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ISRAEL'S "lone wolf policy of nuclear ambiguity"

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Postby ricardo » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:13 am

it's story time again ? help w/ stabilization of Bahrain and Syria ,

based on a note on a copy machine ? for drug interdiction efforts and

some bs recognition of 5% ? I got some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

recognize Iran right to enrich to 20 % sanction Israel . remove siege .
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:48 am

the real question is how to motivate Israel , they know by now , the
reenforcements might just be there to prevent a unilateral movement .
how they must despise and loath a righteous brother in the white house.
someone who has walked the walk , and has more in common historically,
w/ Everyman and women in the middle east , than all the leadership
in Israels past combined.

every time our president sees or hears about aggression against the palestinian
people,any people in bondage ,I'm sure he thinks about the early civil rights days. and apartheid . I can feel the solidarity from here. I'm somewhat amused, they just can't make him jump through hoops for them.
(the israelians , and lobbies .)

I'm a bit perturbed by the 'silly season' from pro writers and 'think tank cult leaders.' whom ask us to believe, you can take this man ;Obama,a man who's soul is virtually wrapped in the proverbial chains of historical bondage,( the African American holocaust )and to suggest,he is acting politically ,and measuring his responses , according to a schedule of re-election events. is laughable and an 'oppositional act of desperate nihilism'.

some of the 'experts ' should be spending their time ,instructing israel how to regain its "lost legitimacy- post war acceptance " demonstrated by the
blatent disregard , international laws and shocking abuse of the Palestinians.

ps - have a great day mr. president ! we are behind your leadership 120%
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:17 pm

I'd ask the president how the average man/ woman, can help enable
clarity and action to strengthen our foundations rooted in our bill rights .

cont rant...
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:21 pm


can any civilization on earth whom claim to be born w/ spiritual awareness,
and men of goodwill .negotiate the lives of free men ?

the innocent human beings ,whom most surely will die on both sides.
do we owe them the benefit of a face to face meeting w/the top leaders ?

the lives of the innocent deserve no less.
please step up the level of negotiations.
( Iranian leadership vs all other ...)

Israel must comply in a reasonable fashion or lose all remaining
'post war -legitimacy ' remember the( covenant)good faith mandate,
that allowed the jewish nation to be born ? it was conditional.
please end the hypocrisy.think of the women and children.
this is your own prophecy. my goal is to prevent your annihiation.
why are you rendered deaf and dumb ?
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:02 am

its up to israel... those plans ,

if thats what they are , will be insignificant. best practices .

tactic is to fall back. the illegal occupation hives are isolated ,

and thus vulnerable. ( red team.)

third column awareness alert.

will someone please pick up a supermodel BR cal. for me. while your over there.?
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:01 pm

Dimona is already under inspection. But, I venture not to neighborhood standards It's western allied and Compartmentalized .[ can that be expanded ? IAEA and
Acceptable 3rd party-

1)Recognition. 2) NPT. -3) floating Dimona inspections are israelian
Concept , that's movement and should be recognized .

I think it's not a complete solution but should be incorporated into a
Greater package. Negotiation under duress is never pleasant .

4)Us allied actions are fueling polarization . While your ordering take out,
What about humanitarian - parts for aircraft etc...
some sectors could use a little deescalation.

well thinking out loud again . Until I create a site.
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:48 pm

I think Egyptian military / planners need to contingency plan / wide evacuation
Routes through Sinai for obvious humanitarian purposes .

The Palestinians -
Theoretically could occupy both Jordan plains and Sinai maybe golan.
Exiting women and children , elderly than all other.(south israelian desert?)

Temporary or permanent . They are technically refuges residing
on their own Land which is militarily under occupation by hostile forces.
So, pulling back makes sense. logistics can be planned now.

