out that D.O.J.'s probe of the leak is a revenge.

(7) Ban to the web-site. The page used to be:"You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
You do not have permission to access the page that you were trying to. Are you trying to edit someone else's post or trying to access administrative features? Check that you are allowed to perform this action in the Forum Rules.
If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation."

This used to block the complaint, too. I can't access the site to find an available e-mail to complain. So I doubt it was done by surveillance team in the name of web-site. Because my messages are serious discussion, won't violet the rule.

One proof is I was twice showed the above page by Though under the pressure of Feds, some sites will follow the order to ban, to my experience, no media will do that. From their career, free speech is very important. They won't do unreasonable censure. Some media would rather close their forum than to censor me. I tried in later days and found I can access the forum without problem. The "ban" page is only a convenient tool used by surveillance team whom followed me all the time.

Another proof is It changes into a new site. But both sites work. I posted in both sites. Then two weeks ago, I was showed the above page in old site. I have no problem to post in new site. It doesn't make sense. The only explanation I have is Feds want me to post in new site. Probably they have particular formula installed in new site which makes censorship covert. (such like "ignorance", it makes you feel your message was posted while others can't see it)

So when I saw the same page "you don't have the permission ...." in I think it was another censorship from the Feds in the name of web site. My message is too true to let more people to know.

In 47 days (from 12/1/05 to 1/16/06) I recorded 10 such internet harassing. Six out of the ten took place in six days.(1/6 to 1/11) The time was coincidence with Abramoff scandal.

I think Bush's secret spying (a search warrant issued by himself without court) was on me in the name of Al Qaida. After Bush was criticized ignoring the law, D.O.J. activated another raid to seize the Supreme Court. The purpose is to justify Bush's secret spying.(warrantless surveillance) I can feel their arrogance when they thought their plan would come true. On 1/10, gave me such a page:

"You have been banned for the following reason:
Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

A typical manner of D.O.J.. "I am the God. I don't need any reason from starting a war to eliminate a man." (to be continued)
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376. New censorship law (1/22/06)

I received an e-mail notice which said:

"STRAWWW posted a message to you in Imperialism on Delphi Forums
The subject is: Shocking New Censorship Law
To read that message and others in the same discussion, go to: ... msg=1252.1

Annoy someone online--two years in jail?
By Declan McCullagh, January 9, 2006,

It's no joke. Last Thursday, President Bush signed into law a prohibition on posting annoying Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing your true identity.

This ridiculous prohibition, which would likely imperil much of Usenet, is buried in the so-called Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act. Criminal penalties include stiff fines and two years in prison.

It is the leading message of a new thread.. New thread generally open to all for discussion. This thread directly addressed to me. I think this is an intimidation from Feds. Two provisions in Patriot Act are designed particularly on me. (see 334) So it's not uncommon they proposed another law to deal with me. This is the advantage of D.O.J..

I learned this in Mid January. I felt the absurd new law was probably direct on me so I wrote #375 in case there is a framed case. The e-mail notice proved my doubt.

377. Bin Laden acts on behalf of Bush (1/22/06)

Bin Laden's new tape is obviously a disinformation made from Bush's "Psychological manipulating office". On the purpose to smear anti war movement.

Read the following words from bin Landen. It's almost what Bush administration and its spokesman McClellan wanted to discredit their critics: "Un patriot, help enemy..."

Re: "The voice on the tape said he was directing his message to the American people after polls showed that "an overwhelming majority of you want the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq but (Bush) opposed that desire."

He said insurgents were winning the conflict in Iraq and warned that security measures in the West and the United States could not prevent attacks there." ... 0000000001

This is exactly what Bush group needed.

Consider Bin Laden always responded to Bush's needs: when Bush wanted to start war in Mid-east, there was 911. Be aware 911 was activated eight months after Bush was selected to be the president. And this time, when Bush is revealed to spy on its citizens without court approval, and may face an impeach, Bin Laden comes out again to help. "I, the terrorist is here. Bush is right to start war against me. If you oppose this war and Patriot Act, you are helping me and Al Qaida."

See how he reacts just on time as if he has got an order from Bush.

Be careful there will be another terror attack, manipulated by US intelligence in the name of Al Qaida. Just like 911, Bali bombing..... This time is to save their puppet Bush and Patriot Act (which will expire in two weeks.)

