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Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Entities


The extraterrestrial phenomenon is much different than the topic of UFOs. Step inside to talk about alien abductions, extraterrestrials and strange encounters.

Postby thunder » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:06 am

the size of the ones you saw may explain why the disk shaped ones i have seen seem way to thin to be manned. the one that was real close was thick enough for a 5ft being to operate.
as far as black ops , no i doubt we have anything that can do those munevers and a human survive it. moving miles silently and stop instantly, doubt we have anything like that but no doubt we do have many craft we know nothing about.
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Postby Dyrmyk » Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:55 pm

The grey colored ones are biological drones, they have no emotion and no freewill.
They do experience pain on a massive scale if you know Psychokinesis defense techniques and know how to attack them. I saw one in a spacecraft last year just hovering and watching my friend and I just as I was telling him how to fix his computer. My body shifted to a very high vibration and a lot energy exited my mind very fast and the spacecraft dodged it and a very high vibrational protective shield enveloped the entire apartment for about 30 seconds and then the gray alien gave up and sped away at a incredible speed. And then I collapsed on the floor due to exhaustion.
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Postby dreamer2u4u » Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:58 pm

I'm just testing out my pc to see if i can post here
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Postby morrison1289 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:25 pm

I see this post is some what dated but very interesting replies and responses.

The following is my opinion only. I have dealt with these bastards since a very young child.

Grays - I know of two different species. The short bastards and the tall bastards. I have learned to effectively deal with the short SOBs.
As you may detect from my tone I'm no fan of aliens. Having said that I do not wish them harm. That's odd you say that. I respect all living things. Even rattlesnakes have the right to live, same with aliens. I want them to go away. Pipe dream I know!

My opinion only ~ they may have been from where ever it is, any name or place you like, but they live here on Earth. They are Earthlings, just like you and me, only different.
I know their base of operations quite well, and I can say this massive (did I say massive, I meant MASSIVE) base of operations was not build overnight, but over long periods of time. I believe these bastards have been here for as long as humanoids have been here.

Their base of operations is underground, access is through a deep body of water (Pacific Ocean perhaps). I know the alien craft pretty well, both sizes of the saucers they use.

Like some have indicated these short bastards (I don't like the term 'grays', 'greys', or 'greyes') are like a computer controlled cloned drone or a creature created in the lab and programmed for their specific tasks, i.e., abducting. I refer to these SOBs as the A-Team. They excel at abductions, and they should as many as they do.

They excel at mind control, planting thoughts from a distance (distance is undetermined). However one can with practice learn to overcome being controlled by these short bastards, but it takes practice but it is possible. If I can do it anyone can.
The down side of course is one cannot stay awake indefinitely and once you fall asleep guess what? You go for the midnight ride. But being abducted is not always such a bad thing. I can think of many worse scenarios that being abducted by aliens. Abductions give me the opportunity to learn something about them.

Some abductions are horrible; surgeries, implants or implant upgrades, tissue and or bone marrow removal, ouch on those. I know from experience.
I have awoken in bed on several occasions screaming and scaring the hell out of my wife after being returned from a surgery. The worst was an implant upgrade, damn hope I never get another one of those.

The tall grays generally stay at the base of operations and these are the aliens you want to fear. Have fun with the small aliens, the short bastards but fear the tall ones as they don't play games and it's their way, always their way. There is no highway, it's their way, period.
I have written extensively in over 30 articles about these two species of aliens, their base of operations, their craft, the methods of abductions, MILABs and so on.
Most of my articles are in the older website of UFO Digest, and two articles in JAR.

My experiences closely echo what I read in this forum. The question is how much longer is this going to happen? I have documented alien abductions starting with my family back to before 1920.
I firmly believe much of what Dr. David Jacobs writes about at
I take issue with only one thing he writes about and that is his thoughts on alien and human telepathy. I know he is wrong as I regularly telepathically communicate with these bastards. It's something I wish I had never learned to do, but live is full of mistakes, and I have made my share of them. I also wrote a lengthy article about my telepathic ability with these aliens. Actually a quick search found the article; ... -telepathy
Cheers and Regards

Bob Morrison
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Postby grasshopper » Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:25 am

Excellant idea, Dragon_Malice, someone definately needs to do this.
One thing that I may have missed is the mention of their odor, actually all of their odors! Each one is slightly different while others... possibly not greys...would set your lungs on fire if you were in a room full of them. One smelled musty; he has been back several times. The ones that come here seem able to allow or disallow you to smell them and one specific odor allows me to know who it is. They also seem to be able to manifpulate how stongly their odor is smelled, in other words the odor could be a light scent or very strong.
Flying lit balls, black, white, green and red can accompany them or simply be present without a being or at least a being you can see or smell. The black and white balls can be accompanied by a red blotche much larger than the balls.
Along with the lit and sometimes blinking balls a small blue square can appear and, for me, a white rectangle which seems able to "paste" itself anywhere and observe you. I say this because I have seem beings and movement within.
They can also feel "pain" and they can die.
They have funny sounding mechanical voices when they speak aloud but mostly use telepathy and are able to answer my question before I have finished asking it even though I am also sending a thought message. They read my thought before I form the question.
I believe they use holograms then watch your reactions and "listen" to your thoughts.
I hope this helps you in gathering information about them.
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Postby grasshopper » Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:29 am

"They excel at mind control, planting thoughts from a distance (distance is undetermined). However one can with practice learn to overcome being controlled by these short bastards, but it takes practice but it is possible. If I can do it anyone can."

