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one mile goal of < 6 min - issues ...

Stay healthy and stay tuned to the most recent developments in Health watch.

Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:47 am

finding the healthy balance, negating piss poor information that contradicts
medical wellness studies. ( get the hell out of the way profiteers, I need to know what works) metrics (one set - not an end to a means-) one networked by default... acquaintance. ran up put a bug in my ear. jus before the split, than disappeared.differant route.

heres what he said: " my dr. said I was trying to get rid of to much bad too quickly..." we'll , I will be damned .what is he, a mind reader?I had to chew on that a while . he began his penance to health in June , last year. I in early march
this year. sage advice . a moderation tip from experience.

I looked over my shoulder and I could not see him on the trail. as I turned to look forward I saw a older man walking toward the pitifully small and understocked and overfished lake. if you could call it that .the lake was more like a pond .

[people fish out the minnows or seed stock to use for bait at other lakes.
few will see maturity.hint... the 25 gal buckets and nets. ice chests
for containers as well. designer fish needed that avoid hooks , flys,
and 'baited lines' ]

he was smoking a pipe and carrying a fishing rod , he was gazing into the sunset, puffing on his pipe,lost in some cherished memory , probably about fish , the fish that got away, or the fish he'd caught somewhere else . a place he wished he was fishing now.

I could not help sharing my thoughts w/ the fisherman that day. how he looked like he had jus stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

look I said . you can't go on like this . there are ducks all over this place. norman
Rockwell green headed plump birds that look like they were painted into the landscape. why don't you shoot one or a dozen and well roast them and tell
fish stories about the big one that got away...
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:30 pm

persian cuisine - FESENJAN ( experimental recipe)

{ healthy lite=low fat ,reduced sodium}-{ any occasion /special occasion ,Persian dish }made from duck, pheasant , or chicken. Covered and simmered in a pomegranate/ walnut sauce.

I will probably separate the sauce from the grilled chicken,
saf rice ...serve a la cart (buffet style)

pomegranate syrup will be exchanged for a real pomegranate paste( thick)
sweet or sour ? (sour if available)

hand made. 1/4 real (fresh.) lime juice.- 1/4 'roasted ' walnut oil/ excellent taste ,/use instead of butter or oil ,( high in omega 3) -onion paste or extract . for two thin sliced onions.- 1 1/2 cups walnuts fine ground. - 1 cup chicken stock
sodium free. -(1tabspn sug, (seasalt dash), -pepper,- allspice .-

" sauce should have balanced sweet and sour taste."
(ratio of pomegranate to nuts may increase as needed.)

no fresh pomegranate available in local stores, no syrup or concentrate, no preserves, or mash. new Zealand source was not available. canned was
not available as well( don't want to use canned anyway.) alternate source will be checked. [ I see a market here for pomegranate and saffron from Iran ]

Saffon rice w/ additional threaded Saffon through out for side dish.
Iranian Saffon not available will look again.( sub inferior Spanish.)
it's dark and tastes like a weak chili powder or paprika. does have the hint of hay fragrance... got to hook up w/ a source. the real deal. Iran are you listening ?
nutritional and medicinal value.

apple mint leaf ,from the herb garden, for garnish.

:shock: OMG... this duck has a band on its leg (little metal bracelet that identifies the bird)

ok, place band on another duck and hope that when the duck
count comes in ,the duck counter misses the fact 'a duck' has a band on each leg . one missing duck, and a duck banded twice ? will that work ?
(replace duck w/ hunters floating decoy, anchor in middle of lake. :mrgreen: )

so, the chicken were boneless, skinless breasts, cooked real slow on a charcoal
fire . removed early . to preserve moisture content.

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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 05, 2012 1:51 am

found a connection for the pomegranate sauce and a sauce apparently made
' to go ' already ssweet sour and inclusive of walnuts .

I've decided I will make one batch from component stock and one batch from ready made store bought.I think the source may be Lebanon. (imported and keep stateside)

by the time it arrives, the duck , I mean chicken will be gone.
so that will be a redue. no worries.