I think this is a part of another big operation just like 9/24/05 plot. (The plot noticeable for manipulating the climate weapon, hurricane.)

378. The new plot planned to carry out in late January and early February.

1. 1/29 is Chinese New Year's day. Chinese family traditionally re-union in their new year Festival. Feds like to take advantage of such occasion: either a re-union or a family group travel.

2. The new censorship law was signed on 1/16. I think the ridiculous censorship law was particularly designed for this Jan/Feb. 2006 plot, especially on me.

3. The harassing in Internet started from 1/6 is going on. I was blocked to post in a few web-sites by technique problem. It obviously is a part of this big operation.

4. The extended Patriot Act will expire on Feb. 3. Feds try to finish the case before its expiring.

5. The hearing of Alito finished a week ago. Anytime from now on D.O.J. can send an agent of their own into the Supreme Court to control the majority. So the framed case, if it violates the law, still can pass the Supreme Court without problem.

6. A big "terror attack" in US. (probably multi "terror attacks" globally) It was justified by "Pakistan air raid" and Osama's tape and Zawahiri's tape. Please notice that the media deliberately make the "Air raid in Pakistan" a big issue by the "protest from Pakistan government", the controversies of "civilian's death" and "the death of high ranking Al Qaida" to ensure people that the coming terror attack is a revenge of Al Qaida. To emphasize it, they even activated Bin Laden and his vice.

7. Another anti-Bush protest is organized on Jan. 31 all over the country and on Feb. 4 in Washington. It plays the same role as the anti war protest on 9/24/05 . When they prepared "terror attack", Feds always keep in their mind not to miss the chance to humiliate the anti-war movement and the civil rights group.

379. A crime in the name of a noble cause (1/27/06)

Bush stole breads from the grocery store. When the store owner accused him of stealing, he defends that he is to save the lives of hungry people. What he hasn't told you is that he could have done it legally: he could buy the bread instead of stealing.

Bush administration repeatedly argued that he did it under a noble cause: to save the lives of American people. He avoids to tell you that this noble cause can be done in recent system: he could have applied for a court warrant.

A theft is a theft. It won't be legalized under a noble cause. Bush blows trumpet these days to persuade people that he has the right to spy on them. How can a thief so confident for the crime he committed?

1. His master D.O.J. assured him he will be supported by Supreme Court. After Alito being sent to the Supreme Court, D.O.J. totally control it. Alito's nomination will shift the court to the right. For the real Democrats, they should fight for their idea with filibuster. D.O.J. apparently will have their agent jumping out to perpetrate, despite that will tear off their agents' fake mask. For Republicans, Alito is also a threat to their opinion. Alito favors a powerful administration. That's against GOP's opinion of a small government. Many Republicans also don't think the President is above the law. Now review message "373. Extortion by scandal". How correct I point out the Abramoff scandal is targeting at GOP politicians to force them escorting Alito to the seat of the Supreme Court judge.

2. Intelligence support. On time, there will be a "terrorist attack" to justify Bush's spying program. The CIA's Pakistan air raid, Bin Laden's and his vice's tape is a prelude of this plot.

3. Media support. Today, Mercury News reported: "53% approved of eavesdropping without warrants "to reduce the threat of terrorism.(New York Times/CBS News poll of 1,229 adults Friday through Wednesday)". I have said that media is controlled by the Inside group. They used to manipulate public's mind by faking poll to justify a rigged election or other plot.

Is US still a home of braves and the land of free as media always say? Or brave Americans become cowards who give up their freedom to the intimidation of terrorists (or more likely, the Bush administration in the fake mask of terrorist)?

380. What an "eavesdropping" really mean.(1/27/06)

Do you think the agents only limit to eavesdrop your phone? Do you expect terrorist will say, "You bomb the Golden gate bridge tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock" in communication? It maybe words such like, "Tomorrow will be zero hour. The real match will begin." But was it more likely about a football match or a boxing show? How do you save lives by listen to these vague words? If you think with brain, you know the matter is not that simple limited only to a secret "eavesdropping".

A warrant of "eavesdropping" means much more. With it agents can start a search on "suspects". A search on your home, your financial records, tracing, interview your friends.... This is something government and media never tell you.

