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How Feds persecute people

Throughout time, there have been countless government and political conspiracies that have kept us wondering. This forum is dedicated to that very topic. Got a conspiracy theory of your own? Post it, and try to back it up as best you can!

Postby katsung47 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:24 pm

296. Regime change of Hongkong (3/12/05)

In later January, when the "dirty bomb" frame case was soured, my relatives came to invite me for a trip to China in April. I thus knew Feds would start another plot two months later. Then news reported Arnold Schwarzenegger would visit China in mid April. I think he would play as a guarantor for the new secret deal.

My message #292 which talked about Israel's control over US touched off a sudden frame attempt on 2/24.(see #294.) After 2/24, they planned something bigger. A regime change in Hongkong. My Revelation touched the nerve of D.O.J..

On 3/2, TV reported that the chief executive of Hong Kong, Tung Chee Hwa, would be stepping down.

It is unusual because there had been great effort to oust Tung Chee Wah before. South-east financial crisis, SARS, had brought Hongkong to a depression. One million people had gone to street demanding Tung's resignation. He passed through the opposition and even got his second term. Now the economy in Hongkong is much better; Tung's approve rate is rising; there is only two years left for his rest term, why there is an abrupt resignation?

When I heard the news, I realized D.O.J. made another deal with China. It is a regime change. To replace the Chief executive of Hongkong to someone of their own so Feds can carry out framed case.

Tung Chee Wah is a business man without intelligence background. The heir-apparent is Donald Tsang, a second ranking official of Hongkong. Tsang was trained by former British colony government. He is obviously an intelligence insider of Western.

My wife has relatives in Hongkong. Last April, FBI director R. Mueller warned a terror bombing in Hongkong and ten days later, my wife's uncle died. I alleged it was work of Feds. (see #223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04) and #226) Now, with new Hongkong chief their's, the frame case will expand to there. D.O.J. makes it a big one.

All these happened in three weeks since 2/20. TV reported Condoleezza Rice would vist China next week. I think she was sent to China to settle that big deal. The price of regime change of Hongkong must be big. The payment likely will be Taiwan.

(Strong EM-wave attack caused a severe tooth ache. I'm afraid I can't go over the web-site I used to cover. Zionist D.O.J. goes crazy.)

297. Graham and Disney (3/17/05)

The news about Walter Disney in May, 1993 came with the publish of book "Walter Disney, Hollywood's dark prince". In which W. Disney was described negatively. That he was an abused boy; he drank heavily; he persecuted his employees; he was anti-semitic, anti-union, anti-communism. Most disturbing thing was that he was a FBI informant which W. Disney's family strongly denied.

Walter Disney is a beloved American icon. Every person has a nice memory of a childhood with Micky mouse and Snow White. Why he was so much humiliated?

The author of the book said his information obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. It was an excuse. There are many celebrities who are FBI informants. Why they are protected from being exposed by the Freedom of Information Act but W. Disney?

Nobody knew this (informant) except FBI and Disney himself. W. Disney wouldn't have done it even if he is alive. So the other possibility is it was leaked by FBI. Nobody can let the news published except FBI because it controls everything in US. They could deny it in the name of security. To reveal the identity of informant, even the informant had passed away, is against principle of intelligence. Then what made FBI betray its own principle? I puzzled.

The puzzle was resolved 9 years later by the news of Nixon's tape, It started :

Quote, "Saturday, 2 March, 2002, 03:05 GMT
Graham regrets Jewish slur
The Reverend Billy Graham has apologized for a taped conversation with former President Nixon in which he said the Jewish "stranglehold" of the media was ruining the United States and must be broken."

(see "295. Who controls D.O.J.? (3/7/05)")

Graham is a celebrity. Then I recalled W. Disney. He was a celebrity too. According to the news he was anti-semitic; anti-union; anti-communism. Which is the power that can humiliate him?

No wonder Sharon said, " We, the Jewish people, control America." It can force US celebrity apologizing to them. What about people passed away? They were humiliated.

It was not a coincidence that the negative news about Disney was released in 1993. At same period, a man became the CEO of Disneyland when his rival died in a helicopter accident. News said new CEO is a Jewish. Thirty years after Walter Disney's passing away, he was not only humiliated, his kingdom was also taken over by someone he disliked. It was a power show-off.

(I was blocked to post the new message a few minutes ago by error page. Since the persecution is intensified these days, a censorship may occur anytime.)

298. Intimidate Judge (3/22/05)

On 3/12, there was an article in Mercury News:"Potent medicine breaks probation for former judge"

Danser, a former judge of San Jose sentenced for fixing traffic tickets, was put into jail for violating probation rule. I had alleged he was a victim of regime change plot planned by Feds. (see 148, 169,170 and "171.Extort judge (10/16/03)")

The news said, "On March 4, just seven days from the end of his 90-day electronic monitoring, house-arrest sentence, he took the over-the-counter cough medicine. NyQuil contains so much alcohol - 25 percent - that it was specifically prohibited by Danser's house-arrest rules.

It was Danser's bad luck that a probation officer picked that very day to make a surprise 9;30 p.m. visit to his home. Danser's wife said her husband had a cold and was in bed. She was told to wake him up so he could give a urine sample to test."

The test was positive on alcohol so he went jail. Danser's lawyer said Danser had passed every previous visit from his probation officer and urine test. "The moral of this story is, if he gets sick, he goes to jail."

The surprise visit of probation officer was not a coincidence. It was planned. The whole event was a trap. I had experience. I think the bad cough was caused by radioactive contaminated food. Recently it is the most frequent method Feds using to poison my food. The case was used to intimidate other judges: if you don't obey, we can put you in jail.

What was Feds' demand this time? I think it's for a warrant. A normal one is easy to get. Only unreasonable search and arrest need intimidation.

299. Intrusion (3/22/05)

On 3/13, my brother and sister visited me. They would have a trip to China next month. As usual my brother in law drove me out for a food shopping. Other people stay at home. When I came back 2 hours later, they were not at home. Later they said they went to shopping in another store.

That night, my wife complained the leaking in rest-room. It was inside the cabinet which hold the basin. Though the cabinet is rarely used, I happened to use a plastic bowl stored inside it a day before. At that time it was still dry, now there was quite a lot of water in it. Someone checked the cabinet and damaged the water valve in the afternoon while I was not at home? I doubted.

Next day, my wife and daughter both complained the telephone didn't work. The telephone share the same socket with my computer. There are three connect wires, with different combination there are two function. One combination is a "convenient" one. With one plug in socket, both computer and telephone connected to line. The other combination is "inconvenient" one. When I go Internet, I must plug in computer wire. While if I using telephone, I must replace it with telephone wire manually. I use "inconvenient" combination because I think it is safer.

Someone changed it into "convenient" combination on 3/13 so when I replace the wire, telephone didn't work. Obviously my computer had been moved. Someone intrude my house when I was not at home. When they re-installed the computer, they changed the original combination. They damaged the water valve in rest room too.

They certainly had a search. They might installed some monitor device. But what worry me more is they might have plant something.

(This time I was blocked to post new message for more than 90 minutes. )

300. Garage door (3/27/05)

On 3/15, I got a letter from the Homeowners Association. It said the board of directors found I had a "broken garage door". The letter said that "Therefore, you are requested to: replace broken garage door and trim overgrown trees from house by April 17, 2005, or the board of directors will levy a $50.00 fine against you."

Obviously this is another case framed hurriedly by Feds. House inspection used to be taken every three months when it was in normal time. Since Feds occupied this community, there were rare architecture inspection. The latest one happened two years ago with an evil purpose. In later 2002 I was accused of the "garage paint too old". I even got a third notice after re-paint was done. They arranged a meeting for my complaint on 10/29/02. The date coincided with the departure date of a trip of my parents. I didn't attend the meeting because it was held in a residential house. I was afraid there might be an violence waiting for me. That house soon was sold after I wrote my allegation in Internet. See "95. A notice for a meeting (Oct. 2002)"

Same tactic repeats in amazing similarity. Feds uses Homeowners Association as a tool of persecution. They intimidate me with levying a fine. Last time it still followed the rule: fine levied after the failure of third notice. This time they threatened fine in first notice because they are in hurry. The framed case is planned done in April. The notice was filed on 3/14. What is the base for that final date of 4/17? It's a date not chosen by H.A. but by Feds. My relatives will be back to US on that day. They always arrange the case with a trip that will justify an accident or make a search reasonable.

On 3/12, newspaper reported former judge was in jail. The purpose was to intimidate others.
On 3/13, I was arranged for a food shopping when there was an intrusion. I allege there was a plant.
On 3/14, H.A. file a violence #1 notice, requested me to replace garage door.
All were done intensively in a sequence. I think Feds planted something illegal (most likely drugs) in my garage (or house). The agent will disguise as garage door contractor to carry out an unreasonable search which they had got the warrant from intimidated judge. To assure I will deal with a contractor of Feds, they also had an assistant operation.

On 3/18, Mercury News reported: "Unlicensed contractors get stung". 59 unlicensed builders were nabbed in an undercover sting operation. Those nabbed by the ruse were given criminal citations that could land them in jail for a maximum of six months, or they could be ordered to pay a $1,000 fine."

That's amazing similar to the event taken place in July 2003. When Feds tried to force me to have a roof contract with them, they created a roofing worker's death to intimidate other uninsured roofers out of the market. So the undercover contractor could get the deal. (see "145. SARS, a big issue(7/20/03)"
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Postby katsung47 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:21 pm

301. April plot (4/2/05)

In May,2003, World Journal reported a big drug case in Fujian China. After making a scrutiny of the news I thought it was that drug gang manipulated by Feds with which they applied several framming attempts on me. I wrote a message "142. Drug case in Fujian" on 6/28/03. In which I wrote:

"Since September 2000, I started post this thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency, I felt several times the pressure of to be framed in drug case. It seems they used this group as a tool to frame the case. And I allege Feds conduct and cultivate the crime group. That's their own criminal style. "

One day later, there was a swift reaction. The neighbor tenant came on 6/30/03 suggested a roof change. The contractor came on 7/1. He gave a generous offer but I declined to accept. One thing unusual was that he said he would change roof board which meant he would enter the attic.

One month later, in early August, I learned several high ranking officials in Justice Department resigned, include director of DEA. Then I knew my allegation was very accurate that Feds manipulated the drug gang to frame case. To my revelation DOJ had a swift revenge. I think Feds had planted something illegal (most likely drugs) in my attic. The sudden roof change was an attempt to legalize a search and arrest.

Now Feds will have a frame case in April. Most likely around 4/17, the date when my relatives came back from China. (They are attending an anniversary party. My aunt in Shanghai will have a celebration for her 100 years old birthday on 4/10)

And this time Feds seems to perform a search and arrest by disguising garage door contractor. The notice from Homeowner Asscociation set the last date on 4/17. I think they have planted something illegal in my garage. My garage is full of unused stuff. The attic is full of cotton like heat insulator. It's hard to find it if other people planted something.

On 3/27, my wife urged me to call garage door contractor. I thought it was a push from Feds. There were only 20 days to the action date, 4/17. What can I do is to fix the garage door by myself to avoid their aggressive persecution.

302. Pope's death (Continue to 261-265) (4/7/05)

Another two of great prophecy of Anthony Carr came into true. The death of Pope and a big earthquake. (Though the earthquake didn't take place in Italy, it took place in Indonesia and caused a tsunami.)

In World Journal, there were five pictures. Anthony Carr made many prophecies. But those five with pictures obviously were particularly picked up by intelligence to impress people. I think these were the most important projects of Inside Group. (The collapse of Eiffel Tower; earthquake in Rome; the death of Pope, Senator Edward Kennedy, and Prince of Monaco - Albert.

I found four out of five were related to Iraq war. Senator Edward Kennedy, Pope John Paul and France were three strong opposers to the Iraq war. An earthquake in Rome would also affected Vatican. Inside Group intended to create a situation that Vatican were punished by God with the suffering of natural disaster and death of Pope.
John Paul expressed his anti-war opinion as early as in 2001.

Re: Ex-envoy: Pope was champion of peace
Eric Gorski Denver Post Staff Writer

Coloradan Jim Nicholson met with Pope John Paul II on Sept. 13, 2001, at Castel Gandolfo, the pontiff's summer palace outside Rome. During that summit, the pope decried the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as an attack not just on the United States but on humanity, Nicholson recalled.
But John Paul II vociferously opposed a U.S. strike on Iraq, sending an emissary to Washington in the run-up to the war in a failed attempt to sway President Bush.


Since then, Roman Catholic had a three years long intensify trouble in US. Many sex scandals were revealed. Roman Catholic were humiliated. Priests were sentenced and fined. When I read such kind of news one after another, I realize it was a revenge and blackmail. Those sex scandal cases were mostly happened decades ago. Now all of a sudden, they were poured out like a big wave. But Pope didn't bent. He insisted his opinion.

Pope to Bush: Go into Iraq and you go without God
By CHB Staff and Wire Reports
Mar 5, 2003, 07:18

Pope John Paul II has a strong message for President George W. Bush: God is not on your side if you invade Iraq.

Laghi came bearing the pope's message: A war would be a "defeat for humanity" and would be neither morally nor legally justified.
The Pope also questioned the President's statements invoking God's name as justification for the invasion.
"God is a neutral observer in the affairs of man," the Pope said. "Man cannot march into war and assume God will be at his side."
"It's illegal, it's unjust," Laghi told reporters after the session with Bush.

In a May visit to the Vatican, Bush told the pope he was "concerned" about the Catholic church's standing in America, where the church has been rocked by sex-abuse scandal.


You can see how Bush extorted Pope with sex scandal.