I knew it.I was tooled on the saffron . the "styles " i learned are the discoloured lighter ends. jus means it's the grade 5 or likely low quality . still not the colour of the good stuff from Iran. this is domestic , Spain , or Mexico.

this could end up a gastronomic nightmare . file under health hazards.
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Postby ricardo » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:07 pm

3rd sauce added . jalapeño . side only. does Leb sell the hot stuff ? ]

progress has been acceptable. weight hit a wall of resistance. but is w/ in parameters . narrowing in on a weight goal for a time span of 3 months and 3 wks. than part b. second half. July cont...

time soon. distance is increased - almost double. a lot of folks are doing the run walk deal . seems to help

but , what I jus don't get, even w/ the work force break runners; is ,
why in jeans ? one guy had a tie on. long sleeves rolled up. this gentleman did three miles like this . is this a Mormon initiation I asked him , no change of cloths in the car ?

these aren't first timers. it is, what it is ...which is ?

I have found ... I tend to speed up or pick up (second wind)
this could be an indication of aerobic capacity. increase] or adrenalin buzz
kicking it up a notch (both)

also, I do better in heat. (past experience here)

early stress irritations (bone)(tissue)have receded or are healed. I believe it's do to cross training , hydration , additional vit d . one day every 6/7 days is reserved to heal(regroup)evaluate the metrics.(and just be lazy)( a occasional junior strength chewable grape flavored ibuprofen ( anti inflammatory ) PRN.( as needed) because w/ few exceptions medicines are too high in strength.
result- the small print of neg. side effects. and, the small studies that support
a any ' physiological change ' that appears to...

went down a shirt size, and 2 pants sizes.

maybe a set back if I have a old surgery from a ingrown (not painful ) remove a part of the nail bed . missed a section that allows a spike . 70s]possible source of infection later in life . I can still swim , maybe cycle. not all bad. how long ?

aware and amused of the 'heat' and attempts . 'all' would love to have details
maybe I can help ! I avoid . should I leave the house ever ? (direct frame up or force is best .) the man hours and surveillance are incredible. would love to
meet my accuser.
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:37 pm

traditionally (past history) harsh winters. few places to recreate . mostly favoring the wealthy classes . indoor sanctums for the class system. { caste system} the upper classes. the bourgeoisie .no , I don't begrudge success . and , admire self made men/women,but the lower classes and the middle classes are just as deserving. in the eyes of our creators and intent .

resources should be distributed = specifically state supported. (local governments) organized sports do get the lions share of structured settings. I guess it's a form of recreation watching these events , or if we know someone participating in them. get a cardio workout , root for your team . ( land is scarce
in the cities)

I love to repeat the story of a park manager who would not allow fruit and nut trees to be planted in these beautiful and natural landscaps for the people. they were allergic to bee stings ! they received complaints from the few whom were
allergic to nature. -plants trees shrubs and bees. no almonds , walnuts or pomagrantes , and few feeding the ducks for fesenjan ] wanted urban landscape designer . experience w/ sterilized natural settings , that mimic nature.
liability issues and coward legal advisement . go figure.

thousands will go hungry do to these selfish politically inflexible decisions.
all for the few. or minority. without bold implementation how can change
we change and evolve for the better ?

or the suburban side street that crosses a park trail. in the south our signage will say...' vehicles must yield to pedestrians or cyclists have right go way.'
here , the signage reads , ' vehicles do not yield ' caution ! imagine walking
a baby stroller across this street, while herding more children across at the same time. ba bye ...
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Postby ricardo » Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:17 pm

I will break this wall . (the cigar was a momentary lapse of discipline and
logic. )

the heat was comfortable and hot. dry today. the sun beat down
unrepentant and welcome. I required a warm up . 4 cycle miles to locality
2.9 walk plus 1.9 than 3 cycle cool down .

quote : martial artist Bruce lee (paraphrase )
' the best exercise for swimming is swimming , the best for running is running ,
and karate is karate.' in harnessing my inner Kwan , I must remember these
parables of enlightenment and stay the course of discipline . (for best results.)

my path crosses , what I call two rivers ,separated by a mile or so. there I rest,
listen to a brook ( a rarity near civilization) and watch a very large soft shell
turtle chase elusive minnows darting among green river grass .
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Postby ricardo » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:15 am

on schedule . fighting back , decided to run and shadow box w/ two pound ea. weights in both hands. big big mistake , fast one two punching, however, my arms have never been more sore. (two days worth)

day after cycle, cloudy and humid . miserable cool breezes. not my dry heat.
kinda day. butterfly's , cows, horses, and the huge monolithic windmills churning out electricity. a couple of kit foxes down by rivers edge. (surprised, it was high noon in the open )

corn is beyond the old cliche ;
" knee high by fourth of july " I'm see en near waist high now. wow.
heard it was some 95 crop planted prior to June. second crop ?