To my experience it means much more. The harassing in Internet. The car trouble. Feds create car trouble so they can install instrument in the car to eavesdrop or tracking when you send it for repair. Feds block the drainage to create a flooding to see if you have valuable things to hide, property problem..... Finally, to prove they are correct, Feds plant, frame, murder to eliminate evidence.

A lot of people may have encountered such problem without aware of truth because Feds are professional criminals. But our founding father know the danger of power abusing from internal. They made the Constitution to protect us from the corrupt official. That's why a court search warrant is so strict which demands evidence.

D.O.J. uses a beautiful decoration to violate the law. If it succeeds, the foundational Constitution bypassed. Civil rights will be seriously damaged. Terrorists may kill a few people but can't rob the freedom from Americans. Bush is worse, he took away the civil rights from all citizens. He is more dangerous than the terrorist.
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381. Destroying files (2/2/06)

On 2/1/06, there is an article in Mercury News. "File-destroying worm expected to attack Friday". (By Anick Jesdanun, AP) Which said the worm, known as "CME-24," "BlackWorm," "Mywife.E," was set to activate on Feb 3. Obviously this cyber attack belongs to the "Jan-Feb Chinese New Year" plot. (see #378)

I have warned several times that there would be internet attacks coming with the framed drug case. There is an insistently harassment and censorship on me since I started to post in internet. Now Feds even developed a worm to destroy the files.

Why do they chose Feb. 3 to activate the worm attack? Because it's Friday - the garbage collection day of my street. To plant in garbage cart is one of their frame tactic which had also been used in 9/24 plot.

A typical case this time is: A drug case to frame me and other family members in. At the same time a terror attack to distract. To divert the public's attention for a period, a bird flu pandemic will spread which will also eliminate other people who know the story. After the panic of disease passing over, no trace of Kat Hak Sung left. Any information in internet will have been destroyed in a cyber worm attack.

I am harassed by Feds these days by slow processing. Sometimes it took 20 minutes or more to post a message. If I can't post on time, then something evil happens.

382. The life of the President of Taiwan as a payment (2/2/06) (continue to #367)

The second attempt to murder the President of Taiwan: Chen Shui Bian, was another boat cruise in mid 2005. He was escorted to an island near Taiwan to claim sovereignty. I still wasn't aware of that was a murder attempt. I only felt strange. If he wanted to be popular, he could go to another island - Diao Yu Tai. It is a big issue between China and Japan for the controversial land sovereignty. Why did he pick up an island which people rarely heard of?

I realized he was a chip in secret deal in early October that year. In later September, Chen Shui Bian was in South America, visiting several countries there. In his open procedure, Chen would go back to Taiwan via San Francisco. But his group made a dramatical change. They flied to Abu Dhabi. The Taiwan delegate was invited by an Arabic country. Chen Shui Bian said it was a diplomatic success.

Then on his way back to Taiwan, the President's plane stopped in Bali, Indonesia in the morning of 10/2. Because Taiwan was bracing a strong typhoon Longwong. The coincidence was, 13 hours ago, Bali was hit by the second bombing. One of the bombing area was Jimbaran Beach where there was a lot of high class shop and five star hotel. Not far from President's rest place.

I think if the 9/24 plot succeeded, the President of Taiwan would have died in the second Bali bombing a week later. (to be continued)

383. The cross murder deal (2/7/06)

On 1/20, news reported "Bin Laden says new attacks are coming."
On 1/30, "Al-Qaida's No.2 threatens new attack in US.
On 2/1, "File-destroying worm expected to attack Friday(2/3)". I think the "terror attack" and internet attack were part of the framed case with which the last date was set on 2/3. The day when the Patriot Act would expire.

Anyway, the "terror attack" didn't happen. The "File-destroying worm" didn't cause trouble. Because the plot went sour. So the Patriot Act in which two controversial sections were designed on me(see #334) had to be extended for another 5 weeks to cover the persecution case.

Five weeks is short. So the framed case will go on aggressively these days. On 2/6, I learned that the "terror attack" Feds planned was a big one. It will occur globally if the framed case going through successfully. On 2/5, news reported "Urgent global security alert set by Interpol for escapees." Which said 23 people escaped from a Yemen prison last week. Among them there were Al Qaida who had bombed US Cole in 2000 and the other one who had bombed a French tanker in 2002.

