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iran watchers ... Is this real or "spin to win?"

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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:27 pm

I applaud soltani reduction in sentence . obviously individual rights should take
a back seat to collective rights of humanity.

this I see as a act of mercy , additionally the gentleman was given a opportunity to apologize and make a would have reduced his sentance but, like many " rebellious youth " this gracious offer was refused. :shock: as if by implication biting the hand that feeds him.

maybe these " human rights" organizations should adopt a name change .

like , collective of fair and impartial Islamic rights.

a gift to the world .
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:34 pm

red flag warning - heads up. counter propaganda teams. outreach
if using false media , hasbara . cyber warfare group ...

severe detrimental effects will be realized not dissimilar NGOS that became
politicized . namely : HUMAN RIGHTS. because the disinformation campaign ,
" spin to win " is obfuscating real from 'imaginary for political gain' events.

example , the two who are 3x violators of sharia civil / criminal law, alcohol violations- and have been sentenced to the death penalty (hanging) they have been through final appeal . these gentleman because their case involves the islamic republic of Iran and the cyber warfare is manipulating media , may be in jeapordy.

human rights orgainizations and department of state politicize harsh Islamic criminal code ( by our orentalist view) in order to diminish irans authority and credibility. often while ignoring their (our) own.

I write for basic human rights /societies right ,as well. how can I distinguish real news from American / israelian propaganda ? these men may be executed because of your "spin to win" attitude.we don't write to support war. invariablity most real journalistas write for informative purpose, and to support human dignity, truth and justice.

I had looked up law and Koran for information that may argue reason that may ameliorate the sentence to a thrashing and rehab.[obviously from a debate -VIEW] not from a position of "real power" logic does appeal very well to the persian culture/ mentality .(most) there is a possibility the supreme leader will
commute sentence (lesson) or pardon.(forgive)

clarity needed - two men sentenced to hang for alcohol violations in Iran .
is this real. or, a invention of cyber warfare in a attempt to discredit the Islamic republic of Iran ?
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:23 am

less is ' Moore ' (get it ) cont ... anyway , I was dutifully browsing through those rather extensive bush cheney torture compendium PART 1 files and was musing when I might get these on DVD / or - format anytime soon. ( I am a student of life ya know) popcorn please ...

I thought this segway , as not so much a contrast to mans arbitrary inhumanity
to his brothers, but to illustrate the utter hypocrisy , and deliberate negation the
intrinsic nature , cross hybridization and social political economic interaction
benevalant nations have, regardless - and - respecting culture , we lack.

I don't know the answer why islamic culture w/ in Iran seeks to impose the death penalty. on two men having committed alcohol offenses three times. I have looked at a 135/ 140 page Farsi literature on Islamic law ( jafari) school-
I couldn't use the trans. but did find a 12 page amendment/ penal codes dated in the mid 90s .( in english ). most importantly, the Koran .sur-during and after the death of the prophet Mohammed .

also, I readexcepts from a human rights organization that was so
chock full of unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo as to be virtually
worthless. some useful information was gleaned. however, tainted the publication ,every several pages were graphic photos of hangings forever
etched in memory; tainting any subjectivity I had when I began the article. (set the tone.) I think I'm traumatized.

I'm usually wrong . I'm no expert at much ado about nothing ,
but when did the age of reason or consent , become minors ? don't Americans
when confronted w/ particularly heinous crimes rush to adjudicate so called minors to adult status ?

the basis for all Islamic culture Is the Koran . I do not see conflict w/ rulings,
or decisions from the Islamic courts . in fact on a personal note I agree w/ them.
but fundamentally ,for differant reasons , reasons having to do w/ geopolitical
isolation, commerce, and social interaction.(international)
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:11 am

record heat today . the sky will be blue and the sun will shine and illuminate
even the darkest places. setting a contextual stage is often not difficult especially when seeding the present and future w/ the fruits of the past.

" we have dignified the children of Adam and transported them around on land and sea. we have provided them w/ wholesome things and favored them especially over many of those we have created " (17:70)

" further , human life is precious. ( sacred) to terminate the life of one is the equivalent to terminating the life of all humanity, conversely, saving the life-
one life , is regarded as saving of all humanity."