They could return when it's safe to do so. But , may be awhile. Look at
Chornobyl, Japan post tsumami. Palestinians shouldn't be sitting ducks ,
Or collectively held hostage . If hostilities escalate.
what are the populations? ( clarity ) gaza , west bank ]

think they should be given a heads up. Prepare. this could get serious.
This is my opinion sir.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:01 am

don't know how far they extend south. they could be lined to provide/ transport
Water south. And new oil pipe lines north Sinai could also accommodate,
South branches. desalinization plant could be handy and there are portable
Air condensing units that could run off of solar. SA may have experts in this.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:40 pm

I will be back. my focus is israelian illegal actions and presence
In the middle east. Their once generally accepted post holocaust acceptance
Is diminished or gone. due to their human rights violations and occupation
In the Palestinian territories .

This is my cause and purpose, to educate on this new development .
Lost legitimacy and broken convenant. justice and human rights.
Something lacking just about everywhere.

We must change the dialogue and rhetoric. in order to bring a sense of fundamental fairness, dignity, and rule of law to the middle east.
Thus , we all benefit.
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Postby orangetom1999 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:24 am


Your posts are very disappointing to those of us who can still think for ourselves.

We who are still Americans and know what it is to be independent not have any use for the "International Community" or it's non standards. For we know that this community is totally against our beliefs and will come in and hijack all that we hold dear to this pseudo community.

As to Israel...I hold no confidence that this nation has any Biblical Claim to that land, nor is it the Israel of King David's time or manner. It is a phony man made construct...made to look like the Israel of Olde..but is not.

They have no Biblical Claim to that land..whatsoever. What they do have is a claim by the Ancient Laws of Conquest. And they will have to fight to keep it. I have no problem with this. That is their business ..not ours.

To me they are an independent Sovereign Nation and thus responsible to and for themselves. I do not think we need as Americans do be getting involved with their problems. Nor the Arab Problems.
They are surrounded by nations who do not like them. I can understand why they think the way they do.

As to the Palestinians..I have little respect for their cause celeb as well. They have spend huge amounts on war materials and hatred and not so much on their people. They could have done alot better if they had operated in reverse.

As to Arab unity on this is rubbish. True they like to plead the Palestinian cause..but in reality..none of these nations want the Palestinians to move in with them and improve their plight at the expense of the people of these receiving nations. For I know that Jordan has already tried this and wound up violently kicking out the Palestinians in the 1970s back to where they are today. Many Palestinians were killed by the Jordanian Army when the Jordanians had enough of the Palestinians causing chaos in Jordan. This is an age olde feud between Bedouins and Fedayeens. But none of this will be brought out to the public or taught in public schools next to the standard issue "Victim Dictum " off which you and this current administration are want to carry on. This is definitely your stock in trade as well as the "Obama Administration."

It is not my stock in trade...the "Victim Dictum."

You are going to have a difficult time selling me on this standard issue M1A "Victim Dictum" stuff. be fair about this ..the Israelis too will use the "Victim Dictum" in the words Anti Semite and this does not work on me as well. I will make up my own mind about things. I don't need them too working Phil Donahue or Jerry Springer Chaos on me. I will reject this from both the Israelis and Palestinians.

As far as I am concerned from the Bible and the record of History..both the Israelis and Palestinians are children of Haggar...the bondwoman and her son Ishmael. They are both Ishmaelites and I choose by my right to choose...I choose none of them.

As to Israel having nuclear weapons...that too is their business and if you are not sufficiently adept to figure this out for yourself...about them having them...or not than you are not that knowledgeable or persuasive in your reason and logic.

What you should be asking yourself is what is their nuclear doctrine?? Couched under the words "The Sampson Option."

If you are so good at long expositions than perhaps you can expound on what is the "Sampson Option" and what is bodes for the Mid East if Israel gets overrun by the nations surrounding them.

You need to be thinking about this verses the cheap "Victim Dictum" pseudo philosophies you are expounding here.

In case you do not get it ...our own American government here is keeping us in the dark about "The Sampson Option" and prefer Americans to be ignorant as mushrooms in the dark on this.

When you figure it out you may be mature enough to rethink your mid east strategy and position.

I hold no confidence in the International Community in as much as feeding my pets. Much less for any other reasons.
I do hold much confidence in the International Community to mess it up much worse than it currently is over there.

Find out about the Sampson Option and get back to us Ricardo.

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