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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:36 am

in a context of threats to civilization israelian prove repeatedly,
they are active aggressors in the middle east .are they not the only nuclear weapons capable nation in the neighborhood. (" hi will you be my neighbor ?"
' hell no ! , git your ass outta here ' )for that reason and the future
of the vast majority of peaceful nations in the middle east. i suggest we
bomb Israel .

coalition of the willing must be assembled . unity and brotherhood
must exist. the so called Sunni, Shias split , the house divided must come home.
week end rant ... begin...

and so the forces of light must come together in unity to rid the petulance
of evil so prevalent in our backyard. Israel . we must act before they do.
they are the esoteric messianic , existential threat, to our way of life our children's way of life , and their children's... we must do our society right.
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:11 am

Israelians free american writers now. we are a first amendment nation of
all people and a rainbow of colours . stop threating and bribing our writers.
it's not a crime to disagree w/ Israel . (apparently many places it is.)

stop muting the voices of freedom and counter argument in america. it's our nation , not yours . it's time America ended the duel citizenship leaders whom appear to grant you any wish you desire. they need to have a choice , " one love one nation " or , move to Israel . - [trademark / copyright tshirts etc...]

Israeli first must reverse -no more
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:38 am

this is a opinion piece / not intended to or otherwise instigate violence .

incumbent free nations to preserve their Independence and right of sovereign .
one nation according god/ Allah (and) under god. for this natural unambiguous
right. the leading nations must as a matter of principle . provide middle east
nations other than Israel w/ modern aircraft w/ state of the art offensive
first strike capability. (latest software too. :mrgreen: ) not the kind sat. can
downlink and f- w/ the software. make em drop right out of the sky. spiraling
helpless until the crash and burst into a flaming heap of rubble .

latest Sam missiles , g - growler series , Russia - :shock:

cont... theres a new kid on the block . he doesn't like "lone wolf" nations
( Israel). remove the settlements . they are illegal. free prisoners.
TAC withdrawal . your survival will then be assured . err on side of peace.

time to crank up arms sales to; TURKEY /Egypt / Iran/ you guys want some
fighter jets. ? help us balance the equation and support justice in the middle east. free up some of that gold baby . hold off on china or russian till you see offense guys we have the best. need a catalog 2013 ? give us a ringy dingy.
or jus google us.

kudos texas team spoofs pred gps. rad nav UT [ jus now guys ? ]

texas is the best ...
red flag team
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:40 am

I fully support Palestinian right(s) to armed self defence against the
illegal invasion of their homeland.

perhaps to stop Israel illegal actions the USA should arm the Palestinians
w/ man pods. surface to air missiles.

than Israel will think twice beforce committing more war crimes against
innocent women and children in gaza. (Palestine)
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jul 01, 2012 1:27 pm

why is Israel called a Jewish state ? it's 25% plus are Arabs ...

why are you kicking out habesha ? they share similar semantic linquistics roots.

one of the definitive racial qualifiers for ethnic identity ? you kicking out fellow

Jews . and acting like racists . each of these actions risk the sacred covenant .

by your actions , including ethnic cleansing of the habesha and palestinians ...

the legitimacy to Israel is in question. perhaps lost. you must earn it back.

negotiate w/ Iran and the Palestinians . join NPT Implement strategic arms

reduction treaty ( start )... other nations will follow...
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:30 pm

add as we know , pak and India - non signatories . inspections under any other program that Iran would not be subject to is punitive. if they are private inspections , from NPT. it matters . these need to be impartial and
not show prejudice and undue favoritism. questions ? ( opinion)

Iran , has in the past shown good faith efforts and been met w/ assassination s
of their leading scientists, that in itself, a act of hostile aggression, not unlike,
an act of war.

now under intense economic bombardment , it is any wonder , this externally
induced ( again) act of war, is against normal international norms and violates,
treaties against such harressment . this is to put it mildly.

I think Israel owns Iran a formal apology . public ... :whistle:

now those who know me. it's not literal to bomb Israel. I'm jus sayin, ' get them

into the program.' all the programs.
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