I will try , god willing-( bara at ) exemption," precaution" was meet. ( ihtiyat) ? the inverse relationship to cause and effect. the pattern establishes addiction. if this define; "precaution "= punishment meet.(80/80 lashes.)but ,was treatment or repentance as well ? what is irrefutable is the pattern to guilt . and = proof of addiction.

opinion. in addition. necessity makes prohibition lawful . (no treatment) in cases
of need or necessity, impure or unlawful or haram things become permissible ,
when a persons life is in danger. (withdrawal can be dangerous .) alcohol,
is used medicinally , and can be abused , conversely, for addiction. small
amounts can be used to ameliorate physical (DTs)

is not a medical condition of alcohol addiction demonstrative by the observant; mind and body. delirium and tremors ,jinn mocking playfully in ones dreams. beyond at time ,human control.shaking violently as if in a desert storm at night. the cold is unbearable.the only thing to prevent further insult to the addict in a confused , ill state of mind -mental illness -addiction, to medically forstal injury to the body. many use alcohol and this temporarily prevents physical and mental withdrawal once addicted . short term. the road ... which way ?

"in the time of the prophet mohammed , no such drugs were available"
ref-opiates } at least not in significant amount. alcohol became known. and , did impact society to a degree of influence , Islamic law. demonstrated by the amazing and logical manner of evolving - sura( overtime-emphasis ) legal decisions edits imparted by the religious clergy to safeguard society, and most importantly as the history is evidentiary , in depicting , although not time sequenced, mesh with the politik. and necessity, of that given time period those laws impacted.

the road which way ... my path at night took me beyond hills and valleys ,
and as the moon walked gently across the magnificent star filled heavens
to her berth. I came to a road . a small road that was not wide but was ,
going in the direction I thought I needed to ...there before me ...

I did not run, least the pack chase me down and tear me apart one limb at a time. I got down on one knee. and extended my arm , and the wolf came closer. he was close now . I could feel his breath on my arm and see huge fangs in his mouth. I said to the dog. think wisely beast , for if you bite. the arm is attached to the body . of which does not belong to either you or me. the beast watched
me, it's month salvating in anticipation of a kill.

I was still .than I said, beast the arm you may bite, is attached to the body and in this body I carry the words of the prophet mohammed. he looked and then laid down still. I walked on. i was able to see the path and complete my journey soon the sun would rise . I was greatful for these things seen and not seen on this journey.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:25 am

Many from western view of the middle east . have the mindset / orientalist
view. and its all we know at times. all we are allowed to know.

often , accused/ guilty, waiting trail, are afforded the time(their family's - supporters) to gather assets or compensation for the victim .while in jail.( it's like your collateral) (truer meaning an eye for a eye value or adjudicated as such.)to pay victims of their crime/tort. the ultimate victims compensation fund.

does it not come from ' within the heart ' for a victim to consider the 'logical punishment' (law) and decide if or when to implement mercy ? a certain unity exists, no ? ( conflux )

I hope to dispel any misunderstanding about Sufi/ shia/suni / zost/Christian
in my mind ,no split exists. [ I knew of the factual differance via my very basic understanding of law . (mostly) never enough( religious beliefs) and, in short,
I would read one law than , remember other concepts from the bible or Talmud .
or Koran -the confluence and continuity of the basic tenants are greater together than apart. a river runs through it...

this may account for 1/3 the prisoners sent to jail .awaiting adjudication .
(length of sentence.) gives new meaning to speedy trial.(slow) also, will explain the speed and certainty of guilt and innocence. opinion. again, they are in jail ,
waiting for others to gather the victims compensation. if so ordered.
I don't know the % ] apparently their are a growing number of dissenters.
which , I can not verify .

the victims have a lot of empowerment and accomplish more than western
conventional wisdom will have us believe. victim compensation and punishment (retribution). victim has the power in specific cases , to pardon / forgive , or regulate the sentence , to completion. it's not perfect . and may ' appear' to appease victims, but at a expense of consistency and perceived inequality from the citizenry. what if the blood money or eye for a eye can not be gathered ?
(the compensation for the wrong ) judge intervention ?

