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swans sing before they die ...don't they ? ( Israel /Syria)

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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:01 pm

it would be kinda cool to have dissidents from each Arab spring meet every month

to discuss issues and mend divisions, maybe form a more perfect union.

Bahrain Shia , Iraq Sunni etc... maybe have a keg party w/ ' near beer'

carbonated non alcohol beer.

networking together , or at least communicating.

what similarities would we see. ? dissimilar ?
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:23 am

well god bless them think tanks. they try. try they did. I believe mostly ,
" previous talking points" , w/ the same rhetoric that parrots old Obama policy
initiatives as well a Israel insults , goals , and propaganda.

I should add. a lot of pure speculation as to iranian and Israeli response ,
to a weaponization of nuclear material.I imagined this some redflag attempt to garnish alternate views and realities,cus if this is what it takes to have a 'tank' , I'm in the wrong biz.

I do fancy the term opaque when used in relation to Israel , concerning the
ambiguity associated w/ ownership of nukes . official policy.

finally , again, the responsibility of enforcement fall s on America because,
it's doubtful Israel could implement w/ out America . so stated.

most humorous was the almost admonishment to abstain from provocations
that might jeapordize political initiative. say again ? I can't hear ya on account
of the bombs, assassinations , kidnapings , and sanctions.

I will play red flag . what ifs . Israel wants to control Iran ,
like it does Palestine , except for the absence of a occupation .
what if 3rd parties resort launches of controlled EMF emitting drones ,
or enough yield to screw w/ the opposition electronics ?

are we top heavy on electronics ? solution - essential reading list: VON CLAUSEWITZ - SUN TZU
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