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one mile goal of < 6 min - issues ...

Stay healthy and stay tuned to the most recent developments in Health watch.

Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:51 am

more profit not legalizing vice. how many speak easy establishments have

gambling in them in l town false walls type of thing. I see some organization

here guys ... wish me well.

now I'm wondering if paid BJs and hand Jobs are legal ? did I miss something ?

I don't want to miss out :wall:
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:27 am

not to in any way diminish modeling fine clothing.

it's the deal where guys get to see what he wants to buy his girlfriend or wife

:shock: a beautiful young woman ,not his wife , or girlfriend,

models the clothing/ swimwear - undergarments . he picks out from a rack.

guess he didn't want to bring his girlfriend along . huh ... ( family values ) and

the chiefs will appear in church and talk for hours how they created wealth , and

and prosperity. ( just legalize it.) you can still get your cut . probably a good

source of income for girls from the college. now if I have some underwear from

khols , or such can she model that for me ? cus , it would be gross if some dude

came out and said ; 'hi Ricardo how bout these 'and real cheesy ' you like ?'
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:25 pm

take no more than 3 days off. return is hell. speaking of which 103- 107 heat
index. 3 mile ). so hot I half hallucinated my puke turning to scrambled eggs,
on the parking lot driveway. didn't help my AC was broken in the truck.
I improvised ,wet a towel and utilized a little evaporative cooling tech.
the fan was still working. I went by the cantina. yeah, one of the girls
was out sweeping the sidewalk in front of the diner, which is next
to the porn shop ,where the ladies get half naked and objectify men.

hybrid alien , fiction Ricardo - 2012 copyright . alien investigator chapter 25

I'm not a hater.i was there to ask her out on a dinner date and give her some
red roses, in the hopeful attempt to convert her by charm,from the dark side.
it was a full moon, and she looked incredible. her black Castilian hair,
cascading gently over bare shoulders; parted like the still waters of the lake,
one side of her hair went down her back, the other gently caressing her Breast.
I knew that if I kissed her lips just once , only once, passionately. I would no longer be the enemy. I wanted to help her over the trauma of working for the
fuzz. kinda a fuzz consolation prize.

she was the honey that wanted me to go down town.the barbers shop was closed.
I figured she ate tacos ,we could share a taco or I could really impress her,
and give her a crisp five dollar bill and let her know what the specials are.
I came out of the Cantina after learning yeah it was a fix up all right.
I decided to leave .im sure bosses didn't like my going after their little helper,
to see if she'd sing a tune. in retrospect,she should have been taken down ,
she's a lookout .I must be careful now. I'm in the ' crazy zone ' .

I initially walked into the pawn and she went to the back. I wanted a chat . but not now.I jus asked why the barber was closed. the owner manager and help stood armed outside swinging there dicks in the wind (brandishing their sidearms).is of no importance / any significance , musta been, about every 25 years maybe. sine there was a shooting or major gun play here. the guys are white collar hoods.

I looked at them and they both looked like well dressed golfers w/out the golf
stuff. all smiles. word gets around, I split .and ,noticed the guys were clean cut. one may have been vice or retired cop.he left w/ a young Hispanic female.

I went ,came back about 10 later, after I strapped on a hip pack . I was bored and embaressed from the thought of having been set up. so i wanted a pissing contest. i abruptly walked in the front door ,he noticed and immediately looked at my hip pack. I grinned . he asked if I found the barber and I said no.I asked about the scooter and if it had papers; a license he said no. only 800 mile he chimed in ,so I asked about a warranty .none.

do you know the owner of the shop on the end ?
no. how about manager of this strip mall?. yeah, I am.
I rent the spaces .Im very curious if you knew the owner.
he said no.that was it. I was bladder empty, that was my leverage ,
to let him know, I knew "the deal " ( quoting myself I'm that confident)

it was getting more clear, that a gumshoe like me would naturally leave a bad taste in his mouth , and word gets out . Im not the man ,I'm not the snitch. I'm just trying to figure it all out.he had 7 beautiful girls /women, all under the age of 25 most looked under 21 hard to tell.

now he don't know I don't carry. (but he will after this. it don't matter.) but , I figure he leaned on the Mexicans to lean on me, than set up w/ the fuzz ,the deal honeypot. I did look around , lots of junk in the pawn shop .this is a low crime top 100 city top a tree city too. no reckoning lousy winters though, but, most striking was the lack of business ,except a few smatering of cars and trucks.
nothing to necessitate this many employees crunching numbers and imputing data.

the sun beat down like a oppressive heat wave and than receded into the horizon then came in again made one dizzy thinking about it. to me these girls were busy on computers and entering data ... lots of it. I'm wondering if a crime family
from Chicago is laundering illegal earnings here. mob or gang related.
speculative. god, I am a bungler ! but a damn good one,:wall: not the first time I've walked / stumbled into syndicate business.

don't mind me , I'm just admiring your stable of objectifiables. he looked at me like WTH. and, said, what did you say ? what did he just say ? god I loved it.i your beloved bungling permit expired gumshoe ,was in my element,which ment I was totally discombobulating his reality,his criminal universe. I was also thinking that rusty lawn mower in the corner could be useful at the house .

no wonder, I got the cold shoulder the other week. this protected turf .
maybe. but , he's so out touch he's got all sorts of violations . he leaned on me,
and is all smiles , such disrespect , in a nice area too. glad my woman wasn't
with me . I'd have to pull her off of him ,shed be slapping him silly.
calling him a wannabe gangsta...cuz its a small world and she does know the real deal back east and north. but she ain't 'made' least that's what she tells
cagey jimmy and me.