So when the newspaper reported the Anthony Carr's prophecy, I knew it was the project of inside group. They think they are the real God and punish people who do not obey to them.
There was trace that Pope was poisoned and suffered EM wave shooting in his final days. My condolence to John Paul. He is the victim of Inside group.

303. April plot and secret deal (4/12/05)

To avoid an aggressive unreasonable search and arrest, at the end of March I fixed the garage door without contractor . Three days later, my daughter asked for our tax return. She said it was a must to show the tax return to school to get a discount registration fee (low income family) for her SAT test. Since this was the second time she required the tax return in less than a month, I view it as another attempt Feds try to frame a tax fraud case. They try to seek flaw in tax return as an alternative after the failure in garage door issue.

Another possibility is to frame a spamming case. I had experience someone sending harassing messages from IP address of mine which led to the banning of me in some web sites. (see "183. Imminent threat (11/23)")

This time I got several undeliverable "e-mail" notice. I think someone did it using my IP address. I didn't send out such e-mail.

Re: "Subj: Undeliverable mail: Re: data
Date: 3/25/2005 7:47:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: To:

Your E-mail has executable attachments and looks like a virus.
Message was deleted."

A big case, a big deal

When there was a regime change in Hongkong in early March, I realized Feds made it a big case. Hongkong would involve. And to make a Chief of China's stepping down, the payment must be big. It is Taiwan.

The news of the resignation of Hongkong's chief was announced in 3/2. On 3/7, Taiwan hurriedly announced they solved the 3/19 shooting case (Which happened one year ago in which both President and his vice were wounded). The shooting case was vastly viewed as a self acted drama to help the president to be re-elected. Since there was a lot of flaw in the case, it was also the heel of Achilles of current Taiwan regime. (see message "254. Possible regime change of Taiwan. (9/14/04))

Now the Taiwan government said it was cracked. The suspect was found, but he suicided long time ago. He wrote a letter of confession, but the letter was burned by his relatives. The gun was never found. The only other witness was dead too. No evidence, no witness. So Taiwan government finished a big case. NewYork Times commented it as a performance of circus.

One thing is clear, when I realized Taiwan's regime change could be the exchange for the Hongkong's, Taiwan's regime realized it too. They had a swift reaction to make any further investigation impossible to protect themselves.

Of course, they do anything else to meet the demand of the deal between China and US. The hard liner of Taiwan independence, President Chen Shui-bian, signed a paper with Sung Chu-yue that in rest of his tenure, he guarantees not to do anything to push for "changing name"(Change "Republic of China" into "Taiwan") and "referendum in Constitution". (public to decide Taiwan's independence). He declared that the bottom line would be "Republic of China". (one China)

Something else can be viewed as part of secret deal. The economic bribe is always a necessity. On 4/2, there was a high ranking California delegation visiting China. It was a team doing advanced preparation for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's China visit. The leader of the delegation said, he would bring a huge investment to Chinese stock market - which comes from California Pension Fund. How much is it? A quarter of the Pension Fund - 25 billion. Chinese stock market was in bear then. Two big state running companies planed to go public in stock market. It will suck hundreds of millions of dollars. Chinese Government tries to sell its junk enterprise to people. Which caused the market sliding for weeks. On 4/1, from newspaper, I learned there was a jump in Chinese stock market. News said it was a big surprise to public. I knew it's a bribe for a secret deal.

Inside group sent puppets of its own to the seat of Governor and President. These politicians work hard to steal public's treasure either to support a collapsing market domestically or pay it as a bribe abroad. The "privatization" and "investment' never work for the interest of American people. It's for the interest of an Inside group.

304. Dangerous flu (4/17/05)

It is almost a formula that Feds will set a big event to distract public attention on a framed case. The recent one was the "Boston dirty bomb alarm" on 1/20. I think they will still use the same case because they had paid a lot to Russian already. And such kind of terror attack will also justify Bush's Iraq war.

The April frame case will extend to May or longer if Feds doesn't act on planned date (4/17). Because they have paid huge for this case. People can imagine the price of a regime change of Hongkong permitted by China. It will be too expensive if the case goes sour again. And another important reason is the economic situation. I see Feds has a last ditch struggle to suppress the mortgage interest rate. For the value of the rest real estates they haven't sold..

Feds also will develop a panic period to keep the public attention away from the framed case. With which they will kill their dislikes in the name of natural disease. This time they will use "Flu" as excuse.

On 4/1/04,Bush signed an order to authorize the quarantine to a flu. I don't know if it was a swift reaction. I fixed the garage door on 3/31. Thus soured a plan I alleged that Feds would have an unreasonable search and arrest by disguising a garage door contractor. Bush's order would make a detain reasonable in the name of quarantine and killing reasonable in the name of a lethal flu.

The question is when SARS caused so much panic in Asia and Canada in 2003, Bush had never signed such an order. Now what touches his mind to have a fever on this topic that American need a quarantine?

Re: "Bush OKs Bird Flu Quarantine in U.S.

WASHINGTON -- President Bush signed an executive order Friday authorizing the government to impose a quarantine to deal with any outbreak of a particularly lethal variation of influenza now found in Southeast Asia. " ... 5412.shtml

On 4/13, News reported a US company mistakenly sent out a dangerous flu sample all over the world.

Re: "Scientists Scramble to Destroy Flu Strain Killer Virus Sent to Thousands of Laboratories

(April 13) - Scientists around the world were scrambling to prevent the possibility of a pandemic after a nearly 50-year-old killer influenza virus was sent to thousands of labs, a decision that one researcher described as ''unwise" ... 1909990013

I think it was a pre-psychological propaganda for a possible bio-attack by Feds under the cover of natural disease. If the framed case of 4/17 breaks out, a pandemic will follow. The news in advance will justify the pandemic. Same tactic Feds have tried before. If you still remember the story of Mad cow disease and West Niles.

305. Spell on Monaco royal family(4/22/05) (continue to 261-264, 302)

Another great prophecy of Anthony Carr in early 2004 was the death of the Prince of Monaco - Albert along with the death of Pope. If it was an intelligence project, the likely motive is to loot the treasure of Monaco Royal family or to control the economy of that country. Monaco, though being a small country, is a rich state with its gambling business, tourism industry and financial institution.

On 4/6, Prince Rainier died at the hospital treating him for heart, kidney and breathing problems. It was just four days after Pope John Paul's death.(4/2) They both had health problem a month ago. Pope had breathing problem in February and had a surgery to insert a tube in his windpipe. Prince Rainier was first admitted with a lung infection to a heart and chest clinic one month ago before his death. It could be a coincidence. It could also be that the action teams got the "OK to start" order at same time.

Someone argued with me that Pope died not of a conspiracy but of his age. (Re: 302) I would have believed so if I hadn't read Anthony Carr's prophecy. I don't believe astrology. Carr's prophecy came with strong motive of US Inside group. And they have ability to do it. Modern technique can create earthquake, tsunami; change climate and murder people covertly, make the death look like a natural one.

The passing away of Prince Rainier alarmed me that intelligence started to act their projects. On 4/10, I heard another news. "The marriage of Monaco royal family was imprecated?" (World Journal) It said that Ernst(translate from Chinese. I don't know his English name), 51, Prince of Hanover, husband of Princess Caroline, was sent into emergency room for pancreas infection in early morning on April 5th, just one day before Prince Rainier's death.

"He is under intensify observation. His condition is serious. He needs a long time cure. Bio and radiology examination is done. Now is doing scan." The insiders of hospital and royal family said that he is in coma.

Ernst's serious sickness once again touched off a saying that the dynasty of Monaco was cursed. It said the marriage of the royal family was imprecated and wouldn't last long and happy.

Prince Albert is 47 years old, still young. So Carr's predict was he would die in a car accident like his mother. After other obstacles were eliminated, Albert will be the next. Likely among Princess Caroline's close friends there are some candidates ready to be her next husband in her fourth marriage.

The modern pirate loot in the name of "democracy". For a big country such like Iraq, they started a war. For a small one such like Monaco, they steal through murder, marriage and heir. Of course, they do a lot of propaganda to convince people. From "WMD", "war against terrorism" to "prophecy" and "spell". Psychological preparation is always an important part of their plot. That's why when Pope John Paul didn't co-operate with them for the war, they punished him with death.
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Postby katsung47 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:47 pm

306. Gamma ray from space weapon (4/27/05)

It was more than ten years I had experience to be shot by EM-wave ray. So I have to sleep behind iron cabinet. I don't know what kind ray Feds used. I call it EM-wave ray. It was so strong that it could penetrate thin metal plate. I have to pile up iron product to prevent from suffering.

When I came back from South-east Asia (from late 2000), I still slept behind iron desk. One day I felt head ache. Different from previous experience the source of ray was from up-wards direction. Feds shot from roof? I tried to use a single metal plate to shield, it didn't work. They use strong EM wave. What I could do was to avoid sleeping at that spot. The target location was fixed. I tried several times later, each time when I slept at same location, there was a pain feeling.

At same time there were many astronomical events reported by news. Comet, meteor, eclipse.... all were referred as having rare chance to see. I tried several times but failed to see anything. Then one day my daughter put a chair in the lane, said it was a homework to watch the astronomical event that day. (I forget what it was) It was to happen about 11 pm. On time I went there, sitting on chair and had a search in the sky, I still saw nothing like newspaper reported. It was quiet in midnight. I was the only one in the lane. I suddenly felt that I was a prominent target fixed there. Why did they want me to look up at the sky? A LASER to blind my eye? (That's the knowledge all I knew at that time) I went into the house and never watch such event since. And those so said rare events seemed to concentrate at that period. I have never seen such news in local paper in recent two years.

On 11/21/04, there was an article in Mercury News. "Spacecraft off to explore an explosive force", "Instruments to probe short-lived but powerful Gamma-ray bursts".

"Compared with other forms of electromagnetic radiation - radio waves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet and X-rays - gamma rays are the most energetic, with the highest frequencies and shortest wavelengths. They would present a serious hazard to life on Earth if the atmosphere did not prevent them from reaching the surface."

The news reminded me of previous events. I started to realize Feds using space weapon to attack. It is the most energetic gamma ray. I think the spacecraft set off on 11/21 is a new type of space weapon, though in the name of "scientific research" instrument. Different from former gamma ray which concentrate on one point, this one with more energy that can influence a field. (so far as I know is the size of a bed at least, or a room?)

It caused a warm feeling that even in winter target would take the blanket away. It could penetrate thin metal plate to hurt the target. It hurts the internal organs of human being.

That space weapon seemed to used on me immediately. I felt unusual warm since later November. In message "276. Psychological manipulation (12/19)" I had a detailed description. Only at that time I didn't know it was caused by field shooting of gamma ray and it was from space. Because Feds also tried to use radioactive material at same time, I misunderstood it was the result of radiation of isotope.

Because it was a massive field shooting, I didn't know where the attack was from. It took me more than a month, tried to shield from all direction, at last I found the attack was from above - space. In meantime, kidney was hurt most. There was a heavy feeling of waist and the urine was red - blood inside. It was not caused by poison because the symptom was found in the morning.

At last, I covered my up-words sky with metal plates. Only leaving the shank and feet exposed without upper shield. In the morning, that part of body was unusual warm which enabled me to realize that attack was from the space.

The attack from above sky continued until February , then stopped. I noticed it was the time when Pope and Prince Rainier started having health trouble. Did they move the space weapon above Europe to help their projects there? Or is it a coincidence? Your bet.

307. Fake "Money transaction" (5/2/05)

There is such an e-mail I found on 4/27 in my box.

"Subj: Transaction completed Date: 4/26/2005 1:19:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: ( To:

Money transfer completed.

More information - >>> ""

Since I don't have any fund transaction, I think it might be another trap Feds set. I tried to click on "more information" to see what is it. But each time I clicked, I lost INTERNET connection. After several failed attempts, it turned out to be an information of Viagra.

One day later, more "transaction" notice were found. This time the "more information" was "", But when I clicked on it, the URL automatically turned into "" and Viagra information.

I don't know if it's a trick or a plant. The date is sensitive. One of my sister came back to US on 4/29. It could be a plant of "money laundry" used to show to judge for a case. When I found it, they fed me a Viagra page. My computer is under the control of a server of Feds.

308. Internet censorship and intimidation (5/2/05)

In a website "Republican Forum", I was blocked to post the message "295. Who controls D.O.J.?". When I clicked the logo of "post", the page said "your message was sent to board for approval." But in same web site at same time, my other messages were posted in seconds without any "approval". Obviously, the agent who monitor my computer decided instantly which one I could post for some web. #295 is a taboo for them.

There is another story about #295. I posted it to my thread "Whom do they work for?" in web "Above top secret" on 3/30. Next day, the thread was missing. There was a new thread "ATS members to be visited by Feds " No URL was given but a picture of CNN page was referred. It said, "CNN Technology

Government to visit members of online conspiracy forum, Above Top

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Washington (Reuters) --

The Federal Government is cracking down on conspiracy nuts in an attempt to make 'America Safer' says a high ranking White House official.

A White House spokesman said "We have all the names of the members of this conspiracy site and we just want to talk to them at this time. In the name of National Security, we must crack down on these crack pots." The government claims that these sites must be shut down because they don't think like the rest of us....."

This is an intimidation from Feds. I think it was about my article of "295. Who controls D.O.J.?" Inside group not only controls mainstream media, they tried to control INTERNET too. Will America be safer if people are blocked to know who control D.O.J.? Do people must think the way Feds want you to think?

The message URL:

309. Isotope, mole, cancer (5/7/05)

If you read my messages from begining, you know that my problem started with isotope money.