I have long alleged those attacks were done on behalf of the Inside group. Either to provoke a war, for a power or for other interest. I don't believe it was easy to escape from a prison. Especially these people were dangerous prisoners, should be in a jail with high security. Bin Laden and his vice are the most important escapees. We never heard there is an Interpol alert on them. They are said to be trapped in the border area of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The newly escapees from Yemen are low ranking accessories. How can they have the ability greater than Bin Laden to go everywhere in the world?

I don't think it's a coincidence the escape took place at this time. It will be used to justify the planned plot. I think some terror attacks will happen in European countries to inflame an indignation against Islam countries and plays cover up to the main ones. I strongly allege there will be one happening in HongKong. The Interpol alert is a psychology propaganda for it.

My father in law passed away on 3/25/2004. Within a month, my wife's uncle - Wang Ke Li - got a stroke on 4/21/2004 and died 9 days later. Mr. Wang Ke Li was a celebrity . He had a securities company in Hongkong. I alleged both two were the victims of Feds. FBI director R. Mueller had a visit to Beijing in Mid April 04. This meant there was another secret deal being made between the secret police of US and China. Mr. Wang Ke Li was a member of Chinese Politics Consultative Conference. It is an organization for display to show others that Chinese government is democratic. The members used to be celebrities. Mr. Wang Ke Li's death obviously was the result of R. Mueller's visit. About at same time, when Mueller on his way back to US,(4/22?) he announced that Hongkong would be attacked by terrorist as a financial center. I thought it aimed at Mr. Wang's securities company so I wrote the message: "223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04)"

Mr. Wang Ke Li had two sons. (they are my wife's cousin) One is Dr. Wang who lives in US. I found he became a target of Feds and had talked about this several times. (see #242, 364) The other one lives in Hongkong and is a celebrity there too. He is a member of Hongkong's legislature. His name is Wang Yi Hong.

To kill a celebrity in Hongkong needs a big payment. I finally find the payment is the life of Taiwan's president. To achieve this, China even allowed a regime change in Hongkong.

384. Extortion by terrorism (2/12/06)

On 2/7, I wrote the message #383. I talked about two strange sections of Patriot Act were particularly designed on me and is set to be eliminated in compromise. But because Feds couldn't finish my case to their schedule so they have to delay it for another five weeks.

Next day on 2/8, there was an alert in Capitol Hill.

Quote, "US Senate Building Evacuated After Alarm for Possible Nerve Agent
By Dan Robinson
Capitol Hill 09 February 2006

A U.S. Senate office building was evacuated late Wednesday after sensors detected the possible presence in the air of what was initially described as a nerve agent. The building was later reopened after police reported negative test results." ... -voa02.htm

I am familiar with this. It's another intimidation on lawmakers. There were similar events When D.O.J. was pushing to pass through the Patriot Act, Senators were intimidated by anthrax letters. When the Feds want the House to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush, there was a D.C. sniper shooting spree. So what was it this time? The answer came at same time. Same day on 2/9, news reported:

Quote, "Key Republicans Reach Deal on Patriot Act A Few Democrats Voice Support But Law's Main Foe Isn't Swayed


WASHINGTON (Feb. 9) - A band of Senate Republican holdouts reached agreement Thursday with the White House on changes in the Patriot Act designed to clear the way for passage of anti-terror legislation stalled in a dispute over civil liberties.

-Clarifying that most libraries are not subject to demands in those letters for information about suspected terrorists." ... 4009990011

It was a power show off. When I said the D.O.J. delayed the compromise by a short time once and again, they want to show that they can make the change quickly.

It also proves the library provision is targeting at me. The libraries I had been to were just a few. So it doesn't affect them to exempt the most. The other two changes in Patriot Act are also minor. It's only a cosmetic concession.

385. Frame a FISA case (2/12/06)

In early December last year, my daughter urged me several times for the tax return, said she needed it to apply for a scholarship. I gave her the tax return of 2004. She insisted for a 2005 return. I told her it was impossible because 2005 was not finished. It could not be done until February 06 when all financial statements were got. At last she gave me an ultimatum that she must get it before March 2, 2006.