how can a fine upstanding guy like me not carry and and a pawn shop sleeze
bag,loan shark, drug running ,gang affiliating,lord of the pimps get to ?
he's got a minor (s)working near a adult business ,no papers on half his stuff,
and even though he's got a free ride on the permit ,because he's a pawn guy,
he's not out of the woods ,he rents and knows the deal of leaseing to an adult business. by community standards and the good moral character clause in the permit holder application , he may find " plata o plomo " takes on a whole new meaning. he's technically a walking felon from hell. what if ?

could be wrong and this is fiction. I noted a room w/ false wall ( removed)
in the grocery. restaurant in back. gaming gambling numbers ? there is also,
the look of legitimacy by forming a scholarship fund and sending the
kids of cops through school or any one else of influence. many ways
that charities might be manipulated.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jul 09, 2012 1:12 pm

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Postby ricardo » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:00 pm

my reminder not to spend too much time on the internet, it might bring out
the inner ' beast ' in me. re:article ( look its a little monkey, how cute)
karmic law= love. :*
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:14 pm

work of fiction ... dont believe this ...

field of dreams .having a nice time. Who do i see ? a landscaping team. 5 guys standing around doing a bang up job of trying to look busy. im absolutly curious if this is a city crew. i look at the truck and its a nondescript other than city logo. well that dont make sense. their base of operations was about 100 miles away. plenty of local crews. this is gonna be fun i thought.

i asked one of the crew in the park . wus up ? you guys w/ the city ?
" no ". oh, out source crew ? "yes." what are you cutting down? cus,
these guys were acting like they were looking for something in particular.

his answer was humorous . " invasive species" lol. "cool" i said, " hybrid alien,
or plant " ? he laughed and said plant. the crew spread out on a short
skirmish line to attack the invasive vegetation. i did my thing .an hour later
ran into one of the employees and asked him if marijuana was a invasive
species. he broke out into a big ear to ear grin and said . " no, i think
marijuana is a native species." we laughed . it was great ,too funny.

they looked near large trees and bushes. wacking around a few and then,
moving to the next. not much done. guess the kudzu and bamboo havnt
invaded as yet. one enterprising chap went down to rivers edge. i noticed he must have found something , because, he stoped to pinch the tops off of the plants. which from my perch on the trail looked like " native species of the git high variety". i figure hes taking samples to test for THC potency . but after little reflection and from what i could see. he looked to be trimming the buds to stunt growth and spur potency ? ( i must be dreaming in the field of dreams) there is
a good in the field test for THC.

near the parking lot where their truck was . i saw what looked like the crew
boss.i say that because , he did the least , if not zero ,amount of work. he grinned when he saw me. he looked the part of a politician or government liaison,
lower political functionary.fuzz.( ive seen him before) had the whole never leave the office DEA kinda sh*t going on. fat white guy. jus nice enough to hate. for all the good they do. believing fictional articles ridiculous. too many people getin overtime on me baby. i can imagine . dis guy .wannabe agent of the moral majority. ' moving on up ' the westmoreland of marijuana plant counts. what we got here mac. is another growing operi zation. said w/ the local flavor.
( extra hick)

i didnt point him to the good stuff under his nose. the spliced roots to the
other plants that would grow one plant but will genetically be another.
maybe marijuana to hops , or an exotic water plant. how fun. but they came
prepaired and left, god willing , empty handed.( fiction)

i did learn the banded ducks have a dial 1 -800 dead duck number to call if you cross paths with one that gets accidently shot. just be in duck hunting season.
he said. i think i made some friends that day. probably not the fuzz crew chief.
it was a little suspicious,and out of place, having an all white landscaping crew,
working in 100 degree tempartures that day.
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:38 am

Clash of cultures ...

Steering committee, I stopped by anyway jus to say hi . She dyed her hair ! Hahahah, eek .I'll keep you guessing was it her or the other ? This is too fun maybe other possibilities. I don't get cuts that often . no 250 trim,Here. Controlling wrong environment by the way. The locked door (other)
Is so amateur . Something of the reciprocity is missing. Don't you ' guys'
know anything.? ( ' inclusive-women')

Beside the point -thought to change Colour you had to strip the hair , isn't that bad for it ? what's the point . Trust issues . A girl / women can't pull a 9-3 nasty and talk on the phone at the same time can she ? That's what I call multi tasking. Poor thing . I Must have compassion even for those that wish me dead.

Saddle up . better luck w/ the coffee deal, ' watering hole.' she's a stripper
and has Some refinements. The fake glasses dumb her down jus enough. Still for a tall thin blond in her 30s she carries ' business class well ' doesn't have the obnoxious boobs,what a relief. ( The laugh is a little disconcerting - need to hear again )she looks smart enough to turn on you. That's a good thing. I will take my chances . Next time, I'll hang w/ the wannabe sleeze groupies ...we can share rats can't we ? If you need anything jus ask.

other local-
Goon squad cruising for burgers came in separate. You guys can't continue to
Eat like that. And dressing like the mark doesn't always = comfort level.
how did I know you two were together ?

Must describe the watering hole . amazing ambience . low slung, euro style
Cafe seats ,warm and inviting lighting. Extensive menu of eclectic Fair.
Free wifi. and ,adorning the walls of this fine establishment , reproductions
Of Vincent van gogh on almost every wall. Carefully placed and color matched
To offset and highlight contrasting colours to enhance the viewing experience.
If it weren't for the ketchup smeared on the floor , if I were in high school,
I'd want to take my prom date here. McDonald's has come along way.
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:29 am

Fiction- hybrid alien 2012 (c)
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:47 am

Beautiful day turned night .
Day - 5
Night - 3b + 2.9 + 2b

b= biking
244 = weight
number = miles

Most this section is health matters and creative writing .
My original intent , is to practice writing and political musings and rants.
Lessor degree actually debate issues and ideas. I am looking to move
to a private blog than twit from that format.
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