Isotope is a good tracer. It is invisible. It can be only detected by special instrument. People are not aware of it even they are traced by isotope. I think it is vastly used by Feds. But isotope also will hurt health. It's radioactive. So there is another usage other than tracing - killing. The victim used to have a cancer. It's a murder disguised in natural disease.

It was about in 2001,(?) when I was shaving one day, I sudenly noticed there were many new moles on my cheek. I used to take a side sleep. Mostly I slept on my right side, there were many moles on my right cheek. There were less moles on my left cheek because I slept less on that side.

The fresh black moles alarmed me. I thought Feds contaminated my pillow with radioactive material which would cause a skin cancer. (I'll use "isotope" for radioactive material hereafter) I changed the pillow and slept with clothes or towel underneath my head which I often washed. It works. Small moles faded away. Big mole, turned into pale black. It's no more the scaring oil-black colour.

Since Feds poisoned the tap water, I used to buy bottled water or got the water from other source such like gas station or rest room of store. But even these water were often found poisoned because I depended on other's drive which always guided me to the market where poisoned water and food were prepared in advance. So I used to test the water to make sure if it was "clean".

Started from February this year, I started to have cough after meal. It was a sympton that food contanimated with isotope. But I failed to identify the source. Once my wife had the supper at same time with me. She coughed after meal. My wife rarely touched the dish I cooked. The only common food we had was rice. But it was me cooked the rice. The ingredients were rice and water, both verified "clean" beforehand, what happened? I was puzzled.

Soon I solved the problem. A few days later I suddenly found there were many moles on the back of my hands. I was immediately aware of that the tap water was contaminated by isotope. I do the dish wash by hands everyday. (We never use dish-washer) Though I avoid to drink tap water, I wash with it. Both hands soaked in isotope tap water caused a skin cancer sympton - moles. It also explains why we coughed after eating the rice. Though I cooked rice with clean water, I washed it with isotope tap water which contaminated the rice. I wash with tap water to save "clean water".

I abandoned tap water right away. It works, one month later, the black mole on the back of my hands faded away. It reminds me of the radiation clean work by Feds last December. (see "274. Radiation", "275. Radiation 2 ") and Judge's cough which led him into the jail. . (see "298. Intimidate Judge (3/22/05)"

btw. Though 4/17 plot failed to be carried out, Feds did try on 4/29 and likely extends the frame case to May.

310. Poison and cover up (5/12/05)

From mid-2003, Feds intensified poison tactic on me. At first they sent the poisoned food in the name of free food, gift food. I felt apparent unwell after eating this kind of food. I became very careful on eating. My father in law, neglecting my warning, was found having a cancer in later 2003. He passed away on March 2004. (see #167.)

As I started to buy my own food, Feds started to poison the food in Super market too. At first in small quantity, then expanded it to various food and in large quantity. Although they tried to restrict me in limit store by guided drive, the poisoned food still hurt other innocent customers. Right now my wife just refuse a food drive. Leave me no choice but the nearest market I can reach on foot. You can imagine what kind of food are there for me.

Psychological propaganda is an important procedure in Feds' work. For 2004 campaign, media continuosly threw out "poll results" that Bush led over Kerry by 2% to justify a rigged election. To cover up the large scale poison up, media also let out aricles to justify.

The major poison Feds uses recently is isotope which will cause a cough. It won't be cured by coughing medicine or anti-virus medicine because the cause is not a bacteria or virus, it's isotope. Then there is such an article to justify the phenominon.

"Despite vaccinations, cases of whooping cough surging".
"CDC officials say the massive increase in whooping cough is primarily in adolescents who have gone at least five years since their shots, which is explained by waning immunity. Adults also are getting whooping cough." (S.J.M.N. 4/11/05)

Of course, doctors and patients will never have dreamed of the isotope. They have to take the explanation of newspaper and government officials.

Here are other cover up aricles I kept:

"The produce likely to have pesticides". "12 fruits and vegetables are the most contaminated by pesticides." (S.J.M.N. 10/21/03)

"COMMON GROCERIES HAVE TOXIC TRACES". A wide variety of food in US supermarkets (fish, pork, duck, cheese, butter, milk, chicken, ice cream and eggs) is contaminated with tiny doses of toxic flame retardants - PBDE. (S.J.M.N. 9/2/04)

"Restaurants to warn about fish". "Compaies settle lawsuit over high levels of mercury in some species" (S.J.M.N. 2/5/05)

"FARMS, Chemicals showdown". "California is still far from phasing out methyl bromide. Millions of pounds used per year." "Hazards: Highly toxic. Causes brain and neutrological damage; high concentrations can cause respiratory or cardia failure." (S.J.M.N. 2/9/05)

"Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk
Wed Feb 23, 7:55 AM ETBy Marla Cone Times Staff Writer

Breast milk from 36 women in 18 states, including California, was sampled, and all contained traces of perchlorate. ... breastmilk

Also reported by S.J.M.N. 2/24/05: "Breast milk toxin studied"

Recently, I failed several times to enter my own homepage in AOL. It said, "
Sorry, We Can't Find That Page". It hadn't happened before. It may signal that Feds will finish the case soon in a rougue's way.
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Postby katsung47 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:55 pm

311. A large scale poison project (5/17/05)

In last message #310, I referred cover up articles from Mercury News. They followed tightly to the poison plan of Feds.

In message #167, 168 (posted on 9/26/03, 10/6/03) I talked about poisoned vegetable. Then on 10/21, there was a news said vegetables were contaminated by pesticides.

Next year, Feds expanded their poison plan into supermarkets. The article "COMMON GROCERIES HAVE TOXIC TRACES"(9/2/04). was an announcement that food was poisoned in large scale: fish; meat, egg, dairy product......almost everything to make sure what I bought were toxic food. A lot of people would be suffered. To control the situation, a hospital was closed.

In same month on 9/26/04, Mercury News reported that San Jose Medical Center would close on 12/9. "Can we live with only two?" the article asked the question with one of Santa Clara County's three trauma centers set to close.

I think the purpose was to concentrate the sick people to the remain hospital so Feds could effectively collect the data of their victims to control the development of their poison project.

The close of hospital had attracted other investors but no one succeeded to take over. "Possible hospital investor drops out". News said. (11/11/04. S.J.M.N.) Since the close of hospital was part of Feds poison project, no one could disturb it even there was a demand.

I was aware of this big poison project when I wrote the poison message #309. I arranged the news collection about toxic food and found one toxic news in 2003, one in 2004, there were three in February 2005. (see #310) Obviously four months after they announced large scale toxic food, many victims fell sick in early 2005 .That is why there were three articles about toxic food in one month. Published with unusual frequency to justify the recent outbreak of cancer patients.

Started from February this year, more food was contaminated by isotope. It's a tactic to continue the poison plan when toxic caused doctors' attention. Then we saw the "whooping cough" article in April.

This country is controlled by an evil group. They don't care the lives of its citizens. For a target they worried very much they could sacrifice the lives of many other people. They even designed a big project to study how to control majority population by toxic food. It's their tradition. We saw it from "Northwood" plan. I also allege they are the one behind "Oklahoma bombing" and "911 attack". For their interest they'll do anything.

312. Things sensitive (5/17)

I fixed the garage door to the request of management of Homeowners' Association. They then gave me another notice to trim the tree, said it was overgrown. Since their demands always coincided with Feds framed case, what is their purpose this time?

I'll have to take the branches and leaves out in street for garbage collecting. They set final day on 5/19. Will they plant something illegal there? The Feds goes crazy these days to finish the case.

313. Breast feeding and breast cancer (5/22/05)

Quote, "Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk
Wed Feb 23, 7:55 AM ETBy Marla Cone Times Staff Writer

Scientists on Tuesday reported that perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, was contaminating virtually all samples of women's breast milk and its levels were found to be, on average, five times greater than in cow's milk.

The contaminant, which originates mostly at defense industry plants, previously had been detected in various food and water supplies around the country. But the study by Texas Tech University's Institute of Environmental and Human Health was the first to investigate breast milk.
The findings concern health experts because infants and fetuses are the most vulnerable to the thyroid-impairing effects of the chemical." (URL link at #310)

The February report about poisoned breast milk which threatens infants and fetuses reminded me another news related to breast feeding women several years ago. (I forgot the exact time when this news was reported) It said that scientists found that women who fed their infants with their own breast milk had much less chance to catch a breast cancer. Scientists couldn't find the reason. They only guess that the breast feeding may stimulate the women's immune system against cancer. So they suggest women to breast feed their infants instead of feeding by commercial milk.

I now have a different explanation.

1. Slow poison is vastly used as a murder weapon by Feds in this country. It used to cause cancer and made the death look like a natural disease. For women, most likely the result are breast cancer.

2. Feds avoid to poison breast feeding women because infants would have fallen sick before their mother. Infants have weak immune system. If doctors trace the toxic then the poison plot would have been revealed.

3. 1 and 2 explains why less breast feeding women caught breast cancer. Scientists didn't know what exactly happened and could only guess in their own way.

4. Feds succeeded before because the poison victim was used to be picked up selectively and poisoned individually. My case is unusual. I am aware of their tactic. To make sure the food I bought were poisoned, Feds poisoned food in large scale. This time they can't pick up victims. A lot of people were poisoned, include breast feeding women. So there is such a report.

5. Though the report said the sample came from different location, I think it was a cover up. How could rocket fuel in human's milk be five times more than in cow's milk? The purpose is to justify the outbreak of cancer in San Jose area and ensure the doctors there to believe the toxic is from nature. Unusual thing is, only in that month there were three articles talked about different toxic in food. In this great poison project, varies of toxic were used. The result is catastrophic. Those articles are emergent advice to doctors how to cure these sick people. It's easier to cure once you know the cause of illness. Seldom a doctor would have dreamed of it was caused by toxic - a deliberate poison.

314. Cancer warning (5/27/05)

When Feds started their large scale poisoning project, they expected there would be an outbreak of cancer patients. Started from early this year (or late last year?), there was a commercial in local Chinese TV. The familiar face of news broadcaster repeatedly told audience, "Recently many of my friends and relatives caught cancer. Watch your food. Having your vegetable evenly in 5 different color, red; yellow; green, (white?); purple."

The vegetable we consumed are mainly green. And I think it was also poisoned heavily. Feds advise people to turn onto other colors to reduce the chance to catch a cancer. Chinese TV station, of course, wouldn't have motive to produce this commercial, it must be financed by a government branch. The real people behind it, is Feds. I think.

I haven't seen this commercial any more after I wrote the message reveling the poison project.

In January, Mercury News reported, "Cancer is now the leading cause of death for Americans under age 85, surpassing deaths from heart disease for the first time, researchers said Wednesday." (1/20/05)

This was a psychological propaganda to justify the outbreak of cancer disease. Next month (February) they continued with detailed toxic articles. They had to do so to instruct doctors how to deal with the sudden surge of cancer patients.

315. Police violence and gang violence feared(5/27/05)

As large scale poison caused serious suffering, a natural result is to confine me in a designated store. From last April, my wife firmly refused to drive me for food shopping. I had to go to the nearest store on foot. But a lot of food I bought were found poisoned. Last week-end, (May 21, 22) I took the tram to shopping food in other area.

The reaction was swift. On May 24, Mercury News reported, "166 S.J. cops told jobs may be in jeopardy", " The possibility of some layoffs is far greater this year than in previous years." On May 26, there was a big article, "GANGS. Apparent turf battle leads to surge in violence in San Jose."

Extorts police officers to be more aggressive and ruthless by layoffs. Or manipulates gang member to commit a violence. To commit a crime legally or illegally, that's the way Feds operated. They are more than Mafia.
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316. Set up a "marijuana" case (6/2/05)

In early May, a news in mainstream media caught my eye.

Re: "Feds sound new warning about marijuana use
5/3/2005, 4:06 p.m. ET By PAULINE JELINEK The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) -

Government officials say recent research makes a stronger case that smoking marijuana is itself a causal agent in psychiatric symptoms, particularly schizophrenia." ... t=national

"Marijuana Becomes Focus of Drug War
Less Emphasis on Heroin and Cocaine
By Dan EggenWashington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 4, 2005; Page A01

The focus of the drug war in the United States has shifted significantly over the past decade from hard drugs to marijuana, which now accounts for nearly half of all drug arrests nationwide, according to an analysis of federal crime statistics released yesterday." ... tml?nav=mb

Pre-psychological propaganda preparation is a must in Feds' framed case. I thought this propaganda would set another case on me. Since I started this thread to reveal crime Feds committed, I suffered personal attack: malicious ridicules, intimidation; scorn; smear...... Recently I was repeatedly labeled "schizophrenic" in some web sites which coincides with the "marijuana" report. I think they came from same source. Link it with another notice from Homeowners' Association, (see "312. Things sensitive") I thought there is a new frame case set up right after the April plot going soured.

The Homeowner's Association required me to trim overgrown trees before 5/19. I think Feds planned to find some "trace of marijuana" in yard trash and with it as justification, having a search. It is easy to plant marijuana in my backyard. There are indications that Feds set up such a case. I'll talk about it next time.

317. Deep Throat and pre-psychological propaganda (6/2/05)

Former FBI agent Mark Felt said he is the "Deep Throat". It proves my allegation was very correct that intelligence(FBI) was behind Watergate scandal. In the message I wrote three months ago about Nixon's resignation, I concluded that : Israel controls D.O.J.. D.O.J. controls FBI. And FBI keep Americans under surveillance, include Presidents. (see "295. Who controls D.O.J.? (3/7/05)")

FBI now comes to the front stage to show that they can manipulate politicians. All this kind of news has a purpose, what is it this time?