the social interactions of country must come into play. because,all things are interconnected . had Amerigringo and Israel helped their middle east neighbors
in benevalant interdiction efforts for drugs and alcohol, using drones to fight the
war on drugs in Afghanistan .diminishing supply.and ,thus addicts .speculative.
will Human rights orgainizations recognize fewer hangings/capital punishment , in the middle east ? ( politically expedient Iran )

I don't know . I do know they ; the human rights societies...
should regulate more time where -productivity- will -count- for- something.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:33 am

note for record. local cops . now beholden their new masters homeland security by extension , will abrogate what they have learned concerning ,
bill of rights. ( several shut downs while viewing of interest articles)
there goes my press and association. / expression ?

many, many have tried to get me on face book. what the stock at ? cant forget the mistakes they made and private meeting from' on high'. (also, his comments about people giving up privacy). that's remained w/ me . it's part of the Egypt
equation. you jus flip the switch and black us out. tech. difficulties wasn't it?

watch for abuses. also , harassment is being ramped . lots of new faces. w/ prior know. must have been briefed that means co / actors . photo, log. etc...
they are interfering w/ my nutritional (explained latter)

they/attempting, to alter my daily activities . so many options. many placed
entrapments . bizzaro. I so don't trust anyone. I feel sorry for the real
In need motorist. I don't do contrived . and , what's legal in one state my not
be legal in another. ( think about it) what you define as acerbic others find
inspirational. I do try to help. I'm jealous you actually get paid for this .
where is the enemy, who is the enemy ? if you can justify torture. whats next?
extrajudicial hangings in our own country . because , someone disagrees w/
you ? courts secret , at night. convict the torture club. release the torture
tapes they are not destroyed and will surface. (opinion of course) ;)

wish I knew why I'm a considered threat. is it because I think israelians are
the " lone wolves of nuclear ambiguity ? " and Palestinians have a right to defend
their country ?

ps another heads up . it invigorates me when one of your own gives me
a " heads up " in your ranks... ps . we are supposed to be on the same side.
get Israel out of USA government . dump the duel citizenship./nationality
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:48 am

I have read of media and the hive. but , what of the cluster of privileged universities ? seems to be only a few that cater to the caste system in America .
almost like a secret society . very esoteric. the elite.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:17 pm

clarity: is there a shia / Sunni / salifast / split in America ?

bad blood that continues from the middle east today.

specifically; Iranian Americans ? among - Shia / Sunni /salif

I got the vibe , if I wrote anything positive about Iran . I was to be associated

w/ shia religion. ( they compliment each other)

for most Americans speaking from the heart, is just that . we are not
aligning w/ one " school or another " it takes on a independent meaning ,
though similar ,but not related. to the above.
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:33 am

Iranian exiles and writers scramble to reverse years of damage from painting radical Internal Dissent And seditionist activity as free speech and human rights in Iran . with the wide brush of acceptance.

having taken advantage perhaps co-opted w/ paid organizations ,
Act dumbfounded to have in fact driven the surrounding dialogue into
A frenzied almost orgey of world condemnation and triggered a violent
tidal wave of upheaval .On the precipice of war and massive bombing.
All for who ? I S R A E L I A N S ... whom are destroying Palestine ...
And diminishing the bill of rights in America .

what about americas Human rights violations and the Virginia terrorist kangaroo courts.Secret trial and convictions on ridiculous assumptions , not to mention the legalization of torture in America .How dare you people use America ,Fix America first and if you don't. Like it go back to Iran. But do ya thing Here first. Protect our rights first !

Upon seeing ,Its mass and potential destruction ,realize the error of their wrongheaded Childish naïveté .Now,they pivot and turn their attention
on Israel,where it should have Been all along. Fighting to shed light on
The real threat . The lone wolf of nuclear ambiguity, And the esoteric Jewish hypocrisy .Lobbies and control in congress.Let anyone in congress or senate attempt To tie egyptian development funding to peace treaties w/the terrorist state Israel ,fail.

God help us all ... The innocent women and children and men who love them.
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Postby greeney2 » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:41 pm

Who are you debating with half the time?
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