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one mile goal of < 6 min - issues ...

Stay healthy and stay tuned to the most recent developments in Health watch.

Postby ricardo » Mon May 14, 2012 4:58 am

weight . not where I need to be. ( my comfort level is a 5k ) so, best to get to

that level, than drop down to 1 mile. training for one mile , tends to enhance

the sprint. but at an aerobic cost . also fasting as a form of protest and

spiritual demonstration of solidarity w/ Palestinians in israelian prisons.

concerned about blood sugar and excess ketones -specifically ketone acidosis.

believe , hydration will make everything ' all good '

I know the over 40 crowd is freaking out about an < 6 - mile I'm not out
for a world record. but id like to be in good company.

a worthy goal for now. (edited for possible misinterpretation ) best schedule is 3 plus 3 than 3

supplimentals are going to be mandatory. usually cycling is best and covers

opposing (m) groups and stretches them out well. I'll post one mile time

soon. practice run.

talked w/ an guy that appears in shape and runs a couple of miles.(under 32age ) he couldn't weigh more than 160 lbs. I asked his time and he said about
13 min. ( I said bs ) :lol:

any ideas / runners ? / comments welcome.
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Postby ricardo » Mon May 14, 2012 11:58 pm

lol - his lady friend concurs... he's 8 min aprox . I knew it. she's cool ]has similar interest in physical therapy. I'm disappointed my basic courses will not be grandfathered . that means, if I wanted to certify as a PT . two years of courses
towards a 4 year program are not applicable . (core courses) from a prior degree. every state has differant requirements.

work experience w/ the circuit training and instructors course
for ' nautilus ' equipment /hours training /work . will not transfer ,
toward the requiment of OJT. next good news - courses offered - every other semester . abstract art anybody ? security detail in Mexico ?

GOD may have plans for me to leave the country.

favorite unfave trainer hit the field today. dangerous exercise. hyper extending,
I get this horrible flashback of " no pain no gain kinda thing " of merit uses a
resistance training technique . utilizing large rubber bands. quite a good runner in her own right . maybe it's the short hair. chatted it up and let her know the deal. ' it is what it is ' so, one senario is enlisting her as a pacer. has to be able to ' crank it up ' as needed. she can do this. also, knows how to breathe while running hard. definitely a good sign.

the time I assume are flat track / courses . this has hills...not making excuses here. it does have a lake to keep the beers cold.(greatest ice chest/cooler in the world) er, zero cherry soda . have to stay positive.
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Postby ricardo » Tue May 15, 2012 12:45 am

tired. bs < 60 not sure of the status of the pal protest solidarity strike. read a deal was made ? advised by knowledgeable pharmacist (they know chemistry well) not to exceed 15 days. reverse order- gradual return to solids.

Vince Lombardi quote: " the differance between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge but rather lack of will."
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Postby bionic » Sat May 26, 2012 5:38 am

Dang!! Go, you!!
Willie Wonka quotes..
What is this Wonka, some kind of funhouse?
Why? Are you having fun?
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams
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Postby ricardo » Sat May 26, 2012 11:24 pm

today I'm in my element. I'm chilling in the heat. as a southerner ,
I'm actually enjoying this heatwave in the northern realm .

Im curious where the regulars are . it may have had something to do w/ the heat. or holiday travel. but you know it's hot when the ambulances circle like vultures out looking for fresh kill. the great equalizer .(the program) nothing like a little outdoor recreational exercise, and a heat index near 100 degrees.

the sweat burning my eyes and blurring the vision. practically raining
from every pore in my body. the familiar salty taste around my lips ,
the oppresive sun beating down , and the feeling that I stepped
into a desert scape from another planet.( planet hell). mental note to self.
drink more fluids , dump the mesh cap for a large terry cloth headband.
( consistency and discipline )

as far as competition goes, I'm outgunned until issues ( weight-training)are no longer counterproductive .that being said, as far as im concerned ,everybody out here is the enemy. (except- well -few -exceptions.)(cross train-ride bike 5:2ratio
inclusive of 7 reg.

I've got to put myself in that frame of mind ,that place where great competitor/athletes go , before they compete ,to strategize.
(not unlike,fortune 500 CEOs and their specialized knowledge or proprietory information .)

my strategy is to outlast, endure , persevere , and let the elements wear the enemy down. compelling them to leave the field of battle looking like snoopy in tall weeds ...looking for an out ...feeling claustrophobic .

in other words . I'm here to kick ass and take names .
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Postby ricardo » Sun May 27, 2012 10:03 pm

glad somebody understands perseverance . (SD) may need to co /op] mesh caps back in. extreme heat. wrap/ rest small towel around back of neck , drap over shoulders. (front -undershirt ) soak and light ringout cold h20 . (direct and evaporative cooling.)

potassium load -throw in a magnesium for good measure. pine apple chunks ( few)evening) carbs and potassium ? prepared = bend over price. slice and dice your own for a couple of bucks. twice as much. (fresh) ] [A1c is - 1.2 down from last]

curious in extreme heat . nearing heat exhaustion ,if preloading w/ a aspirin is helpful. reason /theory - if during the heat exhaustion process when the body concentrates /conserves circulation to core areas,this preload might allow,
a longer tolerance or improve blood flow to areas under stress. so, paradoxically
thinning blood I could pass out in a field of dreams. so, be aware of lightheadedness,or feeling faint. (how about jus don't try it )

wow . a chick out here running/ pausing , and doing pushups. ( if your curious these aren't the ' girly pushups.' these are the real deal .