Is Rumsfeld and his D.O.D. the next target? Or Bush extorted to start a war with Syria or Iran? Or intimidate lawmakers to push through a "privatization Social Security Act", like what they did for the "Patriot Act" by anthrax letters?

This is the start of a drama.

318. Rain, Homeowners' Association and marijuana (6/7/05)

On 3/15, Homeowners' Association (H.A.) gave me a notice, instructed me to fix garage door before 4/17 or face a fine. I thought that's the plot of Feds. They intended to guise as garage door contractor to have an unreasonable search and arrest. I fixed the garage door by myself. Then on 4/19, another notice from H.A. required me to trim the tree. They set the final day on 5/19. So I knew there would be another case framed around that date. But what kind of case would they frame this time?

I noticed there was an unusual wet days in this period. On 4/27, Mercury News reported: "April showers, thunder, hail in forecast". "This year's rainy season just won't let up. While the classic ending comes mid-April. .... San Jose hasn't seen a season this wet since 1997-98."

On 5/10, it said, "Unusual storm sets a record for May 9 rainfall.". "Is it supposed to rain in May? San Jose usually sees some rain in May, though rarely very much." It posted two pictures to illustrate how the thunderstorm and hailstones formed. And a chart of May rainfall in 55 years. It only made the thing extraordinary unusual. It followed the way of cover up Feds always used. In meningitis case and San Jose Mayor Gonzalez's stroke case, the news report came with chart of brain to illustrate how disease happened. In the cases plotted by Feds they used to post extra picture to persuade people that all were taken place naturally. That's part of psychological influence.

Because Feds used rainy days to control frame case, (I allege they plant drugs in umbrella shipment which is a merchandise my brother in law running) so I set an eye on it if something unusual happened. Though news said that classical rainy season ended in mid-April, I recorded an unusual wet month after that. Between 4/19 to 5/19, the one month time H.A.requested me to trim the tree, there were 14 days fore-casted rainy day. The last day forecasted rainy was 5/19, coincided with H.A.'s final day. Since then there was no more rain. Is that wonderful? I can only say, Feds planned their project too perfect.

One thing puzzled me was that why they dragged the rain days that long. In early May the news on marijuana solved my problem.(see #316) With other indications, I realized Feds might have planted marijuana in my yard. With continued rain, they wish the marijuana seeds would sprout and grow up. They force me to trim tree by H.A. to prove I did the yard work. And they might claim they found trace of marijuana in yard trash (leaves and branches) to start a search and arrest.

Than why the case soured? I guess there were too many weeds in the yard that marijuana couldn't compete with them. Or the soil was too barren for it. Only weeds survived in poor soil.

Four days ago on 6/3 H.A. gave me another letter. They still used "overgrown tree" need trim as justification even I had trimmed the tree already. The final date set at 7/1. Feds apparently is under pressure and has to repeat trick again and again. They didn't have any inspection for more than two years. And suddenly waked up to send me three notices within 4 months.

319. Sobbing dog (6/12/05)

A decade ago, I was charged by a dog several times. The dog rushed to me, looked like intending to bite my hand. I had to raise the hand high to avoid to be bit.

Later I thought the dog did not intend to attack. It was a dog trained to sniff the hand to see if it contaminated with drug. The dog looked ugly: crazy, thin, dirty, most of hair were off with pink skin exposed in the air. I was angry. Those agents abused the dog, harassed innocent people, carrying out such operation as their job. That dog obviously was heavy addicted, wouldn't live long.

In April and May this year, there were many rainy days. In mid-night, I often heard a dog whimpering. Until in early May when I have read the news of Marijuana (see #316), I then knew Feds framed the case a marijuana one. It solved my puzzle of unusual wet days and the sobbing dog. I think it was another dog trained to sniff the sprouting marijuana. The whimper of the dog reminded me of that heavy addicted dog Feds sent on me ten years ago.

320. Create a schizophrenia case (6/12/05)

I have a thread "How Feds murder people" in a web site Totse. I used to post follow up every ten days. In 5/5, I posted the follow up, saw the thread was lifted to the top of list, which meant new message was posted, I then left. On 5/16, when I came back, I didn't find the message I had posted last time.( As you see, they came with a serial number.) I thought I might have missed it last time, so I re-posted the missing message again. This time I noticed that though the thread was lifted to the top, there was no show of new posted message. I didn't know what happened and had to start a new thread "Strange thing".

On 6/5, I found the old thread was on top of the list. I clicked on it and found the latest messages I posted which once I couldn't see now were in display. Which put me in a very reluctant situation. Same messages repeatedly posted. There was also my complaint of "no show".

I have talked about that my computer was controlled by another server of Feds. I think they intercept the information of Internet and sent me the old image. Other people can see the whole one while I could only see the part of it. Other people would think I was insane when I made double post and complained of "no show" while they could see it. This is how Feds created a "schizophrenia" case.

Next time, when Feds show you marijuana (or drugs) found in the yard, it may be truth. Only the marijuana (or drugs) was planted by themselves. If they show you the fact that someone complained of "no show:" while you could see it, they might show you the true phenomenon. Only that fact was created by a technique trick.

Recently some of my serial thread in other web sites missed part of messages. Obviously at the purpose to create more "double post", or "illusive complaint". So much for the credit of FBI and DEA.

Now you will understand why on 5/3, news said, "Government officials say recent research makes a stronger case that smoking marijuana is itself a causal agent in psychiatric symptoms, particularly schizophrenia.". All this took place in the month (4/19 to 5/19) requested by letter of Homeowners' Association.

See that "schizophrenia post" at: "How Feds murder people" and "Strange thing"
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Postby katsung47 » Thu May 10, 2012 4:16 pm

321. Tsunami alert in California (6/15/05)

The brief tsunami alert on 6/14 in Northern California may be a psychological propaganda prepared for a big one in future which is operated by US intelligence.

I allege D.O.J. intends to frame a big drug case in which they'll slaughter a lot of people. To distract public's attention, big events will possibly be created.

1. Big earthquake in California or a eruption of volcano to divert people's attention.

2. Bio-attack such like Mad-cow disease, West Niles or bird flu to kill people they disliked in the name of natural disease.

3. Terror attack, most likely a dirty bomb, disguised as the revenge from Muslim.

4. The framed drug case was collaborated with Chinese secret police. There will be a regime change in Taiwan as payment for the secret deal.

5. Since the deal betrayed Taiwan's independence. It conflicts with the opinion of eagle in Washington (Rumsfeld, Bush). Then there is the emergence of "Deep throat". All the recent news that "Galloway's speech"; "Downing St. Memo": "Bush's sinking approve rate"; "Kerry works to impeach Bush"'; "Guantanamo scandal" are intimidations from D.O.J.. If the eagle in Washington dare to obstruct, then they may be impeached by a scandal from another Deep Throat.

6. The date of that big operation can be as early as in late June.

322. Manipulate weather and media (6/17/05)

Why did I think Feds would have another big plan in late June? Because I received another notice of "overgrown tree" from H.A on 6/3. H.A. (Homeowners' Association) set the last date on 7/1.

I think this date was picked up to go along with the date of 6/30. On that day, Federal Reserve will have another meeting and probably to raise the interest rate further. So far D.O.J. has successfully keep the housing market in booming, but that work becomes harder and harder with the rising interest rate.

Feds made the month of 4/19 to 5/19 an unusual wet month. After 5/19, it came back to usual dry season. According to Mercury News, June is "bone-dried season". But Feds could make it rainy if their plan need one (6/3 to 7/1). On 6/9 (Thursday) and 6/16, 6/17 (Thursday, Friday), there were rains. Why made it rain on Thursday and Friday? Because Friday is the garbage collecting day for my street. All yard trash has to be piled up on Thursday in Street. And a rain that day could hasten the sprouting of marijuana for the arrest.

I also noticed there was a change in weather forecast of Mercury News. On 6/4 it forecast the rain on 6/9. But in the following days the umbrella logo for 6/9 was replaced by a cloudy sun. Same trick repeated in 6/12 for the forecast of 6/16. Obviously, when I said I got Feds' intention by observation of weather forecast, they made it an uncertain one. I turned on to TV, the three days forecast showed all rainy cloud while Mercury News gave a cloudy sun.

On 6/15, there was an article in the news "Cloudy view of the value of forecasts" which said "Despite all the fancy computers, satellites and Doppler radar, most people have limited faith that meteorologists can accurately forecast the weather......" It was written to justify the misleading weather forecast of Mercury News.

Feds manipulate public's mind through media. But if you read it with a perspective view, people

323. Arnold's role in recent plots (6/22/05)

H.A. gave me three notices recently:
1. 3/14 to 4/17 (garage door)
2. 4/19 to 5/19 (overgrown tree)
3. 6/1 to 7/1 (overgrown tree)
I view it as three consecutive plots planned by Feds. As I have told before, the framed case was collaborated by Chinese secret police. To confirm the secret deal, each time Feds had a celebrity to be in China as a guarantor. (see "222. Perform a secret deal (4/19/04)", "239. Free factory (7/9)" ).

Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent to the chair of California Governor in a rare recall in November 2003. The recall was activated in March 2003, only 4 months after a formal election when Gray Davis was re-elected as Governor. Nobody could start such kind of raid except Feds. When there would be a 9/11 attack, they placed a proxy of their own in the seat of President despite Demo (Clinton) did a good job in his two tenure. The purpose was clear, Feds need the man in charge to cover up illegal activity they committed. Arnold was picked up in same situation. The main reason to select him, I think, is to cover up the illegal case Feds planned to frame. I set an eye on his behavior.

Arnold Schwarzenegger planned a China visit recently. At first, his visit was planned between 4/16 to 4/23. It was delayed. Next time it was said the visit would be sometime in May. It also soured. Probably to my revelation that his advance team brought a bribe for China. (see: "303. April plot and secret deal (4/12/05)") Compare Governor's visit plan with the time of first two notices sent to me from H.A.

Then there was a news on June 7. Topic: "Leader of state National Guard is forced out".
"The two-star general who commands California's 20,000 National Guard soldiers abruptly resigned late Monday amid allegations that he failed to properly prove his shooting skills for a trip to Iraq and that he helped line up a questionable military flight for a Republican group.

Thomas Eres was pressured to step aside after parallel investigations by the Schwarzenegger administration and Mercury News...... Eres' resignation came just two days after Gov. Schwarzenegger thanked the general "for the great job you're doing".... . And it comes 15 months after the Republican governor appointed Eres by voicing confidence that the general would "maintain the high standards and traditions" of the National Guard."

The accusation put on the General was convenient and unnecessary. The real purpose was that someone wanted to control National Guard. I immediately thought of that there would be an emergency taking place in future, either a terror attck or a big disaster or both that National Guard would be activated to support Feds. It coincided with the third notice from H.A..

Seven days later, there was a tsunami alert issued. I wrote the message "321. Tsunami alert in California".

As for the role of National Guard, they will support law enforcement in emergency. The following is one of the references I had used to prove Bush group knew 9/11 attack in advance.

Re: UPDATE, September 21, 2001 - On Friday, September 7, Florida Governor "Jeb" Bush signed Executive Order No. 01-261 which states, in part:

"I hereby delegate to The Adjutant General of the State of Florida all necessary authority, within approved budgetary appropriations or grants, to order members of the Florida National Guard into active service, as defined by Section 250.27, Florida Statutes, for the purpose of training to support law-enforcement personnel and emergency-management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disasters and to provide training support to law-enforcement personnel and community-based organizations relating to counter drug operations. This Executive Order shall remain in full force and effect until the earlier of its revocation or June 30, 2003."

This took place four days before the World Trade Center disaster.

The above URL was where I got the information. Although it was disabled, I still post it.

324. Tsunami (6/27/05)

As I have told in #261, 262, 302, 305 that Anthony Carr's Big Prophecy for 2004 was a proclamation of Inside group being used to influence the psychology of Americans. In the newspaper, there were seven big prophecies, five with pictures which I have talked about already. There were two without picture.

1. Meteorite hits US. A super size meteorite will hit a desert city of America.

2. Big lake area will become a water country. Storm will sweep over the boundary of US and Canada. There will be a great flooding in Big Lake area. Few boat will survive it as Noah's Ark. Besides, nuclear exploision will cause tsunami in Cuba. Half of Cuba will be drowned.

I realized big attack would be disguised as natural disaster such like earthquake and tsunami. In the end of that year, a big tsunami in South Asio caused a loss of 180,000 lives.

I think that's the one predicted by Anthony Carr. It didn't take place in Cuba because that would be too evident who was behind it.

1. US has developped such technique to create an earthquake and tsunami. Cohen had talked about it as early as 1997, though he blamed the "others". Re: "Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." American Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997.

2. After 9/11, D.O.D. got a fat budget with which they were able to carry out experiment of new techniques. I allege the four consecutive huricane happened in Florida last year was one of such experiment of climate war.

3. Why Indonesia was picked? Because it is still a backward country. Indonesia is a technique weak country with no ability to investigate what happened in deep water. And there was no obvious motive that others can allege on US if the desaster taking place there. As a result, they made it an experiment. The tsunami was the biggest ever.

4. Generally, Inside group will have a man of their own in charge the business to cover up their illegal activity. I talked of Bush and Arnold about this. They have one there - the President of Indonesia: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. He was an military intelligence officer. He has attended various training courses in the U.S. and the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. He took the President's seat in October 2004. Two months later, on 12/26, tsunami took place.

5. Yudhoyono benefitted from tsunami politically. The earthquak took place in West Indonesia. Aceh Province is the nearest area to earthquake center. People there suffered the heaviest loss. Aceh is a rebellion province where armed force having a war with government. Now it is weakened.