I wondered why she insisted for a tax return of 2005. Related to the hot issues of secret spying in December, I thought it was an effort of Feds for a FISA warrant. Wang's family has a security company. We have an account in that company. Each year when I prepared for tax return, we would call the company for an annual statement. Then why the Feds only focus on this year? I think they have just set up a FISA case recently with the help of Chinese secret police.

Almost at same time, (early December 2005) I learned a news from World Journal. The columnist said he had attended a banquet hosted by Mr. and Mrs Wang Yi Hong. The distinguished guest was a writer who had been very popular in Hongkong. This was the writer's first return to Hongkong after he had immigrated to the US for 13 years.....

I don't think it was a coincidence a writer who had settled in US for 13 years suddenly took a trip to Hongkong at this time. He was probably sent to Hongkong on purpose by Feds. Hongkong is a hot field for international intelligence. It's natural that celebrities seeking all kinds of information, let alone if it was a case deliberately set up by the secret police of two countries - China and US.. Mr. Wang Yi Hong might have been put on the FISA list since then, as well as the security company his family owns.

This is why I was urged to file a 2005 tax return. All for a FISA warrant when there is a phone call. I don't care wiretap. What I fear is a violent action. Because a wiretap warrant means much more. Feds is in a hurry. They only asked for a 5 weeks' delay for the old Patriot Act.
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386. More extortion (2/17/05)

Vice President Dick Cheney wounded a friend in a hunting accident. Though it was only a slip, media made it a big news. And the intelligence pushed a wave in internet to propaganda on it. Then Cheney's wounded friend had a heart attack. If he died, Cheney would have legal trouble.

On 2/15, Cheney held a meeting with law makers of his party (Republicans).

On 2/16, in Capital Hill, "Republicans derail eavesdropping probe". Also, "The Patriot Act cleared a major hurdle Thursday (2/16) that ensures it will be renewed soon." (both news reported by Mercury News, 2/17/06)

I think these two events are the result of Cheney's meeting.

This is how media turns a trifle into a big case. In Lewinsky scandal, a personal affair was developed to "lie under oath" which finally caused impeachment. Cheney's hunting accident now becomes " the White House bypasses media".

But is there a big liar in the White House who misled US into an unnecessary war? Is there a real law offender who violates the Constitution to spy on US citizens? Why the media turn a blind eye on the real big case but concentrate on the bits and pieces?

Don't follow the way media want you to think. Think with your own brain. The media is only a mind control tool of D.O.J.. They rule this country by intelligence and media. And manipulate the politicians through extortion.

387. Cross murder deal (2) (2/17/06)

I realized the cross murder deal in 9/24 case.

In March 2005, there was a regime change in Hongkong. A western cultivated Hongkong official - Donald Tsang, became the chief executive of Hongkong.

On 8/31/05, Mercury News reported: "The chief executive of HongKong invited the territory's entire legislature Tuesday to travel with him to southern China next month...... The trip next month, scheduled for Sept. 25 and 26."

Next day I received letters from Homeowner Association and a San Jose Council member which I alleged having arranged 9/24 a garbage dumping day to frame me in. At that time, I was alarmed by dense plane crashes and thought there would be a big murder plot around 9/24. (see message #339, 340, 342, 343) But would China kill Mr. Wang Yi Hong whom I thought was pro-China? (His father had been a member of Chinese Political Consultative Conference)

The next news was on 9/26. "Long-banned authorities of Hong Kong visit mainland". "The Chinese government invited the entire 60 member Legislative Council on a two day tour of Guangdong.". "Some of whom (pro-democracy lawmakers) had been barred from China for more than a decade."

Then came the news of the President of Taiwan who had dramatically changed his trip schedule and stopped in Bali, Indonesia where there was just a second bombing occurred.
I finally realized there was a cross murder deal. China would kill a law maker of HongKong whom is pro-China to exchange US killing the President of Taiwan whom is pro-US.

388. Review the London bombing (2/22/06)

7/6/06. London was awarded to host the 2012 Olympic. That was a payment for the coming London bombing.

7/7. First London bombing. Four "suicides" unnecessarily died in bombing. Because at that time nobody expected there would be a terror attack in Britain. The perpetrator could leave the bomb in train without suspicion, then to detonate it with remote control. The death of the bombers reflect the tactic of the mastermind behind the scene. Eliminate any information which may reveal them.