10miles came home . before fading to black ,was thinking, calls, puts, contracts,
yields and pork bellies. that's enough to zonk anybody out.
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:20 pm

lots of distractions today. excited to see a unbanded flock of tasty duck. new family of little ducks. I'd adopt one cept my abode perimeter has been over run by kats. perhaps I need a python ... metrics are approaching . one up - one down.
I may move the time to adjust for external events. remember notes: to manage protein, potassium , hydration. ]

when I'm in the Kwan , my best thinking occurs. (clarity) last night was incredable. 8 miles felt like 3. recovery was rapido.

I wrote and read feeds and was curious . everybody has a favorite. no ?
some do crossover work and that's a good thing. the glow of Burmese rubies
grows more attractive every day. sentiant suffering that inhabits this plane,
to relieve , and implement positive karma. is a truth worth living for.

one can not argue, dissonance( suffering) of the human spirit is a fact of the human condition , therefore I do stand corrected from the false belief(s)
that the goal of a world w/ out nuclear weapons is possible - probable.

however, the false beliefs , propagate like weeds. and the introduction of a benevalant teaching ...might feed the hungry , reduce fear and aid in security.
it's never been tried. ME - Israel .

thank you . my progress is slow. but valuable if shared.
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Postby ricardo » Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:40 pm

Bahraini , what kind of justice ? before forgiveness ? compassion.
easier said than tasked. I have to admit , I've suffered political
infiltration of medical care. this justice is a never ending road.
I'm not sure that we agree. I should have written about this again.
it's real. I hope it was investigated. ( balanced )

I would not tolerate justice leaving the courts, you don't need guns , you need
a working impartial criminal and civil court system. most the sentences were relieved, or pardoned.( interrogation) medical abuse happens in the states too.
even something as allowing a client to be politicized , labeled ,you have lost the
impartiality of your profession.

[I'd swear affidavit and doc med . abuse due to suspected political affiliation . it continued to another hospital and referral . staute of limitation is over for
legal recourse. it would be hard to prove ? local harassment picking up.
the 'in breeds' are seeking alternate means... wish me a soldiers death or
speedy demise. ] trust no one . dead man walking... wow nasal tube 13 days, that's stress.(nurse no reason for it.) (nurse ratted you out/ confirmed )

drugs and questioned about if I've left the country. cop volunteering at hospital
hehehe sweet . stomach suction reversed, room was the secure one . for
criminal elements or psy patients.( I've never demonstrated the need for such a room as this ) 13days and no transfer ,unless I had a local approve .this was prior surgery present to emergency. least I was told. left w/ fist size hole in lower ab. and a infected mesh. it was nice of the general surgeon to volunteer to fix it. graciously I declined. refered by a inbred ( idf resrve) to a local palestin dr. because "he took your insurance". office call/ two failed surgery 2008 ,one here.- turned my sister , she need to access to my com for email . trust no one.
they turn on very little. and can threaten.

but why was Persian girl recording my dad .? too . he's a general officer. unless they thought he was sharing intel.he's out. he would have been in his 90s late 80s . may dad is a loyal American.and very very intelligent. the Germans couldn't make him talk as a pow shot down over Germany. why would he be against America ? he's not . and a republican unfortunately . why record him unless Obama doesn't trust his general officers ... he and the senate sure relieved many from the ranks . now he's mole hunting w/ polygraphs the Secret service. he's thinks leaks are from there. who's advising this ? or is he becoming paranoid in office ?

called me a terriorist . for web sites like these. opinion 1st amend writings. that hurt because, she's kind of intelligent . when shes not being a total bitch which is 75/95% of the time. I guess beiruit web site did not impress her, nor loss she will never know. remember jean Reno " no women no kids " in the professional ? the loss idiots... not the reaction- gun play- lol conect dots.
cool movie.

asked if I was for violent jihad . wtf. the look alike Bennett brothers w/ the suitcase next door ,recording team. room next were jus selling yellow pages space. go figure.( you send hot chicks for that not ugly fat republican guard look alikes) well no. I'm meeting he leaned out and looked both ways well I do . I was impressed. the jag off was a double dealer. failed surgery there too. said he did many. ended up
only < 10 ? few...

now a premier place the original good surgery, but politically infiltrated. surg team member said the team was rotating out. went to shake hand, had two ox meters on right hand.held out left. oh, we don't shake w./ our left hand .