6. Two weeks after the big tsunami, there was a news:

Navy Releases Photos of Damage to Nuclear Submarine

The photos were taken once the submarine, the San Francisco, limped back to Guam after smashing into the mountain, which was not on its navigational charts. The photos show that the head-on crash 500 feet below the ocean's surface destroyed a sonar dome that formed the submarine's nose and peeled back part of the outer hull.

The accident, which killed one sailor and injured 60 others, occurred on Jan. 8 about 360 miles southeast of Guam. Navy officials said the submarine's crew had to take emergency measures to blast to the surface and then keep the vessel afloat ... 3609990019

The experiment of earthquake and tsunami was an operation under the sea. Submarine would be used. There would be many similar experiments. A submarine hit the mountain was a rare news. It must have operated near the bottom of the sea. Japan is located in earthquake area, an ideal experiment place. I don't think it happened accidentally at that time.

7. 'Freak' wave rocks cruise
70-footer hits N.Y.-bound ship

A "freak wave" more than 70 feet high slammed a luxury cruise ship steaming for New York yesterday, flooding cabins, injuring passengers and forcing the liner to stop for emergency repairs. ... 7523c.html

It would be a tsunami if that "freak wave" reached land. I view it as one experiment done by D.O.D. to test how it affected on vessel.

The chance of happening of big tsunami is rare. Maybe once in decades or in centries. What was it in your memory before that South Asio one? Now it seems become popular. And I expect there will be more. That's the result when Pentagon is skilled to create one.

(I used to use a spell check from a web site. Three of such web sites have been disabled since. This is the fourth website I asked help with. And I was blocked to use spell check again. Sorry if there is mis-spelling.)

325. Open intimidation (7/2/05)

In message "321. Tsunami alert in California" I talked about Feds would use natural disaster and bio-attack to slaught and distract in their June plot. I said on 6/15 : "2. Bio-attack such like Mad-cow disease, West Niles or bird flu to kill people they disliked in the name of natural disease."

Ten days later, when their plot seemed to be soured, Feds released a bunch of news in three days which may prove my prediction.

1. 6/25/05, Mercury News: "U.S. to fix 'mad cow' testing" (New York Times) Which reported the second "mad cow" disease in US. It said the case was confirmed in November last year but was blocked to the public for senven months. Why release it now? Because Feds need it in June plot. It proves my allegation.

The first confimed mad cow disease happened in December 2003. It also related to an attempted framed case. see "191. Framming a case in December (12/26)".

2. 6/25/05, Mercury News: "Group says half-million could die from bird flu". "More than a half-million people could die and more than 2.3 million could be hospitalized if a moderately severe strain of pandemic flu virus hits the US, a research group said Friday." This worries me most that D.O.J. intend to have a slaughter to wipe out their dislikes.

3. 6/26/05, Mercury News: "S.J. man's bout with West Nile makes him fight against spread". "As the first and so far only person to contract the deadly West Nile fever in Santa Clara County, del Hierro committed himself to educate people." del Hierro caught West Nile fever last August. The time of publishing this article is not accidental.

4. 6/27/05, Mercury News: "What if a Tsunami hit our coastline?" The first page article talked about the tsunami alert triggered by an earthquake two weeks ago and the potential hazard.

Something rare happenes occured or being alerted in June. It covers all allegation I wrote in mid June. Even the plot soured, Feds still let out the news. It's a power show off and an open intimidation. And the same show will re-act in future.
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326. Homeowners' Association (7/7/05)

I think H.A. is a tool Feds used to monitor and persecute people. Especially in my community when Feds settled in most houses with their own people.

On 6/3 I received a second notice from H.A. It said, "The Board of Directors determined that you are in violation of the Association's guidelines as follows: "Overgrown tree by front window. Therefore, you are requested to: trim tree by front window by July 1, 2005, or the Board of Directors will levy a non-compliance assessment of $50.00 per day, not to exceed$1500.00 or 30 days against you."

I had trimmed the tree after the first notice. "Overgrown tree" was a real vague definition. I send an E-mail to the H.A.

"Dear ****,****,****,

Refer to your letter of 6/1/05, I can't catch the meaning of "Overgrown tree by front window". I have made a trim. Please make it more specific how to satisfy you. I am sorry I can't find maintenance requirement about tree anywhere in book. Please send me a guide book if possible or give me a specific instruction as soon as possible.

And I have another question. This is the second notice, and I have trimmed the tree. Only it didn't satisfy you due to your vague request. Why again you intimidate with a daily $50 fine? And why there is only one month given? It used to be given the interval between two inspection. Is this particularly point to me?"

There was a reply E-mail. No specific instruction was given because I think I didn't violate any rule. They arranged a meeting in lane. The manager told me the tree was all right for her. "Maybe a little trim on top to let window open. Police like to see the window in view, you know." She also assured that no fine will be levied until after 4th notice.

That was an excuse. I did have cleared the view of the front window to the rule by cut short of the bush. The window she referred to was on second floor. It seemed that a superman thief had not been in consideration when they made the book so there is no such specification rule about tree they could give. Otherwise they would have referred it already.

The tree was there when I bought the house 20 years ago. It shadowed the house in hot summer with at least three degrees temperature difference. It never caught any problem but suddenly it became a focus. To satisfy "I think..... Maybe....." I had to cut away the center part of that tree. Imagine how ugly it is when a tree was cut open in its center with two ends left. That's the work of Feds.

I did the work on Thursdays. Feds made it rain on thursdays even though June is a bone-dried season. I think I was lucky enough that it didn't cause a sprouting of Marijuana seeds Feds spread there. They now made it big case. On June7, Mercury News reported: "High court rules US pot laws trump states" To frame a case, they even activated their resource in Supreme Court.

This is how D.O.J. rules US. They sent a proxy of their own to the seat of Presidency by rigged election. Then through the President, they send proxy of their own to the seat of Supreme Court. The likely new candidate of Supreme Court judge will be Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General of D.O.J. an obedient puppet.

327. London bombing (7/12/05)

I think it was the work of D.O.J.

In my case, for many times Feds had tried to carry out terror attacks to control the situation. The evident ones since last year:

#1. In April plot of 2004, on 4/21(?) Robert Mueller announced that Hongkong was the target of Al Qaida. See "223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04)"

#2. In June plot of 2004, on 5/26 Ashcroft and Mueller announced US would be attacked by Al Qaida this summer. See "232. Terror attack and distraction (6/4/04)".

#3. In July plot of 2004, on 7/8 Tom Ridge said there would be a large scale of Al Qaida attack before November election. See "240. Cover up (7/14)"

#4. On 8/1/04, to intimidate financial group about raising interest rate, Tom Ridge raised alarm code in certain financial area to orange color. Said Al Qaida target this area. See "251. Mortgage rate and September plot (8/29)"

#5. In October plot of 2004, on 9/17 FBI issued an "Anti-Terror 'October Plan'". See "257. Beware of another terror attack (9/29)" and "258. Another attempt to frame a case (10/4)"

#6. In January plot of 2005, FBI said on 1/20 that there was a "Boston dirty bomb" case. See "284. Aggressive FBI (1/24/05)".

One thing interesting was how my revelation changed the warning method of D.O.J. Have you noticed that in #1. and #2. the terror alert was issued by FBI and D.O.J.? Then in #3. and #4. Tom Ridge replaced the role of FBI. Why? If you noticed in #2, I wrote,(quote from 232) "Under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, only the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can publicly issue such threat warnings. What made D.O.J. neglect DHS? "

It was a swift response from Feds. They cover up their flaw by letting Tom Ridge to do the work for them. Ridge was only a puppet in these cases. But Feds felt uncomfortable to let "outsider"(Tom Ridge) to involve in their criminal case. So there after there was no terror alarm anymore. #5 and #6 were only plan and case of FBI.

All the above six "terror attack" cases related to the framed cases applied on me in timing. The plotter is no other but Feds - D.O.J. and FBI. The framed case soured under my revelation. None of the above "terror attacks" was proved true.

Out of these six "terrorist cases", you can see five were accused of "Al Qaida", only #6 was accused of "Iraqi and Chinese". How convenient it is to attribute everything to "Al Qaida". That is why we can never find Bin Laden or Al Zarqawi. They are so important chips in "Extortion war on people" for Bush and inside group.

In recent months, framed case came one after another, the latest one ended on 7/1. What would be the next? I wondered.

In July 6th, London won the host of 2012 Olympic Games. The Olympic Game is a profitable business. It will benefit the economy of hosting country. I had experience that it was used as a chip in secret deal. (China was rewarded 2008 Olympic as a payment in secret deal with FBI and DEA in 2001. See "77. The payment of deal (July 2002)" ) So when I heard this news, I wondered if it was another secret deal? It was.

Next day, London bombing solved my puzzle. London suffered a terror attack(in the name of Al Qaida) but got a compensation in economy.

It also solved my puzzle that a terror attack will be used to distract in next framed case. London bombing will justify the next "terror attack" in US. Pre-psychological propaganda is an important tactic Feds used in their plot. So they always issued an alert to a plot to en-believe the public that it was real from enemy. But the previous "case" were all soured which brought them embarrassment. Such like that their "most wanted" was proved to be in jail already. Or the case was a "hoax". Or the plot was from their own informant. This time they bought a big one: "London bombing". With which, feds quietly got what they want: an "orange" code in home security without public notice.

328. London bombing (2) (7/17/05)

London blasts was planned by intelligence.

1. Government knew in advance.

Re: Israeli Embassy in state of emergency

By Associated Press Thursday, July 7, 2005 - Updated: 09:42 AM EST

JERUSALEM- British police told the Israel Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said. Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said. ... leid=92907

Re: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast

2. An almost impossible coincidence. A London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack

A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th. ... rcises.htm

3. Change and censorship of information in media

#1 was later changed.

Re: "Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned, Cover-up In Progress
Propaganda Matrix | July 7 2005

BREAKING: Scrambled cover-up to try and change prior knowledge story.
Original reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu was warned BEFORE the first blast, now all the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was warned AFTER the first blast, for example this article <>.
The article linked below that we saved in our own format (and the website that carried it has strangely since crashed) said that Netanyahu was warned before the first blast.
Israel are now denying <>they got a warning.

BREAKING: Scotland Yard says it got a warning before the attack and told Israel.
"The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit." ... togain.htm

#2 is important truth in London bombing case Because the chance for such coincidence is almost zero. Seldom we saw a report of this truth in mainstream media.
There was no necessity for media to fake a news of #1. But there is a strong motive for intelligence to deny and censor #1 and #2 if the bombing is an government planned one.

4. Lack of accountability that four dead "bombers" willing to die. The neighbor said the dead suspects were nice people. One has a baby of 8 months old and was a teacher of disabled children. Is that too convenient to say they all willing to suicide? Or more reasonably, those four men thought they were going to take part in an "anti-terror exercise" which as a matter of fact was a trap - a real bombing.

5. Unnecessary to die. Even if they were Islamic fanatics, there was no necessity for them to die. Suicide bombing happened when no other means could be used in high security alert situation. London until then was a peaceful city. There was no intensive alert. They could easily leave the bomb in train and get away. Even Al Qaida was not so stupid for such an unnecessary sacrifice. (btw, 10 pound bomb is a small object. It could be easy to fix in a shopping bag or hand bag. It couldn't be bigger than 2 of 5 pounds sugar pack which you can see in super market. It's totally unnecessary to have a big backpack like the dead suspects had in the picture.)

6. The most absurd thing is there is no motivation. What was the purpose of bombing? Who was the target? The victim of London bombing are ordinary people. If it was an Al Qaida operation, then there are plenty of Jewish target, government target in London. Did they pick up wrong "enemy"? Who benefits from such attack?

If you don't have your mind fixed on information government and media set up for you such like " The suspects are suicide bombers", "Al Qaida links".A simple question will lead you to another point of view. The question is:

"Why four British citizens 'sacrifice' their own lives to kill other ordinary people? Who benefits from such attack? Al Qaida or Zionist controlled government?"

329. The mysterious "anti terror" exercise. London bombing (3) (7/22/05)

I leave it for people to think about by themselves the possibility that an "anti-terror exercise" took place at exact same time and same site when a real terror attack happened.
But obviously it was a work of intelligence:

1. No one has such authority except the intelligence to carry out an exercise at rush hour in busy public transportation line. Because it will cause traffic blocking and confusion and panic. Something what authority tries to avoid. So they must have extraordinary reason to do it.

2. This news was strictly censored by mainstream media before and after incident. Even Londoners were not aware of it.

3. Real terrorist would try to diversify the bomb into different guise or in small package to make it less noticeable. A determined suicide bomber used to bind explosive on his body so others won't suspect. Why did they carry unnecessary similar big backpacks?

When you have four delivery men to spread commercial fliers, would you drop them one by one in each delivery area or just drop them in a station then let them take public communication?(If so, why drove? Just let them take public communication right from the beginning.)

Imagine. How could government make you believe with four different pictures that: In Picadilly station, a man with empty hand; in a bus station, a man with a shopping bag; In King's Cross station, ...... Said these were suicide bombers.

Or rather, show you with one picture that four men flock together with similar big backpacks?

The four dead men hadn't behaved in real terrorist way but to fit the demand of government propaganda that they were bombers.

4. The four dead "suicide bombers" likely were informants recruited by British intelligence. They might not be successful in the job of penetrating into fanatic Islamic group. They were selected to be the "sacrifice bomber" by intelligence. They accepted backpacks and were told it was an "exercise" organized by their handler. The bombing didn't take place at same time. But it didn't matter. Even if the would-die man noticed the blast, they took it as "exercise".

