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chinas middle way...

This section is designed for foreign politics, outside the United States. The Black Vault serves many different countries, and this forum will hold threads regarding world politics, events, etc.

Postby ricardo » Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:45 am

chinas leadership is concerned about cultural revolutions and not anything

resembling an French revolution ? maybe they are contemplating repression

concerning possible breakaway provinces . no better example of avoiding

public discord than the Tibetan people. limited autonomy for cultural

preservation. with in an capitalist/ socialistic framework.

this might be trial implemented. avoiding reactionary rebellion .

china will not remain relevant w/ out further political (open) experimentation.

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Postby ricardo » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:57 am

at present china looks and plays the part of premier world statesman.

Korean does have an right as an any sovereign nation. I will be surprised if they did not seek recognition for placing a satellite in orbit to acknowledge her
independence and capabilities. to legitimize the new leadership.

she and Pakistan are juxitipostioning in battles of moral equivalence. UNRWA
camps have relocation and development necessities in Palestine and its
conceivable an elected unity government can implement stategic oil and gas
contracts w/ china . ( Palestine is on the coast) an exchange that benefits
all parties.

Israel must contribute to fair distribution of resources and begin negotiations
w/ Palestine w/ out preconditions. egypts relations w/ her depend on this
equitable perception. these pep rally's , feel good encounter meetings , and
extensive hasbara campaign , has only worked on the Americans.
enough already...
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:52 pm

laconic statement for my friends in china ( here) your official

position confuses seperatists from human rights activists -

the two are not the same. the later being associated w/ social

progress. (in many ways beneficial )

differentiate = it was not expressed well due to translating difficulties .

wahn ahn
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