I knew that, but under the circumstances... she replied , 'you probably don't respect culture do you '?again wtf. I'm in America, I'm American I thought. she was briefed it was obvious . enough to turn on me. cus baby if you knew what I did w/ my right hand you'd run out of here I thought to myself. lol. African young
and Muslim . if she knew how much I'd written for arabs and Muslims shed
probably kiss my a ---

was my surgery compromised ? typically the surgeon
says good bye or gives the after surg brief. so, was she it ? OMG . hope she wasn't pissed . the surg head infered he did the surf. I feel much Better now.
should have listened to my Mossad contact(s) sh*t he knew the deal before I got there. I gotta stop being so stubborn .

the angle they played was guilt and ? redaction here for sec. removing
a couple of personal items from my shaving kit and placeing them on the counter
very subtle , accusations of lieing etc but in a joking yet degrading manner.
they use guilt up there. their the best and nicest. by the way but tooled by the
bee hive tribe running security. do the arabs know this ?

the hematoma I suffered
was frightening because the other walked by in hall big public hall and I heard
hers say in the phone well the cauterized didn't they ? I said hi but she didn't stop
stop... Im ok but it ain't over, they want info./ intel fam surveys questions are not valid for their requested research I said as much . needed my blood too.
voluntary for splat confirm.

I bled and bled like it was a small knife or bullet wound finally stopped I was so scared alone in that motel room. drs not fully dialed in his take limited but not for long. he's good . hope he keeps being objective. they don't want to loose him he's that good , especially to lose him along idealogical grounds. he's a dr for fuc-- sake !

now my claims are being denied local dr. ordered X-rays ! for hip pain . their is a small anomalous X but, surround tissue healed. denied . she f up and took several . same area I have to pay for her mistakes. $500 ] intel op ? through medical care. ? destroy financially ? I didn't sign up for this .Last two drs. immediately wanted me on anti psycho. in spite of no hullucinations remember ?

our own was attempting to qualify prove.?
"what do you see" ? ... anybody remember ? or photo and question of a crime
if I guessed right bingo ... that type police work . now local natives think
they way to my resistance is through guilt - young women ? hahaha please
at least 18 hahaha masterbation anyone. ?

by the way most anti psy knock you
out. and it was obvious when the drs don't do base line on their own interview properly. I do however suffer depression . and trust issues .

attempts to tape - statement of supporting armed resistance or aggression .
that which I do not in believe in . I do support "nonviolent means."
peaceful protest etc... east cost va.

real justice. we have to return to this concept and take it out
the hands of men and women ,bent on blind hatred and revenge.
is blood feud and honor killings common ? cus your going to need a
intervention of thinking. investigate . medical can be a weapon ! I know .

I shared Bahrain ! how's that ? now post the smile photo again ,you don't have a Cheshire kat smile ...Abbas does!

I will say I do know drs who are very good .they agreed and did not understand the missed conditions w/ a family memeber or limited test for me or x
one had read a couple of writings . hes righteous and in a Israel( redact ) briefed well.

hybrid alien copyright 2012 ricardo
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Postby ricardo » Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:21 am

I'm tired and beat down. stop using youth . guilt is a inappropriate term here.
your out sourcing to lower social strata means your reaching -want me to teach
your classes ?

some team members have a soul many tip offs -. I'm turning you lol.
mails checked 75% phone 100% email Internet 100% give me persian
girl. I'll tell you everything i know if you give her to me , p l e a s e ... I said please . lol ! I don't do contrived and I know percentages / probabilities.
race features demo locality time weather. all . please do better. can you
renumerate for all this redflag sh-- about 7 years of daily harassment.
2006 forward local was plus 2000 forward .

even the impenetrable neuro net comunications system ... and where my
space craft is parked . deal ? adventures of hybrid alien copyright 2012.

maybe irans interested , do I need to register as a working foreign agent ?
(actual term for rep) broker type activity.
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