this might be a teaching moment.

women appear more flexable generally speaking ( wider hips) but to do this. I'm thinking dancer( ballet) maybe yoga.wonder if she's a vegetarian. no. her game face shows a little warrior. has anyone met a warrior vegetarian ?

the program has to remain adaptable.( this may be one of the exceptions mentioned earlier- everybody being enemies -) :whistle:

"the program" I can't let her ' psyche me out'...( Im psyched out. ) the point is , conditioned vs unconditioned abilities. know limitations
in hostile/ all environments. (heat) distance)nutrition ) hydration level)etc...
drop the ego... I will enjoy a challenge.
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Postby ricardo » Sun May 27, 2012 11:27 pm

looking at nfl stats - running backs. tight ends might be better for the programs sake. cept they are taller and jus as heavy.

back to running backs. differant goals here. but height / weight have comparative value. 215- 240 lbs. speed and bulk.I don't think it will work for longer runs.

I have to exceed the weight tables and adjust to height, to arrive at a comfort level for health and wellness goals. for me that translates to < weight.
(consistency and time )

40 yard dash times . review. Carl Lewis, sprinter- la champion -extrodinaire .
speed = bulk. med heavy set muscular. met and ran a short distance w/ him in memorial park (Houston ) days gone by. years ago , when 3 miles was easy.
before he moved out east. super guy by the way.
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Postby ricardo » Tue May 29, 2012 12:56 am

ambiguity of D-25 fit d levels in blood .( wtf) mortality is up at above and below
recommended levels . however the above level was sig smaller than below.
could somebody do a study.?

where does this leave women / or elderly and hip fractures?
if supplementation increases bone density and ca absorbition (bd)
whut up w/ bisphosonates ? increases density at the expense of turnover,
causing brittle bones ? bone breakers... label to warn of increased risk after
3/5 years continuous use. ? ( just read hrt is under scrutiny )

weight bearing exercise like elip trainers were superior
to cycling -for building stronger bones I guess measured via
dexa bone density scans.

it's compelling to think , improvements of 15% have been achieved from
vit d supplementation alone( nearly matching bisp.) w/ out sacrificing bone
flexability. so, which is better. hell if I know. must be some reason for doctors
advising these pharmaceuticals ? I mean ,if its good enough for the flying nun...

it's helpful to understand the source of the d . if its fish and includes vitimin
'A' or cod liver oil. inclusive. the ' A ' buildup or overdose usually presents
w/ severe headaches , diarrhea ) something to think about. natural sources
are best. diet /direct sunlight. I'm sure most fish sources of d are purified and
isolate the a ? I'm not stating all, over -the -counter -d sources have vit ' a '
jus learn more...before it kills you ! and, explodes your head.

medical conditions and unique physiology , effect levels and should be addressed.
duration in tissues ( storage) fat soluble vs water soluble. absorbtion rate.
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Postby ricardo » Tue May 29, 2012 1:48 am

hormonal therapy hg diet injections cont ... x private- lab tests for profit
companies. (no drs orders required for tests )

testosterone injections ( and the much hyped [unproven] ' hcg ' weight loss injections)are vigorously promoted at these clinics even though
men's age adjusted blood circulating levels being in the ' normal range.'

what a doctor in his office looks at labs and says ' normal range' and
a nurse prac rac. drs assistant in a commercial direct pay or cash only business
says , a person is deficient,or could benefit. it does not inspire confidence in the medical profession, and says something about contemporary health care and 'competeing interests , where profit and health appear to conflict. or,
trust in traditional medicine is less common'. (why ?)

the labs I think are a good thing. being able to keep confidential and from
insurance companies, girlfriends , bosses, and whoever, results that impact society and families while protecting anonymity is priceless.

they are full price blood tests and unless ordered by your doctor are not submitted to in point . I knew a guy that was denied a liver panel. the dr said to the client ,well if you have abc issues " there's really nothing you can do about it."

the individual certainly would want to know for transmission prevention, dietary consideration , active immunity , and if there are any new drugs out there. maybe gamma shots. the individual went to the private pay for lab service and felt better jus knowing the real deal. what is a life worth. ?

b12 shots can be had for the asking. are anemia panels done ? can reg b12 shots mask folic acid anemia ? invariably people seek out these procedures and supplements due to fatigue. consider a women who carries a early preg.
what if shes iron deficient ? but is treated w/ b12 and, masks folic acid anemia.
how might this impact a fetus ?

have we become so skeptical in life,that health and and wellness is regulated to what the FDA must consider: ' placebo health care' /(capitalism)
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Postby ricardo » Tue May 29, 2012 1:46 pm

skin cancer risk- avoid peak times. (consider uv block clothing)
sun exposure during prime time daylight hours 10am-4pm .
genetic disposition , and skin exposure are factors. use sun block.

a rare oppourtunity exists to study skin cancer rates and prevalance in soldiers returning from the middle east deployments.possibly made easier to follow, through veterens affairs and continuing medical services .

to study, and monitor the prevalance of skin cancer in this group due to
the intense sun exposure given desert environments and meteorological conditions.
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