Read the following information. It shows that: 1. Government knew something would happen. 2. Police's behave may be explained as a preparation for an "exercise". 3. The most important thing is nobody(include police) seemed to know there was an "exercise" before or after the incident.

Re: "Londoners Suspicious Of Station Closures Before Blasts
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | July 12 2005

Internet forums are not the benchmark of absolute truth and unlike the government, who eagerly rush to give credibility to an 'Al-Qaeda' statement as soon as a Bush-linked Internet company can post it, we do not offer this as concrete proof of anything. However, it is interesting nonetheless.

Several different people on the forum of the London Evening Standard website are reporting their own perculiar experiences on the day of the bombing.

One member writes,
Hi everyone,

Did anyone travelling in BEFORE the attacks began yesterday notice anything peculiar on their tube journey?

I catch the Piccadilly line at 7.15am each morning from Southgate to reach my work in Kensington by 8.00. Normally, all seats are taken by Finsbury Park and carriages are packed by Kings Cross.

However, yesterday my tube journey was eerily quiet. For the first time ever there were spare seats in my carriage all the way through zone 1. It was noticeable enough for me to wonder what on earth was going on. This was at 7.45 - over an hour before attacks began.
I've also heard people saying that the Northern Line was being shut down at the same time.
Is there something that we're not being told?

Another member responds,

I was due to pick a work collegue up from balham at 7:15am, but when i got there i was greeted with Tube emergency vans, police and and hoards of people being turned away from a closed station.

All very strange they must have known something was going to happan, the surely had a tip off. As i drove along the road, (which also follows the tubes) they were all shut and hundreds of people were queing for buses.

when i reached Oval, which was open there were two armed policemen in a road next to the station, which for a quiet area like that is extremly rare.

the northen line was shut from morden to stockwell. They blatently knew something was going down, they just got it wrong and are hoping no one mentions anything.

When combined with the bomb scares in different major cities days before the bombing, the Israeli warnings and the beyond a coincidence exercises the day of the attack, these accounts shed more light on the true nature of the attack.

330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack (7/27/05)

In "extortion war on people", inside group activated several bombing attacks disguised as "terror attack" to blackmail people for extra power.

1. Feds was behind Oklahoma bombing. D.O.J. tried to seek the power which was similar to "Patriot Act" had given but failed.

2. D.O.J. successfully got the "Patriot Act" in 911 attack. Which also justified the later Mid-east war.

3. A DC sniper shooting spree pushed the US House passed the bill to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush in early October, 2002. Iraq war was inevitable.

4. That was why about same time in October, 2002, a French oil tanker was attacked and there was a Bali bombing which killed nearly 200 Australians. An effort to push France and Australia to join the Iraq war. It failed on France but succeeded on Australia.

5. Madrid bombing in March 2004 was obvious at the purpose to help Bush's ally - Aznar - in election. Though it failed.

All these bombings came with a strong motive - to provoke the public feeling so inside group could get what they want: a war, an election or a power.

London bombing lacks of an obvious motive. But it coincides perfectly with the development of persecution D.O.J. applies on me. I immediately knew what it was when I heard the news of London bombing. (see # 327)

It was not a coincidence that State Secretary Rice visited China next day (7/8). The plot from the beginning was planned as a drug case framed with the help of Chinese secret police. (Former FBI director Louis Freeh and DEA head Marshall lost their jobs in first secret deal with China in 2001.) Rice's visit signifies a new plot. (see "249. Secret deal and July plot (8/24/04)")

The second London bombing was a soured attempt of this plot. They still let it go but reduce the level to a light one. The following events all connect to the case, took place on 7/21/2005. Notice some of them caught big topics but the practical result were little.

1. The second London bombing on 7/21. All were similar to the first bombing. Only this time, no bomb was exploded. Nobody died, include "suicide bomber".

2. Since 7/11, San Jose had experienced a weather hotter then usual, about 5 to 10 degrees above normal. That heat wave caused a dozen of unusual deaths in Los Angles and Arizona. On the very day of 7/21, the temperature dropped below normal and there was a rain. News said, "Yeesh. Four days ago, the South Bay was baking in 90-degree heat. On Thursday, it was cool, cloudy and raining. In July.What gives?.... San Jose reached only 77 degrees. Thursday - normal for the date is 84. And the rain was scant: .01 inches."

I used to trim trees on Thursdays. (Friday is garbage collect day) I collected yard trash on week-end that week, several days before Thursday. They knew I would have yard trash on street on 7/21 the Thursday. So there was a "very unusual" rain(TV broadcaster said). Only at last it turned out to be a small one: 0.01 inches.

3. On 7/21, China raised the value of its currency by 2% which some economists say is undervalued by 40 percent. The echo is loud only the step is small. ( I will explain later how the currency rate is part of deal.)

4. Patriot Act extended on that night. "Within hours of a a second attack on the London transit system, lawmakers in the House and Senate pushed ahead Thursday with starkly different bills to extend the USA Patriot Act anti-terrorism law." (Mercury News, 7/22/05)
( I will explain it later some of version related to my case.)

The main drama, an attack in US, doesn't act yet. It will be a big one. It probably will take place in several places such like New York, Boston.... especially in California. Beware of a large terror attack, from our own government.
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331. Interest rate (8/2/05)

At first, I thought the "terror attack:" on US would take place in early August. Because Feds arranged a trip for my relatives at that time. The trip will cover New York and Canada from 8/6 to 8/13. Anytime if possible, Feds always arranged a trip in the case because it's easy to plant to arrest during a trip or murder by an accident. The latest travel Feds arranged was in April. In that plot, H.A. gave a final date to fix garage door on 4/17 which I viewed as action date of Feds. It coincides with the return date of my relatives. That China trip took almost one month vacation date on my relatives so I thought there would be no more trip for them this year. But when Feds needs it, people have to obey, so do the companies they work for. It reflects the eagerness of Feds. (When I use the word "Feds", I mean D.O.J. and its accessories FBI, DEA... , not Federal Reserve.)

Why pick up this time? Because on 8/9, Federal Reserve likely will once again raise the bench interest rate. As I have said, Feds bought a lot of houses in my case, so they desperately try to make the interest rate low to keep the house value high.

What did they do to keep the interest rate low?

1. Intimidation on financial group not to raise the rate too fast. A trick Feds is good at. Despite the covert intimidation, there was an open one in last August(2004) when Feds raised alert of certain financial area to orange code. When people doubted, they said it was from a seized computer of Al Qaida. The seized Al Qaida was finally proved an informant of Feds.

As a result, Federal Reserve collaborated. Greenspan dropped the interest rates from 6.5% to 1.75% in 2001. (A 4.75 drop in 12 months) House market boosted. Now the economic situation forces Federal Reserve to raise the interest rate to anti inflation and housing market balloon and maintain dollar from collapsing. Greenspan raised the rate in a measured (stagnant) step. (A raise of 2.25 in 12 months from 1% to 3.25%)

2. To reduce the employment. A high employment means a hot economy that enterprises will chase capital investment to deal with the increased wage, raw material etc. That will significantly push up the interest rate. .

Bush administration carries out a weak dollar policy which makes merchandise made in US cheaper to the foreign buyers. Dollar depreciates almost 1/3 to Euro and 20% to Japanese Yuen. Bush also cut the tax to let people have more money to spend. (It's a trick though. He lets people spend on their debt. He has a historical budget deficit. People have to pay off the debt later by paying more tax)

Do these policies work? Yes, it creates demand but does little to boost employment. Because Feds tried their best to reduce the employment. How?

(1) By outsourcing jobs. When it was criticized, they threw out a strange theory that outsourcing will benefit US economy in future.

(2) Stop hiring new workers. Big firms did not hire workers when demand increased. Same workers have to do more job. The result you could see from media in later 2003. When they beat the drum to say "Growth is now super-super strong compared to super strong,'', "U.S. 3rd-Qtr GDP Grew at 8.2% Rate, Fastest Since '84". They never mentioned about the jobs. They only said the productivity is increased by a double digit. In another word, 10 workers must do the job originally 11 workers did. For this phenomenon, they invent a new word:"Jobless recovery".

(3) Lay off working people.
Jobless recovery went into year2004. It was an election year. Bush's economic advisers predicted in early February that the US economy would add 2.6 million jobs in 2004. But that was against Feds' interest. Then we saw, "MCI to slash 7500 jobs"(5/11/04), "Dupont will lay off at least 2500" (4/9) "Seagate to cut 2,940 jobs" (May or June 04) "AT&T to cut 7,500 more jobs"(10/8) ..... At last, Bush was unable to make it a positive topic in his election campaign.

The explanation from Greenspan was that enterprises still lacked of confidence. That in this economy recovery, enterprises had an unusual conservative attitude to increase new capital investment and hiring more people.

Rare people know all these problem were caused by Feds. Bush's election, public's interest are out of consideration. Feds' interest, how small it is, is always at first place. They control CEO of big firms.(see "291. CEO and company (2/14/05)" and #292) So by outsourcing, controlling hiring and spending, Feds can handle the process of economy. Experts are confusing with the development of interest rate and over-heated housing market. They will understand it if they view it from another angle.

And now you may understand why China can maintain its currency exchange rate without being punished. It's all about inflation. A low inflation will help the interest rate low. That's what Feds want.

332. Interest rate (2) (8/7/05)

To keep the interest rate low, Feds also

3. Reduce the money supply by containing the wage increase.

Re: US real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years
By Christopher Swann in Washington
May 10 2005 17:59

Real wages in the US are falling at their fastest rate in 14 years, according to data surveyed by the Financial Times.
Inflation rose 3.1 per cent in the year to March but salaries climbed just 2.4 per cent, according to the Employment Cost Index. In the final three months of 2004, real wages fell by 0.9 per cent. ... 511c8.html

4. Try to keep inflation rate at low figures. When the gasoline price and house price go up like a rocket, Feds suppresses the price of other merchandise to lower the inflation index.

(1) One obvious method is to reduce the price of automobile. The auto price plays an important role in inflation index. Be noticed that in recent two years, the price of automobiles hasn't risen. It even goes down despite the rising steel price. To maintain the inflation index low till the August plot, though exhausted, the auto manufacturers made a last ditch effort by pushing out "Employee discount" in July.

G.M. lost more than 1.1 billion in latest quarter in North America, overwhelming solid profit at financing unit GMAC and its operations in China, Europe and Latin America. Why G.M. could make a profit abroad but lost heavily in domestic market? Because its operation abroad is normal under economic principle while in US, it was operated under a twisted, artificial command. CEO of auto makers work not for the interest of share holders but for the interest of Inside Group.

(2) Keep the exchange rate of Chinese Yuen with US dollar.

Cheap merchandise from China keep US inflation low. But it also caused a large trade deficit with China which will hurt US economy in long run. For years, there is a big US and international pressure on China to urge it abandoning the fixed currency rate policy. China didn't follow. Because it is covertly supported by Inside Group. The threat of trade punishment is never carried out. Greenspan even defends China by saying that the appreciated Chinese Yuen has little help to improve US economy.

In early May, media reported that some financial firm predicted China would raise its currency value in mid May. One news among the reports caught my eye. It was a sentence: "Gold Sach firmly predicts that China will re-value its currency on May 18." For the first time it strengthened my belief that the re-value of Chinese currency related to a secret deal between the secret police of two countries. I knew Feds prefer the current situation of Chinese currency because it keeps US interest rate low. But did they have a secret deal?

I had thought 5/19(Thursday) was an action date of Feds. (H.A. letter of "overgrown tree" set the last date to fix was 5/19) The collaborate plan should be carried out at about same time. The most important thing was the word "Gold Sach". In my experience, stock market is another main cash register where Feds withdraw money from. In the period when stock went bull (1999-2000), I observed Gold Sach was the firm which gave signal to Feds in stock trading.(when to buy or sell) In my opinion, this firm has close relationship with Feds. It must have inside information that China would raise its currency value on 5/18.

May plot went sour. So did Gold Sach's prediction.

Then it came 7/21, the second London bombing. There was no death this time because the master bombing in US didn't take place to the plan. It also came with the re-value of Chinese currency. A 2% adjustment, far from 10% to 15% which US demanded. Because US interest rate still has to be kept in low. But it confirms my belief: They had relationship to the plan of D.O.J.

333. Manipulate long term interest rate ( 8/12/05)

Fourteen months ago, when Federal benchmark interest rate was at 45 years low of 1%, the interest of 10 year bond (Federal treasure 10 year note) was 4.8% and the 30 year mortgage rate was about 5.6%. After Federal interest rate being raised from 1% to 3.5%, the 10 year bond rate is about 4.3% and the 30 year mortgage rate is about 5.8%. Either has little change or even has a drop.

To economic rule, long term interest rate always follows the track of short term rate. Now it is moving in a conflict way. Federal Reserve raised the interest rate 10 times, the median price of housing market goes to higher and higher. Economists puzzled. Even Alan Greenspan said that he does not have a good explanation why the long term interest rates fall when the Reserve has been raising short term rates.

Rare people know it's the work of Feds. (Inside group such like D.O.J., FBI and DEA) They hold a large quantity real estates so they resist any change that will influence rising house price. The tactic they used also include the following:

1. Keep the rate of 10 year Federal treasure note low by letting foreign countries (mainly Japan and China) buying a large quantities of US Treasuries. 10 year bonds is the main factor to influence the 30 years mortgage rate.

2. Expand the bond market of home mortgage. Japanese and Chinese government continually buy in the bonds issued by Gunnie Mae(US Government National Mortgage Association), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Supply a large quantity of low interest fund to home mortgage company.

Japan is a puppet of US. It follows the order of Inside Group. China, has secret deal with Feds, collaborate in any side related to framed case.

