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one mile goal of < 6 min - issues ...

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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:31 am

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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:51 am

veggies- pineapple worked well ( 248 lbs ) 9:50 mile not too bad surg was in late (mamj) metric early . sucks . must be the pain from the mesh. healing hematoma( seroma) maybe. memory diminished -not looking forward to winter. snow shoe hiking ? 2b/2.9/ 2/3b
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:42 pm

hybrid alien 2012 ricardo
define - bent over / like a bitch / non sexual meaning but ,
comp code of journalistic credibility , er...if there is one. what else would motivate ,a journalists search for intel. ? not always the truth , patriotism ???
don't be nieve...{ remember , journalists are supposed to be defenders of 1st amendment . not seek to undermine those whom express it through dissent.}
further- especially written dissent - see: early America - England - India -
gandhi (sit downs -sit ins) peaceful.

local Inbreeds have to be linked to political via disinformation . I have little to
hide, odd some of these associations . sorry to have missed you Persian
girl I've tried to ignore you. I'm getting over it. (lips of an angel)
evidence doesn't exist so you attempt daily . temptation is not an issue.
but lately these tall college chicks ! my honey pot has arrived.
def. Jewish and part of the program. hey, I'm not into xs semi nappy
hair style. stop it.( you should know especially)

you should maybe consider a change of vocation. although you are intelligent .
technical skills.(other unspecified ) your layering and deceptive practices
leave much to be desired. does your employer endorse this. ? I should say
head benefactor. (No pun intended) I think your writing counter
his party line. and that is to say ,your not INDEPENDANT.

nor was / the international branch in my opinion. (tv)separate from your org .
like the common bitch ( canine) she bent over ( traded knowledge) for access.
I think- but touched me personally. you did an excellent job. the lecture by the celebrated famous news persona. my sister attended , and ; amazing, wow,
guess who showed up at the tea party at my retarded sisters house ???
she was poking around like a pig rooting for truffles ...
asking lots of questions . for who . what agency ?

well, I was writing about truth to power through shakespeare , ya know included Israeli in the story line..." daggers in men's smiles" stuff like that , [ ts is singin now (Allah Akbar )what a coincidence..." you were Romeo ... stay away from Juliet ..." too funny. on the radio now, weird and cool...
great song.]

or our senators and congressmen and women were committing treason or sedition and might probably hang by neck until dead , for destroying American constitution and bill of rights . ( they meet in secret and at night back then) if you know this sister of mine . she has no interest politically ,.and I love her in spite of herself. that meeting sang to my heart. that after lecture at the university party at my sisters house. only a cold memory now. it was contrived to get her in the house.
to investigate me.

when my house was up for sale thousands of miles away. my for sale sign
had my phone number on it. and some ridiculous price of less than $ 35,000
I say that because my house is actually valued at $18,000 now. it's 512 square feet. with a million dollar view , I am found of saying. guess who drives by my
little abode in the country, with a population of less than 1200 predominatly
98.9999% white Christian ignoramus undereducated Inbreeds ?
feel the suspense building ? why of course . my local iranian informant
entrapment guy. " yes sir , I hate everybody . arrest me today. "
how do I know? the message went to voice mail on my cell phone.

I promptly went to my local neighborhood iranian interpr. near the university.
he was stumped at first. he thought it was Farsi ,but then ventured may something like urdi from the tribal areas. I live about 25miles from a university.
the same one that educated my uncles who served proundly during ww2 and were
pilots . one was a NASA engineer admis./the other worked for ELilly many years.

my response was surprise and then . how cool is that,
how do you know ?he replied that his father knew this language .
and heard it spoken from, I got the Feds on my arse because
I actually know something about constitutional rights
that a congressperson does ,but don't give a rats ass about
." silence him " silence ( me)

you see, the man /the pigs ,wanted to get me associated w/
the really radicalized bad guys, and this was their creative
way to do it. a phone call to me from the tribal speaker .
guilt by association. lessor people no doubt.
words to diminish men in the eyes of others.

consider the countries state of mind around 2006 -2010 , making laws,
that except tthose in power , (private companies from any civil or criminal prosecution.)

if one spoke against the government or debated issues especially
israelian s they became and were labeled terrorists when in reality ,
they knew the deal . many were sons and daughters of flower children from the outer realms. this is my story... hybrid alien talks to shakespeare...copyright
2005-2012 Ricardo.

and the years of police harressment,made- that caring for my elderly mom whom has parkinsons disease ,all the more difficult. such I had to weigh her and my care. especially mine, I have suffered greatly ,for their became many delegitimisers . many ... many...many...

who would go after Ricardo ??? I don't care if she contracted /or pimped herself local. to a us agency , you and she seem protected here , hopefully your bosses will release you both. so you must be local too. but, in my opinion , I think you two play every side that pays to play. ya pimp your work. and it shows. why does this matter? it does not inspire or promote trust./love.among powers , principalites , or man...

it was / is wrong . and , I hope your travel is limited so you do less harm. and to your Nobel profession. you give iranians a bad name. now all journalists are suspect because of you two running around like neocons in the bush heydays. WTH .

you pick up a cause and shine on a little to cover your asses. but it don't fly.
the neocons and elite protect you. ( two) although I see a socialist benefactor
is fooled by you two. is the editor as well ? I loved you once . but your doing
too much harm. when you shine it's a cut and paste . never from the heart.
that is what spoke to me, or did not ...