There were three attempted frame cases in April, May and June that year in the name of architectural/Landscaping inspection by Homeowners Association. So I thought the London bombing was part of the new plot and was used to cover up the planned bombing in US. Make the terrorist attack a global one not particularly occurred in US.

I also was puzzled by the repeated violation warning from the H.A. for "Overgrown tree by front window". How could they be so picky when I tried my best? I checked the front window tree again and again. And thought it might be the iron rail of the front window which caused problem. The iron rail is locked from inside to protect the window from break in theft. I found all the window rail locked well except that front window's. It was loose. If someone intended to go into the house by window, he could do it by opening the iron rail wide like to open a door. But the branches of front window tree blocked the way to open the iron rail wide. It seems Feds wanted to go into the house by front window. I cleared the way to their wish. Why? Because the front window belongs to my daughter's room. She put a computer desk at the window. The desk cabinet blocked half of the window. Nobody could go through without breaking the cabinet. I couldn't locked the rail by myself. It was tight, needs two people work together to lock. (one inside the house, other one work outside.) But my daughter always pull a long face to me. So I left it alone as it was still safe then. My worry soon came true.

On 7/18, my daughter re-arranged her room. She moved the computer desk away and cleared the space at window. It alarmed me. Would they really do as I had thought? After she finished re-arrangement, I asked her help to lock the iron rail. It was for her security, she had no reason to refuse. Of course, if someone had instructed her to clear the window space, he wouldn't tell the truth that the purpose was to murder her and her parents. Just like secret police wouldn't tell the four men they would break into pieces in an explosion when they were instructed to carry a back-pack to the London underground train.

The revenge came quickly. On 7/19 morning. I was awaken by severe tooth-ache. I knew it was a punishment because I broke up their plan. The ache was so severe that I had to leave the house and get into the car. The tooth ache was instantly disappeared. It was caused by EM-wave or sonic wave, I think. And can only be avoided in a closed solid body. It proved I had correctly broken a murder case. Feds made a revenge. Another similar story was they had hurt my left arm after my revelation of Boston dirty bomb case. (see "286. Intensified EM wave shooting. (1/29/05")

7/21. There was the second London bombing. Though the situation required a suicide bombing this time because the security was tightened, there was no real explosion and no bomber died. Probably the recruited informants realized from the first London bombing that they could become un-volunteered "suicides" in the trap and refuse to a real bombing mission.

I think if I hadn't fix the iron rail of the front window on 7/18, there would be a "murder and suicide" case at my home around 7/21. The police would say so because the door was locked inside. Windows were protected by iron rail. Nobody knew one Iron rail was unlocked. The way to access by that window was cleared by intimidation of H.A.. A drug case might framed B at same time. All these news would be distracted by terror attack(globally) same day. The rest of my family members would be eliminated in a September east coast trip.

389. Liquefaction quake and rain (2/27/06)

In previous message, I talked a lot about how Feds carried out their plan with the help of weather manipulation: rain, storm, hurricane tsunami, earthquake.......

When there was a landslide in Philippine which buried about 1500 people, I thought it might be an experiment of another climate weapon. US happened to have a military manoeuvre nearby. So US troops quickly came to help. And I had alleged the tsunami and a meteor event happened in Indonesia were the results of a covert military experiment. US seems like to have the South-east Asia as its test area.

On 2/25, there was an article in Mercury News. "Quake risks mapped', "Improved geological survey maps reclassify parts of Bay Area for threat of liquefaction and provide a much closer look at neighborhood conditions." , "Liquefaction occurs when loose, waterlogged soil is shaken. It loses strength and behaves like a fluid, causing buildings to sink in much the same way your feet sink into soggy sand at the edge of the surf."

I checked the color map and found my house was in red color area - the highest risk area.
I checked the weather forecast, found that started from the next day, 2/26, all would be rainy day. The five days forecast of today, (2/27) still were all rain logo.

The news of landslide of Philippines was still fresh in my mind. It seems Feds will apply the new technology on my area. This season's rainfall is above normal. The soil is saturated with water already. Feds will pour more water on it. Prepare for an earthquake hazard? Very possible. Though California is an earthquake area. The liquefaction quake is the first time warning.

