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HANA SHALABI your ' task ' has just begun...

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Postby ricardo » Thu May 03, 2012 10:06 pm

Dear Hana , god works in mysterious ways... while the world is distracted
by another human rights activist. half a world away. civilization requests your help in exposing human rights violations, indignity, and criminality, in the occupied land of the Palestinian people, from israelian state sponsored

since your release under many restrictions, from the administrative
detention w/ out 'formal charges' by Israel. actually are peaceful
ammunition to further the battle for justice. i can not speak for god.
but, people who hoped and prayed for your freedom, think of you as a
'extension' of spiritual values that ' mankind is to demonstrate '
in this world.

more than a few, believe , this battle w/ Israel in the occupied territory of Palestine is not over. the good fight , fighting against oppression and lack of dignity the world over. technically you are a human rights activist, much
like the Chinese gentleman , Chen guangcheng.

your imprisonment w/ out charges , by the israelian military occupying forces...

I hope, if you are willing, that you apply for asylum in an neutral country ,
one that still believes in justice for the poor, sick, and dispossessed.
many pray your shining light on /speaking about the injustice, will
be seen by the entire world. and, good people will act on the
values 'they' claim to represent .

free people and your Palestinian brothers who are on a hunger strike, have immense solidarity and hope. that one day soon,these actions will result in the end of hypocrisy. it won't be easy Hana. but you have been there before. that special place in the heart that tells you the differance between right and wrong.
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 05, 2012 11:17 pm

a righteous chick , translated a released Palestinians account / diary ,
of his incarceration in a Israeli jail.

some of the writing describes inhumane discriptions of families not being able
to see loved ones for years ,if ever. solitary confinement / indefinite . silence punctuated by unpredictable /chained exercise of one hour per day .

medical care delayed for weeks, in inimical conditions. cold rooms/ extreme heat. situations that discourage reporting medical conditions . or, actually ,
have the potential to make them worse.

most interesting is the 'israelian ambiguity' concerning its political status ,
in the Palestinian / israelian conflict. case in point: the charges against most Palestinians read like an anthology of military code of conduct/ conflict,
at war or " under a state of siege."

yet , the court system has the ' appearance of constitutionality ' and an civilian
disposition. I find this a compelling reason for an outside arbiter - rapporteur - to declare the israelian prison system in violation of Geneva conventions, do to the evidence of inhumane, cruel, widespread use of torture.

because the israelian prison system is for all intent and purpose a military system and governance. the evidence is present , ongoing , and w/ out a doubt more in military style than civilian and should fall under international scrutiny.

notable is that any civilian system w/ an higher degree of
'civility and conscience ' among nations, will have ruled the prison
system unconstitutional and inhumane by world standards,
and modified it's deviant practices.

in conclusion , entering diary accounts, first person witness statements, and examination of medical care provided as evidenced by released palestinian prisoners, Israel is at war with the Palestinians. they are therefore subject to human rights UNHCR , and Geneva accords and will be held accountable.
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Postby ricardo » Wed May 09, 2012 12:19 am

BDS- movement ...
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Postby ricardo » Wed May 09, 2012 12:22 am

informative . the case for BDS movement part 2 - boycott sanction and divest from israelian businesses (products.)-government and arts . goal is to bring protest by proactive means against the apartide government that is israelian.israelian policy in the middle east/ specifically that these actions result in a just and binding resolution to the Palestinian - israelian conflict.
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 12, 2012 12:10 am

ok . I'm in. ] dear brave soldiers of hope and peace , your battle against
oppression and rights is a just cause, even w/ out an end in sight, your passion
for justice is like a candle light in the darkest night . your hunger strike , and other methods of peaceful resistance , have inspired me to join you , to
carry forward the burden ,no one man should be asked to carry alone, or the lot
of you, whom the world turns a blind eye.

for reasons beyond my simple understanding. god has ordained the Palestinian people to suffer unjustly under the oppression at the hands of foreign invaders /leaders, whom have a history of having been the oppressed. ( israelians)
Jews. ironic no ?

I can not question god. however, I believe there is a reason
for your / our plight . it is in our shared 'faith' that good will
overcome evil . and, the knowledge that the meek shall
inherit the earth , we will find peace.

to show solidarity , I will abstain from solid food as long as I am able. I will do this to demonstrate the cause for the recognition of human rights for the Palestinian people. to protest, specifically the hideous conditions under adm detention Palestinians are held, w/ out charges, sometimes in solitary confinement , often. not seeing family or friends for years.

