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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:47 pm

thankful / grateful , letter from irans crack- expert negotiation team published correspondence to eu6-1 top heavy unbalanced team , who appear not to be living up to the spirit of the Baghdad talks. transparency is welcome.

Iran just as well be labeled -1 (minus one) because baby. the other side(eu team) don't appear to listen. analogy - as if the eu team is still drawing base lines w / chalk.waiting for umpires to arrive. not even sure the distance to the mound.
irans team came ready to play ball. agreed to the rules and were already
batter up and one in the batters box. I looked , I even saw the relief pitcher(s)
warming up. jus in case.

I think you should add turkey , qatar , or gaza. anybody impartial for Iran.
subtract a party or so. add Israel to the eu team, (part of the eu command anyway.)that would make things interesting.because , they are chosen to have esoteric special rules for their nuclear governance. and, this should be public and resolved ,in the greater logical framework of non proliferation goals. than once Iran sees Israel is held to the same standards , logical negotiation may be possible.

watch for the plethora of banditry of logic and counter false propaganda to distract from ISRAELS EGREGIOUS OWNERSHIP OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! HYPOCRISY , HYPOCRITICAL BEHAVIOR . pray for EU 5 plus 1 minus common sense. sanctions= keeping a stolen horse, trading in others.
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:46 am

if by Iran seeking relief from sanctions ( trading in stolen horses / Israel )

will they not be giving up their rights to enrich. therefor on principle ,

they have given up a right , already owned .

Russia and china , might link israel ownership and program of nuclear ambiguity,

to Iranian additional inspections and 20 % Israel should match . they are

the esoteric threat. " the lone wolf " of the middle east. they should be under


for two results , one reduction of arms. two ethical parity - end asymmetrical

agreements . was rejected by IAEA prior discussions. should be revisited,

because of media driven asymmetrical diatribe. keep the hypocrisy issue

alive medias dropped -they want to keep their jobs. Israel has that

much power here and abroad.
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:54 am

china and Russia - purportedly balance part of the:

asymmetrical look = window dressing ... only .

in the 1000/ 1 relation in the removing iranain scientific use of nuclear fuel

sanctions essentially an act of war. attempt to strong arm - bring to their knees,

into submission , the Persians (proud iranain people) will they bow to the

imperialist forces, can Russia and china step up to the plate and help defend

iranain rights ? remembering Israel : the blue eyed blond haired stepchild

in everybodies backyard .
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