I have friends too. some so layered and embeded, they could be a fly on the end
of that pretty iranian nose. and, you wouldnt know it, or see it. they know the deal. I write for justice . (try ) I'm a seeker of truth. I've made mistakes ,
I admit. but have nothing to be ashamed of . never have. I do feel .
I feel way too much. I'm still curious, what makes you dishonor human values ?
is it money , security ? personal ? that must be part of the equation.

those whom wish me ill, cyber vampires high jacked another contact...
yet again to get me to endorse violence. that which I will not do.
but defense is often justifiable. - why do you hate me ? I write for Iran and for America .and will boil their piss.( do all the time) when I find dissent is silent)
that's a give away. you can see it and it's thick in the air on the subject of Iran.
does that make me a convert . no. we are all religions . many I defend w/ words
will do me harm. could not tolerate my free speech. (glad I don't drink.)

can't you do the same? instead you use the word. your words take flight ,like Icarus with glorious wax wings ...sooo full of promise.

what does his father (Daedalus ) shout from the ground ,my true love ? don't fly so high (near the sun) ...the sun will melt your wings ...

you words crumble into single letters ,spiraling out of control , diminishing man/women's great promise . why contribute to this ? be a fighter my little persian monkey. ( term of endearment)
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:35 pm

I was captivated and in love , w/ the word. I once wrote
in a beruit publication. about not overestimating irans military.( many did I'm sure)

the days filled w/ the promise, this day I learned men of power,
are not entitled so they believe , to speak for me,
and I believed anyone could make a difference for the common good.
and a simple, poor, and flawed man , could matter and earn respect , maybe
find a wife where words 'connected' and brought us 'together'

the individual wrote in a sentence , that would pierce my heart, elevate my soul and destroy any doubt I had, in what my destiny late in life will be.

his words were: "silence him"

I grew taller and stronger that day. it felt good .but not from adulation-self,
or outside 'power' over things... I'm talking about a inner strength.
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:12 am

today was glorious . I ran well. the jinn would not catch me today.
the smell of cordite , powder and flesh no longer filled the air.
I only threw up twice, and somebody ran along my side.
I was sick and could not see them but felt their presence .
I finished and stopped , looked back and couldn't see anybody .
the ducks are quite , a few are chasing minnows on the surface ,
of a once still pond. often, I feel solidarity from the land of snows.
today was such a day.

hybrid alien 2012 Ricardo
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 25, 2012 4:06 pm

10min mile. weight is same. leveled off ? heat is welcome.

we anticipated hive activity. wish I could say we counterattacked vigorously,

but than will that be misuse of the word ? we implemented a preemptive ,

reporting to counter the false accusation. (other)

( our report is 100%) give your has team a heads

up. her activity was perceived via neural network and neutralized before

her commencing hostile activity. ( alien hybrid 2012 ) fiction.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:36 pm

progress and painful. 1 mile 99* heat index . 105*
weigh in 243 lbs. small improvement.increase proteins . more fluids .
monitor potassium ...

alien hybrid 2012 (c) ricardo
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:24 am

guys I don't care if one rest room is occupied and a manager is standing right there saying oh go ahead use women' word.

and the chick that did the 9/3 w/ her legs ,(other here ) walked to women's
gave me the " look" ain't going in . but she was cute.

this women's rr deal is getting old. try switching signs ! I'm bound to f up.
saw the back ups too. is this related to medical use ? or other. seems
a bit much ?

same hitch hikers same broken down cars same lame excuse while I'm indoors.
same cops hovering like vultures. does my state have a resist illegal arrest law?

sucks I can't " legally carry now" seems I have to disclose confidential
medical records for third party police state approval. thanks again.
now when I'm out running alone and bubba pulls up and asks if I need a ride
and is a messianic psychopath mass murderer of nice guys , what to do.
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:35 am

hope to go to the massage business today. never been one(anywhere) in town

before. what changed . laf. or the porny shop that guys and gals can watch

people dress or undress (model swimwear and undergarments ) and jus kinda

stand there while you hand them cash , and stare... :shock:

I'm not sure I understand this. is this legal here. I am a liberal . jus want

to know the rules. I'll take my recorder jus to be safe. investigative journalism .
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:43 am

women hijacking men's sexuality but the state , that sucks !
great source of allowing illegality to co exist to use the poor sick dispossessed
as police informants , stings , and mostly entrapment. (honey traps) :twisted:
trust no one.

is the ageing criminal element / population and subsequent drop in "real crime"
responsible , for police co- opting the criminal element ( vice) in order to
perpetuate , breed crime ? (incubation of crime for nefarious use)
that way jobs /economies ,are created and job security is consistent .

does this have aplication in the middle east. criminological theory and building
sound economies.

supports their justification for being.
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