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surrender israelians ! 47 lines / total return all 25mill

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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:44 am

alien hybrid is taking yo ass down. yo networks of delegitimisers ,
the ones who wrote laws that subverted the constitution and bill of rights ,
the ones who helped , communications who traded business with the government against" fair trade practices" and values all Americans hold dear. why else will
a govt make laws to protect you from lawsuits ?

those of you who helped write laws that protected themselves from justice .(immunity from justice every one else is subject to. ) tha law doesn't apply to you )

those who commit crimes against life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
the ones who pimped privacy for access , or to be in business , traded
for their lives. the communications companies . from prosecution.

you went after us- those who spoke truth to power in the middle east.
we were targeted.the ones who now believe Israel has lost
her legitimacy to exist . because of her war crimes against Palestine and her being the " lone wolf of nuclear ambiguity"( copyright .) in that she terrorizes the peaceful neighbors and incites them to desperate acts. why else would people blow themselves up ?

my deepest apologies - redact to read , 47 borders, complete right of return.
I ask you israelians withdrawal from the occupied territories, withdrawal from the west bank and gaza. respect international law and all UN resolutions .
I will fight for you then. I will be at your side. ( yes , a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste . not much longer)

I do not have the answers to much. but as a simple man . I do know seeking ,
taking the road to peace is the path to take . I ask you to dismantle and turn over, all nuclear weapons to IAEA and NATO CC for destruction and decom.

Israel I ask and pray , you redeem your nation , through benevalant actions ,
allow the Palestinians to come home . sell them no more stolen horses from
their own barns and stables . Salam / shalom / withdrawal /

I am the leper whom wears the cattle bell with pride.
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