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swans sing before they die ...don't they ? ( Israel /Syria)

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Postby ricardo » Wed May 30, 2012 11:44 pm

swans sing before they die , as classical literature will have us believe .
sweet is the song of the near dead , for they will not be heard during their lifetime, final the gesture , the one act that defines a entirety , w/ graceful
clarity of who we are.

hawks curiously remain silent as if listening to this fabled rendition.
lamentable the experts who define , again, interventionism in terms of unintended consequences .

the term is now so diminished from the original meaning / context as to apply exclusivity to ' non action ' , non intervention. no longer for moral cause , (Balkans) but military expediency , micro managed by consortiums of special interests, and so called think tanks.( self aggrandized , anointed and graded
by vested groups , most who somehow, somewhere, have a dog in the race.

Syria fallen on hard times do to Arab revolts. can not and should not be defined by sectarian conflict, but final judgement might be reserved from the perspective of American extension of values. nor will outcomes be determined through the
micro lens of israelian needs and wants. once again , in conflict w/ American
values and previous actions.
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Postby ricardo » Thu May 31, 2012 12:00 am

if Israel were not present in the middle east, I don't think America would hesitate
to I intervene to subdue self imposed autocratic despotism. the contrast is simple. or is it ? Islamists or sectarianism by cruel force of arms, torture,
lack of any meaningful human rights? this is what is classically known as stability

it's no longer a template. this is what Israel knows. why risk?
according to the experts. and in comparison to Libya , this isn't the same .
of course it is. we are talking universal values here.

I believe w/ out a doubt Russia, china , and Iran will see the wisdom once
operations from a coalition force , 'ramp up for operations'. they are not w/ out human rights issues . and, have more to risk battling their own populations to subdue freedom seeking political third columns . (much feared) constructively
powerful. more to gain being heard and seen respecting human rights and supporting freedom from oppression .

wouldn't you rather be remembered through Arab hospitality than the bitch end of a ak 47 ? democracy does not begin from forced secular sectarianism . it would personify the lack of freedom and rights of the people.

never the less the calculus becomes more tenuous as Israel is possibly going to
via unilateral decree, declare temp - interim Palestinian borders. say again ...
israelian seek to delineate their final status border. realization that American
goals do not always coincide allies development projects.

the middle east development and evolution may dictate a inherent change in
traditional allies for long term survival necessities . if anything transparency and
social mobility has exposed weak links in once ' sacred cows '

the only possibility of weathering the coming storm is , how fast can standing
dictatorial powers SA, Bahrain , etc allow freedoms , that have so long been taken for granted and repressed never to be questioned all in the name of
paralyzingly stability . cont into week end rant ... changing allies cont...
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:38 pm

israelian rumored acquisition of nuclear armed submarines. w/ out definitive proof,not that the subs are not nuclear capable, in fact. are a provocation
to the current middle east non proliferation goals. Israel is the premier
esoteric threat , to irans growing need for existential necessity/ security.
namely israelian and Amerigringo aggression in the middle east.

mentioned in recent articles the dolphin class subs provided Israel , from Germany. are not only depicted as defensive weapons. but, I suspect are offensive capable as well. by design . easily modified to carry nuclear armed weapons. ( source German officials - ' by design ' ' modifiable '

humanity has acted in my opinion , against all convention by not responding
forcefully against these WMD. mobile launch platforms . and, showing little regard toward the stated purpose of the potent weapons, that is second or successive return strike capability. from alleged nuclear armed submarines.

in other words , if Israel is wounded mortally by a first strike or retaliatory measure, against a "act of war" or series of "continuing acts of war" committed by Israel , and is delt a fatal first strike from ' any source'. Israel has seen it moral in her eyes, to retaliate against innocent civilians (massive collateral damage)
to make sure the actors do not go unpunished.
(a perverted feel good moment?)

convoluted and counterproductive by any means. for whom will think to allow
the ones who drew first blood , safe haven. to the benefactors of ' British mandate ' 'the occupation' and colonization of Palestinian land ? not to mention the daily oppression, imprisonment and humiliation that money can never repatriate . (the Jewish people/ Jews would be in a sort of ' eternal ' external
exile ...( not something I desire my Jewish friends. )

this by means of hidden and mobile submarine platforms.
may question to Israel : where do the submarines return to if
israel is destroyed . and , what would be the point of killing innocent civilians
in a retaliatory strike ?
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:10 pm

the case for multitasking is at hand. suspend the drone attack program -
EXCEPTION : SURVEILLANCE. [ hint - ask permission and respect a countries
sovereign ...]

at the same time , publically the president could offer
a statement of apology for accidental deaths in pursuit
of justice. or similar wording. but public it must be, for effect.

collaborate w/ the secular elite. (moderate elements)
must apply human rights leverage/ metrics ,
metrics via weapons systems and monetary influence.
(what was Germany thinking ?) ref/ Israel .

apply strong governance standards to all allies in the middle east.
if human rights /women's rights ,are not met,
egress and transition to new political relationships and allies.
should begin immediately .

