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Postby rath » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:39 am

greeney2 wrote:So as the facts unfold, we will see the trail to wikileaks unfold, and that will implicate him.

Like i said im sure Bradley manning will lie & say whet ever the US wants him to, because he is a coward and like all americans he is a sell out.

We all know the rape charges are fake.

Watch on

Watch on

Im sure the rest of the documents will find their way into the world now to.

From Ecuador perhaps.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:21 pm

rath wrote:
greeney2 wrote:Quite an imagination you have there! :roll:

Sounds like you just said "Assange committed Espionage with Manning".

See thats where your whole argument falls down.

there is no proof that Bradly Manning gave anything to Julian Assange.

Like i said Bradly manning may have given the us documents to China or Russia, who then uploaded the documents via a military computer to wiki Leaks.

Julian Assange is being chased by the USA because he Published the documents on his web site WikiLeaks.

SO tell me this ....

Why is the USA going after Julian Assange for being the Publisher, who Published the US diplomatic cables & such, but the USA has never sort to arrest the Publishers of the New York times, or the Washington post or The Guardian. ECT ECT

Why is it ok for news papers coordinating with WikiLeaks to publish the US diplomatic cables & military documents & videos of US war crimes. but not the wikileaks web site?

BM- wins (a right) discovery in court case . 6th amendment. reciprocity ,
in exculpatory information / witnesses .DOJ guidelines - are suggested protocols
for these matters. recommend wide net. however, you slice it, the prosecution
does not have to pursue anything in discovery, that they think will not w/in reason , help exculpate, the accused.( wide discretion - me) also , I don't know how in matters of state security will be effected. can that be the catch all phrase ? no. we adapted .can not be used in itself to cover or obfuscate , illegal activity. see: war crimes ( if disclosure will harm national security )

go back to media feeds. get a feel for the 'state of mind of the nation' at that time . hint : it was for " transparency " in the backdrop of a illegal sham war.

what I find will be worth a second look, is the [probability of " E- discovery " Internet traffic ] obviously pertains to the case. however, I want to see BMs ,
site logs X months prior and during his tenure at intel in the theater.

look for the game of quash ... gentleman , I believe we have other players here.
pro - will claim ...has nothing to do w/ the actual in theater events. I think
it ' reasonable ' he was trolling , perhaps unbeknownst himself, to snare
'lone wolves' ...this on record might prove ... a third hand, direction from
outside his frame of knowledge. managing him like a puppeteer , somewhere ,
from above.

E- forensics expert needed. cyber counter intel played him . general rule ,
your mark is expendable . loyalty does not exist ! another dimension too,
(water under some bridge ) two site(s) went down and came back new incarnations. a UFO mufon site , and ? we may find back ups... drop it in their lap. go to press first ? ( subject matter| UFO mufon not relevant )

guys you think you outflanked defense before pretrial by ;

" scorched earth policy of discovery." forgot the firetruck parked outside .

at your humble service...Ricardo

DOJ - SC - the public - and major - will be pissed -
maybe ellsburg , duke , and raddick will have a look.
"last call" ...
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:53 pm

Military prosec. and public aff. claim BM emails disappeared ?
source a support group leader zpez d.c. area . clarity needed...
not confirmed. - read off a feed... (their fishing) via ginsberg feed
.(feed in the feed ) dropping it in gins feed , makes it seem credible.

that added credibility. god love em , they try ... they want to compare notes
they have a redacted sanitized copy . their tell is showing...the longer
he's held , w/ out trial, shows they are have redacted and tampered w/ states evidence. or at least ,suggests a deliberate lack of inclusion of exculpatory intel.
waiting like vultures to see if anything comes to light.

given the terr rist witch hunt mentality on the 99% military families ,
on the east coast VA. it's a white wash attempt. GOD HELP US ...
the pressure must be intense on them to convict.

ya know, I think I remember the UFO site that went down. that BM tried
to shop his intel. it was VA or IN. LAST 'us wide' (the group called mufon
most states have a sector or state site, also national )the leaders would know pinpoint which one real easy. I also heard , particular leadership may have already been briefed. (opinion) why ? this incident has been ongoing.
that makes me skeptical.

it's possible they could have been read the riot act ,and told something like;
" don't talk, this is related to national security, you can be charged w/ being a accessory before and after the fact , and we will kill your snoopy like dog, so don't f- with us " I think that's what happened . why ? this is ongoing ...

I do remember a guy named jj flash posted the helicopter incident, and a couple of old timers joked how the moderators must have been asleep. it was surreal to watch . the background music was a rolling stones tune. note: his online name.
I say surreal because most people have not seen others die in this manner.
my feeling at the time, was that it was a true event recorded to video.

one of the subjects zapped,looked to me to be carrying a manpod or rpg
to the crews credit, they called for permission to fire. others looked
unarmed.and not a threat. the item in question was in fact ,camera gear of some
type. post op. brief.