Morrison, will you tell us what you do?
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Postby Taeko » Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:32 pm

I have not met the Grays close up, but they do communicate from time to time usually when I am in trouble. Dr. Jacobs books on them are very accurate except for his conclusions. He thinks they are very hostile and enemies of humans. However, ET loves him anyway for publishing books about them. There are tall and short Grays reported. The tall ones are male and the short ones are female. As Bionic reports, the Grays and all other humanoid ET are related and descended from humans. We are all cousins. There are some hostile ET, but they look very human, and they behave like Nazis. Mantis beings are sometimes reported with the Grays. They are not related and are insects, but seem to work with the Grays without any problem.
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Postby MrSmith » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:30 pm

Based on a combination of my own personal experiences and about ten years of heavy research, this is my current understanding of the "greys". Let me start by saying i am in no way claiming to be an expert on the topic, I am just a normal person who has had some experience with these beings throughout my life and has researched them in my free time.

There are many theories about the greys, and whos to say one is more true than the next? Like I said the theory presented here is based only off my personal experience and research so it very well may not contain the entire picture.

As far as I know the greys are originaly a civilization of humans that once inhabited earth in a parallel timeline. They destroyed the planet through whatever mean and were forced deep underground. After survivng for many many hundreds of years and generations, probably thousands of years, but eventually as their civilization began to mutate from the conditions of the planet and loving underground, they were no longer able to reproduce so they began to clone. Eventually over generations even this began to fail as they ran out of fresh genetic stock, so on order to continue their survival they had to find a fresh gentic source close enough to theirs to use. Thats where we come in.

They used their technology to tunnel back through time to our time when humans were still healthy. They use our gentic stock to mix with theirs to create a new hybrid race. There are already several hybrid races of greys out there.

The subject boils down to something far deeper than just a malevalent race of beings breaking into our rooms at night and abducting us. There is no denying that the experience of being taken can be extremely traumatic, terrifying, and confusing. Though it may not seem like it, every interaction that takes place between us and them is an agreed upon one. Not only as a collective conciousness of hummanity, but also on an individual level we have made contracts with these beings to donate our dna to them. Often times these contracts are made before we even incarnate in this life.

There is more to the story, it is not a one sided coin...what do we get out of it? Well the hybridazation program has been going on for some time now, 5 hybrid races have already been created from this program, they are living on other planets and most of them flourishing. some of these hybrid children are now beggining to mix into our population and this will be an increasing trend in years to come. These children are of a higher level of conciousness and therfore as they mix into our polulation we will all begin to slowly evolve towards a higher consciousness.

There is a much bigger picture going on, and it is a positive one. When the first public open contacts begin to take place, the first race that will come will be The Yahyel, they are one of the 5 hybrid races. They look mostly human but slightly like a grey. Eventually as we meet and interact with several of the hybrid races already out there, including The Shakani which are one of the 5. We will mix genetics and create the 6th and final hybrid race that will go on to inhabit earth in our place. In 1 thousand years the human that is on earth today will no longer exsist on this earth. Instead our future selves will be a far more highly advanced beings ready to take our place among the stars.

Lile i said this is my perspective based on my experience and research.
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Postby Taeko » Mon Feb 23, 2015 6:05 pm

The theory presented by MrSmith is about the same as that of Dr. Jacobs. I have just come into contact with Mabi a Gray ET. He has replaced JROD as my main contact. Mabi tells me that the Grays are not trying to take over the earth or replace humans with hybrids. They are not from an alternate time line. They did not destroy their home planet. They are here to help earth humans not replace them with anything. They make certain that they help everyone they abduct. The abductees are all originally from ancient Lemuria. The Grays usually do not contact the rest of us, but with the silence of the Zeta and Reptilians, Mabi has started to channel.
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Postby MrSmith » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:47 pm

Taeko- I have also heard about the lemurian connection I believe that as well. Im open to all information so im just wondering since you have a different perspective on it. If not for any of the reasons i listed, why are they abducting people? How can we explain the hundreds of abductee testimonies of genetics tests and hybrid children? Also maybe this grey your in contact with is of a different race or planet or faction than the ones im refering too... Just curious! I love chatting about this topic! Especially with someone else who has had personal experience
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