The map is newly done with no identifying feature so the news article promised "the information will be added in the next two months." I think it was hastily developed to Feds' demand. But will it be too coincident that a liquefaction and an earthquake taking place after "scientists" suddenly beware of it?

All because Feds is in a hurry. Ten days later, Patriot Act will face the expiration. The working team must be aggressive to create an earthquake and a liquefaction to avoid another extension.

390. London bombing review (2) (continue to #388)(3/5/06)

The July plot went sour. A new plot immediately planned. Storms played a big role in this new plan.

8/14. London bombing still would be used in new plot to justify the bombing in US.

Re: "US warns of new attacks on London
August 14, 2005

8/14 - 9/5 Four big plane crashes took place which would make the coming one not so unusual to the public.

9/6 - 9/18. Originated from Bahamas Hurricane Ophelia (storm 2) moved slowly along the East Coast. It would be used to cause a trip accident.

9/10 - 9/17 My family members took a trip in East Coast. (attempt murder 1)

8/29. Hurricane Katrina (storm 1) originated from Bahamas drowned New Orleans. Its role was to (1) distract an anti-war movement. (2) play a cover up role to Hurricane Rita, (3) a drill for the coming Hurricane Rita. The two hurricanes were so similar: from its originates (Bahamas), moving traces, to its lasting days. (8 days) (4) give an excuse to the coming inflation. (The inflation is artificial suppressed because Feds needs a low interest rate to maintain a booming house market.)

8/30. Cindy Sheehan's anti-war trip started from Texas. But was neglected by media because of Katrina.

8/31. Chief Executive of Hongkong - Donald Tseng, invited the whole legislature of Hongkong to travel with him to mainland China on 9/25.

8/31. H.A. mailed an architectural inspection notice with heavy penalty intimidation. It included the enclosed yard. I thought it targeted at a self made little shed in backyard. If I tore down the shed, there would be a lot of junk. How could I handle it?

8/31. San Jose Council member Chuck Reed mailed a letter announced a "Free dumping day" on 9/24. Which offered a solution for backyard junk. The coincidence enabled me to realize that Feds planned to frame me on 9/24 if I would have dumped the garbage to the bin. (by claiming there was illegal things inside it?) But what if my wife did the garbage job? Then there was a sudden offering of fun trip from an airliner to the travel company my wife worked. Thus she left before 9/24.

9/22 -9/29. My wife left to South-east Asia for a fun trip.

9/24. Free dumping date. (attempt murder 2) Of course I wouldn't do as they wished.
9/24. Big anti-war protest in Washington. (planned to be humiliated by terror attack)
9/24. Hurricane Rita landed in Texas. An event to distract. (storm 3)

9/25 - 9/26. The legislature of Hongkong visited China. I allege there would have been a travel accident to kill Mr. Wang Yi Hong if 9/24 plot went on successfully. (attempt murder 3)

9/27. My wife took a boat trip in Haloon Bay, Vietnam. While Typhoon Damrey(storm 4) just left a day ago. (attempt murder 4)

10/1 evening, Second Bali bombing.
10/2 morning. Chen Shui-bian, the President of Taiwan stopped in Bali not far from the bombing site. His plane had a temporary stop-by due to the typhoon Longwang. (storm 5) (attempt murder 5)

In 9/24 plot, there were at least 5 attempt murder case, 4 were planned when the victims were in trip. Feds created 5 storms to help the case. And if the 9/24 plot succeeded, I believe there would have been a third London bombing. Though at last it didn't come true, British secret police had prepared it.

The payment to British was not only to host the Olympic. Another reward came right after 9/24.

9/27. "Panel claims IRA has given up weapons
by John Daniszewsky
Los Angeles Times

....the Provisional Irish Republican Army had turned over the bullets, guns, blasting caps, bombs and explosive plastics that held much of Britain in terror for more than 35 years."
(Mercury News 9/27/05)

There were indications to show that US intelligence was behind most terror attack: OKC bombing; 911 attack; anthrax letter; Bali bombing, Chechenya rebel...... It's their tactic to have a link with all opposition party, no matter it's legal or illegal. To manipulate the opposition force often came to a result favorable to them .

The IRA disarmament also indicates that US intends to release one hand of British secret police and let it move its resource to deal with Islamic world.
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