3. Intimidate Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae to expand the home mortgage lending business. In 2003 and 2004, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae suffered scandal of account manipulation and financial report problem. Top executives were ousted. As a result, in 2005, the two firms raise the ceiling of single family house mortgage from 333.7k to 359.65k. It said that will help consumers to buy high price house. It also flame the heated house market.

There is always a purpose when a scandal revealed. We learned it from Lewinsky scandal and Watergate scandal. And the result of scandal on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae helped to create a housing bubble. It developed a potential crisis that in this April Greenspan had to urge Congress to restrict the multi billion-dollar holdings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, warning that their huge debt could imperil US financial markets.

A housing bubble is formed. It will drag US economy into a quagmire in future. All for the interest of Feds.

334. Patriot Act meeting on 7/21 (8/17/05)

I like reading. I went to library frequently when I had the drive license. The knowledge I learned from book helped me to resolve many puzzles.

I had bought a book from annual library book sale. "Spy catcher" is a candid autobiography of a Senior intelligence officer (British MI5) Peter Wright. (The book was published in 1987, New York). In it Wright talked about how they tried to catch the spy by contaminating the secret document with radioactive material. If the spy took the radioactive document through a check point, it would touch off a Geiger counter. Then spy could be caught. Wright admitted that the radiation would hurt people's health.

After my leg was hurt in second time, I realized it was not the problem of the muscle. I started to relate the hurt part of the leg to the back pocket where I kept money. It was Peter Wright's story reminded me of it was a radioactive money used for tracing. Later I knew the official term for that kind of money is "isotope money" when I complained to D.A.'s office. (see "3. ISOTOPE MONEY (How agent find cash savings at your home)"".

Another big one is E-M wave. (Electrical- Magnet wave). In early 90s I also found Feds had a technique to force people to sleep. I didn't know what was it. I could only speculate it was a radiation.

It was until about in 1997, I borrowed a book "CIA" from the library. When I read the story of how Soviet got a technique invented by Pentagon, I almost jumped up. So that was the sleep wave - an E-M wave imitated brain wave. (see "16. EM Sleep wave (5)")

I am a big target of Feds. It's natural they'll search where I went and what did I read. When D.O.J. demand a library record search in Patriot Act, I thought it was particularly for my case.

When I first started to write about my story in Internet, I found a strange phenomenon. I could see my messages when I logged in with my user's name but failed to see it with other's name. I confirmed it by the computer of my tenant who had a separate phone line and by the computer in public library. This is a tactic of covert censorship. The poster thought his message could be seen publicly while as a matter of fact nobody could read it except himself. I was once puzzled why Feds hadn't controlled the phone line of my tenant and library which gave me a chance to find their trick. Then the demand of D.O.J. in Patriot Act explained it.

Normally FBI must apply a warrant to monitor a specific phone line from judge. In Patriot Act, they demanded the surveillance power be expanded to all phone lines target used. Thus they can connect their control server to all lines. Even I click into a new line, I still got a fake phenomenon. Then their secret wouldn't be revealed.

In last passage of article "Patriot Act supported", Mercury News on 7/22 wrote, "Although 16 provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire, most of the congressional debate has focused on a few sections. They include one allowing the FBI to seize records from financial companies, libraries, doctors' offices and other businesses, and another that permits "roving wiretaps"that apply to a person rather than a particular telephone."

Mercury News is a local media. I view it as a propaganda tool of Feds. It was not a coincidence that it picked up the two from all 16 provisions - the two I think were particularly proposed on my case. It is an intimidation and a power show-off. But it also proved what I said is correct. In "327. London bombing (7/12/05)" I said "I think it was the work of D.O.J." The later development of July 21 second London bombing and events occurred the same day confirmed it. (see "330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack (7/27/05)")

335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05)

These days, Feds activate a wave in Internet to propaganda on "eliminate the wall erected to prevent the sharing information from foreign with domestic criminal law enforcement." Said the wall caused the success of 911 attack. It's an attack at the Constitution - the 4th amendment.

Several times Feds had set up traps in my case. One was to change the roof of my house. The other one was to change the garage door. I alleged Feds had planted drugs in my attic and in my garage. They planned to carry out a search and arrest by guise as the roofing or the garage door contractor.

Why couldn't they direct search and arrest? Fourth amendment forbid them to do so. They couldn't apply a search warrant on suspicion. They must have evidence. But I am an innocent man, they have no evidence. What they can do is plant. But for that plant they still need a reason to apply for a search warrant.

Because it's easy for them to get the foreign collaboration to get a "useful" information. Then to get a FISA warrant which is easy to get. An unreasonable search and arrest could be done if the "information sharing" is allowed.

If the wall was broken, every citizen will lose the protection of the 4th amendment from unreasonable search and arrest. Everyone can be the victim of Feds' planting.

Here I repeat the message I posted before. D.O.J. is desperately to attack that protect wall.

Re post: Ashcroft had accused, and now it's his accessories are accusing Jamie Gorelick erected the "wall" between the FBI and the CIA that kept them from sharing intelligence and possibly from doing more to prevent the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That because FBI feared to touch that wall, they hadn't applied a permission to search suspect Zacarias Moussaoui's computer, so they lost chance to stop the 911 attack in advance.

This is a blackmail.

There are two ways for FBI to apply a search warranty from Judge. One is by FISA court.(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) In which a warranty is in a very low standard and is easy to get. The other way is by criminal law court which is in high standard because Americans are protected by 4th amendment from unreasonable search and arrest.

When Ashcroft and FBI said there is a wall to block sharing information between foreign information and criminal investigation, he is demanding a big police power expanding which makes the 4th amendment mean nothing. He then can search and arrest American citizen at his will, only based on suspicion(FISA standard is low) while we should be protected by criminal law from being unreasonable search and arrest. (must based on evidence)

D.O.J. use Moussaoui's case as a reason, said because the FBI feared to touch the wall of criminal law so they didn't investigate Moussaoui's computer. It's hypocrite and is a misleading. We don't have to be a professional like A.G. or FBI to know that Moussaoui is a foreigner and fits for FISA. Why FBI hadn't apply FISA(obviously an easy one) but considered the domestic criminal law? And why they even didn't apply? It is incompetence, a mistake, or a deliberate negligence? Many information revealed that the government knew 911 attack in advance, it was allowed to happen. Because they benefit from it.

FBI didn't apply a warrant from FISA, they say because they are afraid to touch that wall. A man caught driving without a license. He said because he was afraid he won't pass the road test so he hadn't apply one. Could a judge justify that reason? As a matter of fact, the FISA standard is very low, if FBI had applied one, they for sure would get it. But they hadn't.

What D.O.J. wants is to give FBI more police power to search and arrest people. They want to low the standard of criminal law. That's a blackmail in the name of "war on terrorism".

BTW, there is a deep meaning of "erect the wall of sharing information" . In fact, intelligence share the information already. The reality is they can't use that information to apply a search warrant because it's illegal. The wall prevent they use FISA standard on domestic criminal case.

Theoretically, FBI can't spy a citizen unless they have evidence the man has committed crime. When this "sharing information wall" is broken, now they can search a citizen covertly only on suspicion. Because the FISA standard is low.

This is the real purpose of D.O.J.. And it claimed the"Patriot Act" gave it such privilege.
The fact is, under the "Patriot Act", Bush and D.O.J. expand their fascist police power. American people are losing the protect from "unreasonable search and arrest" of the 4th amendment.

Government and media never tell people about this. They steal the civil liberty in the name of security. You are losing your constitutional right.
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336. Worm and internet censorship (8/22/05)

Internet harassing on me is almost a routine. In attempt frame case, Feds even activate virus attack. Such cases of virus attack have never been resolved, because the hand behind it was intelligence. Since my computer is under the control of Feds' server, everything must pass the filter, so no one can pollute my computer except Feds. (see
"153. Computer Worm attack 165. Swift response to "153. Computer Worm attack" (9/26/03)").

A few days ago, an alert of new computer worm was issued.(Zotob?) I view it as another psychological propaganda prepared by Feds for an internet attack. On 8/19, there was a heavy harassment on my computer. It took me one hour to post a message in a forum. Next day, it was worse. I had to recover the computer by re-installing software to clean the virus. Then they jammed the telephone line by "port is not available or busy". I was blocked to internet the whole day and thereafter. It seems Feds disabled the modem of computer.

All was a repeat of the procession of a framed case in August 2003. (see #153) What will they do this time?

My computer was disabled. So I went to shopping. When I went back to the tram station with food bags, I saw a police car park near the station. Two policemen were searching a man. In rural San Jose, people used to drive. Few people were seen on the road. There were only four people there at the entrance of shopping center: the man and two police, and me. I believe it was an action designed for me, probably an intimidation. Feds try their best to find an excuse to search and arrest - from seeking a law to expand their power to planting in yard trash, or a road search.

Three weeks ago, my relatives visited me. They invited me out for a dinner.

When our car was backing out the lane, another car rushed in, blocked our way. My wife said it was her friend, after a little talk, she took a box back into the car, said it was some CD. I asked my wife to put it in the house. She refused.(the car is at the door of house.) She would rather keep the box in car than to go with us for the dinner. I didn't want to take any chance that there was something illegal inside the box because these days Feds are very aggressive. And I don't believe any coincidence too.
So, at last it was me leaving the car and abandoned that dinner.

Don't be surprise if you can't see my post on time. Either being blocked from internet or being arrested in an unreasonable search. Feds is in hysteria.

(I have to use an old computer to post right now. A situation similar to two years ago. see #153.)

337. Swift response to #336 (8/27/05)

In today's Mercury News, There was a news:"2 men arrested in worm probe" It said, "Authorities in Morocco and Turkey have arrested two people believed responsible for a computer worm that infected networks at US. companies and government agencies earlier this month."

Essebar, the Moroccan, 18, wrote the code. Ekici, 21, the Turk, who paid for it. "They will be prosecuted in those countries. " (by Mark Sherman, AP, 8/27/05)

I think it's a swift response to my accusation of last message #336. It resembles to the same computer attack in August, 03. There was also a swift response to my accusation then. (see 165. Swift response to "153. Computer Worm attack" (9/26/03))

As I have said, my computer is under control of a server of Feds. Nobody could send a virus on my computer except Feds. When I re-install the software, they harassed telephone port. When one computer was disabled and I use the old one, the harassing continues. All these revealed Feds is in urgency. Anything can take place these days. Feds arranged another two trips for my family members next month. Though I may be arrested any time, I allege Feds planned another big frame case on them. (or a slaughter in the name of accident) It is also a signal that house market bubble is going to break off.

338. Retreat from housing market (8/27/05)

After I was blocked to Internet last Saturday, I went out. I found there was an open house in next block. I took a visit. It was a corner space. To my acknowledge, a corner house is a must for Feds because there they can monitor two roads. The price was 599k, a drop from 635k marked a few days ago. This means it is a serious sale. Feds is getting rid of the real estate they hold. The process of retreat started a year or two ago but now is in a hurry.

G lady sold her house at 1.3 million in March. (see G lady at "32. "Operation Fire Dragon"") Feds and their accessories made a good profit privately in this booming of housing bubble. The bubble doesn't pop off because my case hasn't finished yet. But it seems it's hard to sustain it any longer.

When Feds starts to sell the house near my residence and its accessories are leaving too, than this booming market is at its end. I foresee an economic down turn, if not a crisis, is only a few months away.

339. The September plot (9/2/05)

I was heavily harassed in Internet. In some sites I was not able to post because the post function was disabled. I was blocked to access some sites for weeks. Slow procession is almost a routine. The persecution on me is more and more aggressive since Federal Reserve starts its measured step to raise the interest rate.

Started from early this year, there were:
1. In January, they planned the "Boston dirty bomb" case. (See "284. Aggressive FBI (1/24/05)")

2. From 3/14 to 7/1, there were three attempts to frame a case through the work of H.A. (Homeowners' association).

3. In July, there were two London bombings which I allege were planned for my case.

4. Arrange trips for the case. Either aimed to eliminate or to justify a search and arrest. They are:

(1) A one month trip to China for my family members. My brother and my sister in law left on 3/20, returned on 4/17. It coincided with the notice of H.A.which was sent to me on 3/14 and set the final day on 4/17.

(2) A one week trip to East coast and Canada (8/6 to 8/13) It was originally planned for many of my family members but at last only my wife and my daughter took the tour.

Two days before that trip and one day after, there were bombing alert issued which might indicate that if the frame case have happened, terror attack would take place too.

Re: al-Qaida's No. 2 Threatens London, U.S.
AP - Thu Aug 4, 8:59 PM ET
CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida's No. 2 embraced the London suicide bombings Thursday, warned Britain that more destruction lies ahead and promised tens of thousands of U.S. casualties in Iraq in a brazen assertion of the terror group's global reach. ... d_al_qaida

US warns of new attacks on London
August 14, 2005

AMERICAN intelligence chiefs have warned that Al-Qaeda terrorists are plotting to drive hijacked fuel tankers into petrol stations in an effort to cause mass casualties in London and US cities in the next few weeks.

(3) A one week trip to East coast and Canada between 9/10 to 9/18. My parents and my brother and sister, who haven't taken the August tour, will go this one.

(4) A one week trip to Cambodian and Vietnam between 9/22 to 9/29. My wife accepted an invitation from Korea Air line. The treatment is business class.

I worry about the safety of my family members. There were a sudden surge of airplane accidents these days. (Greece, Peru, Venezuela.... 5 of them?) I don't think it is a coincidence. Like London bombing, it is a psychological justification for the coming "terror attack" or "accident". I am too familiar with these tricks of Feds.