I find it appalling / bizzaro ,the most powerful country on earth. the united states of America . it's leadership. calls out china for suspected human rights violations. but, says not more than a sentence about Palestinian human rights. the hunger strikers . the colonization and theft of culture , that continues today .
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:02 am

more Palestinians hunger strike . time is running out for the jailed w/ out charges sarsak - a footballer of some notoriety . a Palestinian imprisoned for nearly 3 years w/ out trial.classified as a combatant . he's therefore under rules of war conduct. Israel should know better. trial and defense . humane conditions and visitation. Red Cross and crescent have no say ?

makes me curious if their is less accountability and confusion from allowing
private prisons to run the detainment. that way officially accountability
and chain of command get lost in the confusion of custody .

civilian and military. any rulings from the Israel supreme court. ? and are
these military civilian hybrid prisons equal in humane medical care to free world?
that which you proudly boosted of in referance to care for injured Palestinians
transferee to Israeli proper. shalom .

how much is good press worth.? time to work on the Palestinian / west bank
Chunnel . these check points and separations are counterproductive ,
a two state solution . a legal tunnel for a change , how refreshing .
this could solve Swiss cheese issues and allow for better land use and security.
enabling dignity has benefits.
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:33 pm

here I write for israel.-
well done bibi. a save ( score) after the injury. got to make our professionalism permanent. surrounded as such. ya still got to elevate that leg. lol .
some things even prime min. can not control.

the hunger strikes should end. suicide is a resignation of / from life, not a affirmation. I think Palestinians must use their mind to achieve any sense of victory and resolution to this occupation. it's possible .

not unlike Buddhists, self IMMOLATIONS, you politically remove your self
out of the equation, and little has been gained from these actions.

I am disappointed but not surprised at the resistant mothers (women )who continue to send and risk their childrens lives for a just cause . unfortunately throwing rocks at apvs and heavy armor ain't cutting it. there must be another way, to get the Palestinian resistance understood.( point across.) I may have
suffered a diambiguation , but, I think this would be called ;
' poor economy of arms'.

journalists like American tv pick one or two topics and focus/obsessively on them.
writers and journalists (news reporters )need to hold our leaders accountable.
are they all under control ??? or cherry picked to ask all the wrong questions ?
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Postby ricardo » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:43 pm

I am working hard trying to find a righteous supermodel

girlfriend to wear and model my designer BDS 'wear' ] top secret heh heh
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:04 am

just read from wonderful on the ground peripheral feeds, the deal cut w/

the Palestinian hunger strikers/ protesters included a offer from israelian

government for - a 45 min. visit per fam. in three months. (I'm cognizant of the

logistics of this.) :Doh: consider, international ombudsman, to secure " basic

human rights " at will, all access. :thumbup:

ps - has anyone seen my s/ 400 series mobile missiles ? :think:
(main dim limited by pt infra.)

only joking lol
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:24 am

tonight he walked a path; a lit ,the vestibule, by stars ...
the heavens bejeweled w/ red , green, blue and white, precious stones ,
the sound of nature , comforting the silence , both liberating and welcome.

in his fatigue , having marched all night, how his thoughts might
have wondered ... he must have felt the darkness on each side of the gravel path. trees lined each side of the road. save for the sky and heavens,
he was nearly blind while walking...

then , he saw her . a flash of light . perhaps someone lost , whoever she
is , he not afraid, though his heart beat fast. she would stop and turn around motioning w/ one arm. as if to draw him forward . she looked like she was dressed in white. he could see a face but can not remember any features.
except she was beautiful beyond words and thoughts...

after many miles of this . he grew near her.he noticed the sound of the gravel
beneath his feet were not making a sound. looking down , he observed ,
dark leaves of something on the path behind this mysterious woman.
he smelled , the most fragrant roses he had ever experienced ,
unusual and familiar was this Odor. but ,had not smelled this before,
how strange he thought...

further, his eyes caught what looked like rose petals, how beautiful ,
the woman must be to have dreamt these dreams and shared them w/
the stranger. down the winding road and lit by a canopy of stars she halted.
pointing toward the heavens , he saw what she saw ,
and was drawing his attention to.

one bright star . the one star that seemed to always
be in the same place. this direction was irrefutable,
and comforting...

as the path went round a corner,he looked down again and could feel
his feet were becoming wet. and slipping on the stones beneath.
he looked and to his horror , and feeling great pain, realized he was
walking on the sharp thorns of rose stems. this caused the feet to bleed.

she was now gone . when He looked up , as he did see,
the path was becoming clear, beautiful, and peaceful.
the north star shorn radiant/ bright, in the sky.
his pain now gone.
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