I dont remember if this reel of the helicopter posted to the site was before or
after BM was in custody. he may have extracated from the site and then,
shortly thereafter, the site was no longer available. no longer present on the web. chatter was at the time...humorous. some said the government shut down the site because we knew too much and were on to the " smoking gun of
disclosure" re: UFO lol...

I do believe BM. mentioned on his log , that he was based out of VA.
others, made contact w/ him. these were, public forums .
so, one could read what was said. I became suspicious when he offered
others to contact him via e- mail. and he had info. of interest.
question to self. not sure but he was shopping something. my opinion.

was he the one offering radar contact and capability intel.??? that was a stay the hell away from me deal right there. I may have even warned others by saying,
something profound like... ' this ain't right '

his innocent transitional comment( Segway ) was his offer to explain radar
to UFO hunters / enthusiasts ... if I remember correctly.

if the emails are lost and surface, and you guys f- up discovery. I think your going to have ...kinda a bad day. :wtf: you can't wack your way out of this.

I wish I knew more. maybe you should come clean... take a stress tablet...
and think about this Dave... this isn't necessary... let's talk this over...
I still feel part of the team. and I have the fullest confidence in the mission.
a Hal 9000 series "is the most reliable computer ever made .has never made a mistake...or distorted..."

the one guy w/ what looked like the RPGs. I would not have called. if he was acting dodgy and lurking around corners w/ something on his shoulder.
I would have opened up. I'm sorry for the family's loss.
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Postby rath » Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:25 am

OK, cool.

So true.

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Postby ricardo » Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:23 pm

rath wrote:OK, cool.

So true.


the timing of JA recent dump makes him a little more complicit,
for the govt. a agency. (Syria) wonder if there was any pollard stuff ,
back in the day. names etc... employees.

think i should state. subject UFO related sites - content -have nothing
to do w/ this case except his presence. and my posit; he wanted
to unload , and was possibly trolling to snare a lone wolf(s) directed.
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:37 pm

did julian assange sub. for these guys , or direct employee.?

UK. government communications headquarters, GCHQ is a british intelligence
agency responsible - for sigint. signals intel.

cont- information assurance to UK government and armed forces.
based in cheltenhan , it operates under the guidance of the

(see - joint analysis center ) shared Intel w/ united states european command ...

[pravda writer, had a good article concerning wiki leaks authenticity. (lack of)
will attempt to repost.]

bradley manning was trained in signals Intel. was he not ? can anyone place
these two gentleman at the locations of the bases ?
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:24 pm

damage definition ? leaked docs. BM. longer the prosec waits .
the probability the mysterious,yet, ' un named terr rist group' [ the other being AQ.] will invariably have damage. if they present a person(s) clown day. radio intercept getting better.

1- [where is the time of release to damage accessment, quantifictation ?
the intel community and military has a responsibility. both moral and ethical to limit damage.

2- what did the military do to limit damage caused by wikileaks?

3- during delay to trial, are the efforts
to limit the alleged damage ongoing ?

what are the 22 counts anyway ? curious if any of those figure into the release and damage accessment .

limiting access may be moot from the sec com levels and access.
material was dated time delay anyway . weeks if not months.
not in most cases -actionable...

leaks will have been immediatly accesed for control. this has to be
considered in any defence. was this done ?conversly the team may have leaked
intel to embolden the enemy and draw them out with false intel . red team.

the public info indicates damage not the issue . but release of doc.
than why wasnt he charged w/ 750,000 counts ? minus unauthorized clips, he takes a hit for the majority. does military vs civilian whistle blowers have significant differences? he did leak docs . regardless he takes a hit.
he will still be a hero to many. was the helo incident already public ?
the term was knowingly added the enemy.guilty . he could still hang at
at levenworth kansas. right ? he is a soldier. did the material add the enemy,
was it knowingly passed to the enemy, even indirectly.?
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:06 pm

regardless if the war was illegal, shouldnt the ones whom falsely lead our country
into battle, subjucated the bill of rights be guilty of sedition
thus swing from the gallows.
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Postby rath » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:17 pm

ricardo wrote:regardless if the war was illegal, shouldnt the ones whom falsely lead our country
into battle, subjucated the bill of rights be guilty of sedition
thus swing from the gallows.


But it would be a good start if the USA just stopped behaving like a spoiled brat who just had his favorite toy taken away.

So the USA was made to look like a fool due to the Wikileak documents & vidios.


The usa is a fool for doing the things they did and thinking they where going to get away with the war crimes & political lies.

The USA got caught & now looks like a fool.

Get over it America. ( take a lesson from Israel for once ) Get caught, look stupid move on.

( don't make things worse for yourselves & your own cause )
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