340. For those work for the Feds (9/7/05)

The psychological preparation for airplane crash is going on. Two days ago, (9/5) a jetliner crashed in Indonesia which killed 117 aboard.

Four days ago, I learned my younger sisters was found having hepatitis C. Unlike other hepatitis, C type hepatitis is a rare disease which could cause a rapid death. She is now preparing her will for the worst situation.

I don't think it's a coincidence she got sick this time. My younger sister doesn't join any trip with family members. So if there is an elimination, Feds must find some other way.

My younger sister cut her contact with me for years. It was not a surprise when many others did the same way. (see '9. Estranged friends and customers ") I met her only last year in the service of dead father in law. But though we hadn't met each other for years, she avoided to talk to me. Obviously she was intimidated. Her attendance to the service was arranged by Feds.

Even though my family members cooperate with Feds, for many times I saw them to be guided to a possible death trip. Because they could be witnesses to reveal a framed case.

This is something sad for those work for the intelligence. When Muhammad and Melvo worked as lookout for feds and the four "suicide bomber" went for an "exercise", they never dreamed of they were walking on a road of never return. I hope my worry about the accident won't take place.
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341. Interest rate in Early September (9/7/05)

In last week, the interest rate of 10 years bonds fell to 4.01% and 30 years mortgage rate fell to 5.71%. The difference of rate of 10 years bond to the bench mark rate of Federal Reserve (3.5%) is only 0.5%. It means when bank borrow a sum of money from Federal Reserve overnight, they must pay 3.5% interest rate on it. But if it issues a 10 year bond, the interest rate they pay is only 4%.

Will inflation for next 10 years only climbs a 0.5%? Of course more than that. But Inside group can reverse the economic rule. They can push foreign country to buy US bonds by bribing them in secret deal. They can push CEO of financial firm and pension managers to invest on mortgage bonds. Because these CEO work for the interest of Feds not for the shareholders. If the loss happens, it's the loss of average investor not the CEO's. Even these managers being ousted, they still can leave with a big severance pay and being awarded another high ranking job.

Feds used to have a swift response to cover up their covert job I revealed. Such like to arrest scapegoats for the computer worm attack or found excuse for the fake "terror attack". Only on interest rate, they can't find an explanation. Because it is against economic principle. Any adjustment upwards will hurt their interest in real estates they hold. For this purpose, they even created big natural disaster to block the rising interest rate.

342. Homeowner Association again (9/12/05)

To collaborate the September plot, Feds activates H.A. again. Ten days ago, I received a new notice which said,

"Enclosed you will find new procedures adopted by the Northvale Board of Directors for Dispute Resolution and Architectural Alterations....."

It announced new "Minimum landscaping requirements" which covers "All grounds visible to the public" and "Enclosed yards". It means now they will interfere the privacy of the backyards.

Of course, it came with intimidation: "Effective 60 days from the date of this letter (November 1, 2005), the Board of Directors will strictly enforce these guidelines. Owners found in violation will be subject to fines up to $50 per day until the Board of Directors is notified in writing that the violation has been corrected. In addition, the City of San Jose Code Enforcement Division may be notified in order to assist the Association in bringing a property into compliance."

The notice was from: Brad Fox, Association Manager
PML Management Corporation, 655 Mariners Island Blvd. #301, San Mateo, Ca. 94404

Three years ago, H.A. had played same trick on me. I had called that man Brad Fox several times and even wrote a certified letter to him, but never got a reply. (see "95. A notice for a meeting") Now when Feds exhausted everything, they create new procedure and requirement to persecute.

I view that PML Management Corporation as a support group work for the Feds.

What is their purpose this time? Here is another notice from City Council member Chuck Reed I received about same time. It was a free offer. "The City of San Jose is providing free Rubbish & Metal bins at each dump site for household use to dump things you would normally pay to take to the dump." The date: Saturday, September 24, 2005.(Rain or shine)

Why on 9/24? Because I don't dump the rubbish. I am afraid Feds will plant in garbage to frame a case. It used to be done by my wife.

But she will leave on 9/22 for a trip. (see "339. The September plot (9/2/05)")
A notice from H.A. forced a new requirement to clean the back yard before 11/1.
City offers a free dumping in time on 9/24.

I don't think it was a coincidence. Feds arranged me to do the dumping work on 9/24. I believe they plan a framed case on that day.

343. Killing two birds by one stone (9/17/05)

In August, my wife prepared a Burma trip for Dr. Wang. (The trip was in later August) Since Dr. Wang is a target of Feds. (see #242.) and Burma is a drug output source, (In 2001 secret deal between Feds and Chinese secret police, the framed drug case was started from south west China, the source was from Burma, it's obvious) I think Feds is preparing another big drug case.

Then I saw most of my family members were arranged in a trip in mid-September. A sister who wouldn't join the trip got sick. My wife was invited for a trip between 9/22 to 9/29. And I was arranged for a dumping on 9/24 which is part of a framed case.

The Feds' plan is clear. A big drug case is framed to break off on 9/24. Arrest will be carried out on that day. All other of my family members will be eliminated in a travel accident a week ago. To make the accident not so unusual, within a month there were at least four big airplane crash. And of course, if the framed case goes on successfully, on 9/24 there will be a big terror attack in US to distract. In former messages, I have repeatedly talk about this tactic. There is a similarity this time too.

Have you ever noticed that there will be a big anti-war protest on 9/24? Is that a coincidence? No, it's not. We know FBI infiltrate almost every organization. It is said the leadership of US Communist Party is controlled by FBI. Without the financial aid from FBI, US Communist Party can't survive. So it's natural that the leadership of anti-war movement are infiltrated by FBI too. Is 9/24 a particular day? No. Why it is selected for demonstration? Because Feds arranges a big terror attack on that day. It will not only distract the public attention from a framed case, but also will humiliate the anti-war movement to prove Bush is political correct.

The same tactic has been used last year in 6/19 plot. (see 6/19/04 plot at 232, 233,236, 237) Here I repeat a paragraph I wrote one year ago.

RE: 236. Help puppet Bush (6/24/04)

There are two events in June which I think were arranged deliberately at this time.
One is the Michael Moore's "9/11 Fahrenheit" will open to public on 6/25. Which will give a negative image for Bush. If there is a big bombing taking place on 6/19 or a little later, then the film will be neglected by public.

Another event was the report issued by 911 investigation commission which said there is no credible evidence that Saddam and Al-Qaida had cooperated to attack US. The panel disputes Bush's reasons to invade Iraq. It was reported by media on 6/17. This, too, could be neglected if there was a big attack taking place on 6/19.

344. Roberts, a secret agent of D.O.J. (9/18/05)

Roberts ducked important questions Demo asked him in hearing. So at the end he is mostly a man of unknown to the people. This is a typical figure of D.O.J.: hide everything with a cover. Does everything in covert.

Is he a speculator? After he refuses to show his stand, he can later turn out to be red, or if necessary, to be blue. Or just a flip-flop. This is a typical figure of secret agent. They really have no interest in any side. They only favor what their master favors. So they have no opinion of their own.

He will be selected as the judge of Supreme Court. Because that's the choice of Inside Group. Bush is only a puppet to deliver the words. Demo Senators only played a little bit what opposition Party should do. They knew Roberts will take over the seat. All this is a drama.

But when you select a general, how can you know nothing of his opinion about war? (his excuse is he only can answer in specific battle) How can you select a CEO for the company who refuse to express his idea about economy?

When US politics develops to this point that an mostly unknown person can take such an important job, is this drama too ridiculous? Bush administration even sealed Roberts record from public.

Roberts is more likely a secret agent who will work for the Feds, (D.O.J.)

D.O.J. hurriedly sent Roberts to the seat of Chief Justice is for the framed case of September 24, I think. My case is the most important one for D.O.J. since I reveal the true face (crime) of them. To frame a case, they even sacrifice both directors of FBI and DEA in a secret deal in 2001.

On 5/10/2002, I wrote "65. Birthday Party on May 3 (5/10)", revealed there was an attempt framed case on me and my family on 5/3. Several days later, my tenant and a neighborhood suddenly left.(both were from China. see #85, 86) It was until three months later when newspaper reported Ashcroft had been rebuked by judge in May for cheating the court, I then knew I was under the surveillance by FISA warrant. When judge found they were cheated by Ashcroft and FBI, they cancelled the warrant. Two Chinese secret police, my tenant and a neighborhood, had to leave.

The surveillance recovered in November 2002 when D.O.J. claimed Patriot Act gave them such power. But how could they frame an innocent man without evidence? They still need evidence to carry out an arrest.

Since then, D.O.J. tried their best to "break" the wall of "share information from foreign intelligence" with "domestic criminal law enforcement". The recent "Pentagon's information about Atta" is such an effort.

This issue must have been passed into Supreme Court. I think, Chief Justice William Rehnquist had defended the fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Thus he became the obstacle of D.O.J.. He had a cancer.

If Rehnquist's health condition was very bad, he would have resigned earlier. But he hadn't. That means he himself felt he was still OK for the job. His death was sudden. I think it was a controlled murder. I have said, "2. Control the death on will. They can make target getting sick by slow poison, once the death is necessary for Feds, what they have to do is just increase the dose, the target died to intelligence' demand without causing a suspicion." (186. Slow poison (12/6/03))

When I found there was another big framed case set up on 9/24, I revealed it on 9/2. (see "339. The September plot (9/2/05)") Next day, Chief Rehnquist died. Roberts is hurried to be nominated and said his confirmation is almost certain and will be in post in October. Because the framed case will break off on 9/24. D.O.J. needs a man of their own to guarantee the case can be set up by "sharing foreign intelligence information with domestic criminal law enforcement"

William Rehnquist's death and Roberts' nomination may signal the death of 4th Amendment that American people will lose the protection from "unreasonable search and arrest". US Justice will be ruled by an evil group.

(The 4th Amendment has been made to protect people from the "plant" of corruptive law enforcement force. That the warrant must based on evidence not the "plant". The "sharing information" low the standard to "suspicion" (foreign intelligence source) and made search and arrest possible based on "plant". see "335. 4th Amendment (8/17/05)")

345. Hurricane, a tool to distract (9/27/05)

I allege the recent hurricanes were practice of climate war. It was part of framed case plotted by D.O.J..

1. Motive: As I have said, the September plot planned to kill two birds by one stone. Hurricanes were developed to help this purpose. (The main action was terror attack)

(1) To distract the peace movement, New Orleans was drowned by flood caused by Katrina on 8/29. The tragic scene thereafter occupied the whole page and screen of media for weeks which at same time drowned the news of Cindy Sheehan's anti war bus trip that started one day later.

The national emergency rescue was deliberately delayed. Military waited three days for orders. The slow re-action is not only incompetent but a crime when a city was drowned. But this was what inside group needed. The delay of rescue could create more stories of death, loot to draw public's attention. The media even activated an accusation war of who should be responsible for the slow action All these aimed at one purpose, to divert public's attention from peace movement.

Of course for the big demonstration of 9/24, Inside Group prepared a big hurricane. Media blew the trumpet to propaganda that Hurricane Rita was shaping up to be one of the strongest Storms ever to hit the USA, exceeding even Katrina. And the landing date of Rita was exactly the same day - 9/24.

As a project to distract, hurricane Katrina and Rita was a success. There is little report about anti-war gathering. They checked up the momentum of Peace movement at the loss of thousand lives and hundred billions worth of properties.

(2) To cover up the framed case, Katrina also played an important role. My case is a big one. Feds has accumulated large quantity of real estates property in the case. To keep the value of these properties, they abuse the power to keep the long term interest rate low. Feds creates a strange phenomenon: all other merchandise were in low price which include automobile, computer, food, clothes .... except the house. To maintain a booming real estate market, they almost make the long term interest rate equal to the short term one. But all these are artificial. Once I was eliminated and they released their properties, all the restriction on other merchandise will be released too. There will be a big inflation in US then. Long term interest rate will go sky rocket. For this economic crisis, Inside Group even prepared to squeeze more from American people. They passed a new bankruptcy law for those potential victims of the coming economic tsunami. And Feds also prepared a justification for that crisis. When despaired people get angry, government will attribute the failure to the hurricanes. It damaged oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico and caused high gas price. Everybody will believe so because they feel the bite when they pump the gas. The real cause of the crisis will be neglected. Hurricanes would be the excuse of an economy depression if the 9/24 frame case has been carried out.

Ophelia was another storm developed around 9/10 in East Coast. The newspaper said "It loitered in the Atlantic for days, and is trudging so slowly that it should spend two days on North Carolina.", "It's been very difficult to get a feeling of what Ophelia is going to do." The strange thing is here. For Rita and Katrina, the media seemed knew what they were going to do and even draw a timing route for their future movement. Why they couldn't tell Ophelia's?

I know why. Ophelia was a work of operation team of climate war. The team worked it out after they finished Katrina and then after Ophelia, they went for Rita. The task for Ophelia was to distract, (or even play a role) in a trip accident. My relatives were then in a trip in East Coast and Canada.(From 9/10 to 9/17). On 9/2 and 9/7, I continued to warn that Feds would create a travel accident to eliminate my family members. (#339, #340). To justify it, they even produced several air crash within a month. Ophelia wandered along East Coast, it was waiting for the decision of Feds. Its movement puzzled FEMA team.

On 9/15, news said Ophelia left East Coast for ocean. I knew Feds had postponed the plan of travel accident

Feds had planned the Rita even stronger than Katrina. They even put the landing date on 9/24 the action date. But it was too evident a plot after my revelation. When in final days, news changed the tones said that Rita wouldn't develop to category 5, I knew the 9/24 frame case and bombing plot went sour.

But the persecution won't stop. It goes on. (to be continued)
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