enforce a just middle east peace.engage and make a Ally of Iran ,
and I believe the 'trifecta' Hamas , Hezbollah , brotherhood
(rad elem.) would stop.function as political parties and end armed resistance.( unless further provocated.)

co-op w/ iranians. many areas. work to separate and in other cases
bring together sectarian divides.

end duel track diplomacy. these are by historical definition= acts of war. and brings the political will of a nations people at odds w/ American foreign policy. sanctions effect everybody. and only heighten the perception of American hypocrisy.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:08 am

end traditional relations w/ SA, BAHRAIN. [ this country ] and [ this one ]

close Bahrain military's obsolete. it serves no strategic or tactical
purpose, that can not be met by allies, near bases, navy, air power,
subs, and ICBMS. or, alternate energy suppliers .

it's however "priceless " in terms of ending its infamous 'imperial palace of
repression' reputation . (the empire)

be a reflection and projection of American values mr. president .
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:18 am

" a battle never fought is a battle never won "

as the glow of Burmese rubies draw our attention, to at least attempt the
new paradigm shift , this is a template . let's get it right.

Vietnam, the koreas etc... cont
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:12 am

greater Persia for her contribution can act the part : exemplary . by
allow greater freedoms as such beyond civil disobedience that does harm,
" violent demonstrations " " riots ". writers, and politicians ,
and the general populace, many cause no harm but add to the wisdom
of Islamic jurisprudence . by allowed debate not direct but , available
for the supreme leaders counsel , and decision . personal wrongs and insults,
even bad humor are relatively innocent infractions. ( not proven to harm.)

the individual desires as much respect than the collective security , they are one of the same ( body)enact and personify "codified " and consistent rule of law.
the is a real danger of so disaffecting society the legal interpretations cause
the society to turn on its leadership. in my opinion that is a misinterpretation
and application of Islamic law when that occurs in society.

there must be Islamic interpritation and counsel that does not ,
conflict w/ the rule of law , in such a way that Itegrates better koranic
intent in contemporary society. one that shares w/ the world , "just
principles of Islamic jurisprudence". example:

a man whom is broken in body is not lost ,in so much the god given spirit is intact, he in attempting to feed his family,is indigent and w/ out recourse sells or trades in illegal drugs , is given divine consideration. (opinion) continued... week end rant...
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:56 am

good post from a twitter chick. retweet from another journalist , depicts
typical Iran ? at leasure . the Iran most Americans will never see.

would love to see Iran commit the unilateral act of reopening

it's closed embassy in the Washington d.c. area. U.S.A.

a huge gesture of goodwill, out front, on a 'political level'

keeping the lines of communication open. always ...
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:38 am

it appears our sec. of defense has issued the statement , concerning the
continuation of drones and that our (meaning the USA) sovereign , is
in need of protection. (paraphrase)

In my opinion , in so far as the continued
use of armed drones w/ out coordinated ground forces is arguably counterproductive, (used frequently these days) because per incident ,
is viewed by many experts (my opinion too) to produce animosity and

it must be balanced w/ the real imminent dangers
that come to 'America's sovereign' and demonstrably their has not been
one coordinated attack on America's soil w/ the exception of 911. question
to ask ... is this interpreted to defend drone use ? armed drones continued use
could produce an unlimited supply of enemies . (paradoxically)
revisited theories from journalists... experts.

the military industrial complex and Israel ,its influence w/ in amerikas politik,
is becoming a tour da political force, independent American goals.
counter intuitive and thus costing Americans a reduction of standard of living,
and diminished leadership role due to loss of projection of true American values.

we seek unity first in ourselves than our institutions only to find our , basic
values , our beloved constitution, bill of rights, etc... high jacked and suspended
by cosmic war criminals , spiritual enemies of god hell bent on satisfying ,
blood lust and the incredable opiate like high that is said to be fueled by
absolute (demonic like power) power beholden to no rules , regulations, morals,
laws or human concerns .

parallels- that of the diminished myth of the American dream. we love our
idealism though false it may be . please don't deny us our purpose for being.
battles of moral /ethical equivalents ...

depersonalization and lack of emotion linked to indefinite wars. wars w/ out end.
entering the no laugh zone. made in America . no longer able or genetically
modified through selective pairing. America is losing its ability to laugh,
cry, feel and interact. becoming the norm. bizaro but an observation.
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Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:08 am

political interactive tip ... real world p5 plus 1 . consider -1 +2 to balance
irans rights. turkey and perhaps an consortium of Arab countries could count as
plus one. to reflect a balance or argument in fundamental fairness , concerning
hypocritical use and possessed of nuclear arms in the middle east. contrary
NPT goals and directives initiated by our American president. example.
non signatories lack of nuclear transparency. ISRAELIANS... war criminals !!!

the swan song.
black like midnight raven feathered .
lost its spirit , not dead , nor alive,
appearing confused, she swims furiously .
" there she poured out her words of grief , tearfully,
in faint tones in harmony w/ sadness, just as the swan sings once,
in dying it's own funeral song. "
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